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TMCTM Chapter 24

After Tao Xi was done with the four paintings, he managed to get a pay of 1,200 yuan, and one of the boys gave him an extra 200 tip because he was satisfied.


If Tao Jian came to him again, he planned to give the money to Tao Jian.


Tao Xi couldn’t help thinking that this way of making money was actually pretty good. Art students who study fine arts were basically not bad for money. If there was an emergency in the future, he could take some emergency orders.


After the National Day holiday was over, the last trace of summer heat was also blown away by the autumn breeze that arrived on schedule.


Tao Xi and Bi Chengfei finished eating in the cafeteria at noon and rushed to class. Bi Chengfei was going to play basketball, but when he glanced at the weather software on his phone, he gave up: “The weather forecast says there will be rain at noon, and it will soon fall. “


Tao Xi looked up at the sky, and the cumulonimbus clouds in the sky were dark and heavy that it could splash water with a light twist.


The two rushed to the classroom before it rained, but were stopped by Pan Yan who had rushed over as soon as they reached the first floor of the teaching building.


Pan Yan was anxious and looked embarrassed, he knelt down on the spot for Tao Xi: “Xi da! I can’t help you! Teacher Jiang saw that the paintings were painted by one person. We didn’t hold back and confessed that it was you. We were yelled at all morning, but she let you pass for now…”


The more he talked, the lower his voice. He watched Tao Xi’s expression carefully, but Tao Xi was not even panicked at all. Instead, he frowned and muttered to himself: “Actually can see it?”


When he was still thinking about his painting, Pan Yan was already sweating profusely.


Bi Chengfei didn’t know about Tao Xi helping art students with their homework, but everyone knew about the prestigious name of art teacher Jiang Lei in Wenhua No. 1 High School. This female devil had set a record of yelling at students for three hours without gasping.


“Xi ge, you are too miserable. It’s already not good to offend anyone, but you offend Jiang Lei.” Bi Chengfei patted Tao Xi’s shoulder helplessly, his eyes were tragic and solemn, and his tone of voice was painful.


“Okay, I’ll go there.” Tao Xi didn’t care. He and his principal had a battle of wits and bravery for three years in middle school. He was not afraid.


The chilly wind was howling and the Yi River was cold1A line from an ancient chinese poem, Yi Shui Ge by Jing Ke.
風蕭蕭兮易水寒,壯士一去兮不復還 (The chilly wind was howling and the Yi River was cold, the hero leaves, alas and will not return). It generally means even if it’s something dangerous and would cost him life, he still has to do it
. Under Bi Chengfei’s eyes, he went to the office building of the Department of Art with Pan Yan. When people were on the first floor, they would be able to hear a high-pitched soprano on the third floor, and when they reached the third floor, the eardrum issued a first-level warning.


Tao Xi had just stepped into one foot when the roar came down over his head: “Get over there!”


On the balcony of the office stood the four brothers who asked him to paint. One person was facing a flowerpot, and their head was hanging down like a bottle gourd. As soon as Pan Yan entered the office, he arched his waist and consciously stood in front of the fifth flower pot.


Tao Xi smiled at the angry Jiang Lei, who was sticking her waist in the air, and shouted, “Hello, teacher!” Then slowly walked to the sixth pot. Looking down, there was a cactus in the pot.


Jiang Lei was startled. This “gunner”2A term for someone who does thing for someone else. Think of it as something similar as ghostwriter. was obviously a habitual offender. She sneered angrily, and stopped scolding the five art students. She pointed to Tao Xi and began to unilaterally output sound waves:


“You’re Tao Xi in the first grade of high school, right? You can see everything after you live a long time. It’s the first time I saw a Class 1 student being an art class gunman. Is it because of too little homework or your hands are too itchy?”


“You really thought I was blind and couldn’t tell it was not painted by them? When I was holding the exhibition, you were not even a fertilized egg, you thought you could hide it from me? “


“Are you curious how I could tell? Let me tell you, painting is just like writing, the same person’s handwriting can be recognized no matter how disguised it is. Some characters can’t be changed in this life if they are used to writing, and painting is the same! You want to play tricks in front of me even with your little weight?!”


“You can draw them for a while, but are you going to sit for their art test?! Are you responsible for helping them in the Academy of Fine Arts?!”


