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TPOCTTWFP – Chapter 24

The Obedient Disciple is too Cute! (12)

The Obedient Disciple is too Cute (12)


“. . .” After returning to the cave, the little disciple stepped down from Yun Ge, “Master, I’m going to the back mountain to practice my sword!”

“Okay. Don’t push yourself and come back early! I’ll cook here and wait for you!”

Because the little disciple prefers the back mountain, as well as Yun Ge’s added protections on her little disciple, not to mention that the little disciple only stays in the area of the first level small spiritual beasts, Yun Ge slowly relies on her little disciple to go to the back mountain and practice her swordsmanship alone.


In a certain inconspicuous corner, spiritual energy flows freely. If one looks closely, one will find that the flowing spiritual power is completely surrounding the area that one can’t feel any abnormalities inside. If the cultivation is high enough, one will discover that it’s only a disguise to cover something inside that doesn’t look normal! A sword qi that cuts through air like thunder, causing air riots in a small space.

Suddenly, the little girl standing in the same place suddenly opened her eyes and the sword qi that flew out of her hand turned into countless fierce moves that landed hard on the ground, creating a big hole on the ground.

A group of small spiritual beasts stood on the side, trembling. . .

Obviously, this person has the best smell, but. . . she’s so cruel!!

Little Huan Mo put away her sword and walked over.

The small group of little spirit beasts trembled, even more, expectation and fear. . . the fear in their hearts forced them to retreat but their whole body was completely out of their control and wouldn’t listen to them but lean towards the direction of little Huan Mo. Every cell in their bodies betrayed them completely! The intelligence of the small group of spiritual beasts isn’t high, so there is such a big contradiction!

Little Huan Mo glanced at the shivering little spirit beast, not sure if it was because of excitement or because of fear, “Trash!”

The group of little spiritual beasts shed tears in the wind. Yes! They’re all trash. No! They’re not trash! Although other spirit beasts and cultivators would look at them and think that they’re only level one, they themselves know that they are already level three!

But this level three is very. . .

Little Huan Mo had already begun to move, slashing everything with a single sword. The little spiritual beasts hadn’t slowed down and can only rely on their instincts to resist. . .

In the end, all the little spiritual beasts lay on the ground, exhausted. Little Huan Mo turned around and left without looking back, leaving the few little spiritual beasts unable to move. . .

When little Huan Mo returned to the cave, the first thing she saw was the smiling Yun Ge. . .

Not many people can see this cold and indifferent expression being replaced with a smile.

The corners of her lips curled slightly, her eyebrows raised unconsciously and the light of joy bloomed in her black eyes. This look of the master was dazzling and captivating.

I really want to hide it. Or. . . kill anyone who sees my master like this. . .

Little Huan Mo narrowed her eyes. Her eyes were full of danger at the person who made her master smile like that. . .

“Little senior nephew is back!” Fu Yan has a good impression of little Huan Mo. He could still remember when he was the introductory guide. This child was listening seriously below, never arrogant because of the doting of the elder sister, nor did she give up on herself because she could not draw qi into her body. Such a good little girl.

“Senior Uncle. . .” Little Huan Mo had composed all her expressions and ran over. She then took Yun Ge’s hand as she shyly called Fu Yan before looking up at Yun Ge, “Master. . .”

“Very Good.” Yun Ge scratched the nose of little Huan Mo with the brilliance of her motherly aura covering her whole body.

“Elder sister, what you want has been given to you. I will go back first, if you need anything, you can come to me directly.”

“Okay. Thanks a lot this time, junior brother.” Yun Ge felt that this junior brother was not bad.

“It’s okay. I’m only doing what I should.” Fu Yan still thought of the smile Yun Ge showed when he saw the ‘Bai Wu Zhi’ in his hand just now. . .


When she returned to the cave, Yun Ge felt that her little disciple’s expression was a bit off, “Little Huan Mo?”

“Master. . .” When little Huan Mo raised her head, Yun Ge felt that she had made a mistake. The little girl took a look at the things inside the cave and immediately hugged Yun Ge’s thigh with her hind legs, “Master, will you really not eat grain pills? Master, the food you make for me every day is so hard!”

Yun Ge touched her nose when she heard this and quietly said, “Little disciple, you will hurt the fragile heart of the master. . .”

“Then let’s eat!” The little disciple immediately let go of Yun Ge’s thigh, patted her chest as she proudly said.

Yun Ge was amused, “You little girl, that was on purpose, right?!”

“Okay. In the past, it was absolutely because of my poor performance and bad conditions. If you have the right conditions, you will definitely not make bad dishes. Don’t worry, you little naughty kid!” Yun Ge rubbed little Huan Mo’s head then picked her up before heading to the table.

A bowl of white rice, two stirred vegetables, and a plate of fried meat that is still emitting heat.

Yun Ge smelled it and thought it wasn’t too bad, it also looked good. Yun Ge did not dare to eat it because these things are without any spiritual power, they are within the five grains. If she ate it, it wouldn’t be good for her cultivation and her stomach wouldn’t be able to stand it either!

Yun Ge put down the little disciple and then sat opposite to little Huan Mo, “Try it. Master thinks it’s good!”

Little Huan Mo leaned over and kissed Yun Ge’s smiling face with a mouthful of food. Her eyebrows curled up and her voice was sweet and waxy, “I love everything Master makes!”

Yun Ge knocked on the head of little Huan Mo who was obviously pleased with herself, “Someone didn’t say so just now!”

“Hey. . . .” Little Huan Mo rubbed her head and giggled.

Yun Ge’s intimate actions turned into countless fragments of joy that sprinkled in the little girl’s eyes, illuminating the somewhat coquettish face, but with her silly smile, she doesn’t look like she lived a painful life and is a charming little girl!

Yun Ge watched the little girl immerse herself in eating up the rice and vegetables, only feeling warm and peaceful in her heart, and the years are quiet.

After coming here, most of her time is spent on cultivation, as if her heart was completely empty apart from cultivation.

It’s not that Yun Ge hasn’t tried to make a few close friends, but it turns out that it’s difficult. . .

Her talent was destined to make it impossible for her to make close friends in the cultivation world, so Yun Ge gave up.

Perhaps everyone would think that her little disciple relies on her and can’t do anything without her, but who knew that in fact, she also depends on this little girl. Without her, Yun Ge feels that she may not have the courage to face this unknown world alone. . .

When Yun Ge came back to her senses, the little disciple had already swept everything into her stomach. Yun Ge was shocked. She had made quite a few and the little disciple had eaten them all!

Yun Ge hurriedly picked the little girl up, touched the little disciple’s stomach that didn’t actually bulge, “How did you eat all of it? Are you holding it in?”

“. . .” The little disciple laid obediently in Yun Ge’s arms, letting Yun Ge rub her belly. It actually isn’t bulging, but she will not say it!


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