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TMCTM Chapter 38

“Student, what are you doing here alone?”


Tao Xi looked up and saw an older man in his forties wearing a security uniform looking at him. He slowly got up from the ground, and almost fell the moment he got up because his feet were numb.


Through the twilight outside the window, the security guard was stunned seeing Tao Xi’s expression He wondered what kind of grievance this student might have just suffered that he wanted to come to the unmanned concert hall to vent his emotions, so he asked with concern:


“Are you a student of the orchestra? You don’t have your key?”


Tao Xi was silent for a moment before he nodded his head.


“It’s okay, I’ll open the door for you.” The security guard said while walking towards the entrance of the concert hall with a bunch of keys. Seeing that Tao Xi was still standing still next to the trash can, he urged suspiciously, “Why don’t you come over?”


Tao Xi walked towards the entrance of the concert hall. His steps were a little messy, and his fingers were tightly clenched together. He saw that the familiar door was opened. In the huge empty concert hall, the red-golden twilight spread through the floor-to-ceiling long windows, burning in silence on the black piano in the center of the room.


“Don’t practice piano inside for too long, just remember to close the door when you leave.” The security guard reminded him. He turned his head to find that the student next to him seemed even sadder the moment the door opened.


He couldn’t say anything, so he said a few more words.


Tao Xi thanked the security guard and stood still at the door for a while before pulling a craggy shadow towards the black piano in the twilight.


He sat down on the piano chair, opened the lid, and the twilight flashed over the black and white keys, waiting for someone to play the notes.


He couldn’t help thinking of that evening, it was in the same twilight. Lin Qinhe held his wrist and took him here, turned his back to the concert hall and asked him: “Can you hold your tears here?”


Then he played a song “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” that only he could hear.


Tao Xi stared at the piano keys in front of him, recalling the man’s gestures when he played.


He stretched out his hands and wanted to play, but he didn’t know how to play. One hand was hanging above the keys.


Finally he pressed a white key on the keys at random, and the lone note rang out abruptly in the empty concert hall.


He recalled a long time ago, he hid outside the door and saw Lin Qinhe sitting in front of this piano playing, not far from Yang Duole who was playing the cello and other members of the symphony orchestra playing various instruments. They looked at ease, as if they were born to sit in a glorious concert hall in fancy clothes.


At that time, he looked at those people, like peeping into another glamorous world under the ground, full of jealousy and unwillingness.


Tao Xi took a deep breath and put his hand on the piano lid, trying to close it.


He thought he finally understood that some things that had been lost and missed, even if they were recovered later, they were not what they should have been.


Just like even if he recognized his relatives, he could never go back to his childhood to learn an instrument, get the love of his relatives, and have the time growing up with Lin Qinhe.


Tao Xi wanted to get up and leave, but suddenly heard the sound of the door being opened from behind.


He suddenly withdrew his hand on his knee and clenched it, his upper body stiffened, his heart had a suspicion that he could not believe, but he did not look back, and could only hear the familiar sound of footsteps approaching him.


Soon the person walked to the piano and sat down beside him.


After a brief silence, the person sitting next to him stretched out his beautiful fingers and played a short familiar note on the keyboard.


It was the same song, Tao Xi pursed his lips, still did not look to the side.


Lin Qinhe asked him in a low voice, “Want to play the piano?”


Tao Xi laughed and suddenly looked at Lin Qinhe. He lashed out: “I’m not like you guys who grew up with the best education and can learn everything, how can I play the piano?”


His tone was extremely bad, his eyes were full of sarcasm and anger, but he didn’t know that there were still tears on his face. The eyelashes on the reddish and moist eyes were still sticking, and looking at it only made people feel aggrieved.


Lin Qinhe looked at Tao Xi, his eyes darkened for a moment. He suddenly remembered that this person was like this when he first came to Wenhua No. 1 High School, covered in thorns. When did he become obedient in front of him?


“You can play as you like, I’ll accompany you.” Lin Qinhe’s voice was calm, without a trace of displeasure.


Tao Xi was stunned and felt his anger was half extinguished by cold water. He pursed his lips and stretched out his hands to play on the keys in an unruly manner, making a series of weird piano sounds.


Lin Qinhe quickly stretched out his fingers and matched the tune he played on the other side of the keyboard, miraculously transforming the chaotic sound of the piano into a melody that could be heard.


This was an odd four-handed combination, a person who did not know how to play the piano at all and a person who was very good at the piano.


Like his breath, Tao Xi ten fingers flying deliberately played faster and more chaotic, but Lin Qinhe always tried to cooperate with him, as if no matter what he played, in Lin Qinhe hands. it would become the most beautiful music in the world.


Until Tao Xi’s ten fingers that pressed together heavily on the keys did not move, emitting an extremely uncoordinated and unpleasant piano sound. He turned his head to look at Lin Qinhe, with his chin slightly raised, with some provocation and willfulness.


Lin Qinhe looked at him and was not angry. There was some indulgent helplessness in his eyes, and he sighed gently: “There’s nothing I can do if you’re like this.”


TaoXi didn’t hold back a smile, but he quickly restrained his smile, still having an angry expression on his face. He lowered his head and did not speak.


Lin Qinhe accompanied him in silence for a while, only the more and more intense red twilight outside the floor-to-ceiling windows silently staining the two sitting side by side in front of the piano.


Suddenly, Tao Xi heard Lin Qinhe ask him in a low voice: “You have nothing to tell me, or ask me?”


The tone of voice was so soft, as if he was coaxing him to talk.


Tao Xi looked down at the piano keys that were dyed orange in front of him, and his voice was still very impulsive:


“Have, let me tell you, I particularly hate Lin Qinhe now.”


The tone was a bit childish, and he thought Lin Qinhe might get angry when he heard it, but he heard Lin Qinhe calmly reply.


