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TRSLWHD Chapter 1

Death Of A Corporate Slave

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My submerged consciousness suddenly emerged, as if being pulled out from the deep sea.

I fluttered my eyelids.

A bright white light reflected in my vision.


I found myself lying on my back in an unfamiliar space.

I got up and looked around.

“…Where am I?”


The endless horizon, and the unnatural white light went on forever.

As I sat there in a daze, an upside-down face suddenly appeared in front of me.

“Are you awake?”


I jumped back in surprise and turned around.

I wondered how long he had been here, but there was a man with his black hair tied in a ponytail with some documents.

His face was so well-defined that it was hard to tell if he was a woman or a man. He was dressed in a stiff suit and, what a joke, he had white feathers on his back.

“Nice to meet you. My name is Radiel. Welcome to the afterlife.”

“How do you do, I’m—wait, afterlife?!”

The person who introduced himself as Radiel nodded without changing his expression.

“Or, more accurately, the space between reincarnations.”

“Taisei Kento…”

I was still trying to wrap my head around this situation.

Radiel asked, flipping through his papers,

“Are you sure you’re Taisei Kento?”


“All of a sudden, you’re dead.”


“The cause of your death was overwork.”

“Overwork, death…”

I stood there in a daze.

But I remembered something.

Excessive overwork.

I had a boss who always shouted at me. I also had a junior who pretended to be incapable and shoved all the work onto me before leaving.

Every day, I would take the first train to work and the last train home.

Such days continued for almost ten years, and the meals that I had packed with solid portable food finally became to only jelly.

I remembered walking up the stairs of my apartment building at midnight on the 23rd day after I broke the record for consecutive days of work, thinking that human beings were quite strong.

If so, was this really the afterlife?

Radiel’s brow furrowed painfully as he closed the document.

“You haven’t had a very good life, have you?”

“No, I haven’t.”

“I’m sorry. It was our mistake that you were so unhappy in your previous life.”


“So I’m going to ask you to transfer to another world under my jurisdiction, under whatever conditions you like.”


“Of course, you can be reincarnated. If you want, you can start over as a baby.

You will be reborn in a new world with your age, environment, appearance, and talents as you wish.”

Did this mean that I could start my second life on the terms I wanted because my previous life was unhappy?

Radiel spread his hands.

“In the name of Radiel, I promise you a life full of hope this time. Now, say what you will.”

A small murmur left from my lips as I looked at how angelic he looked.

“I don’t want to work.”


“I don’t want to work anymore.”

Radiel nodded.

“I understand. Then, I will give you a vast estate, a commensurate position, an opulent mansion, numerous servants, and a vast fortune so that you can live happily ever after—”

“Oh, no, not like that.”

His shapely eyebrows jumped up.

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t need a lot of status, money, or things.

I just need a healthy body, minimal knowledge of the new world, and a small house with a garden, surrounded by nature.

I want to live in self-sufficient seclusion there.”

“Is that what you want? You can have wealth, honor, whatever you want.”

“I’m tired of living like this.

In my second life, I want to live a life of leisure and relaxation.

I don’t care if it’s in a small place, I want to live a quiet and relaxed life by myself, without being bothered by anyone for the rest of my life.

That’s all I want.”

Then Radiel pondered with a serious face.

“…Laid back and quiet, huh?”

“I’ll keep my appearance and name the same.

But age… If you’re going to do this, can I ask you to make me a little younger?

I want to enjoy my life in this new world for a long time.”

“That’s possible, of course, but… are you sure about that?”

When I was reminded of this, I began to wonder if I should make some special request.

Hmm, looks like something I’d need to live comfortably in another world…

“Oh, yes. It would be nice if I had some kind of ability that would make it easier to grow vegetables.”

Thinking back, I wasn’t an expert in vegetable gardening, and it would be useful to have such a skill to live a self-sufficient life.

“I see. Give me a moment.”

Radiel said, and began to flip through his documents.

“The skill of growing vegetables… vegetables… this is different and this is also… not good.”

Apparently, he couldn’t find any adequate skills.

If I think about it, there aren’t many people who wish to be reincarnated and have skills for growing vegetables.

Maybe I didn’t have those skills in the first place. I wonder if I did something wrong.

“Oh, I think I can do this.”

Radiel closed the document.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Wise Guy. I have found the perfect skill for you.

I, Radiel, promise you a relaxing and quiet slow life.”

“Thank you.”

Radiel nodded, and at the same time, his closed wings spread out softly.

His pure white feathers scattered.

“Then we will begin the transfer. Close your eyes and relax. Have a nice life in another world.”

With these words, the backs of my eyelids were dyed with a pure white light.

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