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TYFWWC Chapter 19

Although he was forced by his human brain to spout some nonsense, but it was still very embarrassing… He didn’t know how much Lin Jianlu had heard?

…It shouldn’t be much. According to Lin Jianlu’s sense of existence, as long as he appeared, he would have been quickly discovered.

Yan Han felt a little relieved when he thought about it this way. He turned around and met Lin Jianlu’s deep and unwavering eyes. He became more affirmed of this idea and couldn’t help but relax.

After Lin Jianlu arrived, no one spoke casually. The crowd dispersed a little, but no one left yet.

Yan Han saw Lin Jianlu’s eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t mention the mess just now. Instead, he said: “I looked at the monitoring side. From the physical features, it looked very similar to this student. He’s that person.”

The direction Lin Jianlu was looking at was exactly where Luo Wenlong was.

Everyone couldn’t help but confirm again that Luo Wenlong deliberately posted the love letter someone else gave him.

Lin Jianlu’s pair of sharp eyes were like knives. Luo Wenlong only felt that his whole world was about to collapse. He couldn’t wait to get into the cracks in the ground and hide.

“No, it wasn’t my intention, it was the person who told me…” He muttered to himself. Suddenly he was attacked at his back. The pain was very strong, which made Luo Wenlong sober up quickly and stopped the voice.

He was deceived by that person, thinking that he would be able to retaliate and hurt this girl who said he liked himself and found out someone better than himself in less than two weeks and decisively hooked up with other boys!

But he didn’t expect that in just ten days, the originally shy and introverted girl turned out to be a different person! Her heart has become as strong and confident as her appearance. She shone bright like a small sun, which can no longer be hurt casually.

He didn’t expect things to happen like this.

It was that person who told him that he could retaliate against Yan Han as long as he posted the love letter and photos and he could also attract the attention of the goddess as a victim. That person also said to help him match up…

“Come to the teaching office with me.” Lin Jianlu said.

Luo Wenlong chose to remain silent among a group of students who were yelling at him calling him a “scumbag” and walked away with Lin Jianlu.

Yan Han was the person involved and naturally had to keep up.

The light screen in front of him once again showed a period of Luo Wenlong’s psychological activities, but the name of the instigator behind the scenes did not appear from beginning to end.

When this kind of thing happened, it specifically not only delayed his lunch and study time. In a big picture if he was ashamed and couldn’t counterattack this matter, he would have had to stand alone and be beaten by others.

Even if he didn’t mind what other people thought and said, it would have been enough for him to choke with embarassment if this matter was disclosed in front of the whole school.

He just had asked system, although the system did not encourage support for falling in love, it told him that falling in love did not affect the achievements of the Five Great Criterias.

In Xiaowu’s words, everyone was going to be an adult. So it’s okay to have a little love. But because falling in love delays learning or accomplishing achievements, that was like putting the cart before the horse. So, it’s a bit stupid.

Yan Han also agreed with this.

But the problem was that the system did not mind, but the school did.

This time the matter was said to be neither big nor small.

Someone understood the whole story between the original owner and Luo Wenlong, and even encouraged Luo Wenlong to post it by himself. He didn’t know if there would be any further tricks. Luze High School had always been famous for its strict school rules.

If this matter really became huge and he is fired or something, then he won’t be able to complete the task at all.

So Yan Han instinctively felt that this incident had not passed completely yet.

As for Yu Jing, he thought that Yu Jing was only here to stir the muddy water. Maybe the big guy behind the scenes had contacted her, but she was definitely not the mastermind of this incident.

Can someone who can be stunned by himself in a few words can design such a situation?

Obviously impossible.

He thought he could ask questions to Luo Wenlong, but he didn’t expect Luo Wenlong to resist this matter all the way to the teaching office.

This thing he did was obviously inhumane, nor was he a true man, but he didn’t violate any school rules and disciplines. In the end, the school could only ended the matter with criticism and warning.

It’s just that this matter was known by their head teacher. The head teacher then thought that Luo Wenlong had a vicious mind, and his mind was not on studying, so he exempted him from the position of the academic committee.

Luo Wenlong also lost his face in front of his classmates. Almost to the point where everyone shouted and yelled at him, but he couldn’t transfer the class before the placement test.

This was what happened later.

As for Yan Han, in front of the teachers, he denied that the love letter was written by him, and he played the image of a petite white flower who was bullied.

The delicate and beautiful girl was as if she had been ravaged by strong winds and showers. Little white flower was devoted to learning, but there were such silly silly people around her. She wanted to escape from the predicament. She just wanted to calm down and study hard, but she couldn’t help herself. …

Regardless of the consequences, Yan Han first set aside the things that might cause trouble in the future, which could considered to be a way of escape.

