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TMCTM Chapter 13

The good mood of the lunch break did not last long, because the weekly test results came out in the afternoon.


After Tao Xi got the paper, he counted the total score. He didn’t know what rank he got, but he knew he was 20 points less than Bi Chengfei.


Bi Chengfei had always been slacking in class so the result must be not that good.


This made Tao Xi very shocked. He hid the paper and did not dare to let Lin Qinhe see it, even though Lin Qinhe was definitely not interested in reading his paper.


After returning to the dormitory at night, he was forced to watch a performance by Xu Ziqi, a master of yin and yang.


“The results did come out… no ranking. It must be the first in Class 2… After asking around, it is 5 points higher than the bottom of the Class 1… There should be no problem in the midterm… I have said that the end of the last term was just a mistake. That’s it, what are you anxious about…”


@ Bi Chengfei did you put your results on the bulletin board?


Pan Yan was painting, and the little fat man rolled his eyes and said to Tao Xi: “Tao Xi, can you help me see if the paint in my painting is too thick? Why does it feel thicker than some humans?”


Tao Xi felt that if he lived in this dormitory, he would not be far from becoming a yin and yang person.


At noon the next day Tao Xi still finished lunch at the fastest speed and rushed to the classroom. There was still only one Huang Qing who was silent like a ghost in the classroom.


Sitting in his seat, he religiously took out the topic that Lin Qinhe had set for him yesterday from the new paper bag he bought while gritting teeth. Every piece of paper was smooth and unmarked. He carefully read the questions he got the wrong answer again. Even if he had a bad memory, he would not forget it.


Five minutes, ten minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes…


Tao Xi had already taken out his own papers and started to study. When the back door made a sound, he would turn his head to look at the door, but the one who opened the door was never the one he wanted to see.


It wasn’t until two minutes before class in the afternoon that Tao Xi saw Lin Qinhe coming in through the front door. The light in his eyes lit up instantly, but in a blink of an eye he saw Yang Duole coming in behind Lin Qinhe, holding a half-drunk milk tea in one hand, and a supplementary book in the other.


Tao Xi quickly lowered his head and continued to work on the topic in front of him with a pen.


He knew he was daydreaming, actually hoping that Lin Qinhe would return to the classroom early during the lunch break as he did yesterday to help him with his homework.


Sometimes, like now, the malice deep in his heart would suddenly grow wildly, yelling in his heart:


Expose it all! Take back everything that belongs to you! This should be yours!


But he knew that he might be able to regain his superior family status, regain the attention of his relatives, and regain his origin.


But he could not take back Lin Qinhe.


He couldn’t take back the feelings that Lin Qinhe and Yang Duole grew up with. After all, he even had to steal Yang Duole from his dream, but stealing was stealing. Only after stealing it, he realized that it was very bitter.


He didn’t need a good background. He only wanted a Lin Qinhe from the start.


Yes, Tao Xi wanted Lin Qinhe.


He still didn’t know what the method was, but this voice was getting louder and louder in his heart, roaring through the mountains and seas that even if he closed your mouth and didn’t say anything, it would still definitely come out of his eyes.


So when Lin Qinhe pulled a chair beside him as usual and sat down, he didn’t dare to pretend to look aside inadvertently as usual and instead he looked at the person next to him from the corner of his eyes.


He just kept his head buried in writing papers.


After that day, Tao Xi would still return to the classroom quickly at noon, but he would no longer hope that the person beside him would come back early. The truth was that there was no such thing.


During the free activities in the physical education class, Bi Chengfei wanted to take him to play basketball again, but Tao Xi refused, holding the materials to find a place to study.


Many of the benches in the rest area were occupied by girls. He walked to the school’s only milk tea shop. Unlike the two or three square meters cottage milk tea shop in Qingshui County where the sanitary quality was worrying, this milk tea shop was very large, with two floors and the decoration style was very girly.


Tao Xi thought of the milk tea and supplementary materials that Yang Duole held that day. Perhaps he was in this milk tea shop, doing his homework and getting tutored by Lin Qinhe. Lin Qinhe would definitely dislike this style of place.


Tao Xi walked into the milk tea shop unconsciously. The walls inside were light pink and light blue. Like a coffee shop, there were many semi-enclosed decks, and most of them were girls eating desserts and chatting.


The store manager was a woman in her early forties, with a kind-looking face. She smiled at him when she saw the newcomer.


Tao Xi regretted coming in when he glanced at the menu on the cashier counter. The price behind the long list of milk tea names was a few dozen.


Tao Xi smiled awkwardly at the store manager, turned around and was about to leave, but when he turned around a semi-enclosed deck, he heard some familiar sounds.


“Didn’t you still have a good impression of Tao Xi before? But, he’s not interested in you at all in the end.” A girl chuckled. Tao Xi thought about it. She was Zhang Mengtong, a representative of the Chinese class who often with Jiang Xinyun and had praised his writing.


