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RA Chapter 8

The sound insulation effect of the old community was very poor, for fear of attracting others, the so-called ‘good man’ Li Uncle threatened Liao Nanqing fiercely: “I’ve told you, you have to listen! Don’t you understand?”


Liao Nanqing cried whisperingly, crying more and more quietly, completely out of strength. At the age of ten, with thin arms and legs, he was no match for an adult.


Liao Nanqing hit the corner of the table, with blood in his mouth, slowly seeping out from the corner of his mouth. Seeing the wound on his face, the other party was worried that he would tell others so he coaxed him.


“Nanqing, that’s what’s wrong with you. Didn’t I tell you to behave yourself?”


“Do you want your mom and dad to go to jail?”


“You’re a good boy, you’re good at studying, you’re obedient.”


“Always be a good boy, okay?”


Liao Nanqing shook his head, kept resisting, and raised his foot to kick him.


Suddenly, Liao Nanqing was choked and nearly rolled his eyes. Uncle Li was cursing, like a lunatic with a mental disorder. After letting go, Liao Naqing coughed weakly, and the blood at the corners of his mouth was mixed with saliva. He seemed to be drained of all his strength, staring at the ceiling in despair, and tears soaked the sofa fabric on both sides. The school bag was on the sofa, the zipper was opened.


In the past, he always heard some people talk about it, die and forget it, die and forget it.


He didn’t quite understand.


But today, Liao Nanqing finally knew what it was to die and forget about it. If there was no hope in life, then life could only fall downward.


Liao Nanqing’s hand moved slightly, touching a utility knife from his schoolbag, and unconsciously scratched Uncle Li.


The other party screamed, letting go of the hand and Liao Nanqing rolled off the floor, fleeing for his life. The moment he opened the door, he happened to run into Father Liao who had just returned.


And Aunt Zhang, who heard the sound, went downstairs to see the situation.


The whirlpool started from this moment and expanded infinitely.


Even after eight years, Liao Nanqing could still remember clearly what the beast had said to his father.


And that ferocious beast’s expression reappeared in his dreams, and it didn’t fade until many years later.


He said: “You go to the police and let the police arrest me, ah? Even if I’m guilty and go in, I’ll be out in a few years. Even if I’m locked up for ten years, that’s only ten years. When I get out, your son will only be twenty years old. Youthful and young, it’s the best time, isn’t it?”


“When I get out, I’ll keep looking for him, I’ll find him…” Halfway through his sentence, he laughed, “I’m worthless in this life, but your son is still young.”


He also made a tempting offer: “Liao Dong, besides, now, I haven’t done anything to your son yet, have I? If you call the police, it will only spread the word. He’s so young, his life will be ruined, right? This way, the money I lent to you, I don’t want it. I can tear off the IOU and consider it as compensation for you.”


The dilemma of family circumstances and reality forced Father Liao to compromise after a deep consideration.


This incident was covered up like a pebble after a heavy snowfall.


The scars of Liao Nanqing’s body and mind, as well as the painful memories he suffered, were known only to Father Liao. He was a cowardly man, without a good job, and in debt. He meekly crossed that abyss, told Liao Nanqing to change his clothes back, and then silently brought Liao Nanqing back home.


Grandma was washing vegetables in the kitchen, and Mother Liao went out to buy salt.


Father Liao just held Liao Nanqing’s hand, took him into the bathroom, and put hot water on. He personally gave him a bath, and while washing, he cried. “I’m sorry, Nanqing, Daddy is sorry…” But even crying was so depressing. The hot water boiling in the kettle had a bubbling moment, but Father Liao did not.


He was a fool.


He did not even dare to let out a cry, but could only kneel miserably in front of Liao Nanqing, covering his mouth and sobbing soundlessly.


Liao Nanqing’s thinking went empty in an instant. He was too young to understand why his father was so forbearing and why he was so sad. A moment before, he was in the chaos of death, and this moment, he was in his own home, with his dad by his side. He was safe, he wasn’t afraid of anything anymore.


All he heard was that in the future this debt would be written off. Then, their family situation would be a little easier, mom and dad would fight less, and he wouldn’t have to go across the street anymore.


“Dad, don’t cry.” Liao Nanqing stretched out his hand and wiped his tears, ignoring his fear, and said in a low voice and obediently, “I’m not hurt.”