With the performance of the previous exercises, the teacher’s impression of him was quite good. The head teacher’s anger was still on Luo Wenlong. No one blamed Yan Han, and even comforted him with a few words to encourage him to study hard and not to be affected by this.

“I see, thank you teacher.” Yan Han once again tried to play the image of the bullied little flower being saved by the teachers, and said with gratitude: “I must study hard and live up to the expectations of the teachers! ”

“Yeah.” The head teacher was invisibly slapped up by him, and he did not forget to tell him: “If you have any questions, you can ask Lin Jianlu. Jianlu ah, help her with her studies and strive for being admitted into the other good classes.”

The class 17’s class teacher next to him: “…”

He also agreed that the 17th class under the school grading system was the bad class. It was good not to be criticized by the school at this time. How dare the head teacher to directly badmouth his class.

The class teacher simply followed along and said, “Thanks to classmate Lin, Yan Han is a good seedling. I also hope that he can be admitted to the good classes…”

Yan Han totally forgot that Lin Jianlu was actually a liberal arts student.

After coming out of the teaching office, Yan Han saw that there was enough time, so he asked Lin Jianlu to eat together.

“Your help can be considered a great help to me, this meal I’ll treat you, it is necessary!” After leaving the teaching office, little white flower transformed and returned to the old rough man’s appearance.

At the same time, Xiao Wu informed him in his mind: [Congratulations to the host! Complete the side mission of [Girl’s Heart]! Acquired skills [Billionaire Project]! 】

When the voice sounded, Yan Han felt his heart lightened. He felt in a daze that perhaps “Yan Han”‘s heart was not on Luo Wenlong’s.

She was timid, pure and even extremely humble. If she were not replaced by himself, she would have experienced the same tragedy on another timeline. It was only a matter of sooner or later. At that time, she would have been beaten. She had to hold her grievance and anger in her heart and let it rot and purify, and let it corrode and ruin her mind and life step by step.

But in fact, she did nothing wrong.

The so-called young ”girl’s heart” was actually just a bit of fairness and freedom from harm that she desired.

If this was the case, he helped her do it.

Xiao Wu said: [[Billionaire Project] has been launched! The first fortune: Please go to the XX bookstore on XX commercial street before 15:00 this weekend. 】

Yan Han: ? !

“What does this mean?!”

[Well, this is a reminder from this skill, you will know the specific situation when you go! 】

! !

After some inquiries and discussions, Yan Han felt that this billionaire plan was more practical than he thought.

It was a magical tool to remind him when to go and do things to make a fortune!

Of course, it’s just a reminder. Whether to go there or not, it’s all based on his own subjective consciousness.

But in Yan Han’s view, this was enough.

He was just worried about making money and now there was such a function…

Brother Yan wanted to bow to Luo Wenlong to thank the enemy and friendly forces for giving him points.

After sweeping away the haze brought to him by the people behind Luo Wenlong, Yan Han was in a good mood. He became more carefree again and subconsciously patted Lin Jianlu on the shoulder, making him look good.


“I’m sorry.” Feeling Lin Jianlu’s stiffness, Yan Han withdrew his hand angrily. Only then did he remembered Lin Jianlu’s obsessiveness and inaccessibility to people.

“I forgot beacause I was too happy. I’m really really sorry.” After that, he even slapped on the hand where he touched Lin Jianlu, in order to punish himself.

Lin Jianlu slowly turned his head to look at him. His eyes were full of thought and scrutiny, and his lips were slightly pursed. He looked a little serious and it was unknown what he was thinking.


Yan Han took a step backwards.

Lin Jianlu took a step in his direction.

Yan Han took a step back, and Lin Jianlu followed and took another step forward. This made Yan Han a little overwhelmed. He had just touched him once… and he had already slapped himself twice as punishment. The other party wouldn’t ask him for his whole hand, right?

He can’t be blame for thinking like this. It was because Lin Jianlu’s eyes were too serious now. Under his shadow, Brother Yan realized that he had done something wrong again, and he couldn’t get angry right now.

Brother Yan didn’t had any strong points, so he could just go with the flow.

“I’m sorry.” Yan Han apologized for the Nth time.

Lin Jianlu’s expression was not so serious anymore, instead his eyes held a little bit of inquiry.

He didn’t reply but moved forward step by step. The Eldest Brother could only continue to retreat until his back touched the cold wall.

He leaned against the wall and couldn’t move, but Lin Jianlu could still move.

Seeing that the distance between the two people was getting closer and closer, “You, you said that the head teacher asked you to help me study. Is he not afraid of the two of us being…” Yan Han stopped talking. He originally wanted to change the topic, but suddenly felt that this topic seemed to be too sensitive.

He has to think another topic.

