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SRA Chapter 32

Become A Spare Tire In The Love Story

Arc 1.32: Hugs1Raw 投怀送抱(tóu huái sòng bào); to throw oneself in sb’s arms(idiom), to throw oneself at sb. At first I’m not really sure what it means until I was TLing halfway thru 😂

After Sun Ting and Du Hao returned home, they sat in the hall talking and resting. After resting for a while, Elder Du and the others came back. After the group entered the front yard, they walked into the hall while smiling and chatting about topics that they hadn’t finished just now.

“Ye You, that child ah, I like him at first glance. I knew he is a good kid with aura2Raw 灵气(líng qì); spiritual influence (of mountains etc), cleverness, ingeniousness and blessing.” Old lady Du smiled and said, “His personality is also good, even though he is still very young. But the rare thing is that he really know how to live a good life. I think, our family Du Yao really got a blessing in disguise, and there will be no better grandson-in-law than Ye You.”

“I think so too. Ye You is too perfect and make people love him dearly. If he is my own son, I would be reluctant to marry him to this big ice block that always make people worry and anxious.” Qin Yuwei glared at Du Yao and said.

After the old lady sat down on the sofa, she asked Du Yao to sit next to her, holding Du Yao’s hand and said to Qin Yuwei: “You ah, don’t be unduly humble3Raw 妄自菲薄(wàng zì fěi bó); to be unduly humble (idiom); to undervalue oneself. (wàng zì fēi bó)to be unduly humble (idiom); to undervalue oneself; false modesty. Notice the tone on (菲;fei) words? Different tone, slightly different meaning but they are all an idioms tho. on his behalf. Our Du Yao is also a good one out of a million. The two iof them match really well.”

“It’s still my grandma who speaks justice.” Du Yao said with a smile: “Me and Ye You obviously a match made in heaven.”

One family happily talked and laughed, only Du Hao and Sun Ting who were sitting on the side looking out of tune.

Du Hao listened to them keep talking about how good Ye You was. They didn’t mention Ye Chen in a sentence, as if they didn’t see Ye Chen’s performance today. Their neglect of Ye Chen made Du Hao feel that it was actually a kind of neglect towards him, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

Du Hao greeted the Elder Du and the old lady, after saying that he was going to the room to rest first, he then got up and left.

After sitting for a while, Sun Ting also got up and went back to the room after greeted the old man and the old lady because she couldn’t take part in the talks and there was also nothing to talked about.

Since Du Hao begin to understand things, he has always felt that Elder Du and his father were partial to Du Yao. Except for Sun Ting instilling this concept into him since childhood, Du Zhenfeng was indeed partial to Du Yao, and in Elder Du and old lady Du’s heart, they felt that Du Yao and Du Hao were both their grandchildren, and they were treated the same way at the beginning. But Sun Ting did something that made them very unhappy in order to get Du Hao closer to the Sun family, so they really began to favor Du Yao. Sun Ting thought she did a good job and won’t be discovered, but in fact, in the hearts of the two elderly people, it was like a mirror, they were very clear and translucent.

Elder Ye who returned to the Ye family’s house was also in a complicated mood. The fact that Ye You was better than Ye Chen made him unhappy. After all, Ye Chen was his most valued and beloved grandson, and Ye You, the grandson he has never liked, suddenly gave him such an unexpected performance, which made him suddenly feel he had make an error of judgement, and it was this feeling that made him even more unhappy. In his heart, Ye You should be inferior to Ye Chen everywhere, how could he be better than Ye Chen?

Elder Ye stayed in the study room, inexplicably sulking for a while, and then went out for a meeting.

Just as soon as Elder Ye left, Ye Jianxian and his wife returned to the Ye family’s house. They were silent, complicated and depressed. They had always looked down on Ye You, but they never thought that Ye Chen would be defeated by Ye You.

And Sun Ting’s attitude today made them began to worry about Ye Chen’s life after marriage, the couple sat and become anxious.

And at Ye You and the others’ side here, after finished the meeting, they were able to go back and rest. Head Leader did not immediately announced who was the recruits that would leave when they were in the meeting, instead, after the meeting was over, they asked people to inform those who would be on holiday tomorrow to not leaving first. Then tomorrow they will hold a separate meeting for them, and help them go through various formalities before sending them away.

In fact, those who will leave, even if there was no notice, those people themselves know clearly. Because they know in their heart how they had perform and what their scores were.

On the second day of the holiday, when Ye Chen returned home, he felt that the atmosphere at home was not very good. His mother looked very depressed, sitting on the sofa in the living room and don’t know what she was thinking about. It was completely different from the way she greeted him happily before, he had already entered the house, and his mother didn’t even felt it.

