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TYFWWC Chapter 10

After relocking the back door, Yan Han walked slowly back to the yard and put the shovel back.

At this time, a drop of blood ran down his wrist all the way down, falling down in the muddy road in the backyard directly.

“Teacher Yan! You are hurt!” Ji Changdong along with the little beans all called him Teacher Yan.

Because Yan Han didn’t say a word before and didn’t even frown his brows, moreover he wore a red shirt, so the wound was not obvious. So no one noticed his injury.

Yan Han himself shook his hand indifferently, “It’s just a small injury, nothing is wrong. It’ll be okay when I go back and bandage it.”

Ji Changdong didn’t believe him.

How could it be a minor injury after bleeding so much? !

Yan Han also knew that his wound was a bit deep. In fact it was fucking painful. So he had to deal with it quickly.

It seemed that he couldn’t continue to work today to earn contributions. He could only come back next week.

He went back to the building to get his bag. Ji Changdong followed behind him like a kid who did something wrong. Yan Han took out a cigarette from the bag out of nowhere.

After lighting up and taking a sip, he spit out the smoke ring contentedly and said: “Sometimes the way to deal with a rogue is that you become more rogue than him.”

“You have to make them afraid of you and dare not provoke you. If you are not easy to provoke, they’ll be impatient and stop their act. Then you’ll be okay.”

As he said, Yan Han patted Ji Changdong’s shoulder: “But first, you have to consider how to protect yourself. It’s okay to frighten the opponent with the same way, but it’ll cause destruction to both sides. Sometimes it will let your opponents take advantage of…”

Before he finished speaking, a big breasted cute girl appeared out of thin air in front of him, with a…sledgehammer in his hand?

Before he could react, the moment the Cute girl appeared, she wielded a sledgehammer and smashed him on his head!

Yan Han didn’t expect it, His brain was full of Xiaowu and it’s stupid deed but he didn’t feel anything when he was hit with a hammer twice as big as a human brain.

Obviously, that hammer was just like Xiao Wu, all virtual.

Even if others couldn’t see it, but he could.

He was still sipping the cigarette even when seeing that dozen kilograms of iron hammer was lifted and smashed by Xiao Wu laboriously into his head. He was so calm that he didn’t even dodge. Yan Han felt that he was so awesome.

But this did not delay him from roaring at Xiao Wu in his head:

“Xiao Wu! What are you doing? Are you trying to rebel?”

“Smoking! Should I let you smoke!” Xiao Wu’s voice rang from cute girl’s mouth. Then the sledgehammer fell again, Xiao Wu said: “Smoking is harmful to health, and it harms the skin even more! This will make the host’s skin become dull, will accelerate aging and affect appearance!”

Yan Han: “…”

No, he couldn’t smoke this thing at school. The school was very strict in catching smokers, so when he finally got out, he just smoked one. What’s wrong with that?

“A single one won’t have much impact, right.” Yan Han was still struggling for the last time.

“Not even one!” The sledgehammer in cute girl’s hand started to lift up again.

Yan Han: “Well, I won’t smoke anymore, I won’t smoke anymore.”

Having said that, he was still like a rascal, leaning against the wall he took two puffs fiercely. He couldn’t wait to inhale all of the cigarettes. When there was only the head left, he extinguish it on the spot.

Actually, Yan Han has no addiction to smoking. He had quit when he was still Yan Han and he doesn’t even think of smoking.

It’s just that every time he finishes a fight and moves his muscles and bones, he especially wants to smoke one. After so many years, he still retains the habit of carrying cigarettes in his pocket at any time.

Xiao Wu was half-dead by this rascal, but Yan Han’s appearance was indeed not affected in any substantial way now, so no points would be deducted. Although it expected more from him, it couldn’t do anything.

Cute girl could only continue to hit him with a big hammer.

[And why are you injured! Do you know how much it will affect if you leave a scar? Points will be deducted! Points deducted! 】

“What the hell?” Yan Han blinked stupidly: “…points are deducted for scars on arms?”