It wasn’t his fault for losing his sense. Brother Yan used to have a lot of close contact with people in fights before but he seemed to have never experienced a position like this, where he was completely sandwiched between the wall and the person.

“He is afraid of us, what?” Lin Jianlu suddenly spoke at this moment.

“Nothing.” Yan Han licked his lips, dodged his eyes, and tried to divert the subject again: “Oh, yes, why do you want to help me like this…”

“I want to ask you to do me a favor.” Lin Jianlu said.

“What favour?” Yan Han asked hurriedly.

“Touch me again.”


No, no, no. Don’t ask anymore!

Facing Lin Jianlu’s pleading gaze, Yan Han, who was finally trapped in the corner, still had no choice but to ask, “Where do you want me to touch you?”

This question also seemed difficult for Lin Jianlu. He thought for a while and finally slowly raised his hand.

After bending his palm into a fist, Lin Jianlu showed the back of his hand.

”Touch..touch…touch here?” Yan Han swallowed fiercely. He didn’t know why he was so nervous.

Lin Jianlu nodded slowly.

For the first, second and third seconds when Yan Han put his hand on the back of Lin Jianlu’s hand, Lin Jianlu didn’t react.

In the fourth second, Lin Jianlu took the initiative to withdraw his hand and said, “Okay. Thank you.”

Yan Han: “???”

“How do you feel?” Yan Han asked dryly.

“I found that I can stand your touch.” Lin Jianlu said, “…for about three seconds, I can even hold back not washing my hands.”

Yan Han: “…” So was this a compliment?

“You just asked me why I helped you?”

“…Ah, yes.” Yan Han realized that he couldn’t keep up with Lin Jianlu’s brain circuit.

“Because you are interesting.”

When he said these words, Lin Jianlu’s eyes showed the same inquisitive look just now causing Yan Han to form goose bumps all over his body.

“I am interesting?”

“Yeah. Take today’s case. According to what I have observed so far, the probability that you would get involved with that boy was almost zero.” Lin Jianlu said.

Yan Han: “…”

It made sense, but the system pit him.

“If it was because the other party harassed you and made you unbearable, you would not have chose to use this method to solve it.”


That’s right, if he really ran into this kind of scumbag, he would directly make him fall into pit himself !

“If the first condition is true, then there is no possibility that the other party deliberately designed to frame you, so the second condition becomes a paradox.”


? ? ?

“In other words, two contradictory events happened at the same time. When added up, the probability is equal to zero.”


“An event with absolutely zero probability has happened…” Lin Jianlu raised his eyes to look at him, with his gaze attentive: “Unless there is any variable in between.”


“But I can’t think of what this variable is.” Lin Jianlu said and fell into deep thought.


“Xiao Wu! Tell me what he…….what he is talking about!” Yan Han roared in his head.

He understood every word the other party said, but he didn’t understand what they meant together!

[This…I don’t know, he shouldn’t know our setting…] Xiao Wu pinched his chin and fell into thought.

Yan Han: “…?”

Well, he also couldn’t understand what Xiao Wu said.

“Let’s go, let’s go and eat.” Lin Jianlu tidied up his clothes and realized that the distance between the two people was too close. He almost squeezed the other person against the wall. He took a big step back then said: “Sorry.”


Yan Han wasn’t able to notice this anymore. He was now in a completely…stupefied state.

He could only leave the office building dumbfoundedly, and then dumbfoundedly walk with Lin Jianlu to the cafeteria.

A farce at noon had an impact on some people, but for more people, it was just a lively scene. At this time, youthful rock music was playing on the campus, and many people walked and played on the sports field. It was still the same lively school.

Yan Han was healed by this situation in a daze. When passing by the football field, he saw a ball flying straight out and landing not far in front of him. He subconsciously ran two steps tightly and kicked the ball towards the classmate who ran out of the field to chase the ball and waved at him.

After doing all this, he could not imagine the soul-to-soul duel between Lin Jianlu and himself just now. At this moment, he turned his head and found that Lin Jianlu’s eyes really fell on him…

With his peripheral vision, Yan Han always felt that Lin Jianlu looked specially very much scary when he was not speaking, because he was thinking.

The things he thought were so terrible!

After staring at each other for a while, Lin Jianlu finally spoke. Yan Han thought he was going to say that he played well. He didn’t expect the other party to say something like: “You look better when you don’t wear a school uniform or skirt. ”

Yan Han: “…”

? !

He lowered his head suddenly, but he was shocked to see the school uniform skirt hanging around his waist swaying slightly in the breeze.

When he wasn’t wearing a school uniform or skirt… was it when he was playing ball? Or during the fight on the weekend?

S O…………….! What he just said now ! ! What did that mean ! ! !


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