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TMCTM Chapter 17

Yang Duole was sitting on the edge of the bed playing mobile games. Seeing Lin Qinhe coming in, he hid his phone in the quilt and complained: “Qinhe ge, why are you back so late today.”


Lin Qinhe didn’t answer him. Instead, he set the table beside the bed and put the dinner plate on the table: “Eat the meal.”


Yang Duole frowned, “I feel sick and can’t eat.”


Before, Luo Zhengyin came several times to ask him eat but he just didn’t want to eat. Luo Zhengyin couldn’t persuade him either.


“Why is it uncomfortable?” Lin Qinhe asked him.


Yang Duole was silent for a while before saying: “I saw Yang Zhengming’s new lover again. In order to please me, she came to the school to give me something in the afternoon. Qinhe ge, that woman looks very much like my mother. I really feel sick and nauseous.”


Lin Qinhe looked at him silently.


Yang Duole knew that Lin Qinhe would never talk to him about Fang Sui and he also vaguely felt that Lin Qinhe didn’t like his mother, but he felt uncomfortable in his heart. He wanted to vent:


“Now I see people who look like my mother, of course I feel uncomfortable. Do you know, when I first met Tao Xi, I was thinking about how there would be someone who looks like my mother, especially those eyes, they are so alike. I suddenly remembered a dream I had before, dreaming that I was not a child of my mother, and you all left me behind.”


Yang Duole’s eyes were a little red at the end. His grandparents and Mother Luo seldom mentioned his mother in front of him, so he never knew how disappointed they would be that he was not like Fang Sui. Not only did he not look like Fang Sui, but he also did not have Fang Sui’s talent for drawing and writing.


He also wanted to work hard to learn to paint. When he was a child, the teacher asked about his dream. He always said that he wanted to be a painter like his mother.


But he really didn’t have this talent, and later he simply stopped drawing because of anger. They wouldn’t blame him, and would instead coax him.


But he still felt uncomfortable.


Yang Duole raised his head to look at Lin Qinhe and said, “Qinhe ge, every time I see you talking to Tao Xi, I think of that dream and I can’t help but feel uncomfortable.”


He hoped that Lin Qinhe could say something to comfort him, but he listened to Lin Qinhe calmly replied: “You can’t make yourself uncomfortable and be hostile to someone who hasn’t hurt you just because of a dream.”


Yang Duole was taken aback. He was so sad, but Lin Qinhe was so indifferent. He couldn’t help but slapped the table angrily, the chopsticks on the plate rolled, and he said loudly:


“It is obvious that Tao Xi was hostile to me first! Qinhe ge, we have grown up together since childhood. You have only known him for a few days, but you’re speaking for him!”


He didn’t know why he was so wary of Tao Xi. It seemed to be an instinct, a self-protection instinct, as if this person meant danger to him.


And he obviously felt that the way Lin Qinhe treated Tao Xi was slightly different from others, which made him nervous and frightened for no reason, as if it was a sign that he was about to be taken away.


Lin Qinhe frowned, his voice suddenly becoming heavy, “Yang Duole.”


Yang Duole was stunned. He knew that whenever Lin Qinhe called his full name, it meant that he was really angry.


And he was afraid of Lin Qinhe who was angry.


Yang Duole had to lower his head and awkwardly shut up.


“Eat first. You’ve grown up. Your mother definitely doesn’t want you to be like this.”


Lin Qinhe picked up the chopsticks from the dinner plate and handed it to Yang Duole. Like every time he used to deal with Yang Duole’s temper, Yang Duole would most likely be obedient as long as he mention his mother Fang Sui.


Yang Duole took the chopsticks from Lin Qinhe in silence, bowed his head and started to eat.


He could be wilful, but he couldn’t wrong the mother who gave her life to give birth.


Lin Qinhe looked at him taking a few bites before turning around and leaving the room. Luo Zhengyin who was standing quietly outside, was relieved when she saw Yang Duole eating.


The mother and son left Yang Duole’s room silently. When they arrived in the living room, Luo Zhengyin asked: “What is the matter with Tao Xi and Lele? Why does Lele hate him so much?”


She only listened halfway and didn’t hear Yang Duole’s words before.


Lin Qinhe knew that Luo Zhengyin had eavesdropped, so he replied perfunctorily: “It’s nothing.” He paused, and his tone became calmer, “Are you all going to spoil him until he reaches adulthood?”


Except in front of him, Yang Duole almost did whatever he wanted, having the family playing with his temper, coaxing him back and forth.


