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TMCTM Chapter 31

Tao Xi felt as if Lin Qinhe was angry again, seemingly starting from the topic of Huang Qing.


Although Lin Qinhe kept a sullen face and did not say anything, his hands were still peeling crabs for him, and he himself only ate some light porridge and side dishes from the beginning to the end.


Tao Xi silently ate the crab meat prepared by Lin Qinhe, with sour and sweet bubbles rising in his chest, but he did not dare to try again to puncture those bubbles.


Ambiguous and sweet, but it was also scary.


He wanted to dwell on it for a while with his eyes closed, even if he was making a fool of himself.


After eating, Tao Xi followed Lin Qinhe to the outside of the restaurant, he deliberately walked very slowly, because soon he would be sent back to Wenhua No.1 High School, back to the empty dormitory.


He couldn’t bear to separate from Lin Qinhe.


Lin Qinhe also seemed to have slowed down his pace.


In the winding corridor, the lake was lit up with starry lotus lights, and there was noisy noise in the pavilion not far away. The night sky was as clear and soft as the lake water, soaked with a crescent moon.


But the space above the lake was very quiet, with only the creak of feet on the floor of the promenade.


Lowering his head, Tao Xi followed Lin Qinhe and quietly stepped on Lin Qinhe’s shadow.


If only stepping on the shadow could keep the person.


He thought in a daze, and accidentally ran into the back of Lin Qinhe who had stopped abruptly.


“I’m sorry.” Tao Xi touched his nose and said to Lin Qinhe angrily, feeling nervous.


Wouldn’t get caught, right?


But it was not illegal to step on the shadow.


Lin Qinhe turned slightly and suddenly reached out to hold his left wrist. Tao Xi’s left hand trembled suddenly. He breathed lightly and tilted his head to look at Lin Qinhe. The light in the promenade was dim. Lin Qinhe looked at him with his long eyelashes down, his dark eyes swaying with the light of the lake and the moonlight.


The swaying was thrilling.


Lin Qinhe pulled him to his side and said in a low voice, “Walk beside me.”


Don’t always look at me from behind.


Tao Xi’s eyes quivered, and Lin Qinhe quickly let go of his wrist, but the warm touch remained there without dissipating, rushing along his arm to the heart, stirring violently.


He suddenly couldn’t tell if he couldn’t let go of Lin Qinhe, or the gentle moonlight tonight.


The two walked silently and tacitly side by side in the night and lake light, crossing the promenade on the lake and when they came to the bright and spacious hall, Tao Xi was still a little uncomfortable and raised his hand to shade his eyes.


This was a very famous crab cuisine restaurant. Despite it being already late, the lounge area at the edge of the hall still had many customers who were waiting in line for a seat.


Tao Xi suddenly thought that Lin Qinhe could take him directly to the private room for dinner, didn’t he need to reserve a seat in advance?


However, Lin Qinhe obviously met him by chance at Qiao’s home tonight, and brought him along for dinner.


A guess came out of a branch deep in his heart, and just thinking about it for a moment, it was as if a firework exploded, making him dazzled.


But maybe it was just a false alarm again.


Tao Xi turned his head to look at Lin Qinhe on the side again, and his restless heart kept urging him to try again. He opened his mouth, and when he wanted to ask something, he suddenly heard a familiar voice.


“Qinhe ge, why are you here? Huh, Tao Xi’s here?”


Not far across the street, Yang Duole was holding a cup of milk tea, followed by Yang Zhengming in a suit and leather shoes. In the lounge area of ​​the lobby, Yang Zhengming was holding a few dolls from the claw machine. Obviously, he had just accompanied Yang Duole to catch the dolls.


When the father and son came over, Yang Zhengming first smiled at Lin Qinhe, then looked at Tao Xi on the side. He was taken aback for a moment, before he smiled politely at him and then asked Lin Qinhe:


“Qinhe, are you coming to dinner with your classmate?”


