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RLDRFH Chapter 95

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After eating something simple, He Zizhong leaned against the wall and closed his eyes and drank water. His mental energy was completely consumed, and it seemed that every sip of water could warm him up from the bottom of his heart completely. There seemed to be a very mysterious feeling in his body, which he understood both clearly and not at all.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Fang Hao raised his head to see that the person was Guo Bing, and he hurriedly pushed He Zizhong beside him.

“You continue to rest.” Guo Bing waved his hand. He had almost no energy, but fortunately, he took a rest after retreating. After all, he regained some stamina—he had no abilities, and he was basically using heavy firepower just now, so he’s not like a person with an ability or a person who has touched a weapon for the first time, and will have empty mental power or suffer from recoil.

After sitting down, he looked around and seeing no one nearby, he whispered to He Zizhong: “When we dealt with zombies just now, Mengzi and their abilities couldn’t be used. We let them absorb them crystal cores. As a result— Mengzi, Ding Minggang, and Liu Jiangfeng have upgraded their abilities.”

He Zizhong suddenly sat up straight and looked at him: “How many?”

“Five hundred. Although the specific number is not clear, it should be around five hundred.” The number of nuclei they obtained is countless. Both Le Tian and Chen Ning have space abilities. In a defensive battle they basically don’t use abilities, so everyone will give priority to the other three powers. This directly pushed their ability level to the second level.

He Zizhong thought about it for a while and nodded. “Give then, it must be more than one thousand to be promoted to the third-level.”

Guo Bing frowned and asked: “More than a thousand? Then three times? Four times? It shouldn’t be ten times, right?”

He Zizhong smiled and patted his shoulder: “Even if it is more than ten times, we can’t afford to promote it. If the defense is successful this time, the base’s crystal nuclei may circulate… Didn’t the person who assigned the task before the battle started say that a portion of crystal nuclei will be used instead of rewards? At that time, we can not only hunt by ourselves, but also exchange for some. We can always figure out how many are needed for the next level. If we treat one nucleus as one yuan, even a few thousand yuan to upgrade one level is not too much, right?”

Guo Bing shook his head and laughed: “This is also true. You should rest some more. I’ll go back arrange Chen Ning and Le Tian’s promotion. We can always collect more things on later missions.” After waving to them, he turned and walked back to the place the Samsara squad rested.

“It takes five hundred?” Fang Hao then whispered to He Zizhong to verify.

He Zizhong frowned, pondering for a while, then whispered: “The number is about the same. The space upgrade… I’m afraid that there is not much difference between the number of crystal nuclei absorbed by humans. We didn’t calculate how many were needed when upgrading the first time, and also included a lot of jade and gemstones… Taken together, there should be enough to reach 500 crystal nuclei.”

“At the second level…” Fang Hao thought for a moment and was a bit worried. “If a person’s upgrade is really similar to the space, then it won’t be five thousand?” Although they did not specifically count how many first-level crystal nuclei they put into the space to upgrade, in terms of time consumption and time spent, it’s about that number. Especially during the second upgrade, they didn’t find any jewelry shops because of the tight time to collect materials, and they basically relied on crystal nuclei.

“I’m afraid it’s the same. Don’t forget, we still have a lot of second-level crystal nuclei that was swallowed by Tuanzi… I suspect that if an ability person wants to rise to the third level, I’m afraid they will have to absorb at least some second-level crystal nuclei too.” He shook his head and drank two more mouthfuls of space water. Suddenly his face changed slightly.

“What’s the matter?” Fang Hao had been looking at him, and quickly asked when he saw his expression freeze for a moment.

“… I need to enter the space. I feel… as if it is about to upgrade.” This feeling is unclear. In fact, for the past two days, he has always felt that the energy in his body is faintly strange. After completely consuming the energy in the body and replenishing with well water just now, this feeling became more obvious. If it hadn’t been for Guo Bing, he would have found a chance to enter the space just now.

“Go to the back!” Fang Hao hurriedly pointed to a pile of stones not far from the two of them, which could just hide the line of sight from other directions.

Before He Zizhong entered the space, Fang Hao had already seen the golden and light blue light on his body. After he entered, Fang Hao carried Tuanzi hidden in the backpack and plunged into the space mentally.

After He Zizhong entered the space, he went straight to the bathroom on the first floor of the bamboo house. There was an intuition telling him it is best to take a bath in the hot spring.

The warm water seemed to open all his pores. It was different from when he had an ability before, or when Fang Hao upgraded his ability. The cyan and golden light burst out from his pores and curled up. The surrounding water instantly swept across in all directions! It was like a tornado that was suddenly broken up, and the golden and cyan light scattered in the bathroom, and was not extinguished for a long time…

It was so beautiful.

