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RLDRFH Chapter 100

Announce your relationship with Allen to others? No… but since I had a relationship with him that day… shouldn’t everyone know that she’s Allen’s girlfriend?! Wait, he never told anyone else. Is… her identity the same as the other women in the team?!

“Yes, but he was the one to follow me and…” And what? Xu Lili was too embarrassed to say that she had slept with Allen; although there was nothing secretive about this kind of thing now.

He Zizhong pretended to question: “Has he confessed to you?”

“…” No, let alone love or promises of the future, he didn’t even say a word of liking.

Xu Lili’s face was pale. She didn’t know what to do for a while. From start to finish, she thought she was the captain’s wife and Allen’s true girlfriend, but Allen didn’t even promise or admit that he had any intentions… and the words the others in the logistics department said yesterday…

“Brother… do you think… he, he will marry me?”

He Zizhong’s eyes widened. He really didn’t know what her mind was thinking of. “Are you going to get married? Did he say something?” ”

Xu Lili shook her head blankly. “But, you said before that he likes me…”

“I thought he was very fond of you and took good care of you.” He Zizhong said, spreading his hands innocently. “What I said before may have been my misjudgment. Last time, I saw him with a female water ability person in your team…”

“Shen Yan that bastard! She was one of those two disgusting bitches yesterday!” Xu Lili gritted her teeth and wished she could bite off a piece of meat on the woman named Shen Yan.

“I haven’t seen your captain together with other female players before, so… Maybe he is more gentle with the female players…” There are also beautiful boys who look good.

Xu Lili looked down again and asked while sniffing her nose: “What do you think I should do… Some people say that he is about to propose to a lady from a powerful family…” She has slept with Allen now, but he is really ruthless and unfeeling… who should she ask? Did she expect He Zizhong to stand up for her? But now it seems… there counting on it. No, she should have known that she couldn’t count on He Zizhong at all.

He Zizhong raised his eyebrows: “A lady from a powerful house?”

“Yeah!” Xu Lili stomped her feet in a hurry. “They say her nose and eyes… Cousin, he can’t just give up!”

Was Allen married in his previous life? At least He Zizhong hadn’t heard of it before leaving the base. Maybe it’s a rumor? But He Zizhong wasn’t sure. What if Allen had such a plan in his last life, but his status was too low and hadn’t been exposed yet?

Before He Zizhong had time to say anything, he raised his head and looked at the intersection: “Some people are looking for you.”

Xu Lili was stunned. Seeing two members of the Overlord team not far away, her face became dark.

“Lili, there is a team meeting.” Those two people who joined the Overlord team later did not know He Zizhong. It’s just that Xu Lili, the self-confessed wife of the captain, was pestering a handsome guy at the door with a trace of disdain in her eyes.

He Zizhong ignored the two of them, just looking at Xu Lili.

Xu Lili still had a bad face: “Where’s Allen?”

“The captain is discussing with the deputy captain.” The overlord member who replied didn’t look any better. Did she really think she was someone? There are too many women waiting to climb the captain’s bed. Who isn’t polite to those members with abilities? Only this one, did she really think she was the captain’s wife?

Xu Lili opened her mouth in anger, and looked at He Zizhong with an aggrieved expression: “Brother…”

The shout of “brother” made He Zizhong break out in goosebumps as he frowned. “You deal with your team first.”


“I have arrangements these days. Let’s talk about it later if I have a chance.” Not paying any more attention to her, he turned around, closed the door, and went back to the villa.

The two people beside Xu Lili couldn’t help but sneer. “Let’s go. You can’t let the captain and the vice team wait for you anymore, right?”

“Yes.” The other person swept the place where He Zizhong had left with his eyes. “He didn’t even take off his sunglasses when talking to you. How much weight do you really think you have with him?”

Xu Lili’s originally unhealthy face became worse at this time. Her hands clenched tightly as she remembered the words when chatting with the other plant abilities users from the military–

“We’ve also been part of the teams outside. Although the work at the base is a bit tiring and strict, the treatment is definitely better than outside.”

“Yes! The squad I stayed in before, because there is no suitable seed to help attack, my ability is considered a waste… Hehe, I don’t have to worry about food or clothes now, and there are people who provide seeds for me to plant. Those people are now desperately working hard to earn points each day. And isn’t it all food I planted?”

“Isn’t that right? The head who was in charge said that the base was thinking of a way to let us choose the most appropriate plant seeds for battle. Who cares about us outside? After desperately planting those things outside, will they give you a thank you? Instead, it’s like we owe them…”

Combined with what she saw when she opened the door this morning… Xu Lili’s eyes flashed with anger. She must show those two women!

