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TDRA Chapter 33

X-ray Vision? Mental Abilities?

The black man was screaming and waving his arms randomly to hit the attackers. However, four or five people were surrounding him, and he was still being punched and kicked now and then yet he took the time to scream at Gu Ning: “Run! Run!” It was spoken in very accurate Mandarin.

Meantime, he was also shouting at those men who had surrounded him: “You barbarians! It’s against the law to beat people! If you have the guts, go out and kill the zombies!”

Gu Ning had no intention of running away, she just silently took her gun off, then unlocked the safety and pointed it at those men.

The sound of safety being opened was extremely clear, which made the few attackers, including the one being hit, all stopped and looked over.

The black man reflexively raised his hands above his head and stared at Gu Ning in terror: “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! I surrender! I surrender!” He no longer have that energetic aura when he was cursing those attackers.

Those attackers recognized Gu Ning at once, right now they were being pointed at by Gu Ning’s gun, and recalled her ruthlessness in killing people, they were all so scared that their legs went weak. Someone in the group managed to gather the courage and shouted: “It was all because of the kid who stole our biscuits, we were too angry and ended up beating them!”

Gu Ning was not a murderous maniac either, so she put down her gun and gave a slight nod to the men, indicating that they could leave now.

It took those few men to pull themselves together and woefully dashed down the slope and past Gu Ning.

Only then did the black man realized that Gu Ning and he were “on the same side” and immediately smiled with his white teeth showing while greeted Gu Ning warmly:  “Hey! So you’re here to help them too! I thought you were with those guys! Oh! By the way, I haven’t introduced myself. Hello miss, my name is Jack Sparrow, that’s right, I have the same name as Captain Jack. But you can just call me Jack, I was born a bit earlier than he was, errr, I’m talking about the birth of the movie character——“

Gu Ning stared at the black man who spoke fluently in Mandarin and was a little overwhelmingly friendly since she doesn’t want to attend to him, Gu Ning just nodded coldly at him and walked over towards the teenager and the little girl.

Jack scratched his head, thinking that this girl won’t be racist, would she?  However, he followed Gu Ning over to check if there was anything he could help with.

“Can you stand up?” Gu Ning said to the teenager with bruises all over his face.

“Yes……” The teenager stood up from the ground with some difficulty and help of the little girl, then he pursed his lips before saying to Gu Ning: “Thank you.”

The little girl cast a grateful look at Gu Ning.

The little girl looked around seven or eight years old, her hair was like a doll’s head with bangs, the original neat bangs were now trimmed like it had been chewed by a dog, her face was dirty but the pair of eyes were extraordinarily bright and black.

Gu Ning couldn’t help but said: “I know of a place that is safe where there are many orphans just like you……”

Before she could finish her sentences, she was interrupted by the teenager: “We are not orphans!” He pursed his lips and looked at her stubbornly, repeating: “We are not orphans. We don’t need anyone’s pity.”

Gu Ning met the teenager’s stubborn eyes and her voice turned cold: “Oh. Then you should have been beaten to death by now.”

The teenager just pursed his lips and was speechless.

“All pride should be based on one’s great strength.” Gu Ning looked at him with icy stares and continued: “You should be more pragmatic before you have enough capital to be proud of. Otherwise not only you will die, but you will make others die with you too.” The others here, naturally refer to his sister.

The teenager’s face reddened and he subconsciously tried to rebut it, but when he opened his mouth, he didn’t know what to say as he simply couldn’t argue to the facts.

Jack Sparrow, who had been a non-existent spectator, looked at the scene unfold in front of him. He understood every word Gu Ning had spoken, but it took him some time to rephrase and understand it fully.

“You’re not leaving yet?” Gu Ning frowned and suddenly turned her head and asked him.

“? ? ?” Jack Sparrow didn’t understand why she was chasing him away.

Gu Ning spoke: “I have something to talk with them alone.”

“Oh! That’s all right, then I’ll go on ahead. If you need any help, you can come to me, and maybe I’ll have food for you.” Jack Sparrow said to the teenager and the little girl.

Then he said to Gu Ning: “Then, we’ll see you again next time, Miss. Goodbye.”

After sending the black man away.

Gu Ning began to look at the little girl squarely.

Gu Ning did not beat around the bush and asked straight to the point: “I’ve saved your brother. So it’s time for you to tell me what’s going on with your eyes.”

As soon as she asked this question, it was obvious that both the teenager and the little girl tensed up at the same time.

