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RA Chapter 7

TW: implied pedophilia, mention of rape



That night, Liao Nanqing stayed overnight at Su Beimo’s house.


Liao Nanqing slept in the guest room with the clean smell of soapberry on the pillow, he tossed and turned and could not sleep.


At nearly eleven o’clock, Su Jing came back. Su Beimo and Su Jing were sitting in the living room talking. Liao Nanqing couldn’t hear clearly, but he was embarrassed to go out to drink. He hadn’t drank much water all day, and now it seemed like a fire was heating up in his throat.


The clock on the wall was ticking, immersing in the silence of the night, making people inexplicably anxious.


He couldn’t help getting up and gently opened the door.


As soon as he went out, he saw Su Beimo sitting on the sofa holding a mobile phone and playing games.


On the coffee table was a cigarette that had been half smoked and twisted out, which should have been smoked by Father Su. Liao Nanqing walked over, the soles of his slippers stuck to the floor, but he walked quickly.


“Give me your mother’s contact number.” Su Beimo finished the game. Leaning his back on the sofa and looking down at Liao Nanqing, he found that he was wearing his pajamas, giving him the feeling of a child wearing adult clothes. Su Beimo hooked his finger, and Liao Nanqing came over like an obedient little rabbit.


“I asked my dad to contact your mother and try to transfer you to a school in the city.”


Liao Nanqing’s eyes flickered.


Su Beimo threw the low battery phone aside, his tone was quite relaxed: “They all live in a dormitory over there. I’ll lend you tuition fees. When you go to college, work hard and study hard, then slowly pay me back.” At the end, he added a sentence, “Liao Nanqing, start over.”


Left behind the prejudices, ignorance and stupidity of a small county.


Went to a new place and started over, studied hard, it was best to improve every day.


After saying these words that sounded like salvation, Su Beimo stretched his back and intended to go back to his room to sleep, feeling relieved. When passing by Liao Nanqing, he once again rubbed his head. This time, Liao Nanqing hugged him.


“Don’t even ask me?”


The thin pajamas were soaked with Liao Nanqing’s tears, “No one is like you, even my mother doesn’t believe me…”


Su Beimo sighed: “Do you want to talk?”


“It’s you, it doesn’t matter.” Liao Nanqing thought, if it was Su Beimo, he must be able to understand, “You must not hate me like them, leave me alone, okay?”


He asked very softly, the last sentence almost choked in his whimper. He buried his head in front of Su Beimo’s chest and hugged him tightly. Seeking to rely on someone, trusting him completely.


Su Beimo hugged him back and patted his back with his palm: “Yes.”


Liao Nanqing took Su Beimo to the guest room, slowly, his opening sentence was: “My father, although he made a mistake…but he is not a bad person.”


Eight years ago, the beginning of the nightmare came from Liao Nanqing’s seriously ill grandfather.


The Liao family borrowed a lot of money to treat the elder. Even the money of the neighbor across the street was shamelessly borrowed, but still failed to keep the old man alive. With no one left, the economic pressure had undoubtedly become the family’s greatest torture.


At that time, Liao Nanqing was only ten years old, and just started the third grade of elementary school. He was very good-looking, had good grades, and was a particularly popular student in the class. Every day, he acted as the best student in school with perfect three views moral and academic performance, and went home with his classmates with joy and laughter all the way.


But often after that crossroads, he would turn into another Liao Nanqing.


A depressed person without a single smile.


He hated stepping across that intersection, hated coming home, and hated seeing his frowning father, his cursing mother, and his grandmother wiping her tears with a handkerchief.


It was definitely a dark cloud that weighed him down and made it hard for him to breathe.


At his feet were the broken porcelain bowls, and his mother cried as she packed clothes: “I said this disease can’t be cured, don’t cure it, you just won’t listen! Now it’s good! How long will it take for the family to pay off the money, how else can we live…” She sat on the ground and hid her face and wept bitterly, her thin arms dried up.


Liao Nanqing went over and hugged his mother, his sullen little face was not happy.


Father Liao didn’t say a word, and he couldn’t blame his wife for making a lot of noise at this moment. When the old man was sick, he was busy with work and borrowing money, and everything in the hospital and at home was taken care of by his wife. Now that the person had passed away, and the family had collapsed, he was responsible for it.


“How about asking the opposite door to borrow another…Now relatives are avoiding and going away, only he is willing to lend us.” Mother Liao pushed away Liao Nanqing and held Father Liao hand, “You go ask him to borrow a little more, at least pay my mother’s family back first. I really don’t have any face left…”


Father Liao tightened his lips and covered his face with both hands in pain.


His silence made Mother Liao completely explode: “You can’t earn money, it’s useless! I won’t even tell you to go across the street and borrow money again! Are you trying to force me to die? You go! If you don’t go, I’ll go!”


Liao Nanqing covered his ears, and his grandmother came to pull his hand: “Nanqing, go back to the room and do your homework.”


Liao Nanqing shook his head, and his grandmother said again, “Be good.”


They would never let Liao Nanqing participate in this topic at home. Every time, he was in the room, pressed against the door to listen to all this quarrel. The deliberately lowered voice and endless despair spread one by one in this home. It was black, and Liao Nanqing could see them.


And, under the cover of his clothes, a slight bruise on his arm.


