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RLDRFH Chapter 84

The military bombing continued. After the current targets were flattened, the team began to move forward, preparing to continue bombing the buildings behind.

When the convoy had just advanced to the just bombed lands, before they reached their destination, some soldiers on foot yelled—”What grabbed me?!”


“Help, help! ”

Squad leader, squad leader!”

“Da da da da-” Gunshots rang out suddenly, stunning the commander-in- chief who was in the command car. He quickly got up to ask: “What’s…” Before he could finish his words, the car suddenly tilted.

“What’s that?!”

“Monster, monster!”

Red, brown, and black, weird rhizomes of various colors stretched out from the soil, wrapping up all vehicles, people, and weapons that could be wrapped.

“Zombie! The zombies didn’t die!” One person suddenly yelled. Everyone looked around to see many still burning bodies, but in addition to those weird vines, some withered zombies stood up staggeringly.

Many first-level zombies can be directly burned to death with fire, but the premise is to burn their heads. During such large-scale, non-targeted bombing, such as today’s, except for zombies that are directly hit, the rest are just singed, and they can still move.

Furthermore, at level 2 or above zombies have greatly improved defenses. Unless ammunition directly explodes on them, it is otherwise difficult to completely kill them!

The branches and leaves of the mutant plants on the ground were blown up to pieces, but they still had roots in the soil. As long as the roots are not dead, the plant itself will not die. The hard hit mutant plants are in desperate need of nourishment. What can replenish their energy more than the nucleus of zombies and the flesh and blood of humans?

After the mutant zombies were bombarded by artillery fire, its hunting instinct was aroused…


The convoy parked on an empty road some distance from City L and quickly checked the conditions of each vehicle.

After He Zizhong and Fang Hao finished checking, they took advantage of the time to quickly eat some food to supplement energy.

Looking in the direction of the city where heavy smoke is still rising, everyone felt a little depressed. After they silently took advantage of this time to eat something and replenish energy, Guo Bing waved his hand: “Get in the cars and return to the base.” No matter what happens in the end, its not what they should be in charge of.

He Zizhong and several people still remembered the vehicles they encountered on their way to city M. Those people were also going out to collect materials. They exchanged some information in a hurry and learned that their temporary base was near L City… who knows if this bombing will affect their base? But in any case, this is something that they cannot intervene in, otherwise, if they try to hinder the military’s actions… I’m afraid that before their cars are driven over, artillery fire will greet them.

Back in the cars, Fang Hao, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, busy restarting the car to keep up with those up front, suddenly had heavy arms – “Tuanzi?!”

The round, white Tuanzi, that was indistinguishable from before, left the space unexpectedly.

Twisting his body, it rubbed, nuzzled, and rubbed again in Fang Hao’s arms.

The appearance of the dumpling made the pair’s heavy mood a lot better, as they poked its soft head: “The space has upgraded?”

Something that surprised the two of them appeared – the dumpling unexpectedly nodded!

Of course, Tuanzi was able to communicate with the two before, but at that time it behaved like a puppy at home. It could follow instructions and respond, but when Tuanzi expressed “agree” before, it’s entire body shook back and forth as it nodded a little. It looked similar, but was not the same. The current Tuanzi, however, can obviously make a “nodding” motion with its big fleshy ball.

He Zizhong grabbed its big head, lifted it up and looked at it, squinting for a long time: “There seems to be no difference in appearance?”

Fang Hao laughed and looked at Tuanzi as he drove. Thinking about it for a while: “Don’t you think the skin on its face is a little pink?”

The original dumplings was wholly white, but now the white “face” is covered with two light pink balls. It’s like having blush painted on, but… “What’s the use of this?”

He Zizhong poked its fleshing cheeks, a little puzzled. If Tuanzi evolved because of the space evolving, shouldn’t there be more obvious differences? For example, growing legs? For example, growing a mouth or something? What does it mean if it’s face turns red?

“Hmm…looks more cute?” Before Fang Hao’s words fell, Tuanzi twisted in He Zizhong’s hand, and then slid down into Fang Hao’s arms. Only mama knows best!

The pinkish cheeks became more matte and tender. The gorgeous red also brought out a sense of energy that made He Zizhong feel a little wretched.

Ignoring the dumpling’s tricks, he prepared to send his mind into the space to observe the upgraded space. He Zizhong suddenly felt that something was wrong. He turned his head and glanced back. He Zizhong suddenly grabbed the coquettish Tuanzi in Fang Hao’s arms: “Do you see the place that’s on fire or smoking? You go over slowly. Enter the space whenever when a house collapses, or you can see people or cars, and wait for me. Take me out of here in the evening.”

The dumpling who just came out to reunite with its family is very sad. Abusing group workers! Absolute abuse of group workers!

He Zizhong seemed to feel a sense of grievance rushing straight into his mind, with its grieved, watery eyes… It seemed that he really bullied it a little bit too much?

A pair was at a stalemate when Fang Hao suddenly reached out and touched Tuanzi: “Tuanzi listen to dad. I can hold you to sleep at night?”

Good! Of course good!

Every time whether on the big bed, sleeping in the car or sleeping bag outside, Tuanzi would be thrown aside by the unscrupulous dad. As if injected with hormones, Tuanzi immediately jumped out the window. Of course, before it left, it instantly turned invisible.