The teenager even shielded the little girl behind him and glared at Gu Ning with hostility and replied: “We don’t understand what you’re asking about.”

“GeGe. It’s okay.” The little girl, on the contrary, tugged at the corner of the teenager’s coat, then looked at Gu Ning with those dark eyes and replied: “Sister, my name is Xiang Xu, and this is my brother Xiang Yi.”

“What are you doing, telling her our names?” The teenager named Xiang Yi stared at Gu Ning warily and was very unhappy with Xiang Xu for telling his name to Gu Ning so easily.

Xiang Xu ignored his comment and just looked at Gu Ning and asked: “Can I take a look at your eyes?”

Gu Ning’s gaze flickered slightly before she squatted down.

The little girl came closer and stared into Gu Ning’s eyes for a moment, then visibly relieved and spoke: “Yours is green and mine is white. Look.” She peeled her eyes wider to show Gu Ning as if she was afraid that Gu Ning won’t be able to see them.

Gu Ning took a closer look and saw that there was a very faint circle of white on the outside of her black pupil.

Up to now, including her, there had been three people who had undergone this kind of mutation. All of them were most likely still in this colony: “Did you also become like this after eating a bead?” The little girl asked curiously.

Gu Ning nodded.

Seeing Gu Ning nod, the little girl’s eyes lit up slightly before her tone turned serious: “Ever since I ate that bead, I fall asleep and when I woke up, I found that my eyes could see in the dark. Also, I could see a white lake inside my body. Are these things the same for you?”

Gu Ning’s gaze faintly flickered, thinking of the green ocean in that space of her own, and asked: “Anything else besides the lake? Are there some other things? For example…… a door?”

Xiang Xu shook her head in confusion: “No. There’s just a lake.”

Xiang Yi, who had not spoken all this while, caught the main point of the question which Gu Ning had asked and then asked her with a burning gaze: “You have that?”

Gu Ning stared at him for a moment before replying: “I’m the one asking the questions now, you don’t have the authority to ask them back.”

Xiang Yi was dumbfounded by Gu Ning’s words, and his beautiful single-eyelid flew upwards in anger: “Who asked you to save me?!”

Gu Ning didn’t even glance at him and replied: “Your sister. I’m asking your sister. If you have any dissatisfaction, I don’t mind if you first excuse yourself.”

“You!” The teenager was so angry that even his eyes seem to be spitting out fire.

“GeGe!” Xiang Xu tugged at the teenager’s coat again, with disapproval shown in her eyes. This young man, who looked like a fighting chicken in front of Gu Ning, was shouted by Xiang Xu. Although it was difficult for him to swallow away his anger, he managed to hold it back in the end. He shifted his glances away and refused to look at Gu Ning with a defiant expression written all over his face.

“So other than being able to see in the dark, do you have other changes?” Gu Ning asked.

“I can see a very far distance.” Xiang Xu replied.

With these changes, Gu Ning didn’t feel surprised as after all, her eyesight was also enhanced.

Xiang Xu continued: “I can see the school entrance right now.”

Gu Ning subconsciously turned her head to take a look and then she froze. This was less than four hundred meters away from the school entrance, with her eyesight, she could also clearly see it but the main problem was that there was a teacher building cutting across in the middle and blocking her path of vision. There was no way to see around the teacher building and see the school entrance as far as her eyes could view.

“My eyes can pierce through this building and see where I want to view.” Xiang Xu said and continued shyly: “But for now, I can only see till the school entrance at most, not any further.”

Gu Ning was a bit half-hearted and stared at Xiang Xu then asked: “Who lives on the third floor, room 308 of the girls’ dormitory that is less than four hundred meters away from here?”

Gu Ning noticed that after she asked this, the white circle at the edge of Xiang Xu’s black eyes dilated slightly, and instantly, she heard Xiang Xu replying: “308, three people were living there, one with red hair, one with glasses and one with gauze wrapped around his head.” She looked up at Gu Ning and said with a smile: “Am I right, sister?”

Gu Ning felt her throat went slightly dry as she replied: “Correct.”

“And what about you? Any physical changes?” Xiang Xu asked curiously.

The teenager who had looked away couldn’t help but strained his ears to listen as well.

“Nothing.” Gu Ning shook her head, her situation seemed to be different from Xiang Xu’s, and couldn’t help but feel a little envious. This Xiang Xu was like a mobile radar, within a few hundred meters they could monitor if any zombies were approaching them, and they could escape in advance before the zombies reaches them.

