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TMCTM Chapter 6

The last class in the morning after the English class was physical education. As soon as Bi Aoxue’s high heels came out of the classroom, the entire classroom instantly became like a prison after the release after serving sentence, and prisoners from various labor camps rushed to and fro.


Enthusiastic citizen Bi Chengfei was always thinking about the Little Cabbage that had been frosted in the back seat during class. Determined to comfort the poor child, he strode to the back of Tao Xi’s arm and said enthusiastically: “Go, let’s go to the physical education class. That is the home court of this sports committee member.”


Tao Xi was almost about to be put up by Bi Chengfei, and was almost speechless, “I am not that bad.”


Bi Chengfei put his arm around Tao Xi’s shoulder and took him out of the door. When Tao Xi was pushed out, he heard Yang Duole’s cheerful voice behind him: “Qinhe ge, will you accompany me to play badminton later?”


He didn’t hear Lin Qinhe’s response later.


But it would certainly not be just a word.


After all, for the sake of the other person, he kept a seat next to him and he wrote notes carefully, the notes that weren’t yet available for borrowing.


Tao Xi tugged and smiled.


Bi Chengfei, who had been observing Tao Xi, felt that the cabbage was not hit by frost, but it seemed to have been turned into sour pickle cabbage.


Bi Chengfei rolled his eyes and went down the stairs with his arms around Tao Xi, while covering his mouth with his hands and whispered: “Are you upset because Lin Xueshen didn’t lend you his note but lend them to Yakult?”


Damn, that hit a sore spot1哪壶不开提哪壶. lit. mention the pot that doesn’t boil (idiom): to touch a sore spot; to talk about sb’s weak point.


The sour cabbage Tao Xi was so annoyed. How this silly big guy could always behave like a little sister? He said without a smile: “Borrowing or not, I’m annoyed.”


Bi Chengfei felt that the personality of this new classmate suddenly collapsed, but he was even more disappointed that the dialogue did not follow his own script, so he took the initiative to gossip and said: “You don’t know this. Lin Xueshen and Yakult do not have an ordinary relationship.”


Tao Xi paused for a second.


Bi Chengfei coughed slightly and continued: “As far as I know, Yakult’s mother and Lin Xueshen’s mother are good friends who grew up in the same yard, and their relationship is better than sisters. Unfortunately, Yakult’s mother passed away after giving birth to him, so the mother of Xueshen always regarded Yakult as her own son. The two grew up together. In other words, the relationship between Xueshen and Yakult is equivalent to half brother, in the words of the ancients, this is a childhood sweetheart.”


Bi Chengfei was in the same class as Lin Qinhe in junior high school. He knew how many little girls’ hearts were hurt by Lin Qinhe’s cold personality. Fortunately, Yang Duole was not a girl, otherwise he would have died because of jealousy a long time ago.


But Tao Xi, a boy, was so sad. He actually didn’t understand it. Perhaps Tao Xi’s personality was too sensitive, and he came into an unfamiliar environment, so his mentality would be particularly vulnerable.


Thinking about it this way, Bi Chengfei felt compassion and love for this fragile new classmate and comforted him: “Except Yakult, Xueshen is very cold to everyone, so you really don’t need to care. He definitely didn’t intentionally target you.”


Tao Xi took a deep breath and couldn’t even say anything perfunctory.


How could he not care.


When he was most embarrassed and planned to follow Guo Ping’s intention to spend his life in Taoxi Bay, it was Lin Qinhe who let him see the light.


Just like people who had lived in the bottom of a well since they were young, they would crawl out when they saw the moon that occasionally emerged from the mouth of a narrow well.


He even said to himself that even if his fate was buried in the mud, he would make himself good enough that he was qualified to enter the sky and became the star beside the moon.


This fanaticism that seemed to be a believer’s sacrifice supported him to climb out of the well with all his strength, wading through the mountains and rushing to the sky, only to find a star already surrounded the moon.


The place of the star that originally belonged to him.