Luo Zhengyin was startled and sighed: “He is not in good health. He hasn’t had a mother since he was a child. Dad… it’s better for him not to have one. We should always love him a little bit and treat him a little better.”


Lin Qinhe frowned, not wanting to listen to this set of words that had been said countless times.




Tao Xi had been thinking about how to treat Lin Qinhe well before going to bed at night, and after thinking about it, he felt more and more useless.


Lin Qinhe lacked nothing, and he lacked everything.


He thought, maybe he should ask someone who understood this.


There was a vacant seat in the class the next day. Tao Xi knew only after hearing people talk that Jiang Xinyun seemed to be transferring schools for unknown reasons, while Chen Yachun and Zhang Mengtong were criticized by school leaders and punished.


In fact, the three people apologized yesterday, but Tao Xi did not accept it.


He was not an open-minded person.


Tao Xi didn’t rest assured, he only had learning and Lin Qinhe in his eyes. Among the two, Lin Qinhe was more important than learning.


“Do you need help fetching water?” Tao Xi glanced at Lin Qinhe’s bottle that only had half of water left during the morning break. He blinked as he asked.


“No need to.”




Tao Xi picked up Lin Qinhe’s water bottle and walked to the drinking room without looking back.


He discovered that Lin Qinhe often denied it habitually, not really because of not wanting it.


Tao Xi filled Lin Qinhe’s water bottle with water and returned to his seat, put it on Lin Qinhe’s desk, and said with a smile, “You’re welcome.”


“…” Lin Qinhe lowered his head and turned the next page.


Tao Xi looked at Lin Qinhe, but fell into thought again.


Could it be that he was only a little water-fetching brother, no other use?


It was impossible for him to talk to Lin Qinhe during class. After class, he was different from Lin Qinhe. Not to mention, there was always an annoying Yang Duole next to Lin Qinhe.


Study? He himself needed to be tutored by Lin Qinhe.


Life? He himself was the target of poverty alleviation.


Tao Xi put his head on his arm and tilted his head to look at Lin Qinhe’s side in a daze. After thinking for a while, he still didn’t figure out what he could do for Lin Qinhe.


He decided to ask someone. Just when he was about to withdraw his gaze, he suddenly realized that Lin Qinhe’s ear tips seemed a little red?


The autumn in September was indeed a hot, but there was air conditioning in the classroom.


Tao Xi thought for a while and asked empathetically, “Do I need to lower the temperature of the air conditioner? You seem to be a little hot.”


As a result, Lin Qinhe didn’t say anything, but stood up and walked out of the classroom.


Tao Xi was stunned, wondering what happened to Lin Qinhe.


In an attitude of eagerness for knowledge, the first one to find was the most familiar Bi Chengfei.


“How to be nice to someone? It’s not easy. Help her with her English homework, buy her ice cream in summer, buy her hot milk tea in winter, play basketball to make her happy, and pour her a cup of hot water if she feels sick… “


Bi Chengfei kept teaching his own experience of chasing Jin Jing without realizing that this experience was unsuccessful.


Tao Xi thought, his brain must have been caught in the door1脑子被门夹 (nǎozi bèi mén jiā) = stupid before asking Bi Chengfei.


After the club activities on Sunday, Tao Xi packed up his painting tools and prepared to leave, but was stopped by Qiao Yitang: “Xue di, let’s have a meal together at noon.”


Tao Xi looked at Qiao Yitang’s smiling face, and the strange feeling in his heart came out again. He always felt that Qiao Yitang looked at him like a medical student looking at a white mouse, full of indescribable research desire.


He thought of the self-review given to Lin Qinhe and immediately refused: “I eat very casually at noon. Xue jie, you must not be used to it.”


Qiao Yitang did not give up, and said in a good manner: “I also eat casually. If you want to eat noodles, I also can eat it. Don’t be nervous, it is a tradition in our club that the president and the member to have a heart-to-heart talk. You didn’t come to the last club dinner, so I must make it up for you.”


Tao Xi was still hesitating, but he listened to Qiao Yitang’s self-promotion: “If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me; study, life and even personal emotions. I can satisfy you with all these questions. “


Tao Xi was moved.


He did have very important questions to ask, and Qiao Yitang was not in his class, which made him very relieved.


In a cheap roadside noodle restaurant, after Qiao Yitang talked about her few fans, she put down the chopsticks and stretched out her two hands. She counted her fingers and said leisurely:


“You really found the right person for this question. I have had ten boyfriends since elementary school. The current boyfriend is in his second year at Wenhua University School of Medicine.”


