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ISIG Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The Idyllic Scenery is Infinitely Good



 Chapter 3

The next day, Lin Cheng drove the ox cart in a hurry to the entrance of the village. He saw Lin Mai carry a basket on his back to the market, so he raised his voice and said, “Mai Zi!”


Lin Mai turned around and smiled when he saw that it was Lin Cheng, “Brother Chengzi.”


“Come up, I’ll take you to the market.” Lin Cheng stopped the cart so that Lin Mai could get in.Lin Mai also did not evade him and got on to the carriage.


The two of them were talking and laughing cheerfully as they went to the market, but other people did not think so.


“Tsk, really a shameless thing!” Yu Xiaoli looked at the ox cart that just passed by and couldn’t help but spit.


Li Cui Cui gritted her teeth and said in an unusual tone, “Exactly, Last time, I also saw that shameless person and Lin Cheng pulling each other’s hand in an overfamiliar way.”


“Really?” Yu Xiaoli widened her eyes and hurriedly went over to ask: “When did it happen? How that I don’t know about it?”


“It just happened yesterday. In broad daylight in front of Lin Cheng’s house. Tsk, tsk, I’m embarrassed to even say that.” Li Cui Cui covered her mouth, her eyes full of disdain and contempt.


“Ow, it’s exactly like what I have said, he has such an unrestrained mother, how good that child could be?Can’t you see that at this age, hasn’t any man come to his house to propose a marriage? If it were me, I’d be too ashamed to go out.” Yu Xiaoli covered her chest with ‘as if she was scared’ expression, but her voice was not small at all and there were some people in front and behind, after hearing her words, they started to discuss one after another.


This side of the discussion was full of excitement but Lin Cheng’s side was completely unaware of ….


Lin Cheng put the pork meat and divided it on the long table before he turned his head to Lin Mai who was selling eggs next to him and said: “Mai Zi, you really don’t want to keep the eggs?”


“No need, moreover I’m not bringing much this time. I also left some of it at home, enough for me and Grandma to eat for some period of time.” Lin Mai said.


Only when Lin Cheng wanted to say something, someone came to buy meat from him, the one who came was his old frequent customer: “Yo, Zhao Da Ge (Big Brother Zhao), so early this morning ah?”


Zhao Wen is the owner of a restaurant.This year, he is only twenty-five or twenty-six years old. His personality is shrewd and he does his job cautiously. He usually often buys pork meat from Lin Cheng so gradually the two of them became close.


“I couldn’t help it, I got a big job yesterday.

The master of the Chen family is having a birthday party today and has chosen our place for the banquet so I have to get the materials ready as soon as possible.” The thought of another large sum of silver money entered into his wallet, Zhao Wen smiled cheerfully ……


Lin Cheng laughed and said: ” That’s good ah! Then do you want to buy some for cooking today?”


Zhao Wen pointed to the fan of pork on the bench behind him and said, “I’ll take all of it, just calculate the price.”


Lin Cheng looked back at the pork meat behind him and said, “Just pay the usual amount of silver you usually give me.”


“Deal!” Zhao Wen told his little friend to put the pork in the basket and fish out the silver from his own purse.


Lin Cheng put the silver inside his chest and asked Zhao Wen again, “Do you want to buy eggs?”


“Huh?” Zhao Wen was stunned for a moment and said: “You also sell eggs? When did you start selling it? How I don’t know about that?”


“It’s not me.” Lin Cheng pointed to Lin Mai who was sitting dazedly by the side and said, “My family’s little brother, how is it? Buy some bei!”


[呗 /bei :modal particle indicating that things should only or can only be done a certain way]


Zhao Wen looked around and saw that there was really an egg seller.He had just noticed that someone was there. He looked at Lin Mai before he looked at Lin Cheng again, then he came close to Lin Cheng and whispered: ” Lie to me, huh? Since when does your family have a little brother? Tell me honestly, is it your sweetheart? Otherwise, how could you be so kind? I’ve known you at least for a year now! Quick! Tell Ge (this brother) about it!”


Lin Cheng turned round and stretched out his hand to beat Zhao Wen a little but didn’t make a sound (reply him), but Zhao Wen felt that he tacitly agreed so he repeatedly looked at Lin Cheng several times before saying: “Ge still don’t understand you ah! Okay, then I’ll buy this basket of eggs just for your sake.”


“That’s my nice brother!” Lin Cheng smiled at Zhao Wen and reached out his hand to push Lin Mai who was still in daze and said: “Mai Zi, Mai Zi, someone’s buying eggs!”


[The original words is this 夠义气 , literally it mean ‘Enough loyalty’ or hey, ‘that’s quite loyal of you’. Loyalty here is the loyalty for the code of brotherhood, between bro and bro kind of loyalty]


“Huh? Ah!” Lin Mei was utterly confused a little as he looked at Lin Cheng, a bit unable to respond to what he had just said.