How could he be willing.


Bi Chengfei found that his comfort seemed useless, Tao Xi seemed even more unhappy.


He was gone, thinking about waiting for the physical education class to ask him to watch him playing basketball. After all, the girls in the class said that watching him play basketball made them happy and was very healing.


The physical education teacher was a 30-odd male teacher named Liao Yong who had always been loose in class, allowing students to run two laps to do a few exercises and then let them move freely.


Bi Chengfei just waited for this moment, clamoring everywhere to call people to play basketball, but most of the boys in Class 1 were squeamish and lazy, sitting on the bench like sisters gnawing on ice cream and chatting. On the contrary, the girls enjoyed playing volleyball and badminton.


Tao Xi understood why Bi Chengfei became a sport committee. At least he still loved sports.


Class leader Li Xiaoyuan was a kind person. Seeing that Bi Chengfei was too pitiful, he offered: “Let me do it, ba.”


Tao Xi looked at Li Xiaoyuan. The boy was not tall, he looked delicate, with round eyes that look a bit dull. It was really not suitable for playing basketball.


As a result, Bi Chengfei was overjoyed as if he had hired a powerful sweeping monk. He exclaimed to the class leader, “Thank you Yuan Shen2神 (Shen): god. So it’s God Yuan!”


Li Xiaoyuan smiled shyly, looked at Tao Xi on the side and said kindly: “Classmate Tao, come and play basketball with us.”


Tao Xi just prepared to go down the slope to give the monitor a face and agree. After all, he was a little itchy after not playing for a long time.


As a result, Bi Chengfei waved his hand to Li Xiaoyuan and whispered: “My back table3Basically Tao Xi’s desk is behind him. I cannot find the English word for this so literal translation it is. is weak and can’t take care of myself. Let him watch us play, so as not to hurt my heart and my body.”




Fuck, your grandma was weak and couldn’t take care of herself.


Li Xiaoyuan glanced at Tao Xi again. This new classmate was quite tall, but his skin was white, his skeleton was slender, and he was beautiful. It really didn’t look suitable for playing basketball. It would be bad if he made him feel inferior in basketball.


He nodded with approval and said, “Classmate Tao, just watch us play by the side. Be careful not to get hit by the basketball.”


Tao Xi said with a dry smile, “Thank you for reminding.”


Bi Chengfei begged his father to tell his grandmother4 求爹爹告奶奶 (qiú diē diē gào nǎi nǎi) = To beg everywhere. It’s from The Jin Ping Mei / 金瓶梅 (Eng: Plum in the Golden Vase or The Golden Lotus) written by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng to bring in two boys named Yuan Hao and Cao Xuan, and finally dragged Tao Xi to the basketball court.


As a result, he collided with Class 2 on the only basketball court that was free.


Class 2 had always been upset that they were pressed down by Class 1. They had been dissatisfied with this group for a long time, especially those who fell from the Class 1 like Xu Ziqi. Seeing Bi Chengfei was like sparks falling into the oil pan, there was a burst of sparks splashing around.


“Why don’t we two classes have a game?” The sports committee member of Class 2 was Gao Mada, and his tone was awkward.


Xu Ziqi glanced at Bi Chengfei, and Tao Xi, who was watching the play on the wall next to him, said in a strange manner: “They don’t have enough people. Isn’t it bullying if you fight?”


Bi Chengfei suddenly jumped up like a cat with its tail stomped on: “Fight, fight. Who is afraid of who. Wait, give me 5 minutes, I will call someone over again!”


The harsh words were let go, but when they were looking for someone, they withered again. Some boys saw Bi Chengfei coming and even hid their faces and backed off, saying, “Don’t look for me anymore, I don’t want to get sweaty.”


Hey, listen to what the man said?


Tao Xi glanced at Yang Duole, who was sitting on a bench not far away. To be exact, he had been quietly watching Lin Qinhe, who was next to him.




