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TDRA Chapter 1


September 2020

“Hurry up! Run! Those things are catching up to us!” She heard someone shout, followed by screams of panic, one after another. In a narrow alley, a group of more than a dozen people ran hurriedly.

About ten meters away from the last person in the group, a crowd of thirty to forty “people” hobbled in ragged clothes, and chased after them.

This group consisted of both young and old, and they were physically exhausted after being chased through several streets. However, these staggering “people” still maintained their pace and tailed the group as if they were never tired.

Gu Ning was wearing oversized grey sportswear, half dragging and half supporting Mother Gu, while desperately running ahead of the middle of the team. Due to her strenuous running, a bar of chocolate fell out from the jacket pocket of the sportswear. With a cry, Gu Ning glanced at the bar of chocolate on the ground, her eyes full of desire, yet she suppressed the urge to pick it up and continued running forward. Her right hand was still clutching tightly onto a nearly half-meter-long watermelon knife, which was covered with a greyish-black sticky mucus.

Mother Gu, who was running beside her, turned pale as she had long been exhausted. Her legs seemed to be filled with lead, yet she gritted her teeth and persisted, in fear of dragging down Gu Ning.

Gu Ning stared at a minibus parked less than a hundred meters away in front of them, a hint of joy fluttered through her heart.

However, at this moment.

“No more… I, I can’t run anymore!” A middle-aged woman in the fleeting group yelled and stopped, panting violently with both hands on her knees supporting herself. Obviously, she had reached her limit as her face was as white as paper and drenched in sweat. At first, she was running slightly behind Gu Ning, but with this sudden stop, she was left behind by the group in a blink of an eye.

“Gu Ning! My mom is behind!” A girl slightly further away from Gu Ning, screamed in panic at her.

Gu Ning had no idea how long she hadn’t washed her face. Her visage was greyish and there was almost a thick layer of mud forming in some places which will be hard to tell her original face complexion. She turned her head and saw that her aunt was standing at the end of the group, panting heavily, yet the zombie closest to her was less than ten meters away. She glanced back at the minibus that was parked a hundred meters away, whereas the fastest runners had already boarded the bus. Gu Ning turned her head and said to her mother: “Mom, go up the bus and meet up with Dad first. I will go to save our aunt with cousin and will come back as fast as possible!”

“NingNing, can you help me to go instead? My, my legs have gone weak …” Panicked and helplessness bloomed on the girl’s face while crying.

Gu Ning wanted to speak more, but at this time her aunt was already deep in danger, and there was seriously no time to waste for arguments. Thus, she gritted her teeth and replied: “Then take care of my parents!”

Jiang Yu nodded hurriedly: “Don’t worry! I will take care of my aunt and uncle!”

“NingNing, you should be careful!” Mother Gu was very worried, but it was impossible to stop Gu Ning from saving her sister-in-law. She could only watch Gu Ning run towards the danger with great worries and then Jiang Yu supported her to continue running forward.

It had been more than three months since the apocalypse happened. Gu Ning is no longer the girl who can only scream and run away panicking when facing zombies. Amidst the horrifying screams from her aunt, she dashed towards the zombie upfront, and at the same time slashed with the watermelon knife that was nearly half a meter long in her hand, onto the zombie’s head!

These zombies just looked horrible, slightly disgusting, a little bit stronger, their speed was just like ordinary people walking quickly, and their heads are much softer than ordinary people.  Once overcoming the psychological barriers, and avoid getting bitten, there was nothing to be scared of. In her heart, Gu Ning repeatedly doing the psychological construction.

There was a puff—— like the sound of watermelon breaking, and half of the zombie’s head was being shaved off. There was greyish-black sticky liquid instantly splashing out, and Gu Ning sprang around with experience where those disgusting slurries only splattered onto her clothes.

She did not pause and clenched the watermelon knife with both hands and fiercely thrusted into the zombie’s belly vigorously. Forcibly, the female zombie who was still wearing a complete dress, with an indistinguishable face due to rot, got pushed a few steps back. Then she yanked the knife out and forcefully stabbed into the zombie’s empty eye socket!

The female zombie uttered an inhumane scream! Then back a few steps backward, hands flinging in the air for awhile before falling heavily onto the ground and went still.

Gu Ning did not have time to catch her breath, as if she had not noticed the embarrassing dirt on her body, she hurriedly helped her aunt who had fallen to the ground. She glanced at the group of staggering zombies that were more than ten meters away and Gu Ning frowned and warned with a cold voice: “Auntie if we don’t leave now, the two of us will die here!”

Lin MeiFeng quickly got up from the floor, and with the support from Gu Ning, they ran forward staggering.

As if attracted by the screams here, more and more zombies joined the chasing zombies.