Lin Qinhe almost instantly felt the mood of the person around him drop. He turned his face to look at Tao Xi, whose eyelashes were drooping, blocking him slightly behind him, and nodded to Yang Zhengming and greeted: “Uncle Yang”.


Then he looked at Yang Duole, who was looking at himself and Tao Xi, and said with a frown, “Why did you go out just after being discharged from the hospital?”


The minimally invasive surgery performed on Yang Duole was not serious, so he was discharged in less than a week. However, according to Luo Zhengyin and his grandparents’ careful and caring attitude, Yang Duole would never be allowed to leave the house without recuperation.


Yang Duole glanced at Tao Xi again, and complained to Lin Qinhe: I can’t eat anything in the hospital, I’m almost suffocated. After finally returning home, I still had to eat light food. After holding back for a long time, I found the opportunity to escape to eat crabs today.”


Yang Zhengming smiled helplessly when he heard the words, and said: “He usually ignores me when I look for him. This is the only time he thinks of his dad, I’m not not used to it.”


Although he was talking about his son, his tone was a bit spoiled.


Yang Duole glared at Yang Zhengming and cursed: “Who can be as heartless as you!”


He and Yang Zhengming were estranged since he was a kid. In the past few years, Yang Zhengming suddenly wanted to ease the relationship with him, so the two came into contact more.


Yang Zhengming still had a smile on his lips, not angry at his son’s lack of respect.


Lin Qinhe was distracted, he vaguely felt that he had to take Tao Xi to leave here as soon as possible. When he was about to say goodbye to the father and son in front of him, Yang Zhengming suddenly said to Tao Xi who had been silent for a long time:


“Tao Xi, thank you for bringing the gift for Lele last time.”


Tao Xi raised his eyelashes, and he glanced at the various dolls in Yang Zhengming’s arms that were incompatible with his suits. Those dolls were beautiful and exquisite, the toys that every child would love and want from their parents.


He looked at Yang Zhengming with a polite smile. Raising the corner of his mouth and smiling, he said politely: “You’re welcome, Uncle Yang.”


Yang Duole looked at Tao Xi and then at Yang Zhengming. The faint discomfort became stronger and stronger. He pursed his lower lip and asked Lin Qinhe: “Qinhe ge, aren’t you allergic to crabs? Why are you here?”


There was confusion in his tone, and more of a complaint.


He had always loved crabs and had pestered Lin Qinhe to take him to the crab house whenever the season came since he was young, and although it was meaningless to eat with Lin Qinhe because the Lin family all ate without saying anything, he knew that Lin Qinhe was very good at peeling crabs.


However, Lin Qinhe would not agree no matter how coquettish he acted.


But why did Lin Qinhe appear here? And with Tao Xi too?


Lin Qinhe said flatly: “I just wanted to invite Tao Xi to dinner, so I brought him here.”


Yang Duole frowned, showing an unhappy look.


Yang Zhengming smiled and asked Lin Qinhe: “The private room here is not easy to grab. You booked it in advance, when did you book it?”


Lin Qinhe replied: “Last Sunday.”


Tao Xi’s eyelashes trembled, and he looked at Lin Qinhe quickly, looked at his indifferent profile, and listened to him indifferently saying to Yang Duole and Yang Zhengming:


“It’s getting late, I have to send Tao Xi back, so I’ll leave first.”


Knowing that this young master of the Lin family disliked himself as much as his mother did, Yang Zhengming nodded and said, “Our movie is also about to start, so I’ll invite you and your mother to dinner next time I have the chance.”


Lin Qinhe responded perfunctorily.


Before Tao Xi had time to say goodbye to the two politely, Lin Qinhe held his arm and he was led to walk quickly towards the main door.


He thought Lin Qinhe was going back, just as he was eager to get away from here quickly, so he followed Lin Qinhe in silence all the way to the outdoors.


The moonlight was deep, but Tao Xi found that Lin Qinhe was not walking towards the parking lot where they came before. He was taken to a lamp post not far away, and the bright yellow light shone through the frosted glass with a halo.