Different from the effect when he leveled up last time, Fang Hao “looked at” He Zizhong in the space with some fascination. There were still drops of water scattered on his smooth arms. The post-apocalyptic physical exertion was so great that the muscles on his body were also affected, and increased proportionally. Not the kind of exaggerated muscular man; his strong and tight limbs are more slender and have a sense of strength.

Knowing what it feels like to touch those fascinating muscles, Fang Hao was fascinating and unable to restrain the love in his heart…

His face was slightly red. Seeing He Zizhong finish upgrading, he took a handful of water, sprinkled it on his face at random, quickly withdrew his mental power, and stopped watching.

After ten minutes or so, He Zizhong appeared behind the rocks again. Because he was wearing a rain-proof hat, people farther away could not see that there was still water vapor on his head.

“Successful?” Fang Hao looked at him brightly, only to feel that there were streamers in his eyes, which would make people feel self-sufficiently immersed in it as long as they looked at him. It is a luster of gold and cyan intertwined.

“Well, it’s level three. I just tried it inside. My feet can float about an inch from the ground for about half a minute.” He Zizhong’s mouth hooked up and sat beside Fang Hao. “In addition, when jumping and landing, it can also produce a small buffer, but the time is too short, and the effect is not very obvious.”

A third-level wind power has not reached the level of flying in the air. As for the gold power, He Zizhong didn’t have time to study in a hurry.

Fang Hao’s eyes curled up: “Your mental strength and physical strength are completely restored now?” Seeing He Zizhong nod, he smiled and took his arm. “That’s good. After we get home, we can study and explore it.”

“Okay.” Raising a hand to touch his hair, the rain is still falling at the moment, and there is nothing nearby to cover it. Fortunately, both of them wore raincoats and rain caps.

“Your eyes can only be like this?” Fang Hao looked at He Zizhong’s eyes carefully. Sure enough, the two colors of gold and wind faintly exude brilliance in the original tan eyes like streamers.

He Zizhong frowned helplessly. “It seems that I can only wear sunglasses temporarily… I wonder if what will happen after reaching the fourth level? If it can be hidden after reaching the fourth level, then I have to work harder.”

“I think the effect might be more obvious then.” Fang Hao pursed his lips and smiled. “It’s better to wear sunglasses.” Then no one will think about his own man.

He Zizhong smiled and squeezed the flesh on his cheeks. “Laughing like this. The time for you to level up is almost up, and you’ll have to wear it then too.”

Fang Hao raised his eyebrows. “So what. Healing is white, but what color is the speed system? I think it will definitely not be as conspicuous as you when I upgrade.”

“Who knows.”

He Zizhong’s upgrade is complete, and Fang Hao doesn’t need to go back to the space to rest and take a bath. He Zizhong’s entry into the space is just for an upgrade.

Two hours passed in the blink of an eye for those who had just been replaced. Those who returned to the front line of defense again found that their tasks were slightly different from before. Almost all earth-type abilities were gathered together, moved from above the top to the bottom of the city wall, and used their earth abilities to jointly at close range, pushing the pile of zombies slowly into the distance.

Water and ice type abilities are grouped together to cooperate. Some water is drawn from pipes below the city to slow down the movement of the zombies below.

Only ordinary people who use thermal weapons and those with offensive abilities still guard the top level for protection.

Once the defense entered a certain pattern, it was no longer like a mob, and is able to effectively attack. Everyone found what they should do. Soon, a line of fire was maintained at a position about three meters in front of the city wall, preventing first-level zombies from attacking.

After He Zizhong’s ability upgraded, his efficiency defending the wall was greatly improved. After each round, there is a surplus of bullets that can be reclaimed, but Fang Hao still consumes it clean. These remaining bullets are naturally temporarily stored in the couple’s small vault, just in case. When it is not enough, they can take it out and continue to make up the number.

The two of them directly participated in the base’s defense after returning early in the morning. At noon, the logistics staff, young and old, were responsible for the large pot of meals delivered to all garrison personnel.

The cakes are so hard and kill people. The porridge is too thin to see grains of rice. And the salty pickles were unbearable.

Fang Hao sent these items into the space as soon as he received these base pantry foods. He exchanged them with those imitation pancakes he made before, meat porridge in broth, and a certain domestic brand’s sweet and sour pickles collected before the end of the word.

Guarding the wall is hard work, and he can’t let his dear be hungry.


Even when facing hordes of zombies, FH still keeps an eye out for HZZ – and in more than one way.


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