After the previous free activities, Yang Duole took Lin Qinhe to the convenience store to buy two ice creams, and eating it one by one.  Lin Qinhe was sitting next to him, playing on his mobile phone, probably playing Xiaoxiaole again.


Tao Xi smiled silently, lowered his eyelashes to cover the gloom in his eyes, turned around and said to Bi Chengfei, who was unable to find anyone, “Why don’t you try Lin Qinhe?”


Bi Chengfei was taken aback for a moment. With an incredible trace of it on his face, he shook his head and said, “Xueshen will not agree with me.”


Tao Xi frowned and asked, “He can’t play basketball?”


Bi Chengfei shook his head like a rattle: “Xueshen is on the school basketball team. If he can’t play basketball, no one in our school can play, but he will definitely not agree to play with us.”


As for why, Bi Chengfei didn’t say anything.


Tao Xi saw Yang Duole finished the ice cream and picked up the badminton racket on the side. He said to Bi Chengfei: “How can you know if you don’t try it? Just tell him, as long as he accompanies you to win this basketball game, you’ll talk less and quarrel with him less from now on.”


Bi Chengfei was stunned, looked at Tao Xi with a strange look and said in shock: “How do you know he thinks I am noisy?”




Everyone thinks you are noisy.


Bi Chengfei hesitated for two seconds. In a blink of an eye, seeing Xu Ziqi’s stupidly stabbing him with a dog’s eye again, he suddenly lost any hesitation. He raised his leg and rushed over, stopping the two who were going to play badminton.


Tao Xi stood under a tree and looked over there quietly.


Bi Chengfei hands and feet were dancing while talking, but Lin Qinhe was always indifferent. Tao Xi felt that Bi Chengfei would really not please this person.


But at this moment, Lin Qinhe glanced at him suddenly, Tao Xi was taken aback, but before he could react, the cold gaze went away.


Not long after, Bi Chengfei ran back happily, and Lin Qinhe stood up and bowed his head to say something to Yang Duole.


Bi Chengfei embraced Tao Xi’s shoulders and said excitedly: “Your method is really useful!” Shutting himself up in return of playing basketball didn’t hurt his self-esteem


Tao Xi asked in a low voice, “How did you tell him?” He was very suspicious that the guy had sold him.


“I told him you told me that you want me to tell him that as long as he plays basketball with me this time, I won’t bother him in the future.”




Fuck, can you ban matryoshka doll5Internet slang referring to the infinite loop behavior that prevents others from constantly composing a material and topic. For example the multi-layer reposts on Weibo. In this case, it’s the way BCF told him about what he told LQH lol?


Had it not been for Lin Qinhe had already walked over, Tao Xi really wanted to shake Bi Chengfei’s head to hear how much water there was in it.


Bi Chengfei grabbed Tao Xi like an old hen, and greeted Lin Qinhe all the way to the basketball court like a dog. After arriving, he looked at the Class 2 team proudly, vividly interpreting what was called a fake tiger.


The basketball team of Class 1 finally managed to get 5 people, but Class 2 even had 5 substitutes.


And yet, when Lin Qinhe came, the arrogance of the two parties instantly changed.


Looking in the mirror, putting on lipstick, snacking, and chatting. The girls from Class 1, Class 2 and even other classes in physical education came together after hearing the news, and it was very lively for a while.


The people in Class 2 didn’t expect Lin Qinhe to come. Who didn’t know that this guy didn’t even bother to play with his classmates? They looked at each other a few times, all wanting to retreat. But the words were released by the sports committee, so they poked and winked at the sports committee.


The Class 2 sports committee tried to save face. Not to mention, his little girlfriend was still watching, so he decided to give himself a step down6给个台阶下 (lit. Take a step down) = Give people a chance to transition from a very embarrassing situation or state to a less embarrassing situation. before playing: “Bi Chengfei, we just want to play casually, but you ask the great god of the school team to come here to play. Isn’t this a foul?”


