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RLDRFH Chapter 90

“The military will not arrest people for no reason.” He Zizhong, who saw the full movie yesterday, naturally saw that Wu Shao and Allen must have had dealings before. Let alone, wanting to dig a corner of his house?1“His” in this case referring to Allen’s team – Yin Dong. If you recall Wu Shao seemed to ask/mention Yin Dong briefly when he greeted Allen. “Since Yin Dong knows about this, maybe he can think of a way.” Anyway, he can’t help – even if he could, he wouldn’t. – he’s still waiting to see the excitement.

Xu Lili didn’t have much hope to begin. He Zizhong was just an ability user. No matter how powerful he was, without a military or base backing him, it was useless. But she also stopped his car for another reason. “Cousin, do you know who I met?! Dai Jun! It’s the one you previously…” With that, Xu Lili deliberately glanced at Fang Hao, who was seated in the co-pilot seat of He Zizhong’s car. Dai Jun’s appearance was not comparable to Fang Hao. Fang Hao’s appearance could even tempt her, let alone a homosexual? Allen can’t be bent by him!!

“Oh? He’s still alive?” He Zizhong still maintained a calm expression, without the panic that Xu Lili imagined.

“He… he fawned on Allen! Brother, Allen is a serious person. Dai Jun is shameless for robbing my boyfriend!”

He Zizhong almost burst out laughing. A serious person? Boyfriend? I wonder if Xu Lili said these two words in front of Alan?

“So why are you looking for me? I broke up with him a long time ago. Who he wants to find now—” He spread his hands and made a helpless expression.

“But he…” Xu Lili took a deep breath, suppressed her anger, suddenly sneering as she lifted her chin at the car behind. “Are you not afraid that your current boyfriend knows?”

This gloating demeanor is the cousin he is familiar with.

He Zizhong was very pleased to see her familiar appearance again. Tilting his head, he looked at her: “What do you know? What happened to me and Dai Jun before? Sorry, he knows.” Although it was only yesterday, but at least he already reported it.

Realizing that her threat was not working, Xu Lili was on the verge of an explosion as her face turned turquoise: “But your ex-boyfriend is shameless and robs your cousin’s boyfriend. Won’t you help me?!”

Looking at her with regretful and sympathetic eyes, He Zizhong threw down another shock: “I saw Allen from a distance when he was taken away yesterday-is there a plump water system in your team? I saw he guarded her behind him for fear she get hurt…” He Zizhong, who deliberately distorted the facts, succeeded in igniting Xu Lili’s jealousy.

“It’s that bitch Shen Yan!”

“When I left yesterday, I saw Allen still seemed to be protecting her…” In fact, Wu Shao deliberately asked Allen to the forefront according to his status. “I was a little rash in what I said before, sorry… I thought Allen was to you… Now it seems that he seems to be very gentle to most women.”

Xu Lili finally exploded. The expression on her face distorted. Gasping for breath, the crop seedlings that had just been planted in the villa yard not far behind her began to grow wildly.

The door suddenly opened, and Yin Dong walked out with a cold face: “Xu Lili, put away your powers! The crop harvest time is set.” If they harvest too many crops early, if they don’t process and eat them as soon as possible in the current weather, it will mold and rot over time. Things are not suitable for preservation, therefore, the things they plant are strictly controlled and timed.

“You can’t manage me!” Xu Lili turned her anger as she stared at Yin Dong, stalking into the villa with a dark face, and slammed the door hard—as if the person who seduced Allen was Yin Dong.

Yin Dong didn’t seem to care about her at all, pushed his glasses and looked at He Zizhong. A white light appeared on the glasses: “This car is familiar.”

He Zizhong didn’t speak, but just nodded slightly.

“Last time we went back to the original mall, both of our cars broke down.”

He Zizhong didn’t expect that they would go back, and those zombies were obviously more powerful than he expected-they even smashed the car. “Our car is bulletproof.” Implying that the reason they can drive out is because the itself is strong?

Yin Dong didn’t ask more. Seeing the car had a lot of scratches (from the ammunition attack two days ago), nodded at him, turned around and returned to the villa.

He Zizhong also returned to the car.

In the master bedroom on the second floor of the villa, a person hiding from the side of the curtain looked suspiciously at the two cars down below——He Zizhong…He Zizhong…It’s He Zizhong? ! He didn’t die? !

Before He Zizhong returned to the car, Dai Jun suddenly hid behind the window and slightly pulled up a corner of the curtain to look down. He shouldn’t be able to see him… Wait, Xu Lili knew that He Zizhong is still alive and in the base. Why didn’t she say so before?!

It took less than half a month for Dai Jun to join the Overlord team. After Allen brought him back, Xu Lili almost flipped the roof when she saw him. While Dai Jun and Xu Lili have met twice before, they are not familiar with each other. But a woman’s intuition has long let Xu Lili know that this man is the kind of person who is very good at pretending and who can act in front of men more than ordinary women can.

