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TRLL – Chapter 29.2

Night of the Mid-Autumn Festival [Part 2]

Translator’s Note: Sorry guys, I missed last week’s update coz I wasn’t particularly well (as I announced on discord) so as promised, enjoy your double update~


The family banquet for the celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Marquis RuiDing’s Mansion began in the evening after everyone arrived.


Marquis RuiDing was a handsome middle-aged man with a black beard that made him look even more dignified and majestic.


Gu Sui’er had never seen him from the time she entered this residence so she felt a bit intimidated. She couldn’t bring herself to raise her eyes and look at him.


Fortunately, her initial fear had somewhat diminished by this time. Her seat was moved forward, just in front of the Old Madam and along with Xiao Jin and Xiao Xu due to her pregnancy.


Such a prestigious person was unexpectedly chatting and laughing with the Old Madam now. He made her smile from ear to ear with all sorts of thoughtful and filial words. Even the few women nearby couldn’t help but smile along with the Old Madam.


The Madam was still occupied with the arrangements of the family banquet so the eldest and the second Young Madam stayed by her side and assisted her.


There were different kinds of fresh food on the table. Gu Sui’er had never seen some of them at all, such as that strange-looking crab.


The Old Madam had already ordered someone to cut the mooncakes that Gu Sui’er had brought over so that everyone could have a taste.


It indeed tasted different from all the mooncakes they had eaten before. Taking a bit, Xiao Jin couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise, “Oh, this is actually salty!”


The second Young Madam also smiled: “It’s sweet inside but salty outside. I have never eaten such uniquely flavored mooncakes before.”


The Old Madam had a bad appetite owing to her old age. Originally, she didn’t like to eat those sweet and greasy mooncakes. However, after hearing her words, she tasted one and found it to be delicious.


Marquis RuiDing ate it and naturally praised it repeatedly too.


The Old Madam praised Gu Sui’er: “Sui’er is so careful, thoughtful and filial. A really good child ah. None of the women in the residence is better than her.”


The others burst into laughter and nodded: “Yes, yes, we can’t be compared to her. Who asked us not to have these mooncakes and present them to the Old Madam like Sui’er!”


Gu Sui’er was a little embarrassed: “I am ignorant and unsophisticated. How could I dare to compare with you all? In fact, the third Master intended to serve all these to the elders. I just helped him send it over. I don’t dare to accept your compliments.”


Seeing her being like this, the Old Madam’s goodwill and affection rose. She patted her shoulders lightly: “Sui’er ah, you are too simple. I know what Ah Heng is like better than you. He doesn’t care about these little things at all. It must be you who did this!”


Gu Sui’er pursed her lips and chuckled: “Even if I want to show my respects to Old Madam, I still cannot have made such savory mooncakes out of thin air.”


When the eldest Young Madam heard this, she also smiled: “As I said, although Ah Heng doesn’t say it, he respects the Old Madam most in his heart.”


The Old Madam was naturally happy to hear her words. She was surrounded by all the male and female members of the family to celebrate this Mid-Autumn Festival. All the elderly people loved this sensation of being surrounded by their near and dear ones.


Marquis RuiDing had never seen Gu Sui’er, so he was a little surprised when he saw her from the side.


He had sent someone to investigate the ins and outs of that matter before. When he heard that that girl was dumb, he was a bit dissatisfied because he felt that she wasn’t suitable for his Ah Heng. After all, with his identity, even a Concubine needed to be chosen wisely. How could he accept a fool!


But now, even though she was simple, he was a bit satisfied seeing her gentle and well-behaved personality paired with an appearance that was hard to come by. He realized that the girls sent by the Imperial Palace weren’t nearly as beautiful as her. Thinking she was barely worthy of Ah Heng, he acknowledged her. This girl seemed pretty good.


While they were talking and laughing, the maids brought the sweet-scented osmanthus wine to the table. Marquis RuiDing personally poured a cup for the Old Madam and presented it to her respectfully.


The few Young Masters nearby- the eldest, the second, the third and the fourth Young Master, who was borne by the Concubine, all stood together behind the bead curtain1Bead/beaded curtain [珠帘外面] – Used as a screen to separate the males and the females and looked somewhat like this👇🏻 and greeted the Old Madam together. 


She smiled and asked them all to sit down, and everyone drank sweet-scented osmanthus wine together.