Thinking about it, the group had already reached the gate of the villa. She subconsciously raised her head and suddenly noticed two people standing by the window of the master bedroom on the second floor.

One is about 1.8 meters tall, and he looks like Allen from the physical shape. And the other raised his arms around Allen’s neck. From his appearance through the glass—short hair, dressed in men’s clothes…

All the women in the team have long hair, so…

Xu Lili suddenly felt suffocated. Without thinking too much, that person was very similar to Dai Jun, but Allen…

Suddenly recalling that when she expressed dissatisfaction with Dai Jun in the team for being gay, no one else had any reaction. Instead they disapproved of what she said with a sneer on their faces. Thinking about it now… could Allen be interested in both both sexes?!

Her head was a mess. Xu Lili didn’t even know how she walked into the villa. She only knew that after going in and waiting for a while, Allen and Dai Jun walked down one after another. Others were completely accustomed to this. The look of those people—the expressions of those people are exactly the Allen as those after knowing that they were spending the night with Allen!!


“Were you out just now? Is something is going on outside?” Fang Hao poked his head out the kitchen to ask when He Zizhong returned to the living room of the bamboo building.

“Xu Lili came here.”

“What’s the matter?”

“She was taken by the base officials to plant things for two days. After coming back this morning, she caught Allen in bed.” He Zizhong said disapprovingly. In fact, he was also a little puzzled, why did Xu Lili stay so well beside Allen, who was full of butterflies? Why was she so uncomfortable this life?

In fact, He Zizhong forgot one thing. In the last life, when he and Xu Lili came to the base, Allen’s lovers were too many to count. Xu Lili knew this, but still insisted on coming to Allen’s side. Thus, she was no longer surprised about Allen’s playboy nature.

But in this life, because He Zizhong changed her actions, Xu Lili came to the base ahead of schedule and became the first woman beside Allen. With a different mentality, she naturally couldn’t tolerate these things.

“Caught in bed?” Fang Hao blinked, and suddenly remembering Dai Jun, blinked at He Zizhong. “Male and female?”

Knowing what he was thinking, He Zizhong smiled at him. “Female, two.”

Taken aback, Fang Hao coughed twice and then retracted into the kitchen muttering: “Not afraid of kidney deficiency… How can there be aphrodisiac drugs in the base today…”




The base vigorously cleaned up the city. The outer grounds, which were originally barren after the end of the world, became scorched black now. It looked horrendous.

Sure enough, as Guo Bing said, the base officials did not mention crystal nuclei in the “reward” after the event. Most of the rewards for defending the base were just some clothing and a small amount of food. The amount of food is only slightly more than the free food distributed daily by the base.

The people who have gone through the defense for nearly three days were naturally unwilling upon learning about the situation. But the upper management did not give in either. According to some people’s remarks: originally it was a voluntary defense, and even these things should not be released afterwards. Now these things are good for you, what else do you want? The food in the base is also insufficient, and new food has only just been planted. If food and vegetables are lavishly distributed now, how will we survive in the future?

This matter temporarily paused. At the same time, more careful people discovered that the rewards issued by the base in the mission hall had been secretly changed.

There is no formal notice, and there is no clear indication of the difference between the old and new task rewards. Because the original missions were removed and new missions were replaced over the past few days, after a quick glance, everyone just felt that the rewards of the missions were reduced, points were reduced, and mission difficulty increased. Someone with better memory might be able to find the exact differences, but the problem is immediately. noticeable.

“Who will do this kind of task now?” Shen Haiping frowned and looked at the rewards marked after some newly announced tasks in the task hall.

“Someone will do it sooner or later. We might think it’s too little, but others may not.” Liu Jiangfeng curled his lips, also looking upset. As an ability user, the crystal nuclei used to upgrade and replenish energy during this defensive mission was originally “lent” to him by everyone else. He thought if the base gave nuclei as rewards, he could repay the team, but in the end, there was nothing.

Although the base official is collecting crystal nuclei, it does not open the channel to exchange for crystal nuclei. If they want to use food to exchange for them, they can only secretly find people from other team to exchange them at high prices.


Can’t believe we’re at chapter 100. 🤯

Fang Hao is so innocent. It’s refreshing.


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    yes, an innocent little cinnamon roll~ hahahaha thank u for the chapter!!

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      Fang Hao’s not fully naive/innocent; he’s thin-skinned!

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