“Mom, are you uncomfortable?” Ye Chen walked over and asked.

“You are back?” Su Ping came back to her senses, and then immediately sat up straight and said, “Mom is a little dizzy. Maybe it’s a cold. It doesn’t matter. Later take some medicine and it will be alright.”

“You haven’t eaten breakfast right? Mom has asked the kitchen to prepare breakfast for you. Let’s go, and eat together.” Su Ping stood up and took Ye Chen’s hand to the dining room.

After the helper brought the breakfast to the table, the two began to eat in silence.

Su Ping had no appetite after taking two bites, but she didn’t want Ye Chen to be suspicious, so she forced herself to eat slowly one bite at a time.

“Mom, is Grandpa angry because I did not perform as well as Ye You yesterday?” Ye Chen asked.

“No, how could your grandfather be angry with you? He usually love you the most, even your brother has to stay at the back. Ye You, in your grandfather’s heart, even a single hair of yours can’t be compared.” Su Ping replied immediately.

After another moment of silence, Su Ping finally couldn’t help but asked, “That Ye You couldn’t be compare to you anywhere before, why is he suddenly so powerful now? I have never heard of him singing and dancing before ah.”

“…I only know that he did learn these things before, but I don’t know how he could do so well. He slowly showed it after joining the Cultural Regiment. He always kept it secret before, even to me, he didn’t even mention it. His scheming is really great.” Ye Chen was still very happy before noon yesterday, but after Sun Ting’s attitude, his heart was always depressed.

“Mom really can’t figure it out, how could he be better than you? Take hold of your strengths and keep working hard, strive to defeat him.” Su Ping looked at Ye Chen and said.

“…” Ye Chen knew very well in his heart, he had actually worked very hard, but he was no match for Ye You. But this words, even facing his mom, he couldn’t say it, and his heart also didn’t want to admit to this fact.

Ye Chen thought, even if he was not as talented as Ye You, there were definitely many other ways to get Ye You under his feet. He will definitely be able to wait for the opportunity. Sooner or later, he will let Ye You disappear from the Cultural Regiment.

Ye You went home first, and after taking some things at home, he drove to meet Du Yao.

In this era, there were still very few cars, so Ye You doesn’t have to worry about being followed, because if he was being followed by a car, it will be spotted immediately.

After Ye You arrived, he went to greets Elder Xu first, and then went to Du Yao’s room.

As soon as Ye You entered the door, he was hugged by Du Yao. Du Yao closed the door with one hand, and put his other hand around Ye You’s waist, pressing him against the door and kissing him hard.

Ye You hugged Du Yao’s neck and kissed him back. The two hadn’t get intimate for many days, and both missed each other’s body scents very much.

Du Yao let go of Ye You, picked him up, then put him down on the bed, pressed on him and continue kissing.

Du Yao embraced Ye You and kissed for a long time, and both of their heart felt really excited. In order to avoid being unable to hold back and something really happened, Du Yao got up with perseverance, quickly walked into the bathroom, and washed his face with cold water.

Ye You lay on the bed, breathing hard and fast. He held his heated face and barely suppressed the restlessness in his heart and body. If Du Yao really wanted to make it to the end, he would not refuse. Although the two were not married yet, in his mind, there was no opinion that this kind of thing cannot happen before marriage.

After coming out of the bathroom, Du Yao half leaned on the bed, embraced Ye You in his arms and said, “How come you can dance and you didn’t reveal even a thing to me? Did you train particularly hard in the Cultural Regiment?”

As long as Du Yao think that the rest of the Art and Literally soldiers only needs to do one or two practice, and Ye You needs to do three kind of practice, which must be many times harder than others, he feels distressed.

“I didn’t have a suitable opportunity to mention it to you before, and I thought you would know about it sooner or later, so I didn’t say it. I can arrange my time freely, practice when I want to practice, rest when I don’t want to practice. Much more easier than others.” Ye You lay on Du Yao’s chest, listening to his strong heartbeat and said, “You don’t have to worry about me, I am the best at being lazy, and I won’t tire myself.”

Du Yao stroked his face with one hand, kissed hard on his forehead, and said, “If you can really be lazy, I don’t have to worry so much. Don’t tire yourself out, otherwise, I will personally go to your Head Leader, and won’t let you do the Full Triathlon anymore.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be stupid enough to practice when I’m exhausted.” Ye You held Du Yao’s hand, leaning against his chest and closing his eyes to rest.

Du Yao lowered his head, kissed his eyes for a while, kissed his mouth and cheek for a while, using his lips to feel the smooth touch of his skin, smelling the fragrance of his body, and enjoying the wonderful moment of the two cuddling up each other.