Because Dai Jun was with the cousin who she hated before, at best, she showed contempt, ridicule, and sneered when meeting him. But now that he has also come to the team, becoming a “new member”, Xu Lili is naturally afraid he will go to hook up with Allen!

Unfortunately, because of the difference between men and women, there are not many rooms in the villa. After the death of the Brother De, although Xu Lili moved into the villa as she wished, she could only live with other female members. Instead, Dai Jun can go up to the second floor and live next door to Allen!

The two became cross-eyed like natural enemies. Xu Lili was afraid that Dai Jun knew that He Zizhong was not dead, so she ran to hug the thigh and backer she had prepared. Naturally, she never mentioned He Zizhong to him. Only a few Overlord members participated in the seed mission and came back alive, and Allen wouldn’t take the initiative to bring up such a shameful issues. The others naturally couldn’t either. Therefore, it was natural for Dai Jun not to hear news of He Zizhong. Besides, he has now successfully climbed onto Allen’s bed, and is wondering how to kill Xu Lili. How can he care about other things?

It wasn’t until today that he saw it with his own eyes and knew that He Zizhong also arrived at the A city base alive.

What to do? If Allen knew that he had a leg with He Zizhong before…No, no, it’s okay to know that he had an ex-boyfriend before. But if he knew the reason for breaking up with He Zizhong…

Dai Jun bit his lips. At present, he still didn’t have the ability to do anything, let alone stop He Zizhong’s mouth. He can only hide to prevent He Zizhong from temporarily discovering his existence. Naturally, there will be no chance for others to report to Allen. It should be okay as long as he hides it, but…

Xu Lili’s angry voice resounded again downstairs, as if she had quarreled with a girl who was in charge of logistics. Since she and Allen had been in bed, she had an attitude of the captain’s wife and instructed everyone to serve her. If it weren’t for Yin Dong nailing her in place, she would even tell Yin Dong to sweep the floor for her.

—This woman is a threat. Not only because she is He Zizhong’s cousin, she might reveal his news to He Zizhong, and also tries to snatch his position by Allen!

Dai Jun, who did not heard Xu Lili’s conversation with He Zizhong just now, didn’t know that he had been sold out long ago. He thought she wanted to find He Zizhong regarding Allen’s current situation.

He decided. Can’t be anxious. The more anxious he are, the more likely he is to fail. He has to take his time, seize the opportunity, and hit the with one strike!

After leaving the door of Allen’s house, the journey became much smoother. Two arrogant cars parked at the door of a property, and the check-in procedures were quickly completed. All that was left was to choose the house. The money must be handed in before the property let the people choose the house.

Seeing the options, they picked a villa far away from Allen’s house. Guo Bing smiled and signed his name: “Stay away from that sultry yard. We can avoid hitting their door and seeing or smelling something unclean when pass by.” The Samsara team has not forgotten the bloody, zombie-baiting incident from before. Although the piece of cloth was quickly taken off by He Zizhong, and the instigator’s car was killed by the zombies, but such a thing is not easily forgotten. Nor are they generous enough to let go of the past. .

“The house you chose is not bad. The surrounding garden area is not small, and you can build more houses.” He Zizhong looked at the architectural drawing of the villa and said, pointing to the courtyard outside.

“I also like this yard. Take two days to move first, and after two days of rest…” Guo Bing said in a low voice, “Go out to fight zombies and gather some planks and building materials back. How about going together?”

It was easier for them to cooperate with each other, especially since He Zizhong and Fang Hao can deal with high-level zombies. It raised the safety of the Samsara team by more than one level. After they came back this time, when they inquired around the base with their neighbors, they also learned of the problems other teams encountered when they went out-such as the casualty rate.

One team they were relatively familiar with did three missions near the base and had more than half of the team members killed or injured. Although his team had a lot of guns, in retrospect, if they didn’t cooperate with He Zizhong…their death rate would not be zero!

Yes, zero! Since the beginning of cooperation with He Zizhong, although some people in the team were injured occasionally, the death rate and zombification rate were really zero! This is almost impossible, especially when they went into the city several times and were in danger.

“Okay, wait for you to stabilize the situation first.” He Zizhong nodded after thinking about it. The Samara team needs to rest, and the same is true for him and Fang Hao. The tide of zombies outside is almost here, but before the tide of zombies really besieges them, they should go out and harvest crystal nuclei.

However, they must pay attention to the situation and withdraw in advance before the zombie wave really forms.

Lots of foreshadowing going on here… 👀


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    “His” in this case referring to Allen’s team – Yin Dong. If you recall Wu Shao seemed to ask/mention Yin Dong briefly when he greeted Allen.
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