Tao Xi was a little puzzled. He just asked how to treat someone nicely. What did it have to do with Qiao Yitang and her boyfriend?


Seeing Tao Xi’s face blank, Qiao Yitang thought that the silly boy hadn’t been in love, so she said: “You have someone you like, do you want to chase her?”


Tao Xi was startled.


That was right, he came here all the way from Qingshui County because he liked Lin Qinhe.


“Yes, I want someone.” Tao Xi’s tone was calm but his eyes were firm.


Qiao Yitang’s chopsticks fell into the bowl. She looked at Tao Xi in shock, thinking that she might be wrong.


Want someone, no matter how you hear this sentence… it was a bit too explicit, and there was even a bit of affection in that respect, but the person who said this sentence actually asked her a naive question on how to be kind to someone with a simple expression on his face.


Qiao Yitang considered it and asked, “What kind of person is she2Both she and he sound the same in Chinese but are written differently. QYT use (她) here which is used for woman?”


Tao Xi was holding a bowl of noodles, and his eyes lighted up: “He3Tao Xi on the other hand, used (他) for man is very good, has a very good grades, looks good, treats people well, kind and has a sense of justice. There is no better person in the world than him!”


Qiao Yitang was flashed by the light in Tao Xi’s eyes, that kind of passion that put the sweetheart on the tip of their heart, the passion to give everything that she had never experienced from ten boyfriends. She couldn’t help but say sourly: “There is no perfect person in the world.”


“No, he is a perfect person.” Tao Xi retorted.


Qiao Yitang choked and said, “Then such a person is very difficult to chase. If she’s as good as you said, there will be many people who like her.”


The light in Tao Xi’s eyes dimmed: “That’s right, and he has a cold personality and doesn’t like to talk. I don’t know how to get closer to him.”


He paused, as if thinking of something, his tone was even more lost: “In addition, he has a very good friend.”


Qiao Yitang wondered: “What does her having a good friend has to do with you chasing her? “


Tao Xi was stunned. It was difficult for him to explain this to Qiao Yitang, so he frankly said: “Their relationship is so good, I can’t help being jealous of that friend.”


Qiao Yitang couldn’t figure it out again, why would anyone be jealous of his sweetheart and the best friend?


She thought for a while and said, “Why do you need to be jealous? If you like someone, you want to fall in love with her, kiss, make love, or even get married at last, and friends are just friends. If you are really together, she will belong to you alone, and no matter how good friends they are, they won’t be able to enter your two-person world.”


Tao Xi was completely stunned.


Fall in love, kiss, make love, get married…


He had never thought about this, he didn’t dare to think, the object of these things could be Lin Qinhe.


He just rushed to Lin Qinhe awkwardly, wanting to enter Lin Qinhe’s world and stand beside Lin Qinhe.


But he never thought that he could own Lin Qinhe.


Could Lin Qinhe belong to him alone?


Just thinking about this for a while, Tao Xi felt that the whole person was floating, and the whole world was beginning to shine.


Immediately afterwards, he couldn’t help but imagine him and Lin Qinhe doing these things, but after only thinking about it only for a while, he didn’t dare to think about it anymore. His entire face began to blush.


Qiao Yitang amusedly looked at the boy’s cheeks and moist eyes, wondering which lucky girl would make such a beautiful boy wanted her, she inexplicably felt the vicissitudes of youth, and sighed:


“If you figure it out, just listen to me. I’ll tell you how to chase her.”


On this day, Tao Xi learned a lot in the noodle restaurant and set a grand goal.


He wanted to pursue Lin Qinhe and fall in love with Lin Qinhe.


First, he needed to buy a mobile phone to download WeChat as Qiao Yitang said.


On this day, Qiao Yitang was also satisfied with the gossip. She clicked on WeChat on her mobile phone and typed in an input box:


“Your tablemate has a crush. She seems to be a very cold girl with top grades and not talkative. Do you have such a girl in your class? “




The author has something to say:
One more chapter
Xiao Tao changed his mind and decided to start chasing his husband


T/N: Tao Xi be like: study is important but Lin Qinhe is importanter, also Lin Qinhe got red because Tao Xi stared at him lmao


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  • 1
    脑子被门夹 (nǎozi bèi mén jiā) = stupid
  • 2
    Both she and he sound the same in Chinese but are written differently. QYT use (她) here which is used for woman
  • 3
    Tao Xi on the other hand, used (他) for man
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