“I think I’m going to call Zhou Qiang and ask questions. A student from the top class actually went to the art class to do business, so I will teach you a good job for him!”



Tao Xi kept his head down from beginning to end, and sometimes nodded in agreement, positively acknowledging his mistakes.


But it was actually in one ear and out the other. The long-stored rain in the sky threw down desperately as if it was trying to set off the environment. The sound of the rain banged on the balcony railing noisily and densely, and the cactus in front of him was completely wet.


He was thinking about how to go back without an umbrella and so on.


After Jiang Lei roared for a while, she saw Tao Xi staring at the cactus in a daze, and suddenly became so angry that she raised a few scales and shouted: “I think it is not enough to find the class teacher. I must find your parents. The son does not study well at school and does tricks every day. Do you have no father or no mother, relying on being a gunner to make money at the school? Don’t know which game is topped up using parents’ money, I think you lack family education!”


As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Tao Xi, who had been hanging his head, suddenly looked up to her. There was a smile at the corner of his mouth before he said, “Sorry, I really don’t have family education.”


Jiang Lei was startled. The white and beautiful boy turned against the dark sky outside the balcony, with a pair of moist eyes pressed with a thick gloom, like the cactus in front of him, with thorns all over his body.


Her heart couldn’t help but shrink, but the anger of being talked back quickly overwhelmed everything. She was about to continue shouting at Tao Xi when three knocks on the door suddenly came from outside.


Jiang Lei paused and said loudly: “Come in.”


The door was opened, and a tall and handsome boy walked in with a black umbrella dripping with water droplets. The office was dimly lit with no lights on, Jiang Lei couldn’t see the person clearly for a while, and asked impatiently: “What are you here for?”


The boy put the umbrella by the door, going to the balcony, looking at the person standing in front of the cactus in the sixth pot, his tone was indifferent:


“Come and take him back.”


Jiang Lei took a closer look using the light outside. The person who came in turned out to be Lin Qinhe. Although she only taught art students, it was impossible for her not to know Lin Qinhe. In addition to his grades, there was also a profound relationship between the Lin family and Wenhua No. 1 High School. Let’s just talk about Qiushi Building, it was named after Lin Zeqiu and Lin Zeshi, the two sons of the old municipal party committee secretary Lin Weiliang.


Lin Qinhe was the donor of Qiushi Building and the only son of Lin Zeshi, chairman of Ruize Group.


And her husband worked in the Ruize Group, and after spending a little half of his life, he still hadn’t made a difference.


Jiang Lei’s face immediately calmed down, and even a smile appeared, asking politely: “Who are you picking up?”


This was obviously a meaningless question, because Tao Xi had already jumped in front of Lin Qinhe. Where was the gloom on his face before? Looking at Lin Qinhe’s eyes, they were as bright as thousands of stars.


In fact, Tao Xi didn’t jump, Jiang Lei just felt that Tao Xi’s excitement was like a kindergarten kid who saw his parents come to pick him up going home.


Yes, seeing the parents. Jiang Lei suddenly remembered and was just about to say something to Tao Xi when Lin Qinhe looked at her and asked, “Teacher, can I take him away?”


This was obviously a question, but the tone didn’t sound like a question even the slightest.


Pan Yan and the other five art students who were still continuing to stand in punishment suddenly cast jealous and envious glances at Tao Xi.


Jiang Lei was stunned. In fact, she didn’t intend to let Tao Xi go easily, but she didn’t want to offend the Young Master Lin who had a deep background and she also did not want to lose face in front of her students, so she said to Tao Xi with a stern face:


“You can go back, but you must admit the mistake and apologize for your actions.”


Tao Xi lowered his head and whispered: “Teacher, I’m sorry.”


Jiang Lei’s complexion was slightly awkward. After Lin Qinhe came in, this brat was very obedient and did not talk back again. She planned to let Tao Xi go, but heard Lin Qinhe slowly say:


“Since Tao Xi has already apologized to you, should you also apologize to him for what you just said?”


The whole office was suddenly silent.


Jiang Lei’s complexion stiffened and heard Lin Qinhe continue to say: “Whether it’s the boss to the subordinates or the teacher to the students, you should not slander a person saying they do not have family education at will, should you?”