“Who has a crush on him?” It was Jiang Xinyun’s voice, eager to deny it.


“Didn’t you pass a note to ask him be your tablemate? Now you don’t admit that you like him.” Zhang Mengtong said.


“I didn’t! I…how could I like someone from the countryside?”


A girl laughed, it seemed that it was Chen Yachun: “I couldn’t figure it out at the time. Xinyun always had a high vision. How could she be interested in rural men? You must know that no matter how good he is but if he comes from the countryside, the rural thinking cannot be changed.”


“Yes, no matter how good he looks, he will be a typical white collar guy from a working-class background in the future. Xinyun, if you marry him, he will definitely cheat on you after the Jiang family develops. “Zhang Mengtong pretended to be enlightened.


“You guys are talking farther and farther away!” Jiang Xinyun was a little annoyed.


“But Tao Xi is quite weird. It stands to reason that if there are girls in our school who like him, those with a bit of vision and ambition should seize this opportunity. Maybe they will climb the ladder.” Chen Yachun said.


“What if he likes Jin Jing’s noble and glamorous type?” Zhang Mengtong smiled.


“Don’t provoke my relationship with Jin jing! Jin Jing only likes Lin Qinhe.” Jiang Xinyun scolded.


“So what, Lin Qinhe can’t look down on her.” Chen Yachun chuckled lightly, with a contemptuous tone.


“Okay, I know who you like.” Zhang Mengtong smiled at Chen Yachun.


Tao Xi was standing behind a hollow wall with pink wallpaper in the deck, so he could hear clearly. He half-dropped his eyelashes and sneered silently, not intending to break the discussion of the girls.


When he was in Qingshui, he would fight with men no matter what until others were convinced, and he never mixed up with girls.


What could he do? He couldn’t beat them, so rushed over and scolded them? It could only be self-humiliating.


Tao Xi was about to leave when she heard a girl’s voice suddenly said: “Your family education teach you to talk about people behind their back?”


“Oh, the dumb forever top 2 wants to get justice for others. Why, this is your store, so we can’t talk anymore?” Chen Yachun’s voice was sour.


“We can do a lot of business for your mother, are you rushing for customers?” Zhang Mengtong smiled and took a sip of milk tea.


Huang Qing looked at the three girls coldly. Not far away, her mother was giving her a wink. She was speechless, turned and walked outside the milk tea shop, but when she turned, she ran into Tao Xi.


She was startled, and wanted to open her mouth subconsciously when she saw Tao Xi stretch out his index finger and made a “hush” motion.


The two walked silently outside the milk tea shop. Tao Xi looked at the pale girl with a neat ponytail and smiled before saying, “Thank you just now, but don’t do this in the future, lest they isolate you for this.”


He knew how it feels to be isolated, and it didn’t feel good at all.


Huang Qing said blankly: “What’s the matter, haven’t I been isolated long ago?”


Tao Xi thought for a moment and remembered that Huang Qing was indeed all alone. When she was about to say goodbye, she heard Huang Qing say: “Tao Xi, don’t listen to them. I think you are very good.”


Tao Xi was taken aback. To tell the truth, he had spoken to many classmates for so long since school started, but he was completely unfamiliar with this person.


He smiled slightly, sincerely, “Thank you.”


Because of the little kindness he received, he was very grateful.


After Tao Xi was about to leave, fearing embarrassment of bumping into those girls, he saw Lin Qinhe and Yang Duole walking here, perhaps to accompany Yang Duole to buy milk tea.


He paused, after thinking about it, he curled his eyes and smiled at Lin Qinhe.


But Lin Qinhe didn’t even look at him, and walked into the milk tea shop with Yang Duole. Instead, Yang Duole smiled at him and called him.


Tao Xi was startled slightly. He felt that Lin Qinhe seemed colder than when he first saw him on the first day of school.


Then he suddenly realized that since Lin Qinhe said “I will listen” to him that day on the club activities day, he seemed to have no initial indifference.


Although there was still no expression and he didn’t take the initiative to speak to him, but it seemed that he no longer refused him thousands of miles away, making him afraid to approach.


But Lin Qinhe just now made him feel disgusted.


Yes, it was disgust.


He finally remembered that when Zhou Qiang asked him to sit next to Lin Qinhe on the first day of school, Lin Qinhe looked at him when he refused directly.


He was dazzled by being able to sit next to Lin Qinhe, and he didn’t even understand the meaning of the look in his eyes.


That look was clearly the same as the disgust in Lin Qinhe’s eyes when he told Lin Qinhe that there were roses in the drawer.


Tao Xi took a deep breath. Maybe the air-conditioning in the milk tea shop just now was too high. He suddenly felt a bit cold in his hands, and left the milk tea shop after bidding farewell to Huang Qing.