[To complete the achievement of’beauty’, your body must be perfect!] Cute girl rolled her eyes at him: [Which beauty have you ever seen with big scars? Beauty needs to be perfect ! Be exquisite to perfection! Understand!]

Yan Han: “…”

He really didn’t understand this.

He really wanted to ask if the deformed beauty was not considered beautiful, but he thought about it and forget it.

Besides, his straight male consciousness with broken head didn’t knew that such a small scar would make someone look not exquisite.

Yan Han also knew that he couldn’t be saved, this Eldest Brother confessed his fate. But still admitted that even when he was ignorant, he was more magnanimous than anyone else.

Probably annoyed by his stubborn look, Cute girl stomped her feet and disappeared on the spot.

“What’s wrong with Brother Xiao Wu? Are you… why are you angry again?” Not being useful to him, Xiaowu disappeared by himself. Yan Han was still a little uncomfortable and suddenly felt a little messy.

【Humph.] Xiao Wu snorted and said that he didn’t want to talk to him.

Xiao Wu was all right if he could still hum . He told Ji Changdong a few words and was about to leave.

“Teacher Yan, can you accept me as an apprentice?” Ji Changdong asked him.


Ji Changdong pursed his lips. According to his plan, as long as he can fight like Yan Han, no one can bully him in the future.

It’s just that Yan Han was trained by years of actual combat experience. He was born with this talent and the environment he grew up also forced him to fight.

Even if you really want him to teach others, he won’t.

And now the era was different, it’s not the era when you can fight without being bullied.

In the end, Yan Han did not agree to accept him as an apprentice, but left him his own phone number so that he would come to him immediately if he had any problems.

In fact, he still feels very worried about this kid.

He diverted Yang Zihui’s gaze and scared the other party out of his courage. He probably wouldn’t come to trouble Ji Changdong again for a while.

It’s just that he can only do so much.

If he really had that ability, he wouldn’t have become a Tony Yan teacher when he was still Yan Han.

In the end, it can only be said that everyone have their own life.

After leaving the orphanage, Yan Han called Li Hongqing and asked if he was in school today.

“I’m on duty this weekend, what’s the matter with you?” Li Hongqing’s voice came vaguely with the sound of sizzling electric current.

“It’s okay, I got some injuries.” Yan Han said.

After delaying some time, a lot of blood has been shed. Yan Han’s face had turned pale, and even the color of his lips had become lighter.

When not speaking, there was a sense of vulnerability and tenderness of a sickly beauty.

At this time, he couldn’t go through bus to save money. He planned to take a taxi back to school. He was about to walk to the main road to stop the car. Behind him, “Di di” sounded the car horn. Yan Han turned around. He saw a land cruiser car came and stopped right beside him.

“Get in the car.” The rear window was rolled down, and Lin Jianlu’s handsome face appeared.

Yan Han: “???”

At first, he was at a loss. After he realized that the other party had come out of the orphanage, he was shocked. Yan Han: “Why are you here?!”

“…” Lin Jianlu didn’t answer. His expression was weird, as if he also wanted to ask the same thing.

Looking at Yan Han’s injured arm , Lin Jianlu said, “Get in the car, I’ll take you to the hospital.”

“No need, it’s just a little injury.”

He couldn’t go to the hospital now!

Yan Han smiled at him: “I’ll go back to the school infirmary hospital to deal with it, thank you classmate Lin.”

He only smiled fakely on the surface.

He thought Lin Jianlu’s reaction was a bit strange.

To be specific, the other party didn’t even seem surprised about his injury.

He didn’t know when this person appeared or whether he saw anything. Yan Han’s old problem of having a guilty conscience was activated again.

If he had known that he could run into “acquaintances” here, he had behaved like…at least not so manly.

“Then I ‘ll send you to the school infirmary. I’m also going to the school.” Lin Jianlu said again.

Classmate Lin’s attitude was a little cold but not eager. He didn’t have the oppressive feeling that he had to obey his instructions.

It’s just that the driver sitting in front of him simply turned the steering wheel horizontally and didn’t give him a way to the road.

Yan Han had to get in the car.