Gu Sui’er couldn’t drink so she pretended to take a sip with them.


When her lips touched the edge of the wine cup, she felt a sharp gaze falling on her. She looked up and saw Xiao Heng looking at her from behind the curtain.


Seeing her holding the wine cup, he raised his eyebrows slightly.


She remembered that she had told him she was not allowed to drink, so she clasped the cup and shook her head gently at him.


He must have understood what she meant as he turned his head to listen to what the second Young Master was saying.


“Look at them. Sui’er and Ah Heng are like honey in oil2Honey in oil [蜜里调油] – Means they are very close and sweet to each other. ah!”


The second Young Madam, Bai YuQing, couldn’t drink anymore after taking a sip of the wine. As a result, she caught Xiao Heng and Gu Sui’er exchanging glances and she made fun of them.


“I really didn’t see this coming. What kind of temper does our family’s Ah Heng have? He has a cold personality and never took a second glance at a girl. I was afraid that when he goes to marry, his bride would be frightened by him and run away from the wedding. I never thought Sui’er could change his icy temperament!”


The eldest Young Madam heard her words and immediately followed her lead.


One must know that this little brother-in-law of theirs had a cold face since childhood. After the two of them married into Marquis RuiDing’s family, they had never seen him smile. Now, they excitedly seized this opportunity to tease him.


Originally, the two sisters-in-law joked about it in private. But tonight, they deliberately talked about it loudly to entertain the Old Madam.


However, Gu Sui’er was a little embarrassed because she did exchange glances with Xiao Heng in front of so many people.


She gulped and tried to explain softly with a red face: “The doctor told me not to drink wine during my pregnancy. He was just afraid I would do so.”


But when she said this, everyone burst into laughter.


The Old Madam said whilst laughing: “Aiyo, my obedient and well-behaved grandson is the most considerate person in the world. Look, he was afraid that we would bully his little sweetheart, so he specially reminded her not to drink the wine!”


Gu Sui’er didn’t expect that her earnest explanation would result in them breaking into laughter again. Seeing everyone laughing so heartily, she couldn’t help but laugh with them too.


“Old Madam, please don’t make fun of me.”


The old lady was exhausted from laughing too much, and took her hand: “Sui’er, child, I really regret that you are not my own granddaughter! While it’s true that you aren’t as learned and as eloquent in speaking as these girls, I like you very much. This way, it feels comfortable to talk with you!”


Xiao Jin, who was sitting by her side, twisted her words mischievously: “Old Madam3Xiao Jin addresses her as ‘old ancestor’ [老祖宗]. I took the liberty to change it to ‘Old Madam’., before you said that you only like refined and well-educated girls and disliked the petty-minded ones. Why did you change your words in the blink of an eye? I don’t understand it ah!”


As soon as she said this, the Old Madam put on a guilty face and purposely spoke hesitatingly: “That’s what I said yesterday. But I have already changed my mind. Today, I like Sui’er the most!”


Xiao Jin wrapped her arms around the Old Madam’s arms and pretended to sob loudly, making everyone laugh heartily.


After they were done having fun, the Madam ordered for some writing materials to be brought over. She wanted everyone to compose a poem, which would later be pasted on the lanterns.


“When the lanterns are lit, all the poems will then glow in the light. Wouldn’t that be an intriguing scene?”


Hearing this, everyone believed this was a good idea. Therefore, each one of them grabbed a brush and a piece of paper and began to rack their brains.

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  • 1
    Bead/beaded curtain [珠帘外面] – Used as a screen to separate the males and the females and looked somewhat like this👇🏻
  • 2
    Honey in oil [蜜里调油] – Means they are very close and sweet to each other.
  • 3
    Xiao Jin addresses her as ‘old ancestor’ [老祖宗]. I took the liberty to change it to ‘Old Madam’.
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  1. Aki says:

    I really like how chill the family is. In these types of novels the heroine is often bullied or abused. So this is a very nice change of pace! I really like it ♥

    1. An says:

      Haha yeah, this type of friendly family in an ancient setting is hard to come by : D

  2. chinesefanreader says:

    They really seem to be growing in love🥰😍 and yes I agree it’s nice to see everyone get along. Him moving in with her seems to mean that he doesn’t plan to take a main wife…

    Thanks for the chapter

    1. An says:

      Thanks for commenting <3

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