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe in confusion, who stood in front of him and lowered his head to look into his eyes, his eyes were focused and serious.


It seemed he wanted to see his mood through his eyes.


Tao Xi’s heart tightened. He obediently raised his chin slightly, raised the corners of his mouth, and curled his eyes. The bright yellow light casted two shadows under the eyelashes, revealing a smile.


He naturally asked Lin Qinhe: “What’s wrong?”


Lin Qinhe only looked at his eyes in silence. They were very close, surrounded by warm lights, so close that Tao Xi had to breathe lightly, so close that it was hard for him to maintain the smile on his face.


Tao Xi blinked. Reaching his hand out to touch his face, he asked jokingly: “Is there something on my face?”


Lin Qinhe asked in a low voice: “Why is it so sad after seeing Yang Duole?” His voice was softer than the moonlight, as if to coax the person in front of him to say something.


He found that Tao Xi’s several inexplicable low moods seemed to be related to Yang Duole.


Tao Xi’s hand touching his face paused. His eyelashes trembled fiercely, and his chest was sour with water bubbling out.


At that moment, he suddenly felt that he could not be as strong and optimistic as he promised. He wanted to hug Lin Qinhe again, cry on his shoulder, and tell him everything regardless.


But Tao Xi was silent for a while and calmly said: “I just suddenly thought of my sister. She is also called Lele. She is also sick. I miss her very much.”


He smiled at Lin Qinhe again and said in a relaxed tone: “Fortunately, the school has sent me a lot of money, and I send the money back, so she can buy medicine to cure her illness.”


He didn’t know that his eyelashes had been trembling slightly, as if trying to restrain what overflowed from his eyes.


Lin Qinhe frowned, knowing that Tao Xi was not telling the truth. He looked at the smile of the person in front of him, and felt that his heart was pierced by an invisible needle.


This kind of subtle pain was strange to him, but he knew it was distressed.


Just because of an insincere smile.


He did not know at that time how much pain and resentment lurked behind this smile, and how much his heart would hurt after knowing it.


Tao Xi couldn’t bear Lin Qinhe’s gaze. He turned his face slightly and urged, pretending to be anxious: “Didn’t you say you want to go back? Time is running out, I still have a lot of homework to write.”


Obviously he wanted to stay with Lin Qinhe, but he couldn’t do it now.


“Copy mine after going back.” Lin Qinhe said confidently, suddenly holding his wrist again and leading him into a room.


Tao Xi didn’t understand what Lin Qinhe was going to do again, but he obediently did not resist and was taken all the way back to the hall.


Until he was taken to a row of claw machines, he couldn’t hold back his surprise anymore. He opened his eyes and looked at Lin Qinhe, not knowing what to say.


Lin Qinhe seemed a little embarrassed by the row of pink and blue claw machines and dropped a sentence, “You wait for me here.” He immediately turned around and walked towards the opposite front desk, seemed to be to exchange game coins.


Tao Xi stared at Lin Qinhe’s back motionlessly, and clenched his fingers.


Lin Qinhe quickly came back with a pile of game coins in his hand. He looked extremely uncomfortable with a cold face because the cashier at the front desk had made a joke to him.


Tao Xi looked at the silver metal game coins in Lin Qinhe’s hand. The silver coins were shining like stars under the bright light. He asked Lin Qinhe, “Why do you suddenly want to play this? It’s a kid’s play.”


The claw machine was too inconsistent with Lin Qinhe’s persona.


Lin Qinhe was stunned, and after a moment of silence, he whispered, “I just saw you keep looking at the doll Uncle Yang was holding, and thought you liked it.”


Tao Xi was also stunned. He looked at the game coins that Lin Qinhe was holding carefully in his hand, and looked at Lin Qinhe’s uncomfortable face.


Nearby, there were many doll-catching couples and parents with children were gawking at Lin Qinhe, laughing and whispering about how such a tall, handsome man could also catch dolls.