Lin MeiFeng could not help and look back, her legs went weak and she fell on her knees. Gu Ning hurriedly helped her up and then shouted to Jiang Yu who had already gotten onto the bus in front of them: “Jiang Yu! Come here and bring your mom over!”

Jiang Yu who originally planned to sneak inwards awkwardly stopped her body after hearing Gu Ning’s shouting. Everyone in the bus was staring at her, thus she had no choice but to bite the bullet and ran out of the bus towards Gu Ning and Lin MeiFeng.

“Bring Auntie up onto the bus first. I’ll hold it off for a while!” Gu Ning pushed Lin MeiFeng towards Jiang Yu, then she sprang around with the watermelon knife and slashed at the nearest zombie.

“Then be careful.” Jiang Yu said with a shaky voice and then took Lin MeiFeng away without looking back.

“I’ll go down and help NingNing!” Seeing that Gu Ning was about to be overtaken by the zombie, Father Gu planned to get out of the bus to help, but was pulled away by Mother Gu: “Your leg injury has not healed up, don’t go down and cause more trouble for NingNing!”

“Lin MeiFeng, are you alright?” Mother Gu reached out and pulled the collapsed Lin MeiFeng into the bus.

Lin MeiFeng collapsed onto the seat, she was unable to speak a word as cold sweat drenching her, whole-body trembling.

“Back, back there are a lot of zombies chasing up…”Jiang Yu said with a pale face after getting into the bus. After a pause, her eyes flickered and then said with difficultly: “Gu, Gu Ning seems to be bitten. I saw blood on her wrist…”

“What? What are we waiting for! Wait for her to get onto the bus and become a zombie and bite us all!” The driver was a young man around twenty-four or five, and he started the bus as soon as he heard that Gu Ning was bitten.

“Jiang Yu! What nonsense are you sprouting about?!” Jiang YueZhou who was originally lying in the back seat yelled agitatedly. Then he comforted the pale-faced Father Gu and Mother Gu: “Sister and brother-in-law, NingNing will be fine.”

“But I…I really saw it…”Jiang Yu started sobbing when Jiang YueZhou yelled at her.

“Jiang YueZhou do you want to die! Why do you yell at your daughter!” Lin MeiFeng, who lost her soul a moment ago suddenly exploded: “I saw it too! Gu Ning’s wrist is bleeding a lot! If she really is bitten by a zombie, none of us can escape!”

“Lin MeiFeng!” Mother Gu gotten fed up with Lin MeiFeng and she stood up, pointed at her nose, and cursed: “Ask yourself how many times does NingNing saved you along the way?! If it wasn’t for my NingNing to recuse you just now, would you still be sitting here and yelling?! Have your conscience been eaten by dogs!”

Mother Gu was always gentle and soft-spoken, however, such a sudden outburst shocked everyone on the bus.

“If Gu Ning really got bitten, this whole bus of people will have to suffer with you!” said a middle-aged woman with a sharp voice from the back row.

“That’s right that’s right! And didn’t you hear what Jiang Yu say, there are lots of zombies following behind!” said another middle-aged woman. Whereas, some youngsters kept silent and did not participate.

Amidst the arguing, a middle-aged woman with exaggerated dyed red hair shouted in a high-pitched voice from the back row: “Hey! How can you guys speak like this! That time it was Gu Ning who told us of the zombie outbreak! Now the bus that you are in, is also because of Gu Ning! You all are burning the bridge after crossing it!” The young girl with glasses sitting next to her quickly reached out and tugged her whispering: “Mom, stop saying…”

Someone sneered, “How unexpected! Li HongJuan, didn’t you said before that you couldn’t get used to the Gu family for putting up the airs of cultural people! What are you doing! Pretending to be a good person at this point in time! If you don’t want to burn the bridge after crossing, then don’t do it then stay here and wait”

Li HongJuan shook off the hand of the young girl beside her, and stood up agitatedly with her red hair flinging around, and said: “That’s a different matter! My life was indeed saved by Gu Ning! That’s the same for you all! If we have to wait, everyone should wait together! No one should escape first!”

“Everyone here is neighbours, watching NingNing grow up, I’ll kneel and beg you, please just wait for her.” Mother Gu literary knelt and cried.

“I am begging all of you, please give NingNing a chance to survive!” Father Gu dragged his injured leg and knelt too.

Some people are a little touched, while others are still indifferent. Although their face had shown sympathetic expressions, they spoke the most indifferent and cruel words: “Old Gu, don’t blame us for being cruel, after all, everyone just managed to escape…”

Suddenly, it was as if Mother Gu had caught the last life-saving straw. She shouted to the young man who had been quiet the whole time and seated next to the driver: “JiaZi! Please speak up to help NingNing! NingNing and you grew up together, and the relationship between the both of you is great, right?! Everyone is willing to listen to you, JiaZi, tell them, to please wait for NingNing!”