“Its stealth effect seems to be much better than before, right?” He Zizhong stared at Tuanzi that had been “thrown away” with some doubt. Its small figure was almost impossible to distinguish this time. He could only see a faint outline, and its concealment is much stronger than before.

“Maybe it can evolve like the space?” Fang Hao pondered. The two of them came back to their senses—they still haven’t seen what happened in the space yet!

As Fang Hao drove, He Zizhong first probed his mental power into the space to investigate the situation.

Sure enough, the space doubled again!

After the space upgrade last time, about two acres of farmland were created on the other side of the stream. Now this area has not become much larger, but the half where He Zizhong lived, together with the hillside behind the bamboo forest and bay in the south, expanded a great deal!

The farmland increased to about 16 acres, and there are additional sloping hills and bays. The underground space also doubled, becoming 16 acres in size. The bamboo building has also changed slightly, seeming a bit larger, but there has been no other change.

After the evolution of space this time, the entire appearance of the space can already be faintly seen. It looks like a farmhouse surrounded by a crescent ring of mountains and facing the bay.

The mountains are shaped like a crescent moon. The highest parts are the bamboo forest and the northern part of the waterfall. Now the cliffs next to the waterfall and the general trend of the mountains is revealed. The mountains circle around the farm and extend to the sea. On the shore, he can faintly see some scattered reefs in the bay. When looking from ‘directly above’, when the reefs and mountains are connected together, they form a complete “circle”.

He Zizhong also saw a small canoe beached on the coast. It looked like it originally belonged in the space, and could fit at least two people.

He Zizhong couldn’t look too closely at other things, and drew his mental power out as he spoke with a smile: “The space has at least doubled again. The bays and mountains seem to have nothing to do with the land on the land, but they are also a lot bigger… hard to say by how much just yet.”

Fang Hao eyes shone with excitement as he smiled. “Let’s wait to go back and carefully see how large the space has become?”

“At least, there’s 16 mu land before. Twice as big as before, and there’s plenty of space for storage.”

“That’s good, I’m still worried about having too many things.” Even if the two of them didn’t deliberately collect materials, every time they came out, they would amass many things. It’s not the best time to sell these things yet, and they were worrying about how to deal with these things.

The group drove day and night towards the base. After Tuanzi finally found a relatively suitable location, He Zizhong and Fang Hao were surprised to find that the biggest golden finger after the Tuanzi upgrade!

Before Tuanzi left, He Zizhong clearly felt the mental fluctuation of Tuanzi, but he didn’t have time to think about it at that time. Secondly he thought that this was only for the convenience of communicating with Tuanzi later. But when Tuanzi arrived at the place and the mental fluctuations passed over, he could understand Tuanzi seemed to have found a place. As he was thinking whether he could see it or not, picture unexpectedly appeared in He In Zizhong’s mind!!

Spiritual connection, visual sharing. Fang Hao, who was accidentally brought into this spiritual connection, shook his hand and almost turned the car to the side of the road. Then he hurriedly found a way to distinguish this kind of visual sharing. What he saw with his eyes open was the picture in front of him. Closing his eyes, and he can see the situation of a target location from Tuanzi’s vision.


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  1. ruinthyself says:

    wow, happy for the upgrade of Tuanzi!! hahahaha thank u for the chapter~

    1. komorebi says:

      🥟 has leveled up!

      There’ll be more Tuanzi superpowers to come. 🙂

  2. 3eraphiel says:

    yay for tuanzi upgrade 🎉🎉🎉

    now they can understand tuanzi better. it was sad for tuanzi before when they can’t understand him. not even when tuanzi want some pampering 😅

    1. komorebi says:

      Haha. I think they could understand it – they just choose not to. Or its HZZ being jealous. After all, they can’t control it aside from giving/taking away FH’s hugs.

  3. ParanoidKitten says:

    komorebi, first of all, thank you for all your hard work.
    Your translation is awesome.
    But I’d like to ask a question. Previously until chapter 82, you’ve been adding the chapter title, since chapter 83 there are no more titles. Is this intentional?

    1. komorebi says:

      Thank you for the kind words. 🤗
      There still are chapter titles, but I dropped them because of the chapter title length. Pages named “RLDRFH Chapter ## TITLE HEEEERRREEE” felt too long. Hope you don’t mind they’re no longer there.

      1. ParanoidKitten says:

        Well, I can’t say anything either way, since it’s your translation and not mine xD
        It was just very nice to know beforehand whether or not I need to read a chapter with closed eyes (because of “steamy scenes” ermm.. I mean because of river crabs having a meal…).
        And since the change was so noticable, I decided to be bold and ask about it xD
        Thank you very much for explaining 🙂

        1. komorebi says:

          Not a problem.
          In general, fics that are labeled with “smut” on Novelupdates have explicit scenes. RLDRFH should be considered R-15, and there are implied scenes, but nothing explicit.

  4. Tania says:

    Tuanzi is more powerful!!!

  5. J says:

    Anyone else realized the army was killed by a giant zombie Ginger.

    1. komorebi says:

      Hahaha. Nice description. 🤣🤣🤣

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