He paused, looking at Jiang Lei, the corners of his lips lifted slightly, but there was no smile in his eyes:


“What’s more, how much do you know about him?”


Lin Qinhe’s eyes were calm, but Jiang Lei clearly felt the oppression in his eyes.


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe, his eyelashes trembling a few times.


Jiang Lei was speechless, and her face was blue and red. She had never apologized to students after teaching here for so many years.


But Lin Qinhe was obviously going to protect his shortcomings to the end. Jiang Lei couldn’t help but wonder whether this student named Tao Xi had anything to do with the Lin family. If so, she really couldn’t afford to offend him.


“Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that to you just now.” Jiang Lei apologized to Tao Xi at last. The tone had changed and she also complimented a few words, “But I think you are very talented in painting. There is absolutely no problem with being admitted to the best art academy in the country under systematic training. Would you like to transfer from the first class to our art class?”


Lin Qinhe frowned and interrupted: “No need.” Then raised his hand to look at the time, and said coldly, “Teacher, do you have something else?”


Jiang Lei noticed Lin Qinhe’s obvious displeasure and impatience, so she said hurriedly: “It’s okay, it’s okay, you go back first.”


She watched Lin Qinhe take the umbrella and walk out of the office with Tao Xi. Suddenly, she remembered that her husband had told her that he had met Young Master Lin at the company, and it was almost as if he was carved out of the same mold as their taciturn but fearless chairman.


As soon as Tao Xi left the office, he couldn’t help but smile and asked Lin Qinhe: “Why are you here? Did Bi Chengfei tell you?”


When he saw Lin Qinhe come to the office at that time, he almost thought he had hallucinations. He never expected Lin Qinhe would walk so far in the rain to lead him back.


The kind of surprise and happiness that made the whole world glow and shine was something Tao Xi hadn’t experienced in a long time, so much that it was nothing to be criticized by Jiang Lei for a long time.


But Lin Qinhe ignored him. With a stern face, he walked downstairs without saying a word, walking quickly.


Tao Xi quickly followed and found that Lin Qinhe seemed to be angry again. Thinking that he was causing Lin Qinhe troubles, he pursed his lips and said carefully, “I’m sorry, It’s hard for you to run so far.”


But Lin Qinhe still ignored him, so he had to follow Lin Qinhe to the first floor of the office building nervously.


Tao Xi thought, Lin Qinhe only had one umbrella.


He looked around in the lobby on the first floor, hoping to find a public umbrella.


Outside the door, the rain was dense and woven, and Lin Qinhe stood at the door, holding the black umbrella in his hand and held it above his head. Looking at Tao Xi, he said with a frown, “Come here.”


Tao Xi was startled.


Did Lin Qinhe mean to share an umbrella with him?


But the rain was so heavy, both of them would get wet.


But in the next second, Tao Xi’s arm was held by one hand, and he was pulled under the black umbrella. As he approached suddenly, he seemed to smell a very refreshing scent. He didn’t know if it was Lin Qinhe’s body or the smell of grass in the rain.


His heart missed a beat. Following Lin Qinhe in panic, they walked into the majestic autumn rain together under an umbrella. The water vapor and the sound of rain in all directions immediately wrapped them in a small space.


The rain came intensively on the bluestone road, splashing white steam on the ground. Tao Xi lowered his head and walked very lightly, for fear that the water from the shoes would splash on Lin Qinhe’s legs.


After walking around for a while, he heard Lin Qinhe finally speak, asking him in a deep voice, “Do you like painting for others so much?”


Tao Xi was taken aback. Some did not understand what Lin Qinhe meant, but he was clearly aware of Lin Qinhe’s displeasure when he asked these words. He thought for a while and said tentatively:


“I like painting very much, but I paint them not because I like it, but to make money. You can earn 300 yuan per painting.”


Lin Qinhe was silent for a moment and asked, “Didn’t the school give you a scholarship? Not enough?”


Tao Xi was surprised. He didn’t expect Lin Qinhe to even know this. He hesitated for a while and said, “It’s actually enough. Maybe I spent too much money. You see, I also bought a mobile phone. I didn’t even think about it when I was in Qingshui County.”


“No matter what, don’t help people paint in the future. Raising your grades is the most important thing for you now.”


