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TMCTM Chapter 44

It might be because the final exam was around the corner, so the physical education class was spared by the teacher. The PE teacher let the students go free after doing a few exercises as usual.


Tao Xi signed up for the TOEFL exam in January and was about to join Lin Qinhe to find a place to study when he was suddenly grabbed by a hand on his shoulder.


“Xi ge!” Bi Chengfei grinned while holding the basketball. He was about to say hello to Lin Qinhe, but for some reason the hand that was holding Tao Xi was first consciously released, and he said to Lin Qinhe, “Lin xueshen!”


As soon as Tao Xi saw the basketball in Bi Chengfei’s hand, he knew what this person was asking him for. He directly refused: “I don’t want to play.”


Bi Chengfei begged with a bitter face, “Xi ge, please help me again. The class president has promised me, and I have a match with the second class sports committee. The enemy has Xu Ziqi, you don’t want to fight them?”


He naturally did not dare to seek help from Lin Qinhe and only encouraged Tao Xi.


Tao Xi looked behind him. Not far away, Li Xiaoyuan was waiting for Bi Chengfei to find a team member with a Bodhisattva-like face, showing him a helpless smile.


He felt that this scene was like a déjà vu, his heart was moved. Looking at Lin Qinhe on the side, he asked, “Can you play a game of basketball with me?”


Bi Chengfei immediately clasped his hands together and looked at Lin Qinhe with a begging gaze.


Lin Qinhe didn’t hesitate much and said, “Can.”


Bi Chengfei was overjoyed, thanked the two of them, and ran away to find other players.


Tao Xi and Lin Qinhe walked together slowly towards the basketball court. As he walked, he kicked the plastic pieces on the lawn of the field and suddenly said to Lin Qinhe:


“Actually, in the basketball game after school started, I persuaded Bi Chengfei to go find you.”


At that time, he had just learned that Yang Duole was the person he was exchanged with and was full of resentment. He tried to attract Lin Qinhe’s attention in every way possible, and even used a very stupid method.


“I know.” Lin Qinhe said. Looking at Tao Xi, he asked with some playfulness in his eyes.


“Otherwise, do you think I will agree to Bi Chengfei?”


Tao Xi was startled, his heart seemed to be poked lightly with a finger. He unconsciously stopped in his tracks, looked at Lin Qinhe incredulously and asked.


“Isn’t it because Bi Chengfei promised not to disturb you in the future?”


Lin Qinhe’s expression seemed a little speechless, saying, “Will I believe that he would keep his promise and shut up from now on?”


Tao Xi shook his head, believing in a ghost was better than believing in Bi Chengfei’s mouth.


However, he pursed his lips and complained in a small voice, “But you seemed to hate me at that time.”


He remembered Lin Qinhe’s appearance that was colder than Antarctica at the time, and now he still had some lingering fears when he thought about it.


Lin Qinhe frowned slightly, as if reflecting on his attitude at that time before saying seriously, “I’m sorry, but I never hated you.”


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe in astonishment. He didn’t expect Lin Qinhe to say sorry, the small bit of complaint was immediately gone, and he reflected on himself: “It’s okay, I have my own problems!”


Lin Qinhe asked, “What’s the problem?”


“I…” Tao Xi tilted his head to reflect deeply and suddenly reacted. He turned his head, and sure enough, Lin Qinhe held a little smile at the corner of his mouth.


Good guy, if someone was sorry, let him take all the faults.


With Lin Qinhe’s participation, Bi Chengfei quickly found a few more players. In the end, there were 9 players in the Class 1 team and 10 in the Class 2 team. In fact, everyone was an old acquaintance, but the second team members did not expect Lin Qinhe to come again, so many people wanted to escape.


Xu Ziqi saw Lin Qinhe and Tao Xi talking all the way over and turned his head to look at Yang Duole at the edge of the court, and saw that Yang Duole’s face did not look too good.


Tao Xi took off his jacket, moved his arms and legs, and said to Lin Qinhe, “Let’s see which one of us can get more points.”


Lin Qinhe handed Tao Xi the wrist brace he had temporarily bought and told him, “Pay attention to your wrist, don’t get hurt.”


Tao Xi took the turquoise bracelet off and put it in his pocket, put the wrist brace on, and then put another one on Lin Qinhe.


The playground was already full of girls who had come after hearing the news. It was very lively even before the game started. Tao Xi found out that many girls were screaming when he put the wristband on for Lin Qinhe but he didn’t understand what these people were screaming for.