But he didn’t know that this lie made Father Liao even more desperate.




“Later, that person continued to follow me, threatening me, he even appeared at the gate of my school. I was terribly scared, but I couldn’t tell my mother. It was a secret, I couldn’t tell anyone except dad…” Liao Nanqing recalled in horror, “He was getting more and more arrogant, he was sure that my father didn’t dare to go to the police. But we should go to the police, we should not solve it by ourselves…”


They were stuck in a dead end, scared by what had yet to happen, and they feared that everything this beast said would happen.


But they ignored one thing, at the ends of the earth, who could find who?


Was it the constraint of debt, the hardship of life that crushed them, or did they themselves enter a trap.


From the beginning, borrowing money was not simple.


That person was a pervert, he had long ago targeted Liao Nanqing. From the very beginning of this game, the Liao family was in a weak position. Various rumors about Liao Nanqing also continued to emerge from Aunt Zhang’s mouth, and Liao Nanqing was no longer welcomed by his classmates at school.


Parents kept their children away from him, as if he was something dirty.


According to the rumors, their family was so nasty and scornful, even his mother did not believe him. Listening to the rumors, Mother Liao questioned Liao Nanqing like crazy at home, but she didn’t believe the words ‘no’ that Liao Nanqing said. She was crying, and Liao Nanqing lowered his head and stood there, cowardly trying to hold Mother Liao’s hand, but was pushed away.

Mother Liao rushed to the opposite door and slapped his door panel, crying and shouting to kill the one surnamed Li.


But the door to the opposite house was closed tightly, there was no time to pay attention to this crazy woman.




“Later, my father killed him.”


Finally, Father Liao couldn’t help himself. He was paranoid that the only way to protect his children was to kill this man. The weight of life crushed his sanity, and that morning, he finally did it.


Without the right method, he paid for his whole life, including his family’s life.


The desperate grandmother covered Liao Nanqing’s eyes, surrounded by panicked shouts. Father Liao was crazy and knelt on the ground in disbelief, looking at his blood-covered hands, suddenly lost his voice and burst into tears. As a murderer, he turned himself in.


A life sentence was long, so long that life was lost and he spent most of his life in prison.




At two in the morning, the neighborhood of Su Beimo’s house was quiet, and tonight, even the sound of cicadas was not there.


Liao Nanqing was lying on the bed sideways and sleeping soundly with a small blanket on him. He finished telling the story he was hiding and slept comfortably. But Su Beimo was suffering from insomnia. At first, he paced restlessly back and forth in the living room, and finally he nestled in his room and started playing games. The more he played, the more irritable he became, and Su Beimo dumped his phone.


The comment area of ​​the game interface was a variety of reminders.


One even cursed: [hanging up and killing the whole family]


But Su Beimo had no thoughts at all, his fingers were numb, and the air conditioning wind was blowing his toes cold. Facing this secret up close for the first time, he heard it from Liao Nanqing, and it was not as simple as the rumors outside.


It was a tub of ice water that splashed Su Beimo through the head.


For this reason, he had insomnia all night.


The scenes from the first meeting, like revolving lanterns, revolve one after another in his mind. In order to cover his wounds, Liao Nanqing wore a jacket in the heat; Liao Nanqing who wanted to buy cigarettes with a sad face; Liao Nanqing who followed him home and ate a fish belly after a long time; Liao Nanqing who was bullied by his classmates and kept silent.


The forbearing Liao Nanqing, the well-behaved Liao Nanqing, the Liao Nanqing who lived in rumors, and the Liao Nanqing who hid his secrets alone.


He was full of Liao Nanqing.


He was going crazy.


That night, a short dream.


The eighteen-year-old boy had fair skin, youthful and tender, attracting mottled green leaves. It was a pity that his eyes were dim, his figure was thin, and his thin wrists like a tree with broken branches. And the house in front of him was clean, green vines spread out, the teenager turned slightly towards him, touching the softest string in his heart.

It was Liao Nanqing.


He saw that his face was clean, without any bruises. He was so beautiful, although the word beautiful was not quite right for a boy. But Liao Nanqing’s skin was very white, reflected in the light, hazy, and indeed very good-looking.


He bent his eyes and called him: “Su Beimo.”




Su Beimo——


The voice was getting louder and louder.


