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SGWMDPAR Chapter 1



On a quiet night, Scum Gong has not yet returned home.


The  Little Pitiful Shou saw a selfie of the scum gong holding a ring, he was angry thinking about the scum attack who was holding a ring and drinking alone.


Little Pitiful Shou , gritted his teeth and thought of this ring. The ring was a bit old and the craftsmanship was a bit horrible. He knew this ring, it was when Scum Gong was 19 years old, he was going to give White Moonlight a birthday present.


Scum Gong was also quite scumbag at the time, White Moonlight agreed to fall in love with him, and Scum Gong went back to get entangled with his ex-boyfriend. White Moonlight saw this scene on the eve of his birthday and felt that he is too good at playing. He was very angry  and exploded. White Moonlight was a person who couldn’t tolerate sand in his eyes. After seeing such a scene, he beat the scum gong severely, and then dumped him.


He ( Shou) didn’t know if Scum Gong really loves White Moonlight . If he says yes, why does he (gong) like people and have to entangle with his ex-boyfriend, if he says no, why he (gong) never forgets him (WM) for so many years. He(Gong) performs the drama of being miserable on every eve of White Moonlight’s birthday.


Scum Gong said when he was drunk that he personally went to a silver jewelry workshop to make this ring. After several failed products, he finally succeeded.


Scum Gong said, this ring will never be sent out again.


Scum Gong said and cried, Little Pitiful Shou thought, he was really pitiful, and he felt that he himself was even more pitiful than Scum Gong.


Little Pitiful Shou is a junior of Scum Gong. After he liked Scum Gong, he tried hard to chase after Scum Gong. Finally Scum Gong agreed. At that time, Little Pitiful Shou felt that there would be no such happy person as him in the world. 


What can be happier than the person you like also liking yourself?


Only later did he realize that he stepped into the abyss step by step, Scum Gong didn’t like him at all, and what Scum Gong didn’t forget was his White Moonlight.


Little Pitiful Shou thought that time would dilute these things, but now, Little Pitiful Shou has been with the scum attack for two years, and there has been no change at all.


Little Pitiful Shou became more angry as he thought about it, and ran away from home. He was angry when he thought that Scum Gong would go home after he was nostalgic for his White Moonlight , and he had to take care of the drunk Scum Gong.


Little Pitiful Shou  has a temper!


Little Pitiful Shou thought for a while, and went to his friend’s bar, at least it was safe.


Liquor is a good thing, and the Little Pitiful Shou thought to himself, alcohol is the only way to relieve his worries. He drank the wine and started to stare at the stars, and was no longer in the mood to scold the scum gong and the White Moonlight of the scum gong.


Little Pitiful Shou  suddenly saw a person in the corner of the bar.


He recognized it at a glance, it was the White Moonlight of scum gong.


Scum Gong had shown him pictures of his high school classmates. The photo of White Moonlight was a boy holding a basketball. The boy was tall and thin, with  buzz cut hair and a sunny look. His smile is a little bit ridiculous, and there is a mole at the corner of his eye. He looked romantic and arrogant. Little Pitiful Shou looked at the photo and thought, if he was the  scum gong, he would also have been obsessed with White Moonlight for so many years.


The effects of alcohol urged people to have courage, and Little Pitiful Shou rushed up towards the White Moonlight



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