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TMCTM Chapter 39

“Open your mouth.”


Tao Xi closed his eyes and heard Lin Qinhe whisper to him. He obediently opened his lips, obediently being led to entwine with Lin Qinhe mouth and tongue. In the empty concert hall, they could only hear the sound of their panting and lips and tongues meet.


Lin Qinhe pressed his waist and held him tightly in his arms. The kiss became more and more intense. Tao Xi gradually couldn’t catch his breath, and his whole body was soft, relying only on Lin Qinhe’s hand around the waist to maintain standing. His face was as red as if he was dripping blood.


He didn’t know how long he kissed, but Lin Qinhe finally let go of him, panting, as if he was aware of his impatience. Tao Xi suddenly felt his body lighter; he was picked up by Lin Qinhe’s hands around his waist and gently placed on the piano.


Lin Qinhe put one hand on his waist and the other hand on the piano beside him, trapping him in a small corner. He looked up slightly at him, looking at his slightly open red lips, and looking into his moist eyes and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.


Tao Xi rarely saw Lin Qinhe smiling at him. He panted and stared at Lin Qinhe in a daze.


At that moment he felt that he could give everything for this person.


Tao Xi did not wait for his panting to calm down, he fiercely reached out and wrapped his arms around Lin Qinhe’s neck, lowered his head and took the initiative to kiss him violently, and clumsily and eagerly nibbled on Lin Qinhe’s lip. Lin Qinhe paused for a second and quickly responded enthusiastically to him, holding the waist hand and squeezing his waist hard, as if to pinch off.


Tao Xi felt his initiative turned into passive, his whole body was soft in Lin Qinhe’s arms again, dizzily being kissed deeply. The tip of his tongue was chased and sucked and he couldn’t find time to breathe in. His fingers convulsed unconsciously. He hummed impatiently, his entire scalp was tingling, and his heart was almost unable to beat due to lack of oxygen.


When he felt that he was about to faint, Lin Qinhe finally let go of him again, hugged him tightly, and panted slightly in his ear.


Tao Xi’s entire face was hot and swelling, and his eyes were in a daze. He didn’t know why, but  just listening to Lin Qinhe’s panting was making his whole body hot.


He felt that he was too useless, and he came out with shame after realizing it. With his arms still around Lin Qinhe’s neck, he buried his head on the side of his neck, rubbed it lightly like a kitten, and whispered:


“You didn’t lie to me?” The voice was acting like a baby without even realizing it.


Lin Qinhe held his waist, his voice was even more muffled: “I said, I won’t lie to you.”


Tao Xi couldn’t help laughing in a muffled voice, but he suddenly remembered something. Even forgetting to be shy, he hurriedly jumped off the piano and asked, “If you don’t lie to me, then why did your mother say you are going to the States for college?”


Even with Yang Duole.


Lin Qinhe looked at him, there was still a dark color in his eyes: “I am to blame for not talking to you clearly about this matter. During this period of time I have looked for several universities in the States. There are comprehensive universities as well as art colleges suitable for you. When the choice is made, I will apply with you.”


In these two weeks of training outside, he asked Su Yun to help him with this and only yesterday did he get the detailed school information.


Tao Xi was stunned. He didn’t turn his head a bit. Looking at Lin Qinhe, he said blankly: “But, but I don’t have the money to study in the United States.”


The money he spent on college at home was funded by the kind-hearted sponsor’s grandfather, so he didn’t even have to think about studying abroad, knowing that it would cost a lot of money.


Lin Qinhe was silent for two seconds before holding Tao Xi’s hand and said: “It’s okay, these schools have scholarships, enough for you to study there.”


Tao Xi’s eyes brightened and then darkened, he hesitated: “But what if I can’t apply?”


He had never thought that he would have a chance to go to a better school abroad, but he also knew that if he wanted to continue studying oil painting, going abroad was a better choice.


Lin Qinhe firmly said: “Will definitely be able to apply.”


He didn’t say that even if he couldn’t apply, he could still let Tao Xi follow him to study.


Although Tao Xi didn’t know anything about studying abroad, he knew it wasn’t that simple, and Lin Qinhe was probably just encouraging him.


