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TMCTM Chapter 43

Tao Xi quickly received 20,000 yuan from the sale of paintings and remitted 10,000 of them to Tao Le.


When he was learning painting on Sunday, he asked Qiao Henian about the person who bought the painting. Only then did he know that the buyer was an amateur speculative painter who specialized in buying some paintings that were not yet famous but were promising, to be sold at a high price later.


In fact, Qiao Henian learned through his granddaughter that Tao Xi’s family was in bad condition, so he asked someone to sell his student’s paintings so that he could subsidize his living and painting expenses, but he was afraid that Tao Xi would get into the eyes of the money, so said to him in a serious tone:


“In the future, as your paintings become more mature, more paintings will enter the market, but your artistic pursuit must not be too market-oriented, and you must not be completely bought by money, got it?”


“I know, grandpa.”


Tao Xi naturally obediently said yes, Qiao Henian was a very good teacher. In addition to teaching him to paint, he also teaches him many principles of life and work. He also changed his title from teacher to grandfather.


“Well, this is all we’ve learned today. The weather is good, I’m going out fishing with some old friends later, you go out and relax too.” Qiao Henian put down his tools and said.


Tao Xi was overjoyed. He had an appointment with Lin Qinhe in the evening, but now he had a few more hours. He sent a WeChat message to Lin Qinhe and then helped Qiao Henian clean up his studio.


“So happy to be able to go out to play?” Qiao Henian looked at the overjoyed Tao Xi with amusement, thinking that even a well-behaved child was playful.


Tao Xi sweetly coaxed Qiao Henian with a few words again and helped him prepare the sun hat and water cup for fishing. He sent Qiao Henian out of the courtyard, and then waited in the courtyard for Lin Qinhe to come and pick him up.


The weather was really good. The old red-brick and green-tiled houses were basking lazily in the warm winter sun. The tall Old sycamore left only the gray and green trunks and branches and the tarmac was covered with calm, watery sycamore leaves and mottled light.


The wind and sunshine were very quiet, just like his mood for waiting for Lin Qinhe.


Tao Xi was sitting on a bench bored and playing with a sycamore leaf when Lin Qinhe arrived less than half an hour later. He saw Lin Qinhe walk into the courtyard gate, hurriedly got up a few steps and jumped over, showing Lin Qinhe the sycamore leaves as if offering treasures:


“Look, this leaf is so beautiful and big.”


Tao Xi used the leaf to cover his face and asked with a smile, “Is it bigger than my head?”


Lin Qinhe held Tao Xi’s hand that was squeezing the leaf, gently moving it away to reveal Tao Xi’s face. Looking at the eyes that were slightly open and the pupils that were clear as glazed in the golden sunlight, the corners of his lips lifted and he said.


“It’s very beautiful.”


Tao Xi was stunned, thinking that he clearly did not ask this question.


He put the leaves on the stone table in the courtyard and got into the car with Lin Qinhe. The original plan was to invite Lin Qinhe to dinner, but suddenly there were a few more hours, so he wanted to change his plan.


“Can I invite you to the amusement park first? I haven’t been there yet. ” TaoXi asked.


“Okay.” Lin Qinhe agreed. In fact, he had hardly been there, the only one or two times was to accompany Yang Duole.

Due to weekends and good weather, the amusement park was extremely crowded and the two queued for nearly twenty minutes before entering.


Tao Xi wanted to hold Lin Qinhe’s hand, but he was embarrassed because there were too many people, so he had to follow Lin Qinhe closely. Seeing all kinds of rides made him feel fresh and wanting to play.


“I want to play that.” Tao Xi pointed to a haunted house not far away. His abacus rang, thinking that he would be able to hold Lin Qinhe’s hand unscrupulously in the dark environment.


Lin Qinhe looked at the haunted house and nodded in agreement.


The two bought tickets and Tao Xi realized that this haunted house did not seem to be the horror and thriller he thought. They didn’t need to walk, but instead rode in a small train to go inside. Many children were accompanied by their parents into the carriages and the carriages were also painted with childish cartoon characters.


Tao Xi looked at the children in the car and said to Lin Qinhe with some embarrassment: “This haunted house seems to be different from what I thought.”


He found that apart from the parents, only two of them were over twelve years old. Some adults and staff were looking at them in amusement.


“Should we change to another house?” he asked.


“No need.”