Except for Lin Qinhe who had spare capacity to play basketball as a pastime, the school basketball team was almost composed of students with special skills in sports, relying on this bowl of rice to pass the college entrance examination. Even they were in Class 2, they were the top 100 who depended on their grade. How could they compare with the members of the school team?


Just as Bi Chengfei was about to reply, Lin Qinhe laughed lightly. With a deep voice, he spoke: “Which rule says that people on the school team can’t play here?”


The second class sports committee member hurriedly smiled and said, “No, no.” Then he patted the shoulder of Xu Ziqi, who hadn’t spoken since Lin Qinhe came, pretending to be ridiculed: “Old Xu, you can’t just go easy on them just because you were in Class 1.”


Obviously using Xu Ziqi to save their face.


Xu Ziqi’s complexion was complicated, but he still didn’t say anything.


Tao Xi was dragged here by Bi Chengfei. When he wanted to retreat when they were about to play, Lin Qinhe suddenly turned around and handed the phone to him.


“?” Tao Xi didn’t react, looking at Lin Qinhe in a daze.


Lin Qinhe looked down at him, frowned with pretty eyebrows, his tone was a bit impatient: “You asked me to compete, can’t you help me hold my phone?”




Tao Xi later reached out his hand and took the mobile phone from Lin Qinhe.


He walked out of the court with his mobile phone expressionlessly, feeling that all his senses were focused on his hand.


He touched Lin Qinhe’s hand just now, and the temperature was a little higher than his hand.


Tao Xi walked to the edge of the basketball court to watch the game with fewer people. The girls in the two classes had already begun to consciously become a cheerleader, chanting slogans loudier than the other.


For the sake of fairness, the boys in Class 8 invited as referee. The Class 2’s player for the jump ball was Xu Ziqi, and Class 1’s was naturally the tallest and most powerful Lin Qinhe.


After the game started, Lin Qinhe won the offensive right without any suspense. After passing the ball in a tacit understanding with Li Xiaoyuan, he won the first two points with lightning speed, and the morale of Class 1 immediately rose. When Jin Jing and the other girls broke their voices, the girls in Class 2 rebelled in an instant and screamed Lin Qinhe with the girls in Class 1.


Knowing that Lin Qinhe was on the school team, Tao Xi was not surprised by his performance. It was indeed a sledgehammer for him to play with Class 2 scum.


Another unsurprising thing was that Bi Chengfei had grown into a big and tall man, but his hands and feet were uncoordinated. On the basketball court, he looked like a donkey from left to right. He had no other effect except making people laugh.


But what surprised him was Li Xiaoyuan. This very delicate little boy was like a changed person when he got on the court. His amazing jumping ability completely made up for his lack of height, and he cooperated with Lin Qinhe quite tacitly.


If it was not for the second class that was not really good, and adding that Lin Qinhe and Li Xiaoyuan were there, Tao Xi could imagine how miserable Bi Chengfei would be beaten.


While watching Lin Qinhe, Tao Xi was analyzing the situation on the court, and suddenly heard a voice beside him:


“Student Tao Xi, is Qinhe ge’s cell phone with you?”



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  • 1
    哪壶不开提哪壶. lit. mention the pot that doesn’t boil (idiom): to touch a sore spot; to talk about sb’s weak point
  • 2
    神 (Shen): god. So it’s God Yuan
  • 3
    Basically Tao Xi’s desk is behind him. I cannot find the English word for this so literal translation it is.
  • 4
    求爹爹告奶奶 (qiú diē diē gào nǎi nǎi) = To beg everywhere. It’s from The Jin Ping Mei / 金瓶梅 (Eng: Plum in the Golden Vase or The Golden Lotus) written by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng
  • 5
    Internet slang referring to the infinite loop behavior that prevents others from constantly composing a material and topic. For example the multi-layer reposts on Weibo. In this case, it’s the way BCF told him about what he told LQH lol
  • 6
    给个台阶下 (lit. Take a step down) = Give people a chance to transition from a very embarrassing situation or state to a less embarrassing situation.
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