Lin Cheng helplessly repeated what he had just said earlier, “He wants to buy your eggs.”


“Oh.” Lin Mai nodded and asked Zhao Wen: “How many do you want?”


“All of them. How much?” Zhao Wen asked.


“One wen for each, there are thirty eggs in this basket in total.” Lin Mai said after he counted the eggs.


Zhao Wen didn’t say anything more, he paid the money and let his little subordinate go to take the eggs. Under the cover of Lin Mai bent down to lift up the basket, Zhao Wen rushed to Lin Cheng and showed him a meaningful smile.


Lin Cheng grudgingly rolled his eyes, anyway, no matter what he said now would be perceived by Zhao Wen as he was concealing something, so he didn’t bother (lazy) to explain, although it was true,what Zhao Wen had said was what was on his mind …


After Zhao Wen left with his little subordinate, Lin Mai, who already had nothing to sell, sat down with Lin Cheng for a while longer before going to buy the things Li Fang had asked him to buy.


The reason was that after taking Lin Cheng’s cloth material home yesterday, only then he realized his family had run out of needlework’s material, so he took the opportunity to buy it when he came to the market today to set up his stall.


When Lin Mai turned around, carrying with him the thread and needles he had bought, he saw Lin Cheng and a charming young lady were talking and laughing very happily.


Lin Mai felt that scenery where the two of them were laughing and joking, very unsightly (offended his eyes) but what could he do? After all, Lin Cheng was not his.


Lin Mai had always had a secret in his heart which he didn’t dare to tell anyone. Actually, he had already fallen in love with Lin Cheng who had a brilliant smile on his face several months earlier because Lin Cheng was very kind to him and did not loathe him like the people in the village, this made him feel a little trace of warmth in his heart.


But he knew that Lin Cheng only treated him with the same kind of care and affection he had for his own little brother, and nothing more than that…..


Lin Mai held back the sourness in his heart, walked forward and pulled out a smile and said: “Brother Chengzi, I’m back from shopping.”


The young lady didn’t say much anymore to Lin Cheng when she saw someone was coming, she took the pork meat and smiled at Lin Mai and left.


Lin Cheng gave Lin Mai two meat buns and casually asked: “What have you bought?”


“Needles and thread ah.” Lin Mai took a bite of the bun and asked Lin Cheng somewhat vaguely, “Who’s that young lady?”


“Which young lady?” Lin Cheng asked as he didn’t understand.


Lin Mai glared at Lin Cheng and said in a bad mood,”You were just talking to her so happily and now you’ve forgotten?”


“Oh, you mean the one just now?

She’s Doctor Lin’s daughter, the doctor that opened his clinic at the end of the street. She regularly comes here to buy meat from me.” Lin Cheng scratched his hair and asked: “What’s wrong with that girl?”


“Nothing, she’s quite good looking.”

Lin Mai took another bite of the bun and said casually.


Lin Cheng froze for a moment and said with amusement: ” You are a little Ger, How can you marry a wife? Besides, that Lin Xing Er is a year older than you, the same age as me.”


After Lin Cheng finished talking, he just realized that he had said something improper and tried to explain, but was interrupted by Lin Mai.


Only to see Lin Mai waving his hand and said somehow coldly: “Don’t talk nonsense! Nothing like that.”


This time, Lin Cheng couldn’t think of any way to explain so the two of them just stood there for a while. Lin Mai also felt that he had just gone too far. Just a moment when he was about to find another topic to talk to Lin Cheng, Lin Cheng had already turned his body around and gone to cut meat for someone else.


In fact,at this time Lin Cheng was also a bit annoyed. What he had just said earlier was only a joke, however, with regards to Lin Mai’s somewhat cold tone, he always felt a little guilty in his heart.


After all, a ger’s position (status) was actually very awkward, because although a ger could give birth, they couldn’t compare with a girl. Although Ger had strength, they were not as good as a man. In fact, it was not true that a ger cannot marry a wife, there were some rich families who gave their gers marry a young girl at home. But in this countryside, who would have the money to give the little ger marry a wife? It would be better and more cost-effective for them to get married (to someone) to gain the less betrothal money, so for a long time people felt that it was better to give birth to a girl than a ger.


For example, several families in their village gave their little Ger away (to others) or sold him, so you can see what position of a little ger was in their hearts.


So the words he just said undoubtedly hurt Lin Mai a little bit,but just at the same time, someone came to buy meat,while he was cutting the meat, he was also thinking how to explain it to Lin Mai, in fact, just now he really did not mean to say that word ……



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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Cute, awkward young ones, lol.

    1. LittleYen LittleYen says:

      Yes, they are indeed young and awkward. Hope they could be honest in the next chapter ❤

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