“Su Beimo!”


Su Beimo, who was awakened from his sleep, suddenly opened his eyes. Liao Nanqing was standing in front of his bed, staring with puppy-like round eyes: “Uncle Su asked me to ask you to get up for lunch.”


Su Beimo had insomnia last night, and remembered that he only fell asleep in the morning. The time on the phone was already eleven o’clock, Su Beimo remembered that today was Saturday and rubbed his temples.


Su Jing came over from the kitchen with the smell of oil and smoke. “Sleep late last night? You young people stay up late and sooner or later you will have problems.” He didn’t talk too much, and walked back to serve the food. Liao Nanqing followed Su Jing to set up the dining table, leaning over from time to time to see if Su Beimo was up.


The food at noon today was very rich, and Su Jing was in charge cooking, most of which were the favorites of Su Beimo.


He especially liked to make braised fish. Su Beimo picked up his chopsticks and pinched the fish belly to Liao Nanqing.


Su Jing’s chopsticks paused: “I rarely see you picking food for others.”


Liao Nanqing looked at Su Jing with embarrassment as Su Beimo picked up a mouthful of rice, “He’s too skinny.”


“Nanqing is too skinny.” Unexpectedly, Su Jing quickly picked up the conversation, reassuringly saying, “Beimo has been very carefree since he was a child, and he is not very good at taking care of others. It’s rare to be so attentive to his friends, come and play at home often in the future.” He wondered for a while if he should contact Liao Nanqing’s mother and took advantage of the opportunity to complete all the procedures for transferring to another school before school started.


From then on, Liao Nanqing would leave this small town and go to a school in the city to welcome a new life.


Su Jing, at the request of Su Beimo, even asked for some connections to transfer Liao Nanqing into No.3 High School in the city. Because of Liao Nanqing’s grades were so bad, he couldn’t transfer to No.1 High School and No.2 High School without spending a lot of money.


However, No.3 High School had always been standardized. Su Jing had carefully investigated and found that this school was not too strict, and the level of learning was not too high, very suitable for people with weak foundations like Liao Nanqing.


The transfer procedure was successful and Mother Liao readily agreed when she heard that the Su family was willing to take over the whole thing.




At the thought of being able to leave the No.1 High School1No.1 High School at his town and leave this town, Liao Nanqing happily ate several bowls of rice, and finally held up. Within a few days, he was smiling and wiping his tears at the same time, with great excitement. In his hand, he held the new school uniform sent by No.3 High School and happily held it on his body to compare.


“From now on, you will be a student of No.3 High School. Let’s strive for success. We should at least get into junior college2j大专 – junior college for professional/vocational training.”


“…” Speaking of the college entrance examination, Liao Nanqing wilted.


Su Beimo rubbed his head generously: “I will help you with tutoring, don’t be afraid.”


Liao Nanqing sniffed, trying to get closer.


“Hey, let me go, snot and tears will be wiped on me.” Su Beimo was handsome3this handsome implies that he’s nice, something like he’s so nice that he looks handsome lol but only for three seconds.


Liao Nanqing giggled and stood in front of Su Beimo holding his school uniform. Pulling the corner of his clothes with his hand, his eyes were filled with water, and it fell into Su Beimo’s heart. Su Beimo turned his face away and scratched his hair, but couldn’t help looking at Liao Nanqing’s face again. It was as clean and vibrant as in his dream


He was a little embarrassed, not because of Liao Nanqing’s behavior, but because of his inexplicably beating heart for several seconds.


The flourishing teenager, reflected in the engraving of time. Liao Nanqing had the look of eighteen years old, given by Su Beimo.


“I’m so happy.” Liao Nanqing’s voice carried a rare happiness, like the butterfly’s splendid wings, flapping and flying towards Su Beimo.






Su Beimo watched Liao Nanqing go from dark to bright, carrying the wind, and from then on, born into the sun.




The author has something to say:
Having read some social news, I feel deeply helpless about certain things.
This time the story adopted some of them, and I felt depressed when I wrote it.
But starting from the next chapter, I’m going to give you sweets!


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  • 1
    No.1 High School at his town
  • 2
    j大专 – junior college for professional/vocational training
  • 3
    this handsome implies that he’s nice, something like he’s so nice that he looks handsome lol
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