The game started very quickly. Tao Xi, Lin Qinhe and Li Xiaoyuan still had the excellent cooperation as before. Not long after the opening, Tao Xi covered Lin Qinhe to get a three-pointer first, pushing the atmosphere of the whole court to the first climax.


After the goal, Tao Xi and Lin Qinhe high-fived each other on the run and Lin Qinhe said to him, “Let you get the points next time.”


Tao Xi replied: “Okay!”


The Class 2 sports committee heard this and thought angrily that this was a competition, not a place for you to flirt and give points to each other!


There was still no suspense in the game. Class 2 was beaten out of temper and crushed from start to finish. The girls in class two were too lazy to cheer on the boys in their class and followed the girls in Class 1 to cheer and watch handsome guys.


In the end, Tao Xi scored three points less than Lin Qinhe. He propped his hands on his knees and panted, saying to Lin Qinhe, “I will definitely get more points than you next time.”


Lin Qinhe also had a thin layer of sweat on his face. He threw the ball in his hand to Bi Chengfei and said to Tao Xi, “I will take you to the school team next time.”


Many players in Class 2 heard this and their faces turned blue and red for a while.


Tao Xi couldn’t help but be happy, straightened up and said, “Okay, that must be more interesting than today.”


Sure enough, the faces of Class 2 members were a little more stinky. He took off the wristbands indifferently, took out the bracelets in his pockets and put them on his wrists.


Li Xiaoyuan glanced at the girls who were holding mineral water but did not dare to step forward, feeling that it was a pity in his heart. He said to the team members in his class: “Wait for me, I will buy a few bottles of water.”


As soon as the voice fell, he saw Yang Duole running over with a few bottles of water. Li Xiaoyuan hurriedly went over to help Yang Duole fetch water and smiled: “Yakult, come back to Class 1. You see the members of Class 2 are staring at you.”


“I’ll be admitted at the end of the semester!” Yang Duole said with his mouth tilted. He handed Lin Qinhe a bottle of mineral water in his hand and shouted in a flattering tone, “Qinhe ge.”


Lin Qinhe took the water from Yang Duole and said “thank you”.


Tao Xi noticed the slightly strange atmosphere between Lin Qinhe and Yang Duole. He watched Yang Duole continue to pass the second bottle of water to him so he raised his right hand to take the mineral water, but found that Yang Duole did not let go.


Yang Duole stared at the red rope on Tao Xi’s wrist, his gaze paused for only a second, and quickly let go.


Tao Xi said “thank you” as usual.


After the basketball game ended soon after class, Tao Xi followed Lin Qinhe to the cafeteria to eat. On the way Tao Xi asked Lin Qinhe: “By the way, do other people know about the bracelet you gave me?”


Lin Qinhe thought about it and replied: “Only Qiao Yitang knows, what’s wrong?”


He asked Qiao Yitang, who knew better about jewelry. No one else would know.


“Nothing, just asking casually.” Tao Xi said.


Lin Qinhe looked at Tao Xi and did not ask again.


Tao Xi looked at the red rope on his wrist, his mind swept over Yang Duole’s expression when he saw the bracelet just now. Although it only appeared for a moment, he also caught the strong hatred in Yang Duole’s eyes at that time.


There was also a somewhat unnatural look from him when he ran into Yang Duole during this time.


He had always been very sensitive to the emotions expressed by others towards him.


Yang Duole’s hatred for him could only come from Lin Qinhe, but if it was just because his good friend had a good relationship with others, he should never look like that.


But Yang Duole didn’t know that this bracelet was given by Lin Qinhe, so where did his hatred come from after seeing the bracelet?


What right did he have to hate himself?


Tao Xi frowned, remembering the red peace knot in Yang Duole’s hand that should have belonged to him.


During the lunch break, Lin Qinhe went to the competition class for training as usual. Tao Xi waited for Lin Qinhe to leave, and after that, he got up and walked to the guard room at the gate of the school. There was a question in his heart that had not been answered.


“Uncle, has my dad come here recently?” Tao Xi asked the security guard in the guard room who was familiar with him.


The security guard was very impressed with the student’s father, and even annoyed at the mention of this person. He said in a rather unpleasant tone: “Did I tell you last time? Ask your dad to come to our school less in the future. When school was over the other night, he squatted in front of the school and I almost caught him as a thief.”


“What is he doing at the door?” Tao Xi asked.


“I was also surprised. He squatted for a while and left. Those who don’t know might think he was stalking.” The security frowned.


Tao Xi was silent for a while and said, “I’m sorry for causing you trouble, I will definitely talk to him when I have the chance and tell him not to come.”


He turned and left the guard room.


Tao Jian came to him only for money.


But he hadn’t looked for him,who could he be looking for?


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