This was also visible.


But this was a secret and Liao Nanqing couldn’t let his parents find out. He secretly tightened his clothes and his eyes were hollow, like every time he passed the intersection.


Liao Nanqing hated it and was afraid to see that man.


Liao Nanqing shivered whenever he heard his voice.


That person would verbally intimidate Liao Nanqing from time to time, and when he saw his fearful gaze, that person would laugh and grab his ears and threaten him. “If you dare to say anything, I will never lend your family money again. Then your father and mother will always quarrel…” He laughed mockingly and went on to say: “And I will also make your family pay back the money. Your family has no money now, and if you can’t pay it back I’ll let your mom and dad go to jail together, and I’ll slowly torture you and your grandmother.”


Liao Nanqing was only ten years old, and was so frightened that he did not dare to breathe.


The family’s problem had already overwhelmed everyone. In addition, this man was their family’s debtor, living across the street from their home, a man who mom and dad usually thanked a thousand times. He lent them money again and again when the Liao family was in the most difficult time, helping them get through it again and again.


He was a ‘benefactor’ and a ‘good person’ that Liao Nanqing should be thankful for.


“Nanqing, you are a good boy, do you want your parents to go to jail?”


Liao Nanqing covered his mouth, tears coming out of his eyes little by little, he shook his head desperately, he didn’t understand anything. The tender face was stained with tears, like fresh buds and leaves after the rain, it could stick to the fingertips with a light pinch, and could be wiped to pieces.


The man was stunned, and there was a fire under his eyes that was endlessly evil.


“Come to my house tomorrow, don’t let your parents know.”



Speaking of this, Liao Nanqing clenched the pajamas in front of his chest, breathing slowly, with fine beads of sweat on his forehead. His eyes fell on the smooth floor, as if to muster the courage to open a wound that had been buried in his heart for many years. It festered, stank, and was imprisoned inside his body, corrupting him and consuming him.


People around him wantonly slander, and the truth would never be told.


No one believed him, not even his mother.


Liao Nanqing closed his eyes in pain, there was no end to his despair.


Su Beimo held his face and said seriously: “Stop talking!”


Liao Nanqing clenched his lower lip, glanced up little by little, aimed at Su Beimo’s face, and tugged at the corner of his mouth with difficulty, and said in pain:


“He didn’t rape me, he didn’t, but no one believed me except dad.”


No one believed him, everyone just wanted to believe what they wanted to believe.



From that day on, Liao Nanqing would not laugh anymore.


His grades were falling, and he was getting thinner by the day. The class teacher was worried about him and took the liberty of visiting Liao Nanqing’s home. Liao Nanqing’s recent report card had not been brought home, and his parents did not care about him. So the class teacher’s home visit undoubtedly meant that all this was exposed.


“The family is already in such a mess, and you’re still adding to it.” Mother Liao sent away the class teacher and sat on the sofa, holding her forehead, as if saying one more word would be exhausting her, “Nanqing, don’t give mom more trouble, will you?”


“Mom, I’m sorry.”


“I know it’s been a mess at home lately and it’s affecting your studies. But dad and mom are also very tired, you have to be good, okay?” After all, it was her own child, and Mother Liao gently stroked his hair. Her complexion was sallow and she didn’t have any energy at all. “Don’t worry, Uncle Li across the street has lent us money again. Mom won’t let you live differently from the other students, they can’t find out.”

Liao Nanqing’s hand shrank.


Mother Liao didn’t notice, and was still talking about it: “Uncle Li across the street helped our family a lot, you should be more polite when you see him in the future. Understand?”


Just as the words fell, there were two knocks on the door.


Liao Nanqing’s body stiffened and motionless as he heard his mother go and open the door.


It was Uncle Li.


He was carrying a bag of roast chicken with a friendly smile on his face, as if wearing a hypocritical mask: “I bought too much roast chicken today, share half of it with you. I think Nanqing is getting thinner recently.” The voice of the nylon bag was hazily harsh. Mother Liao took Liao Nanqing to thank him, and without knowing, she really thought this man was kind-hearted.


Only Liao Nanqing knew his true face, but he didn’t dare to say, he was afraid.


This person was his nightmare——




“Nanqing, you are here.”


Liao Nanqing stood stiffly in front of the sofa, with no expression on his face, but Uncle Li, who was holding his shoulder, smiled ‘amiably’. He touched Liao Nanqing’s head like a gentle elder. But Liao Nanqing knew in his heart that this was a cave of desire, and he was dragging himself into it.


That disgusting feeling was beyond words, Liao Nanqing shuddered and watched in horror as the black in the other’s eyes gradually spread.


One day, another day, the madness of the whirlpool increased, they were going to fall in.


To this day, this feeling shocked his brain. He was pinched in his shoulder, and the resistance of his body let him know that he loathed this Uncle Li. Liao Nanqing was so scared that he cried out, but the more he cried, the more angry the other party became. Liao Nanqing was threatened and pressed down by him on the sofa, the thin short sleeves were ripped open, his pale skin was unpleasantly bruised in several places.


Liao Nanqing collapsed, his goodness, his ignorance, and his retreat have become the deadly weapon that caused this evil result.


He cried out, shouting for help, dad save me, mom save me.


Help me!


Who can help me…


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