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SGWMDPAR Chapter 6





When Little Pitiful Shou woke up, he noticed that his head hurts a little, and then he noticed something even worse. He was hugged by a man, what happened.


Little Pitiful Shou raised his head cautiously, and recognized the man as White Moonlight.


Little pitiful shou was frightened and thought, if Scum Gong knew that he had slept with White Moonlight, he would kill him.


Little Pitiful Shou hadn’t had time to recall what happened last night, but thought it was better to escape from this embrace first, and began to move out inch by inch, trying to escape the danger without disturbing the white moonlight.


When Little Pitiful Shou was about to move out, he was pressed by White Moonlight on his chest, and he heard White Moonlight’s sleepy voice: “Don’t make trouble.”


Little Pitiful Shou lamented that he had failed, and began to recall with fear what went wrong.


He seemed to be drunk yesterday, and he was planning to hit White Moonlight, but then he was taken away by White Moonlight in a daze.


Later, he heard the scum gong’s confession to White Moonlight.


Little pitiful shou felt a dull pain in his heart. Even if he knew something, it was always more impactful when he heard it personally, let alone so straightforward.


He said that he didn’t like himself at all and he could break up with himself.


Little pitiful shou had already known the facts, so why bother, and then felt that White Moonlight moved. Little pitiful shou was a little afraid of the embarrassment of the two people staring at each other after White Moonlight woke up, and quickly began to pretend to sleep.


After White Moonlight woke up, he was a little embarrassed to see the person lying in his arms. What is this?


White Moonlight saw the person who was still asleep in his arms, and felt that he might be more embarrassed if he woke him up. He only said yesterday that he wouldn’t touch him, but he took others in his arms when he got up in the morning, so he resolutely began to pretend to sleep.


Little pitiful shou felt dejected in his heart, why does he pretend to be asleep? Why? Do you want two people to pretend to sleep together forever?


Fortunately, White Moonlight has quietly taken away the hand that was on the waist of the little pitiful shou, leaving only the hand that was holding the little pitiful shou’s head , and the little pitiful shou pretended to inadvertently turn over, in a trance, little pitiful shou felt that he heard the two people letting out a sigh of relief.


Finally, the pretending duo began to wake up slowly.


Little Pitiful shou was still reminiscing about the embarrassing breath in the air, White Moonlight said very naturally: “Good morning!” It seemed that the person who pretended to be sleeping was not him.


Thinking of what happened just now, Little Pitiful shou couldn’t help but curled up his mouth and said to White Moonlight: “Good morning.”


White Moonlight looked at Little Pitiful shou, who was loosely dressed in his pajamas with a bright smile, and suddenly got better and laughed. He said, “I’ll go to wash first.”


White Moonlight took a quick shower. After washing his face and brushing his teeth, he realized that it was past ten o’clock. Fortunately, it was Saturday and he didn’t have to go to work.


When Little Pitiful shou was washing , White Moonlight was worried about the clothes like pickles that he put in the dirty clothes basket yesterday before he had time to wash. What can he do? Finally, he found the clothes he had when he was a little thinner in college, and handed it to the little pitiful shou who had finished washing up.


Little pitiful shou looked at White Moonlight, and White Moonlight explained: “You can’t wear your clothes from yesterday, so please wear it.”


Little pitiful shou said, “I mean thank you.”


White Moonlight opened his mouth and said: “ It’s okay, kid, we are destined.” After finishing talking, he can’t wait to give himself a good scolding . Is this destiny? He didn’t want to say this.




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