Tao Xi was quiet for a few seconds and suddenly raised the corners of his mouth to reveal a smile, a smile that was genuinely happy.


In fact, what did he like about those dolls?


But he was really happy. He took out a silver coin from Lin Qinhe’s palm. The silver coin at his fingertips was shining like a sixpence under the moon, and his eyes were shining with stars as he smiled at Lin Qinhe and said:


“No, I like it very much, but I have never played it. Can you teach me?”


Lin Qinhe looked at Tao Xi’s eyes, his cold brows softened a bit. He put the game currency on the small table aside, took out one of them and threw it into the claw machine, showing Tao Xi how to catch the doll.


The claw machine took the height of the children and girls into consideration so the console was set very low. Lin Qinhe had to bend down. Tao Xi also bent down while standing next to Lin Qinhe. He glanced at Lin Qinhe’s profile, then looked at the glass window full of dolls, and the corners of the mouth could not help but turn up.


It was as if it was not a doll, but his favorite candy, exuding a sweet smell.


Lin Qinhe held the joystick and asked him, “Which one do you want?”


Tao Xi asked in a low voice, “Anything is fine?”


Lin Qinhe nodded.


Tao Xi pointed his finger at a Pikachu doll that was most likely to be caught at the top, and said, “I want this.”


Lin Qinhe began to concentrate on manipulating the clip, adjusting it for a while to make sure that it would be successful.


But in fact, he had never been to an amusement park since a long time ago, much less playing with claw machines. The first Pikachu clip fell off when he was close to the exit.


Lin Qinhe frowned, his fingers curled up and he looked a little embarrassed.


There were very few things in this world that he wanted to do but couldn’t do well.


Unfortunately, he encountered it today.


Tao Xi tried his best to hold back his laughter. At the age of sixteen or seventeen, he was aroused to be competitive and eager to try: “I’ll do it!”


Lin Qinhe stepped aside.


Tao Xi threw the silver coin in and followed Lin Qinhe’s example, carefully manipulating the clip, looking left and right, looking up and down, making sure for a long time before dropping the clip.


The clip that successfully caught the Pikachu slowly rose, the two people couldn’t help but hold their breath nervously, eyes following the clip that slowly moved to the exit.


Tao Xi thought this should be no problem, but the Pikachu fell inexplicably near the exit.






The two were quiet for a few seconds.


Tao Xi said: “There should be a problem with this clip.”


Lin Qinhe said: “It must be.”


The two people bent over in front of the low crane machine, spent all the game coins, and finally only caught two dolls, a white bear and a pink bear.


Tao Xi thought that Lin Qinhe didn’t like pink, so he handed the white bear to Lin Qinhe and said, “This is yours, and the pink one is mine. Do you have any opinion?”


Lin Qinhe took the little white bear and nodded, “No opinion.”


The two had finished dividing the spoils. They looked up and saw that there were almost no figures in the hall, and then looked at the time to realize it was already 10:30.


Tao Xi pinched the pink bear’s ears. Thinking of the pile of papers he hadn’t done yet, he was anxious and asked Lin Qinhe: “You said you’ll let me copy the homework, you didn’t lie to me, right?”


Lin Qinhe held the white bear in his hand. He looked at him and said, “I won’t lie to you.”


Tao Xi felt that Lin Qinhe’s gaze and tone of voice when he looked at himself were a little too serious.


It was so serious that it was like saying some kind of vow.


Then he finally heard the heartbeat in his chest that he tried to ignore all night, so restless and impenetrable.


He looked at Lin Qinhe, and suddenly wanted to ask the question regardless, but the words fluttered back and forth on the tip of his tongue, and he just couldn’t say it.


Maybe he should find a better time and make more adequate preparations.


He thought.


Tao Xi tried his best to return his heartbeat to calm, smiled and said, “Hurry back, go back and copy homework.”


But Lin Qinhe asked him: “Then are you happy now?”


Tao Xi’s hand squeezing the bear’s ear twitched.




He heard his heartbeat again.





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