She, however, did not feel any physical changes in her body.

She couldn’t help but recalled the man in the dormitory, his was golden, so what kind of special abilities does he has?

That group of them gathered with other dormitories people in the early morning and left the colony to god knows where.

The teenager made an abrupt “snort” after hearing Gu Ning’s words, obviously thinking that Gu Ning had deliberately concealed it.

Gu Ning didn’t want to explain any future and only stated: “If you have to act next time, please be more professional as well.”

After saying that, she turned around and walked away.

After Gu Ning had completed walked away, then did Xiang Yi realized what she said, and asked Xiang Xu: “What does she mean? Did she see through it? It couldn’t be? Am I such a bad actor?”

Xiang Xu sighed like a small adult and replied helplessly: “It’s very bad.”

Xiang Yi pursed his lips again, then said to Xiang Xu: “Look, she doesn’t even have the slightest intention of asking us to follow her. Maybe she even looks down on your skills. I’ve been beaten up for nothing.”

Xiang Xu gave him a somewhat disgruntled look, then frowned as she said: “It’s you who are too rude, GeGe.”

Xiang Yi rebutted: “She is also the same, putting on such a dread face and she is hiding her skills. She asked all sorts of questions about us but keep quiet about her own. She says that she doesn’t have any special power, do you believe her?”

“I do believe.” Xiang Xu said with a serious expression: “I looked into her eyes…… she wasn’t lying.”

“You’ve *X-ray vision, not a lie detector. This woman has a deep mind, it’s easy to lie to you.” Xiang Yi replied.

(T/N: 透视眼tòu shì yǎn means X-ray vision. Not sure if X-ray vision or TouShiYan sound better.)

Xiang Xu sighed and glanced at Xiang Yi and said: “We didn’t tell her everything about ourselves either.”

“Anyway, I still have the same opinion as before. I don’t agree with following her, I don’t want to look at the dead, icy face every day!” Xiang Yi said with a scowl.

Xiang Xu sighed like an adult, then she turned to look in the direction in which Gu Ning had left. The white lake in her body gently rippled, and there was a silent surge of mental power, chasing after Gu Ning.

Just at the moment, that piece of mental power was about to envelop Gu Ning.

As if Gu Ning had sensed something, she jerked her head back and stared at that portion of mid-air that was simply empty.

In Xiang Xu’s view, she had met with Gu Ning’s pale and slightly greenish eyes. The pair of eyes clearly stated that she had seen her. Xiang Xu’s pupils suddenly tightened and she was so panicked that she forcibly severed her connection with the mental power. It wasn’t clear whether it was because of the mental power being cut off or because she was too frightened, Xiang Xu’s small face turned white.

Seeing that Xiang Xu’s face turned pale, Xiang Yi asked in a panic: “Are you alright?”

“She saw me.” Xiang Xu said in a trance, then suddenly her expression changed and she looked at Xiang Yu and said: “GeGe, maybe she is more powerful than we thought.”

Xiang Yu looked at Xiang Xu solemnly face and was left speechless.

Gu Ning felt that the feeling of being spied on had disappeared and guessed that it should have been the little girl who had made this move.

At the same time, the corners of her mouth lifted into a smile, feeling a little amused that these two half-grown children, had set up such a trap to lure her there. She didn’t think too much at first, but that teenager, who had been beaten and almost till the point of unable to get up from the floor, was instantly energetic and no longer shown any pains towards those bruises.

She didn’t see the point of Xiang Xu’s ability. At first, when she heard about Xiang Xu’s power, she was still a bit impressed but after she had calmed down and thought about it, there were already three mutated people in just one small colony, so there must be some people out there who had mutated as well. She could have picked someone more powerful to be her companion and that little girl was just too small, only seven or eight years old, Gu Ning couldn’t think of anything else that the little girl could do other than acting as a radar. Moreover, as for that brother of hers, he was even more of a nuisance.

Although she shouldn’t be saying this, her parents were already two burdens, and she didn’t want to bring along two more baggage.

Nevertheless, the supernatural powers that Xiang Xu had shown, still made Gu Ning felt a little excited, this might be a new evolution in this world.

(T/N: Sorry again for the late chapter update. (T-T) okay so… although Xiang Yi was slightly annoying but he is really protective of his sister and those skills naming… which sounded better? X-ray vision / TouShiYan? Mental power/ Psychic power / Spiritual energy? Ahhhhh… so difficult to choose)

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