It was after he got in the car that he suddenly remembered what Wen Juerong had told him before, Lin Jianlu had a cleanliness addiction.

The reason why Wen Juerong told him this was because a photo of the two of them caused an uproar on the anonymous forum. He didn’t understand why this could cause such a sensation. Then Wen Juerong explained to him.

After listening to the explanation, Yan Han realized that he had offended Lin Jianlu when he was doing exercises in the play ground before.

In fact, after Wen Juerong explained it to him, he could not remember the situation clearly. At that time Lin Jianlu always had no reaction, otherwise he would have noticed his cleanliness addiction.

He felt uncomfortable but he forcibly endured it for a while. Because of the other party’s kindness and politeness, this made Yan Han feel even more guilty.

So now, when he was dirty and stained with blood, he didn’t dare to approach Young Master Lin.

Yan Han retracted himself into a corner, not daring to move.

Lin Jianlu sat there steadily and said: “The car is very spacious, you don’t have to be so restrained.”

Yan Han: “…”

It’s very fucking big land cruiser car! Of course it’s spacious! He was just afraid that Lin Jianlu would feel uncomfortable when he sees his[YH] dirty arm!

Yan Han was roaring in his heart when Xiao Wu suddenly made a series of movements:

【Ugh? Huh eh eh eh -? 】

Yan Han couldn’t figure it out: “Are you singing?”

【Nah! One thing happened… In summary, the host’s contribution is full…]

Yan Han:! ! ! ! !

“…Is my contribution to this orphanage enough?” Yan Han couldn’t believe it!

【Yes. 】

“That means I can open the treasure chest?”

【Yes! 】

“Hurry hurry tell me what I did to unlock chest, why is it all of a sudden!” Yan Han also became excited.

Although he also knew that what he did was a special thing but afterall it was actually only one thing, which was just helping Ji Changdong out of the siege.

Then he asked Xiao Wu. Turns out he really got enough points from that!

“Then let’s see what good things are in my treasure chest!” The progress was faster than he expected, and Yan Han couldn’t hide his excitement.

[Then let’s start and see it now!!! ] Xiao Wu’s voice also sounded very excited.

“Open!” Yan Han said happily.

In fact, this thing opens when the host says open as a confirmation. Just to prevent mistakes, it has to be repeated three times.

So Yan Han repeated in a special tone: “Go on!”

Once confirmed, Yan Han only felt a flash of golden light in front of him, and Xiao Wu’s voice sounded in his ear again:

[Congratulations to the host for acquiring the [Straight A Student Live System]! 】

[The system functions are as follows: First, users can view all the learning courseware contained in the system for free; second, users can earn money based on popularity and rewards by means of live broadcast of the learning process. 】

【The account registration has been completed. 】

[Opening the learning channel…]

[The learning channel has been opened, and the host can log in to major live broadcast websites to enter the channel. 】

Yan Han:! !

The system said a lot, but he didn’t listen to the others.

Only “earn money” this words were very clear and eye-catching!

[oyee oyee oyee, according to this system, the main point of this function is that you can freely retrieve the learning courseware but the only thing the host hears is money…] Xiao Wu’s voice was a bit contemptuous.

“Oh, what are you even saying! Your brother is exactly the type to fall for money, there is no way I can avoid it, you have to understand.” A certain someone said, not afraid of being dead.

Yan Han was happy. When he was worried about how to make money, the system offered him money-making tools. Of course he was happy. Yan Han couldn’t control his emotions a little bit, and he smiled brightly at Lin Jianlu next to him.

Then he found that Lin Jianlu was stunned to the degree that he could see it with the naked eye.

“…What were you thinking of just now?” the other party asked hesitantly.

At this moment, Yan Han also felt that he had just had a conversation with Xiao Wu a bit too long, during which he didn’t notice his expression and reaction at all…

This was not the first time but just now he was in a daze in front of Lin Jianlu.

The other party was looking at him so directly now. His eyes were full of inquiries, then maybe it’s…

Turning his head mechanically and stiffly, he heard Lin Jianlu say again: “I saw it when you were fighting.”

Yan Han:…! !


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