But he thought, as long as there was a chance, he was willing to try to seize it again.


Tao Xi made up his mind, and after thinking about it, he stared at Lin Qinhe again and asked, “Is it just the two of us?”


Don’t add Yang Duole, he couldn’t help thinking.


Lin Qinhe seemed to see through his thoughts and a smile appeared in his eyes. He asked him, “Who else do you want?”


Tao Xi blushed and shook his head quickly as he said repeatedly: “Don’t don’t, just the two of us!”


All the uneasiness disappeared.


It was like soaking in warm spring water, and the whole body was warm and pressed.


The setting sun outside the window had completely plunged into the horizon, leaving only the dark purple ashes piled on the horizon. The light in the concert hall was completely dimmed, but Tao Xi did not feel dim at all.


He looked at his moon and felt that the whole world was shining.


Those deep grooves left by the wheel of fortune seemed to have been filled up in a flash, full of luxuriant grass after a night of spring rain.


The concert hall was silent again, but if the heartbeat had a sound, it would have been more than noisy.


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe in the dark purple light, and the person was looking back at him, his gaze rising in silence.


His heart was soft and calm as he broke the silence and whispered to Lin Qinhe.


“Lin Qinhe, I really like you so much.”


Lin Qinhe lowered his head and gently dropped a kiss on his lips, light and gentle, and said to him:


“Me too.”


Tao Xi raised the corners of his mouth and stood on tiptoe to drop another soft kiss on Lin Qinhe’s lips.


Perhaps, to like someone was to want to be skin to skin with them every moment.


The two people dawdled in the concert hall for a while. In the end, it was Tao Xi who urged them to go to night study before walking out the door together.


Before closing the door, Tao Xi glanced at the black piano hidden in the dim light and suddenly said to Lin Qinhe:


“Can you teach me to play piano in the future? Only the one you played for me.”


Lin Qinhe nodded and said, “Okay.”


Tao Xi then closed the door, and just as he put his hand down from the doorknob, he was held into a warm hand. Lin Qinhe led him out, but not in the direction of the stairs.


Tao Xi found himself being taken to the trash can in the corner. He stared at Lin Qinhe in a daze, who had already let go of his hand and squatted down to start picking up the pieces of paper he had torn from the trash can.


His chest was sore.


Lin Qinhe was such a clean person.


Tao Xi bent down to pull Lin Qinhe’s arm and persuaded, “Don’t pick it up, it’s too dirty, I’ll write another one for you.”


Lin Qinhe was still picking up those pieces, carefully putting them into the same discarded envelop, and whispered:


“This is the first love letter you gave me, and like all the letters you gave me before, I will treasure them all.”


Tao Xi’s head was blank for a moment, looking at Lin Qinhe silently picking up the pieces in disbelief. His face suddenly rose up with warmth, and after a few beats, he hesitated:


“Wh, what letter?”


Lin Qinhe turned to look at him with his eyes that were somewhat unclear. He said: “A total of 68 letters, signed by Xiao Tao1it’s the peach Tao (桃), Tao Xi’s Tao is 陶 (pottery), and each letter has a peach blossom at the end.”


He paused for two seconds. Looking at Tao Xi who was already flushed, he laughed in a low voice and continued to say slowly:


“Dear Lin Qinhe, hello, I am very sorry to disturb you. I am from Qingshui County No. 1 High School. I saw you in the live English class and heard you say…”


Tao Xi was so embarrassed that he covered his face and interrupted loudly, “You hurry up and pick up your love letter!”


In the end, Tao Xi and Lin Qinhe put all the love letter pieces into the envelope. The two of them went to wash their hands and walked to the brightly lit teaching building together.


“You, how did you recognize that it was written by me?” On their way, Tao Xi endured it for a long time but still couldn’t help but ask.


“A person’s handwriting can be recognized no matter how you cover it up. Some words can’t be changed after a lifetime of habitual writing. Don’t forget, you have a perfect score essay that was copied and distributed throughout the year.” Lin Qinhe calmly said.


