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TMCTM Chapter 32

“I’m very happy.” Tao Xi answered Lin Qinhe with a smile.


Very very happy.


But he was a high school student after all, and the result of being happy was that when he went back that night, he did his homework until 2:30.


Fortunately, Lin Qinhe took a picture and sent the answer while doing it, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to finish until morning.


At 2:35, Tao Xi finally finished copying the last question on the last photo sent by Lin Qinhe. He yawned and typed “good night” in the WeChat dialog box with the note “Moon” and sent it over.


Feeling sleepy, he turned off the phone, put the pink bear doll that he caught at night on the pillow, and soon fell into a deep sleep, accompanied by the gentle moonlight in his dream.


When he woke up the next morning, he looked at his phone and realized that at 2:37, Lin Qinhe had replied “Good night”.


He thought that Lin Qinhe would go to sleep after finishing his homework, but he didn’t expect it to be so late.


Tao Xi scratched his hair, regretting how he slept so quickly.


He thought for a while, and replied “Good morning” in the faint morning light of the new day.


Lin Qinhe didn’t reply this time.


Those ambiguous thoughts that were faint in the moonlight were secretly pressed in the bottom of his heart, Tao Xi had no time to test it more, he was about to be driven crazy by the upcoming midterm exams.


Or rather, he was going crazy because of Lin Qinhe.


“Are you sure I have to finish these papers?” Before evening self-study, Tao Xi counted the papers in front of him. There were twenty of them!


He was lying on the desk, his head resting on his arm, raising his eyelashes to look up at Lin Qinhe, attempting to sell his misery and plead for mercy: “I can’t finish my homework every day, and I can’t write until one or two o’clock, so I really don’t have time to write these papers”


Lin Qinhe relentlessly said, “You don’t need to do homework, these papers must be done.”


He didn’t know what the teachers of each subject felt when they heard these words.


Tao Xi was desperate anyway.


“Then what about my homework?”


“Continue to copy me.”




Tao Xi put aside his homework and started to concentrate on the papers Lin Qinhe gave him.


As he did the questions, he gradually found that the questions on these papers seemed to be his weakest points of knowledge and frequently wrong questions. He held the pen and turned to look at Lin Qinhe next to him.


He didn’t realize that he rarely watched Lin Qinhe quietly from the corner as before.


It seemed to have the courage to look straight at him.


Lin Qinhe was also holding the pen and writing something, and noticing his eyes, he turned his face sideways and asked him, “Can’t do it?”


Tao Xi shook his head and continued to bury his head in his paper.


In the two weeks before the midterm exam, Tao Xi had no breathing time every day and was buried by the papers without respite and Lin Qinhe would recycle them after he was done. The one that appeared on his desk the next day was the one that had been marked and corrected with a red pen.


Lin Qinhe strictly refused to accept even the comic series.


“Now the first priority is the midterm exam.” Lin Qinhe’s tone left no room for him to say something, serious like a teacher.


The good student Tao Xi had to follow.


The whole school was filled with the tense atmosphere of the coming of the big exam, and the strongest class was not surprised. After all, the ranking of this exam would directly determine everyone’s class in the next two months.


Tao Xi was nervous for two weeks, but not two days before the exam.


He has always had a stable mentality. The more exams he took, the better he could perform. Otherwise he couldn’t have come to Wenhua No. 1 High School with the first place in Qingshui County.


Not to mention Lin Qinhe, a perverted xueba, he probably never knew how to write the word nervous.


But Bi Chengfei belonged to the kind of people who hugged the Buddha’s feet and worshiped the gods and Buddhas of all directions and engaged in feudal superstition immediately before the exam.


“Xi ge, remember to eat two eggs and a fried dough stick tomorrow morning! It means that the door has a perfect score of 100!” Bi Chengfei turned around and said mysteriously.


Tao Xi was doing the papers and said without looking up: “Language, mathematics and foreign language’s full score is 150, you can take the test yourself if you want 100, thank you.”


“Right.” Bi Chengfei thought for a while, and then excitedly said, “Then turn to Koi, this is very spiritual. I have turned two weeks in a row, every morning and evening. Tonight I’ll post a Koi in Moments, you remember to like it!”


Bi Chengfei had no ambition and it was his greatest honor to be at the end of Class 1.


Tao Xi was never superstitious, but agreed to Bi Chengfei perfunctorily, just wanting him to shut up and not to disturb his revision.


Bi Chengfei wanted to continue to share his pre-exam superstition knowledge with Tao Xi but when Lin Qinhe, who was writing, raised his head and glanced at him, he felt a chill in his heart and quickly turned away.