The two cuddled together, after being intimate for a while, they start talking, after talking for a while, they were being intimate again. In the afternoon, Ye You personally went to the kitchen to cook a few dishes. Together with Elder Xu, the three had dinner together.

This residence was Du Yao’s mother’s dowry, because the place was hidden and quiet, very few people know about this place.

Elder Xu lived here was quite comfortable, otherwise, with his character, he would had gone back to the countryside long ago. After all, Qin Yuwei’s family was a scholarly family. Although the place here was not big, but it was fresh and refined, with a special foreign elegant, and a large collection of books.

Qin Yuwei also said that as long as Elder Xu was used to living here, she will give him this place. He, this old man can live here as long as he wanted. If he needs anything, just give an order.

After eating, the three of them sat down and chatted together again, and did not returned to their rooms to rest until it was time to sleep.

After taking a shower in the bathroom of his room, Ye You sneaked into Du Yao’s room, then got into his bed and waited for him(DY) to come out of the bathroom.

Du Yao walked out of the bathroom and saw Ye You lying on his bed. After a slight daze, he put on the sleeping clothes, opened the quilt to lay on the bed, and then took Ye You into his arms.

Du Yao hugged Ye You’s fragrant and soft body, with infinite satisfaction in his heart. He felt that even if he maintained in this state for a lifetime, he was willing.

Du Yao grabbed Ye You’s hand, placed it on his chest, hugged him tightly and said, “Don’t mess around, or you will regret it.”

“I don’t regret it.” Ye You whispered.

“Did you really think about it? You won’t regret it?” Du Yao asked again.

Before Ye You could answer, Du Yao had already started to act. In fact, he couldn’t wait anymore than Ye You, but he had to endured it because he respected Ye You. Now Ye You took the initiative to throw himself into his arms and still said that he would not regret it. Of course he(DY) couldn’t bear it anymore.


As the night darkened, the clouds in the sky dispersed and the moon showed its face. It was scattered on the small yard outside the room. The yard was very quiet, only when the wind blew that the flowers and plants swayed slightly, but there was a fiery atmosphere in the room.

Du Yao went to the bathroom to fetch water and help Ye You wiped it clean. Ye You lay on the bed and pressed on his quick beating heart. From time to time, he was dizzy and excited just now, making him feel happy in the middle of the pain. These feeling mixed together and made him a little confused.

Ye You couldn’t help but trembled, and after the body heat faded, a feeling of emptiness suddenly appeared.

“Du Yao.” Ye You couldn’t help calling Du Yao’s name.

Du Yao just walked into the bathroom with a basin of water. Hearing Ye You calling him, he immediately put the basin on the ground and walked out quickly. After sitting down by the bed, he gently stroked Ye You’s face and asked, “What’s wrong? Is it uncomfortable?”

Ye You shook his head and said, “Don’t keep being busy anymore, quick come and hug me.”

After Du Yao heard that, he immediately went to bed and lay down, then hugged Ye You tightly, gently stroking his back and soothing him.

Ye You lean closely against Du Yao’s arms, and the feeling of emptiness and restlessness slowly receded. Du Yao’s embraced and the temperature of his body made him feel very secure. Being held so tightly by him made him feel very warm and at ease.

“Did I hurt you?” In fact, Du Yao only used five point of his strength, worried about hurting Ye You, not wanting him to have a bad impression of this kind of thing for the first time.

“No.” Ye You replied in a low voice. It was actually a little painful, but he felt that it was inevitable for the first time, and he should get better after getting used to it. It was just that he had never felt this kind of feeling before. He didn’t think he hated this kind of thing. Although he was a little tired, he had also enjoyed it just now.

Ye You leaned against Du Yao’s arms, and soon fell asleep deeply. He slept peacefully all night.

The next morning, Ye You woke up later than usual. He opened his eyes and sat up in a daze. Seeing the sunlight coming in from the window, he gradually woke up and remembered that he was not in the dormitory or at home.

The memories of last night appeared in his mind. Scenes after scenes made him blushed. He never knew that he had such a side.

Recalling the feeling he had experienced for the first time last night, he couldn’t help holding his body tightly. The excitement and joy when he reached the peak made him finally understand, why would anyone like to do this kind of thing so much?

Du Yao pushed the door to see that he was awake, walked to the bed and sat down, looked at him and asked, “Are you hungry? Do you want me to bring you a breakfast?”

“No need, I’ll go out to eat.” Ye You thought to himself, if letting Du Yao bring a breakfast to his room, wouldn’t it be possible for Elder Xu and the helpers here to know what happened last night. Also, he was not so delicate that he couldn’t get out of bed, it was just that he was a little embarrassed.

“Great grandpa has eaten breakfast, and now he was going out for a walk.” Du Yao saw that Ye You was embarrassed, so he told him that.