“Then I hate him too.”


Tao Xi was startled, and subconsciously asked, “Why?”


What kind of person said they hate themselves when someone else said they hated them? Not to mention, this person was Lin Qinhe, perfect in every way.


“Because he makes you unhappy.” Lin Qinhe looked down at him and said in a low voice.


Tao Xi’s eyelashes trembled fiercely, and all the anger, sadness, grievance…all kinds of emotions rushed into the heart together, sore and swollen, but there was no way to dispel.


He abruptly stood up from the piano chair, as if he had had enough of this heart being suspended up and down, he wanted to completely vent the emotions that had been accumulating and tumbling in his heart for a long time. He clenched his fists and shouted at Lin Qinhe :


“Lin Qinhe, do you play me like a fool? You did it deliberately. You deliberately asked me to surround you every day. You asked me to make friends, but if I have a better relationship with others, you show me a face and neglect me deliberately! You lied to me about going to college with me, but behind my back, you applied to universities in the States with Yang Duole! They all say you are good, good looking, good grades and everything, but only I know that you are not good at all!”


He was out of breath after yelling, but his heart was suddenly empty, with nothing left but a void, obviously scolding someone else, but in the end it was his own self who felt uncomfortable.


Tao Xi watched with red eyes as Lin Qinhe closed the piano cover and stood up. He looked at him, the gentleness of playing the piano when patiently coaxing him seemed to be an illusion, his eyes suppressed a deeper darkness in the blood-red twilight, and his voice said dumbly:


“Yes, I’m not good at all.”


Before Tao Xi could react, he was dragged over. The eyes darkened and the back of the neck was firmly clasped by a hand. He was forced to fold his neck and tilted his head, and then his lips were covered with a layer of softness.


The brain was instantly blank, he subconsciously closed his eyes and held his breath, forgetting everything, allowing the person to kiss himself somewhat eagerly and licking his lips. The skin of the nape of the neck was rubbed and kneaded vigorously by the thinly callused fingers, causing a slight tingling.


Tao Xi’s eyelashes quivered, his heart beating sharply and violently, and his chest was rising and falling more and more rapidly. He hadn’t been kissed before, and he didn’t even open his mouth. Only the face was frighteningly hot and his legs were getting softer and weaker, unconsciously leaning on Lin Qin


This action seemed to please the other party. Lin Qinhe pressed his waist to his arms, the kiss became softer, and then he gently kissed the corner of his mouth, before saying to him in a dumb voice.


“Look, I kissed you without your permission, it’s not good at all.”

Lin Qinhe let go of him. He slowly opened his eyes in a dazzling daze, his eyes glowing with moist water, and his breathing was still a bit short. Looking at the blurry person in front of him, he muttered like a dream:


“You, what do you mean?”


He subconsciously pursed his moist lips. There were only traces of the fireworks flashing in his head, but he still couldn’t believe that the fireworks really shone for him.


Lin Qinhe lowered his eyes, his gaze fell on the two red lips that he had kissed, only using his fingers to gently rub the delicate skin at the corners of his lips, and said slowly:


“Meaning, I like you, want to be good to you, want to spend a good life with you. Not only the university, from now to a long time in the future, you must be by my side, and you’re not allowed to go anywhere.”


Tao Xi seemed to hear clearly, and at the same time he didn’t seem to hear clearly, but he could clearly hear the sound of his heart beating more and more violently. He opened his eyes to look at Lin Qinhe, and finally saw this man clearly, but he seemed to have fallen into a rosy twilight dream.


He was worried about waking up from his dream, but he heard Lin Qinhe continue to say in a serious and determined tone:


“Tao Xi, I don’t know what you’ve experienced before, what was missing, but from now on,I will be the most partial to you in the world. I will give you whatever you want, and you don’t have to pretend to be good. You can be willful in front of me, and I will like all your willfulness.”


Tao Xi’s vision suddenly became blurred again, his eyes were sour and almost crying. His heart seemed to be tightly held in the palm by a pair of warm hands.


He grew up to be sixteen and never knew what it was like to be favored.


But Lin Qinhe said in his sixteenth year that he would be the person who favored him the most in the world.


Tao Xi tried to hold back the sourness in his nostrils, locking the tears in his eyes, and heard Lin Qinhe ask him in a soft voice:


“Then do you still hate Lin Qinhe?”


Tao Xi abruptly blinked away the tears in his eyes, but his heart had long been roaring like a mountain and sea pouring down, and could no longer be filled. He looked at Lin Qinhe with eyes that had regained clarity, took a deep breath, biting the words and said seriously and sincerely:


“I like Lin Qinhe, I only like Lin Qinhe, I like Lin Qinhe the most, I like Lin Qinhe more than I like myself. I am a Lin Qinhe supremacist!”


Those sentences written in love letters that made you blush when you looked at them, he said without hesitation, saying the words to Lin Qinhe over and over again, as if to carve these three words in the most conspicuous position in the world.


Tao Xi’s chest was still heaving violently, looking at Lin Qinhe’s eyes as hot as the setting sun hanging down outside the window, suddenly breaking away from the tangled purple mist and gray haze, like a burning fire wheel rolling violently on the horizon, as if the last red light would be burned to the end.


All the gray mist in the sky was burned into red gold and red clouds, burned into the empty concert hall through the long windowsl, and also into Lin Qinhe’s never indifferent eyes. He silently looked at the young man with wet eyes in front of him, as if suppressing what is about to press the emotions, and suddenly reached out and clasped the back of his neck, lowered his head and kissed him again.


But this time the kiss was more urgent, violent, and desperate, as if to burn out all the passions and love.





T/N: two more chapters because there’ll be no update tomorrow and on thursday


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