Bi Chengfei looked at the small mountain of review materials in front of him. He folded his palms and tried to lift something from the hill, carefully cupping it and slapping it to his head.1this meme


The tablemate, Hu Tong, rolled her eyes.

The self-study teacher on the night before the exam would not give lectures, allowing all students to review freely.


In the evening, Tao Xi finished his dinner as quickly as possible, stepped on the twilight and flew to the classroom to continue his revision, and found that Lin Qinhe was actually in his seat, holding a pen down and writing something in a book.


Tao Xi saw that Lin Qinhe had written something on this book for a few days. He was very curious, but he didn’t ask.


He lightened his footsteps and returned to his seat, taking out the paper he had done before to review the wrong questions, there was no point in doing the questions at this time.


After looking carefully for a while, a hand suddenly appeared in front of him, and that hand placed a notebook on his desk.


It was a black-covered notebook that Lin Qinhe had been writing on in the past few days.


“Review the contents on this well at night.” Lin Qinhe withdrew his hand and closed the lid of the pen, his tone was as indifferent and certain as ever.


Tao Xi stared blankly at the notebook in front of him. He stretched out his hand and opened it page by page. On it were review key points of the subject written by pen. Each point echoed the wrong questions in the papers he made during this period, with detailed notes on the directions and types of questions that might appear in the exam.


It was as detailed as a supplementary teaching material tailored for him.


The ink traces were brand new, as if passing through the autumn rain tide.


When the time went wrong, he suddenly recalled the second day of school.


At that time, he put up a pitiful posture as much as possible and begged Lin Qinhe.


“Can I borrow your notebook to copy it?”




Then, Lin Qinhe handed that black notebook to Yang Duole, the person who took over everything he had.


All the emotions were surging, and it turned into a heartache in a flash.


Like the bitter wine that was brewed wrong at the beginning, only sour and astringent remained at the end of brewing.


Now he looked at the notebook Lin Qinhe had given him,his heart seemed to have been soaked in bitter wine all night and suddenly fell into a pool of sugar water.


But it was still sour, sour in the heart, sour in the nose, sour in the eyes, and sour in the whole chest.


The grievances that had nowhere to be released at that time suddenly poured out from the bottom of my heart uncontrollably two months later.


Tao Xi blinked hard and dispelled the mist in front of him, preparing to say thank you to Lin Qinhe, but he suddenly heard Lin Qinhe ask him from the side:


“Can you stay in Class 1?”


His voice was careful and soft, as if he was afraid of making him nervous.


All his efforts were almost in vain, Tao Xi used all his strength to suppress the sourness in his eyes, he slightly raised his chin, smiled at Lin Qinhe and said with confidence:


“Of course.”


The tone was proud and self-confident, and it belonged to the age of sixteen or seventeen.


Lin Qinhe’s eyebrows stretched a bit, as if he was relieved, he stood up from his seat and said, “I’m going to eat.”


Then turned and left the classroom.


Tao Xi watched Lin Qinhe’s back disappear at the door before lowering his head and continuing to look at the notebook in front of him, looking at the sparse handwriting on it that belonged to Lin Qinhe.




The last class of the evening self-study was used to set up the examination room. All the seats that were close together were pulled apart, and all the books and materials were placed at the end of the classroom.


During the end of class period, Bi Chengfei took advantage of Lin Qinhe’s absence in the classroom, secretly stretched out his claws and touched Lin Qinhe’s desk. It seemed that he felt that it was not enough, so he touched it twice.


Tao Xi, who was still reading his notebook, noticed Bi Chengfei’s sneaky little movements and asked, “You are really getting bolder and stronger. Why are you touching his desk?”


Bi Chengfei looked at the back door and whispered, covering his mouth, “Xueshen’s table must have been enlightened, so I will take my luck!”


Li Xiaoyuan, who was distributing the test number slips, also sneaked over, reached out his hand and quickly touched Lin Qinhe’s table. Several other students nearby were not willing to lag behind and came over and touched it a few times.


“…” Tao Xi was speechless.


Why are these elementary school superstitions so prevalent in the best classes in Wenhua No.1 High School?


After the people who came to rub the exam luck dispersed, Tao Xi looked at the notebook for a while, thought about it, and reached out his hand to touch Lin Qinhe’s table without holding back.


He would rather believe it, not touch it for nothing, he said to himself.


Because the seat had been pulled apart by half a meter, he was too lazy to get up and sat directly on the chair. Tilting one of the chair legs and pressing his waist to the right side, he stretched out his arm to touch the corner of Lin Qinhe’s table.