Yang Duole walked into the milk tea shop and looked at Lin Qinhe beside him. He said in surprise: “Qinhe ge, didn’t you never enter here before? Why did you come in today?”


Ninety percent of the customers of this milk tea shop were girls. If Yang Duole didn’t have sweet tooth and like drinking milk tea, he himself wouldn’t be willing to enter such a girly milk tea shop, and Lin Qinhe would stay away, never stepping into this door even for half a step. He wanted Lin Qinhe to help himself with his homework here and Lin Qinhe would rather stand on the playground than come in.


As expected, Lin Qinhe looked a little uncomfortable. The sweet to greasy smell in the store made him frown, standing not far from the door and didn’t walk inside.


He didn’t answer Yang Duole’s question but urged in a deep voice, “Go and buy it and leave.”


Some girls who were drinking milk tea and chatting quietly looked at Lin Qinhe as if they had discovered a new world, lowered their heads and bit their ears to discuss in a low voice.


Yang Duole noticed that Lin Qinhe’s mood suddenly became bad. Although Lin Qinhe always had a cold face and no expression, he knew how Lin Qinhe’s mood was as a friend of more than 16 years.


He was fascinated and said nothing, and quickly walked to the counter.


Lin Qinhe stood in place and raised his wrist to look at his watch, and then looked out the glass door. The two people who were standing at the door and chatting had long been gone. He was about to turn around and walk outside the door when Jiang Xinyun, Zhang Mengtong and Chen Yachun came out.


The three girls were a little surprised seeing Lin Qinhe’s expression. Zhang Mengtong quietly poked Chen Yachun next to him. Chen Yachun paused, looked up at Lin Qinhe, and showed him a smile. When she smiled, she would reveal two dimples. It was the expression she thought was the best.


Chen Yachun never expected Lin Qinhe to respond to her, but Lin Qinhe looked at her. However, before she could be happy, her heart sank quickly.


Lin Qinhe only glanced at her, then turned and walked out of the store.


But besides the same indifference as before, that gaze also had distinct disgust. It was clear that even if she didn’t know how she had offended Lin Qinhe, she obviously felt that this person was disgusted by her.




Tao Xi was holding a book alone found an empty bench and sat down to study by himself. After reading the book for a long time and couldn’t understand it, Lin Qinhe’s eyes always appeared in his mind.


Lin Qinhe’s eyes were very beautiful, and his pupils were amber in the sun. When looking at a person for a long time, because of his higher height, the long and dense eyelashes were always half drooping. Occasionally, it trembled slightly, cutting off some cold and alienated eyes like a swallowtail, giving people the illusion that they were being watched seriously.


Tao Xi was stared at by these eyes. On the day of the club activity day, when he begged Lin Qinhe in every way to help him stay in the class, perhaps it was because of this illusion that made him extra courageous that day.


Tao Xi didn’t know why Lin Qinhe seemed to hate him again, but he was not discouraged by it.


He told himself that the future was long and he still had a year to work hard.


But Tao Xi didn’t know how he had to work hard to get closer to Lin Qinhe. He could only try to keep himself in Class 1, as was what Lin Qinhe told him.


Wanting to be his friend, then just entered the top fifty in the mid-term entrance examination.


Tao Xi was suddenly full of enthusiasm again, and spent more time in the quilt with a flashlight at night, and his face was sweaty when he got out of the quilt after studying.


Although he covered it very tightly, Xu Ziqi always weirdly said that light disturbed his sleep. He was afraid that Xu Ziqi would go to the dormitory to report it, so he had to wrap the flashlight with a dark plastic bag, which showed only a very weak light.


But the consequence of this is that his eyes felt a little swollen every time he finished studying.


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  1. kawaii1234567 says:

    “Sometimes, like now, the malice deep in his heart would suddenly grow wildly, yelling in his heart:”

    It bothers me that even when the author addresses this it is as a one line after/side thought. Then TX goes back to cooler than a cucumber.

    1. nix says:

      I think…TX emotions is too complex to be summed up. From that start, it’s clear LQH is more important for him. His goal is to stand beside the moon. But to do that, he needed to reclaim his spot as the star next to the moon. That means his feelings towards YDL is only secondary; just a necessary step to achieve his primary goal (LQH). He’s not out here for revenge, but for love. Tbh I think he’s quite pitiful. It’s not that he’s playing it cool, he’s hurt (most of the time) and he’s angry, but he can only grit his teeth and subject his attention to studying, because he couldn’t afford to hurt YDL. If he hurt YDL, he might lose LQH altogether. He’s like threading in thin ice, always fearful. He couldn’t be himself. If he’s not mad or angry enough, it’s because the author is trying to express that TX is repressing his selfish nature here, not brushing it off (actually, his selfishness shows from time to time, but he’s scolding himself since he knows it’s not right)

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