Ye You nodded, got out of bed, and went into the bathroom to wash.

In this era, although scientific and technological information was not well-developed, underdeveloped also has its advantages. For example, if Elder Xu wanted to go out and stroll around, no one will recognize him. This was called ‘greatly hidden in the city’.

Because Ye You has to going back to the Cultural Regiment the next day, the two had to be separated again for a while and couldn’t see each other.  Therefore, they cherished the time they could get along with each other. They were glued together all day, and were inseparable.


In the afternoon, Ye Chen went to the coffee shop of the Military Club and ordered a private room, waiting for Du Hao to come and meet him.

Du Hao hurriedly came over, he could only sit for two hours at most before he had to go back.

After sitting down, Du Hao ordered a cup of coffee. Seeing that Ye Chen kept looking down and was silent, he asked, “Why are you not talking?”

“Is your mother still mad at me about what happened the day before yesterday? If I have always been no better than Ye You, after we get married, wouldn’t she have to show me an attitude every day.” Ye Chen said the worry in his heart.

“You think too much. My mother is quick at getting angry but her anger also quick to disappear. She was just a little angry at the time. I also explained to her clearly on the way back. She had stopped being angry a long time ago. Also, I told her that your character and personality are a hundred times stronger than Ye You. After I marry you, she will never regret it. After Du Yao and Ye You get married, they will definitely regret it.” Du Hao comforted Ye Chen first, and then said: “However, the things about Ye You’s three final performances, you should have told me in advance, I also can tell my mother, so that she can be mentally prepare. I often praised you in front of my mother, so she thought that you must be much better than Ye You, but after seeing Ye You’s performance, she found that he was a little different from what she had imagined, so she felt angry was inevitable. And she had specifically called my grandpa(Sun) and the others to watch your performance…”

“I thought she didn’t care about how Ye You was, but she came to see me to perform. I didn’t expect that she would be so angry.” Ye Chen really did not expect that Du Hao’s mother would care so much about Ye You being better than him. And he felt that his performance was not bad, just that he was not better than Ye You, even if he was not the first, he was considered second, and he did not shame them.

“You don’t have to take it to your heart.” Du Hao held Ye Chen’s hand tightly and comforted: “My mother really doesn’t get angry anymore, and she really hopes that we can get married soon. My mother, apart from being a little bit face-saving4Value reputation, there are no others problem, usually she is a person that can get along well, and you have such a good personality, you can definitely get along well. Although Ye You is better than you in terms of talent, but in terms of character, he can’t compare with you at all. After getting married, you and Ye You will have a contrast, and she will be more satisfied with you in her heart.”

“Actually, as long as you can be nice to me, I already satisfied. I don’t care about anything else. Even if your mother doesn’t like me, I will be filial to her with you, because she is the one who gave birth to you and raised you.” Of course it was impossible for Ye Chen not to care whether Du Hao’s mother likes him or not, otherwise, he wouldn’t be so emotional just now. But, even if he doesn’t have that heart, he must have that mouth5 Saying the opposite of what he really thought..  If mouth can say some nicer things, he also won’t suffer losses, furthermore, he can get more favourable impression.

“You are so kind, how could my mother dislike you?” Du Hao looked at him and said, “When you go back, tell your parents and grandpa. After a while, I won’t be as busy as I am now. I will go to your house with my mother and my grandfather(Sun) to discuss the wedding, choose a good day and we will have the wedding banquet.”

“Okay.” Ye Chen replied with a smile.

Elder Ye: YY should be inferior to YC!

Me: !!! I say, this old man!  YY is also your grandson ah(눈_눈)

YC: YY hide his talent bcoz he is scheming!

Also me: YC ah! What kind of logic is that?!! (¬_¬)

DH: YY’s character not as good as YC’s.

Me again: Mister, are you blind?!! (ー人ー)

YY & DY: *steamy night*

Me ∑(O_O;) : Aaaahhhhh!  They’ve done it!!!!

I really did not expect that! Lol 😂

See you next chapter! ❤

  • 1
    Raw 投怀送抱(tóu huái sòng bào); to throw oneself in sb’s arms(idiom), to throw oneself at sb. At first I’m not really sure what it means until I was TLing halfway thru 😂
  • 2
    Raw 灵气(líng qì); spiritual influence (of mountains etc), cleverness, ingeniousness
  • 3
    Raw 妄自菲薄(wàng zì fěi bó); to be unduly humble (idiom); to undervalue oneself. (wàng zì fēi bó)to be unduly humble (idiom); to undervalue oneself; false modesty. Notice the tone on (菲;fei) words? Different tone, slightly different meaning but they are all an idioms tho.
  • 4
    Value reputation
  • 5
     Saying the opposite of what he really thought.
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