Tao Xi’s right hand was suddenly held by Lin Qinhe. His heart jumped and he tilted his head to look at Lin Qinhe. Lin Qinhe pulled him into the last narrow carriage and whispered to him:


“Now, can hold hands.”

Tao Xi’s eyelashes fluttered gently looking at the side of Lin Qinhe’s face. He felt Lin Qinhe put his five fingers between his fingers, clasping his palm against his palm, so tightly that they seemed to be able to feel each other’s heartbeats through their palms.


As a bell rang, the small train slowly started, driving into the dark haunted house amidst the chatter of children.


Perhaps this should be called the elves house. In the ethereal music, the graceful light and shadow cast a spinning and dancing elves and ghosts, performing close and unpredictable stories in the seemingly hazy mist.


Although it was not terrifying and even a little beautiful, many children were still frightened and cried in their parents’ arms, destroying the original dream.


Tao Xi felt the warmth of the five-finger grip with Lin Qinhe, and suddenly leaned closer to Lin Qinhe, turning sideways and pressing his chest against Lin Qinhe’s arm.


“Are you afraid?” Lin Qinhe sensed Tao Xi’s reliance and asked in a low voice while turning his head in his ear.


The small train drove into the straight narrow road. Under the dim light and shadow, Tao Xi suddenly got up slightly and kissed Lin Qinhe’s lips. Nothing went wrong this time. His pupils were shining, and he whispered to Lin Qinhe triumphantly:


“I’ve learned!”


Lin Qinhe’s grip on his hand suddenly increased. Before Tao Xi could react, he was pushed to the soft wall of the carriage beside him, and then an eager kiss fell on his lips.


Lin Qinhe did not directly enter his mouth, but first sucked and nibbled his lower lip lightly, and then left slightly, leaving him a little space to breathe in.


The right hand that was clasped was pressed lingeringly and the palm of his hand was so hot that he almost sweated. He didn’t know whether to focus on his lips or his hands for a moment, but he felt that his whole person was hot.


As if perceiving his distraction, Lin Qinhe intruded into his mouth, crossing his lips and tongue, holding the tip of his tongue and sucking lightly. Tao Xi’s head buzzed and he couldn’t breathe again.


After the kiss, Tao Xi leaned against the carriage to catch his breath and looked around very nervously, the small train had just pulled out of the narrow way and entered a spacious ballroom.


The little girl in the carriage in front suddenly turned her head and looked at them. Tao Xi’s eyelids twitched and she lowered her head sheepishly.


When the two came out of the haunted house, Tao Xi suddenly returned from the dark to the warm and bright sunlight and was a little uncomfortable, squinting his eyes to adapt to the light.


Lin Qinhe still held his hand out of the carriage.


“Others will see it.” Tao Xi let Lin Qinhe lead him, but still reminded him.


“Look, every child is holding hands.” Lin Qinhe said dismissively.


Tao Xi froze and looked at the small children who came down from the carriage. Indeed every child was being held by their parents. Some of the children were so scared that they cried all the way, their faces full of tear marks like a small flower cat. And he.


Tao Xi licked his somewhat swollen lower lip and looked away again with a guilty conscience.


Suddenly, Tao Xi looked up at Lin Qinhe again. He squinted his eyes and asked: “Why do I feel like you are very experienced? You haven’t had a lot of love before, have you?”


Lin Qinhe tucked Tao Xi’s hand into his coat pocket and led him outside, answering with a calm face.




“Then how did I..” Tao Xi muttered and stopped halfway.


“How what?” Lin Qinhe turned his head to look at him and raised his eyebrows slightly.


Tao Xi got stuck and said, “No, nothing!”


It was just a matter of gaining experience in the real world. He was so smart, he would learn as soon as he could.


The two played some more rides. Tao Xi rode the roller coasters, pirate ships, and bumper cars that he had seen on TV before… It was all played with Lin Qinhe.


Tao Xi found that although Lin Qinhe didn’t say anything, he seemed to like playing these rides very much. He could clearly feel Lin Qinhe’s unspoken joy.


So later Tao Xi observed which rides Lin Qinhe’s eyes stopped at for a little longer, and he took Lin Qinhe to play.


Until it was evening when the dusk was heavy, the two finally gave up to continue playing and sat on a bench to rest.


Tao Xi went to the small shop and bought two ice creams, one strawberry flavour and one vanilla flavour. He and Lin QInhe ate slowly. Although it was winter, the cold taste did not make people feel cold.