In fact, it was more than that. He had always been a person who was interested in things and needed to find out. After realizing that the full score composition and letter might be from the same person, he directly checked Tao Xi’s student status file, and naturally also knew his good grades.


Tao Xi somehow felt that the previous sentence was familiar2it’s from the art teacher who scolded Tao Xi for painting for those art students, and he never thought it was the perfect score essay that revealed himself.


But Lin Qinhe was also too terrible, he could recognize this.


“Did you read too many detective novels? Why don’t you become a detective in the future.” Tao Xi was still a little embarrassed and decided to ease his embarrassment by teasing Lin Qinhe.


“I don’t read much, it’s just that you’re too stupid.” Lin Qinhe said casually.


Tao Xi froze. Sensing that Lin Qinhe was laughing at him, he glared at him and clenched his fist:


“I’m very smart. If I’m stupid, I won’t be able to come here!”


Lin Qinhe suddenly became serious when he heard the words. He stopped and looked down at Tao Xi with a blank face.


He just dropped a tiny rope into the well at that time, and if Tao Xi couldn’t get the first place in the exam, he couldn’t come here.


Now he felt scared. What if Tao Xi didn’t perform well at the time and failed to get the first place in the exam?


He shouldn’t make the conditions so harsh.


Lin Qinhe lifted his hand and pinched the back of Tao Xi’s neck. Seeing this person shuddering, he curled up his mouth and smiled, and said in a low voice:


“Yes, fortunately you are very smart, thank you.”


Tao Xi raised his hand and touched his neck. He didn’t expect Lin Qinhe would say thank you. He raised his chin slightly and said:


“You’re welcome, I was born so smart, you know my goal is Huang Qing.”


But Lin Qinhe’s face changed abruptly, staring at Tao Xi with an unkind gaze.


Tao Xi shuddered again and realizing that Lin Qinhe really changed color at the mention of Huang Qing, he casted aside his mouth and said:


“I want to be second place in the grade ah. You’re first place, I’m second. Isn’t this very beautiful? Is it possible for me to get first place? That’s too difficult for me.”


Lin Qinhe’s frowning eyebrows stretched out. They continued to walk to the teaching building, and he said flatly: “Then you have to keep working hard.”


Tao Xi followed along, tugging at Lin Qinhe’s sleeve and shaking it, he spoke softly:


“Then you as a boyfriend must continue to help me.”


After saying that, he himself was embarrassed by the word “boyfriend”. He quickly put down your hands and coughed slightly, eyes on the nose and nose on the heart.3The appearance of bowing his head because of being shy, ashamed, etc. Like this:


Lin Qinhe also coughed slightly, and said, “Of course.”


The two walked very slowly. Fortunately, there was no teacher on the way. The sound of English listening occasionally came from the teaching building, the familiar nine pounds and fifteen pence.


Tao Xi hated the school for being so small. He remembered one more thing and asked Lin Qinhe: “Why did you come back early? Isn’t it tomorrow?”


Lin Qinhe thought about it and said, “The training camp ended early.”


Tao Xi suddenly understood, and after a few seconds of silence, he said without words, “You opened the comics I gave you on time and read them, right?”


Lin Qinhe let out an “um”.


“Then you can read tomorrow’s comics when you go back today.” Tao Xi said, applauding his plan secretly.


“Okay.” Lin Qinhe agreed.


But in fact, he didn’t hold back to open it today.


In tomorrow’s comic, the protagonists returned to the moon and the small meteorite.


Moon: Why have you been wandering in the universe?


Little meteorite: Because I lost my flight path.


Moon: With so many stars in the universe, why have you been here all the time?


Little meteorite: Because even if there are thousands of night stars, I only like this moon, ah.




The author has something to say:
BGM: “Thousands of Songs”


T/N: the bgm song is Thousands of Songs (千千阙歌 ) from Priscilla Chan


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  • 1
    it’s the peach Tao (桃), Tao Xi’s Tao is 陶 (pottery)
  • 2
    it’s from the art teacher who scolded Tao Xi for painting for those art students
  • 3
    The appearance of bowing his head because of being shy, ashamed, etc. Like this:
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