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TRLL – Chapter 15.2

New Clothes [Part 2]

Just as they set their foot into the courtyard, they noticed the Nanny who served the eldest Young Madam and the second Young Madam’s maid talking to Bao Ya.

As soon as they saw Xiao Heng entering, they came forward to greet him.

Xiao Heng’s eyes swept past the big bundle beside them: “What is that?”

The Nanny hurriedly replied with a smile, “These are some of her pregnancy dresses that the eldest Young Madam instructed this old servant to bring over. She has also sent some of her autumn and winter clothes for Concubine Gu to wear before her own clothes are prepared.”

The maid replied immediately after she finished: “The second Young Madam let this servant deliver some of her pregnancy clothes for Concubine Gu.”

Xiao Heng nodded: “Please thank both the eldest and second Young Madams on my behalf.”


When the two big bundle of clothes were finally taken into her room, Gu Sui’er was very happy. When all was said and done, she was only fifteen years old. Naturally, she liked seeing so many clothes, so she couldn’t help but spread them out and take a close look at each of them one by one.

Although the clothes were said to be old, they didn’t look old at all. On the contrary, Gu Sui’er felt that they look brand new, not resembling what old clothes should look like by any means.

“The eldest Young Madam and the second Young Madam naturally don’t lack clothes to wear. Some of these clothes might have been given by others and some might not fit them properly after being worn.” Nanny An touched the clothes looking very satisfied: “Look, all of them are made from good materials. They are just right for this sort of a weather. These clothes will protect you against the cold and make you look beautiful.”

After speaking, she picked out a cloud and goose patterned fine brocade blouse which flared out from below the chest area. Matching it with a loose floral skirt, Nanny An couldn’t help but click her tongue in praise: “This outfit looks so nice. Please try it, Young Mistress.”

Gu Sui’er’s eyes also brightened. She took it from Nanny An, saying she would she wanted to try it on.

Unexpectedly, at this very moment, they heard some noise coming from outside. Soon, a little maid walked in to inform that a seamstress from the garment shop had arrived at the courtyard and also brought someone to assist her in taking Gu Sui’er’s measurements for preparing her clothes.

Both Nanny An and Gu Sui’er were taken aback, looking at each other in surprise.

In the end, Nanny An said, “Could it be that the Old Madam invited her? Let her come in first.”

Gu Sui’er had always listened to Nanny An: “En.”

The seamstress was a woman of about thirty or forty years of age. She had a smooth and round face with a pair of tender and affectionate eyes. While taking her measure, the seamstress smiled at Gu Sui’er asked how old the child in her belly was. She finally said: “I will make the dresses a little looser than your current body size. After all, your belly will continue growing bigger till you give birth.”

Gu Sui’er naturally had no objections. She left everything to the seamstress.

But before the seamstress left, she couldn’t help but ask: “Did the Old Madam call you over?”

When the seamstress heard this, she shook her head: “I heard from our shopkeeper that the third Master of this residence sent someone to the shop to ask for a person to take the measurements of his wife.”

Hearing her words, both Gu Sui’er and Nanny An were a bit surprised. After sending her out, Gu Sui’er finally asked Nanny An: “Then… Should I go and thank third Master?”

Nanny An also did not expect this to be the truth. She muttered: “We should not get fooled by the fact that third Master acts cold on the surface and dislikes talking. In fact, he is actually very thoughtful.”

Nanny An sized up the Young Mistress she was serving. Needless to say, Gu Sui’er’s appearance was of the first grade. If she was born in any of the noble families of the YanJing City and had been nurtured properly, she would have become the capital city’s remarkably beautiful and highly esteemed young lady whom everyone envied.

It was a pity that she was born in a rural area, and didn’t have much knowledge. She couldn’t even read or play mahjong.

Fortunately, she looked good. She was so beautiful that not to mention a man, even a woman like the Old Madam liked her. Unexpectedly, even the stern-faced third Master who had a cold heart paid so much attention to her.

“What should I do now?” Gu Sui’er was somewhat pleasantly surprised. She had not expected this outcome so she felt a little nervous.

“Young Mistress, you should listen to me and not do anything now!” Nanny An looked calm, like a marshal at the barracks commanding a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses: “Since third Master cares for you, you don’t need to go in front of him from time to time to curry favor. Just let nature take its course. If you treat him too well, you would be the one to suffer. You should always remember that you have to lure a man slowly and keep him hanging so that he would think of you in his heart. Men tend to treasure what they can’t get. Doing things this way, he would cherish you more.”

Gu Sui’er was baffled when she heard this. Nevertheless she listened earnestly and tried her best to commit it to memory.

“Men adore what they cannot get. Once they successfully obtain it, they won’t appreciate it anymore. You see, Bao Ya and Jin Fu try to earn his favor and crawl into his bed everyday but he doesn’t care about them at all!”

Gu Sui’er felt that her words were reasonable, so she nodded again and again.

“Nanny, I’ll listen to your words. Today, I won’t go and thank him for the matter regarding clothes. Then, I shall wait and see if he says anything, right?”

“Correct! Moreover I know that third Young Master said that he would teach you how to read words. When he teaches you, the Young Mistress should study carefully. Remember to touch his hand and look at him secretly during the lessons ah. However, you cannot let him begin anything!”

“Begin anything?”

Nanny An looked at Gu Sui’er’s pure and innocent face. Looking outside the window, she rubbed her hands and spoke softly: “You cannot let him sleep with you or even take advantage of you. In any case, you are pregnant now. You just have to say that it is inconvenient, so that he can only see and not eat!”

Gu Sui’er’s ears reddened immediately.

“Alright, I got it.”

“However you have to give him some appropriate benefits. You can’t always keep him hanging! If the fish flees due to insufficient bait, it’d be a big loss for us!”

“Be-Benefits…?” Gu Sui’er’s face was burning from embarrassment but she couldn’t control herself and asked: “What benefits should I give him ah?”

Nanny An thought for a while: “Just let him hold hands with you or maybe kiss your lips.”

“Kiss my lips?”

Gu Sui’er’s eyes widened in surprise.

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