As a result, he was caught by Lin Qinhe who happened to come in through the back door.




Tao Xi’s hands were still at the corner of the table and his waist was still falling. His face flushed, he quickly retracted his hands to sit upright, and because he was so flustered, the chair’s feet almost fell off.


Lin Qinhe came over, standing and not sitting, looking down at him. The meaning of his eyes was very obvious.


What the hell was going on?


Bi Chengfei was afraid that he would be confessed. Knowing that Lin Qinhe hated others touching his things, he frequently winked at Tao Xi.


Tao Xi took the initiative to confess, and smiled awkwardly at Lin Qinhe: “I’ll just rub your exam luck.”


Lin Qinhe didn’t say anything, but calmly sat down and started reading.


Tao Xi breathed a sigh of relief.


Warn yourself, feudal superstition was too bad!


The night study quickly passed. In the second half of the evening study, the atmosphere was a bit restless, some people began to give up on themselves, some people began to blind confidence, some people began to use the quantum wave reading method2it was real thing in china before, legit there was a class for it.

, the book turned faster than the fan.


Tao Xi belonged to the stable as an old dog type. After memorizing the notes given by Lin Qinhe twice, it was exactly the time of the end of class.


As soon as the bell rang, the students who could not wait rushed out of the classroom carrying their school bag, and Bi Chengfei was always the first.


Tao Xi put the notebook in his school bag carefully, and planned to check it out when he returned to the dormitory. He picked up his school bag and hurriedly said to Lin Qinhe, who was already carrying his school bag to leave: “Wait!”


Lin Qinhe stopped, looked at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”


Tao Xi bent his eyes, smiled at Lin Qinhe, and said softly in a very solemn and serious manner.


“Lin Qinhe, jiayou for the exam!”


Although Lin Qinhe’s didn’t need it.3not sure if it’s typo or what but in the raw it’s 虽然林钦禾油量超标了 (lit. Although Lin Qinhe’s oil content exceeded the standard.)


Lin Qinhe looked down at him, the corners of his lips lifted slightly. He raised his hand and rubbed his hair gently, and said to him:


“Give the exam luck to you.”


Then turned around and left the classroom.


Tao Xi stood there blankly, his ears were uncontrollably red.


He thought that his heart might be going wrong.


He seemed to be unstable.


Tao Xi returned to his dorm room distracted, forcing himself to continue reading his notebook. After a while, he was still restless, so he simply gave up and took out his phone to brush his WeChat Moments.


He also remembered to give Bi Chengfei likes on the Koi picture, and ended up brushing up on Lin Qinhe’s new friend circle first.


There was only one photo. In the photo was a pool with a golden glow. There were dozens of golden red koi swimming in the pool, glowing in the sunlight and waves of light.


It looked divine.


Also quite superstitious.


Tao Xi couldn’t help laughing, not expecting Lin Qinhe to be engaged in superstition. He gave this picture a like, and then gave a like to the koi picture posted by Bi Chengfei.




At this time in the Lin family villa, Luo Zhengyin had just delivered a plate of fruit to Yang Duole, who was immersed in reviewing and holding Buddha’s feet, and then walked towards the piano room with another plate of fruit.


In the past, Lin Qinhe was usually studying or reading in his room at this time, but tonight he was practicing the piano abnormally.


She was holding the fruit and saw Lin Qinhe sitting in front of the piano playing a piece of music, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”.


“Why do you suddenly want to play the piano? Don’t you have midterm exams tomorrow?” Luo Zhengyin asked, puzzled.


Lin Qinhe withdrew his fingers, frowned, and said after a moment of silence, “I’m a little nervous.”


Luo Zhengyin looked at her son in amazement, she had never seen Lin Qinhe get nervous before an exam, and he had never been anxious about even the most difficult exams.


What happened this time?


“Why are you nervous? I thought only Lele would be nervous. After all, he took so many days of sick leave.” Luo Zhengyin couldn’t help but ask.


Lin Qinhe didn’t answer this question, only vaguely saying: “It’s nothing.”


Luo Zhengyin didn’t ask any more questions, put the fruit on the table, said “get some rest early” and left the piano room.


Lin Qinhe raised his hand and started playing the piano again.


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  • 1
    this meme

  • 2
    it was real thing in china before, legit there was a class for it.

  • 3
    not sure if it’s typo or what but in the raw it’s 虽然林钦禾油量超标了 (lit. Although Lin Qinhe’s oil content exceeded the standard.)
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