Tao Xi heard from Lin Qinhe’s tone that there was no room for discussion, but he was a little embarrassed. After a pause, he said, “Can’t I paint even after the holiday? Painting is the only way I can make money at the moment. How else can I feed myself?”


He turned his head to look at Lin Qinhe, and couldn’t help but joke: “Are you going to raise me?”


After speaking, he regretted it so much that he wanted to bite his tongue and kill himself.


But Lin Qinhe suddenly stopped in his tracks, turned slightly under the umbrella and looked at him with downcast eyes.


Tao Xi had to stop too, looking at Lin Qinhe’s eyes, slightly startled.


He had never seen Lin Qinhe’s gaze like this. Perhaps because of the wind and rain, the whole world was filled with rich water vapor. Lin Qinhe’s always indifferent gaze seemed hazy and not real.


It was as if… as if Lin Qinhe would promise him that.


The rain hit the umbrella hard, like his heartbeat suddenly beating noisily.


Tao Xi pinched his finger and drove away the absurd idea. He smiled and said, “I’m kidding! I will make a lot of money on my own in the future.” He blinked, “The kind that is rich enough to invite you to dinner every day!”


He also wanted to be like everyone else; concentrating on studying without burden, going on a trip with friends during the vacation, taking pictures of beautiful scenery along the way, and sharing and liked each other’s Moments.


But his life was destined to be harder than others.


But he didn’t want Lin Qinhe to know.


Lin Qinhe was silent for a while, then raised his foot and walked to the teaching building again, explaining: “I’m not stopping you from painting, I mean, your painting shouldn’t be sold for hundreds of yuan to people who don’t cherish it. It should have a higher value and be appreciated by more people.”


He looked at Tao Xi and asked, “Can you understand this?”


Tao Xi was stunned for a few seconds, but after realizing it, his ears started to get hot.


He didn’t expect Lin Qinhe to have such high expectations for his paintings, it made him a little flattered and a little confused.


For him, it was already good to earn hundreds of yuan by painting. In Taoxi Bay, the villagers might only earn a few thousand after a whole year of hard farming.


Could his paintings have such high value? Would they be appreciated by so many people?


Tao Xi didn’t believe Lin Qinhe’s words at the time, but he still nodded and said, “I know, I won’t help them paint in the future.”


After that, Lin Qinhe’s expression really improved a lot, Tao Xi relaxed and began to talk about other things.


“Is the midterm exam in early November?”


“Yes, so you’re on a tight schedule.”


Tao Xi found that Lin Qinhe seemed to be a little anxious about his grades, but he was also anxious: “I have done all the papers that Teacher Zhou gave me before. After I checked the papers, I found that there were still a lot of wrong answers. What if I didn’t get into the top fifty midterm exams?”


Lin Qinhe frowned, his voice darkened: “Study hard, there is still more than half a month left.”


Listening to Lin Qinhe’s words, Tao Xi seemed to feel quite settled, and then he started to get into it again: “Then if I get into the top 50, can you give me a reward?”


When he was young, when his classmates advanced two or three ranks in the exam, their parents would buy candy and toys, but even if he got the first place in the exam, Guo Ping never did that.


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe’s profile and clenched his fingers nervously, but Lin Qinhe did not answer directly:


“Take a test first, talk about it later.”


Tao Xi was unwilling. He grabbed the sleeve of Lin Qinhe’s left arm holding the umbrella and shook it lightly. A pair of eyes dizzy with rain and mist looked at Lin Qinhe in the gloomy light under the umbrella, softened his voice and said:


“No, you promise me first.”


He didn’t realize at that time that he was doing what he most hated, acting coquettish with Lin Qinhe.


He didn’t even realize that he often acted coquettish because of the possibility of being favored.


“What kind of reward do you want?” Lin Qinhe asked, not accustomed to being viewed this way, turning his face slightly.


Tao Xi smiled triumphantly, and said happily:


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  • 1
    A line from an ancient chinese poem, Yi Shui Ge by Jing Ke.
    風蕭蕭兮易水寒,壯士一去兮不復還 (The chilly wind was howling and the Yi River was cold, the hero leaves, alas and will not return). It generally means even if it’s something dangerous and would cost him life, he still has to do it
  • 2
    A term for someone who does thing for someone else. Think of it as something similar as ghostwriter.
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