Lu JiaZi was staring at Gu Ning, who was running toward the bus, his eyes fell onto Gu Ning’s arm. There was indeed an injured, although there was no certainty whether it was bitten by a zombie, but…

His eyes flickered lightly: “Sorry, Auntie. I can’t risk the lives of all the people on the bus.” Lu JiaZi apologetically closed the bus window next to him, then said to the young driver: “Wang Wei, drive!”

Wang Wei immediately started the bus engine.

“Don’t drive off!” Mother Gu launched over and held onto Wang Wei’s hand: “Without the bus! My daughter really has no chance to survive! Have you all forgotten?! It’s my daughter who got us this bus! It was my daughter who first found out about the zombies and reminded us! You all can’t be so ungrateful!” With devastating sobbing, she knew that if the bus had left, Gu Ning would have no way to survive.

Everyone on the bus was silent.

“Hey the few of you, come and catch them! Do you guys really want to bury with Gu Ning?” Wang Wei shouted loudly without caring about his face anymore after he had seen the hoard of zombies chasing behind Gu Ning.

The rest of them naturally saw the hoard of zombies staggering and chasing behind Gu Ning, and suddenly they could not care less. They all swarmed up and dragged Mother Gu and Father Gu back to their seat along with those youngsters who kept quiet also tried to suppress them.

The bus finally started smoothly.

Mother Gu is crying and struggling: “Let me go! Leave all of you! Let me get off the bus! My family should all die together!”

Father Gu was also suppressed by several men and was completely unable to move, so he could only plead: “Please just do us a favour and let us get off the bus, and let our family die together!”

Li HongJuan was helping Mother Gu to break free from those people while cursing: “You ungrateful bunch of people, all of your conscience had been eaten by dogs! If Gu Ning is dead, it was you all who killed her!”

However, no one bothers to listen to them as the bus drifted further away.

Around five meters away from the parked bus, Gu Ning stopped running and watched the bus started the engine in front of her and drove away into the distance. She also faintly heard the desperate cry from her parents——

For a moment, her mind became blank.

In the meantime, the closest zombie was only two meters away from her but her arms could no longer lift up the watermelon knife in her hand.

Half an hour later, a military truck drove past, followed by a burst of gunfire that instantly headshot those few zombies that were lingering around here.

“Go down and take a look.”

The truck door opened, and two men wearing military boots and wrapped in thick military uniforms got out of the truck.

“The cuts are neat, and almost all the knives’ slashes landed on the head. It is estimated that they were cut by the same person, so ferocious.” One of the men with little curly-haired and wore white gloves was carefully checking on the zombie corpse without feeling nauseated.

“Chief! There is one alive here!” Shouted by a little soldier pointing at a woman who was not far away struggling silently.

“Alive?” The curly-haired man suddenly looked interested and hurried over while the other young man standing elsewhere in military uniform followed him.

On the floor laid a woman whose face was covered in the dirt till it was unable to tell her true face and age. She was lying on the ground and from time to time her body twitched. There were still several well-packaged chocolates scattered around her which were picked up by a little soldier. The curly-haired man squatted down and reach out to lift up her right eye’s eyelid. On the white eyeball, there was a red bloodline slowly swimming around the pupil, like a living creature, this was a sign of mutation to a zombie. He shifted her head to aside and saw a black wounded bite mark near the back of her neck.

The other man in military uniform saw the watermelon knife that she was still holding tightly in her hand and his eyes flickered as he linked to those neatly sliced zombie corpses.

The curly-haired man examined the degree of infection on the woman’s wound and excitedly said: “The infection has been more than half an hour, yet she hasn’t completely turned into a zombie. Her physical condition is still in a good shape, so she is just nice to be a guinea pig for me!”

“Send her off.” Said plainly from the man in military uniform who had been standing next to him silently.

“Huh? There is a shortage of test subjects in my laboratory to test out my new medicine!” The curly-haired man glared and said: “It was hard to find a test subject that meets the standards!”

The man in military uniform ignored his nonsense, and he dug out a gun off his waist and aimed at the woman’s head on the ground ——

“Bang ——!” A shot rang.

After the gunshot, everyone was dumbfounded, staring at the bullet holes on the ground.

The curly-haired man stammered, “Where, where is she?!”

The place where the woman originally laid down was empty, she just disappeared into thin air in full view!

The eyebrows of the man in military uniform twitched a few times, yes, she just vanished into the thin air. Just when the bullet shot out of the magazine and into the centre of her brows, she disappeared.

(T/N: Hope you readers will enjoy this story.)
(Editor: De Vile)
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    If ML is the childhood friend on the bus, then I don’t want him lol. I think it would be this soldier?

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