The setting sun just hung in the center of the Ferris wheel in the distant sky, the orange twilight looking at them through the city’s eye. The two of them were very close. Tao Xi occasionally scooped a spoonful from Lin Qinhe’s vanilla ice cream. Later, Lin Qinhe didn’t eat much, so Tao Xi simply took over.


There were two little boys of seven or eight years old sitting down on the bench opposite, the little boy in red lowered his head to play with the Rubik’s cube in his hand. After a long time, he still couldn’t solve it.


“Stupid.” The little boy in blue clothes snatched the Rubik’s Cube, but he too couldn’t solve it after a long time.


The two children quarreled, calling each other idiots, and began to cry as they quarreled.


Tao Xi couldn’t stand it anymore and went over to help them solve the cube, but after he turned it, he didn’t get it right, so he subconsciously looked at Lin Qinhe, who had already followed


Lin Qinhe took the Rubik’s Cube and his slender fingers turned quickly. He solved the Rubik’s Cube in less than fifteen seconds.


“Wow,” the two children looked at Lin Qinhe with their heads lifted up.


Tao Xi also looked at his boyfriend with admiring eyes, followed by wow and said, “How can you know everything.”


Lin Qinhe bent down to return the Rubik’s Cube to the children, the corners of his mouth raised, and said: “When I was young, I used to play it when I was bored.”


After doing good deeds, the two of them returned to the bench and sat down to admire the sunset in the city side by side.


Tao Xi watched the two children walking away hand in hand, and suddenly asked Lin Qinhe.


“You say, if, I mean if, I grew up with you, will you still like me, ah?”


He turned his head to look at Lin Qinhe, the magnificent twilight softened Lin Qinhe’s profoundly good-looking side face, like an oil painting with rich colors.


“Yes.” Lin Qinhe replied without hesitation.


Tao Xi was stunned. He curled his eyes and said, “So sure? What if I was spoiled by my parents and I was a very willful child, would you still like me? ”


Lin Qinhe looked at Tao Xi in the twilight light and whispered.


“I said, I will like all your willfulness.”


He reached out and wiped away a bit of the milky white trace of ice cream from the side of Tao Xi’s mouth, and continued.


“Besides, you would definitely not be so spoiled.”


Tao Xi licked the corner of his mouth, not knowing why his eyes were a little sore, he blinked and did not ask the question again.


He looked at the setting sun that had been half swallowed, and the twilight turned from red gold to orange and purple, smearing the sky with thick ink.


Tao Xi couldn’t help but think, what was Lin Qinhe like when he was a child? Was he also not talkative like now?


If, if he had grown up with Lin Qinhe, he would have pestered him every day to make him speak and laugh.


He was so good at fighting, he would not let anyone bully Lin Qinhe, he would definitely share all the delicious and fun things with Lin Qinhe, and he would definitely send the best gifts on Lin Qinhe’s birthday every year.


Perhaps, like those two kids, he would turn the Rubik’s Cube into a mess, and Lin Qinhe would scold him for being a fool, but he would always help him get better.


In spring he would drag Lin Qinhe around the road without flowers to school, in summer they would grab watermelon after swimming to eat, in autumn they would climb the maple forest hill together, pick up two red leaves to make bookmarks for each other. In winter, they would throw snowballs at each other in the heavy snow, and when they were tired, they would lie down with their legs and arms spread on the snow next to each other.


On weekends, he would go to learn musical instruments with Lin Qinhe. Lin Qinhe would learn piano, he would learn violin, and then they would perform together in the school’s cultural performance.


During the long vacation, they would fly abroad with their parents. He used a brush to paint the scenery, while Lin Qinhe used the lens to photograph the scenery and him.


And… there were many, many more.


They would definitely have a wonderful childhood and adolescence together.


Tao Xi took a deep breath, shook off the illusion in his mind, and suddenly stretched his cold hand to the neck of Lin Qinhe’s collar. Sure enough, Lin Qinhe was caught off guard by the chill, and quickly grabbed his evil hand, and then put his hand in his coat pocket.


Lin Qinhe was not angry about the prank. Instead, he wrapped his hand with warm hands in the pocket, looked at him and asked.


“What were you thinking about just now?”


“Thinking about where to invite you to dinner tonight.”


Tao Xi pulled Lin Qinhe up from the bench.


He thought that life was still so long, and that long would belong to him and Lin Qinhe.


There seemed to be nothing to regret.



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