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RA Chapter 5

Recently, Su Ya was busy with the women’s team dance competition, so the matter of taking care of the store had naturally fallen to Su Beimo.


Similarly, waiting for Liao Nanqing to come all the way to buy cigarettes every day had gradually become a habit, so much that Su Beimo was depressed when Liao Nanqing didn’t come today after he waited for a long time. Even at noon, he held his rice bowl and looked at the door several times.


Did he ask for leave today? Skipped class? Something happened?


Su Beimo was full of random thoughts, and then a small force smacked himself: Am I really nosy?


It was in the evening when Liao Nanqing finally appeared. His appearance was very wretched and he staggered. This time he didn’t have that jacket on, and the bruises on his arms had almost faded.


But soon, there would be new ones.


“I told the teacher all these things today, but they didn’t believe me. I have been in the teaching room since noon.” Liao Nanqing came to tell Su Beimo specially because he was in so much pain that he only wanted to listen to Su Beimo and talk to him. “Then I was stopped by them after school.”


Su Beimo admitted that he was irrational at that moment, he even wanted to rush into the school to grab those few little brats and ask, do you know what was right and wrong?


Liao Nanqing had no one to complain to, so he came to tell him, but he also gave Liao Nanqing this bad idea. Su Beimo didn’t ask any more, he stretched out his hand and took the other party into the stationery shop, took out an ointment and cotton swabs, and instructed Liao Nanqing: “Sit here.”


Liao Nanqing sat down obediently and let him apply the ointment to him.


“Sorry.” Su Beimo whispered.


“It’s nothing.” Liao Nanqing really didn’t mind, he was used to it, “I…I have a parent-teacher meeting the day after tomorrow. Can you help me attend it? My mother never comes, I’ve been told so many times.”


Liao Naqing was hurt by the ointment, his eyes were red, and he hung his head while waiting for a reply.


“Okay.” Perhaps out of guilt, Su Beimo agreed all at once.




The parent-teacher meeting of No. 1 High School was grand and formal.


Su Beimo however, didn’t think so, because the head teacher didn’t mention Liao Nanqing at all, as if there was no such person in the class. Did anyone know that his parents didn’t care about him, so they could bully him at will?


This sinking summer heat showed the naked distortion among human nature.


With a smile on her face, the head teacher gently communicated with each parent patiently. She was a young teacher, wearing a white dress and a light makeup today. Anyone would be affianced by her gentle attitude and thought she was a kind and amiable teacher.


So when Su Beimo stood in front of her and questioned her without mercy, the whole class became quiet.


Liao Nanqing stood outside the door and looked at him in panic. It looked like a scared little rabbit, the people watching him felt distressed.


Su Beimo beckoned to him, Liao Nanqing gulped and took small steps to come over and hide behind Su Beimo. Su Beimo took his arm and asked him to raise his head: “Teacher, explain why he was bullied by his classmates and you don’t care? Does No.1 High School like to encourage this?” He said frankly and loudly, “Teacher, can you explain?”


“Are you Liao Nanqing’s parent?” The head teacher obviously didn’t believe it.


Liao Nanqing had no one present at every parent-teacher meeting, and the parents could not be contacted even when he failed his exams. In the eyes of the head teacher, Liao Nanqing was poor in study, poor, and also played truant and seriously dragged the class, a completely problematic student.


“Teacher, please give a reasonable explanation first.” Su Beimo did not back down any step, coldly cross-examined. The class teacher ran out of words for a moment, and the rest of the parents who had gathered around began to whisper. Liao Nanqing tugged on Su Beimo’s coat corner, but was ignored by Su Beimo.


He still looked at the young class teacher seriously, and his temperament was overwhelming.


“Liao Nanqing is a problematic student.” The head teacher replied embarrassedly, pushing her glasses with some pride. “Since you are a parent, I still want to ask you. As a parent, do you know that he skipped class the day before yesterday? Besides, his grade couldn’t keep up with others, seriously lowering the average score of our class. His face is always bruised, and he doesn’t tell the truth when asked..”


“He did, just yesterday.” Su Beimo interrupted her, amused, “Did you believe him?”


“That’s because he skipped class and fights, trying to smear his classmates!” The head teacher was a little flustered, but she felt that she was right.


Everyone calmed down in an instant, waiting for Su Beimo to answer, and also wanted to know who Liao Nanqing was slandering.


No one believed Liao Nanqing because he was a problematic student.


There were even people who recognized Liao Nanqing. The town was just that big, it wasn’t difficult for anyone to recognize him.


The most ridiculous thing was that they all believed the teacher’s words with prejudice. After all, as long as it was not their own children, this was just a play, and they watched with great interest. The needle was not on their body, so they did not know the pain.


Liao Nanqing lowered his head, his eyelashes trembled, and he clenched his fists.


The silent violence spread rapidly, and the way to resist it was to choose silence again and again.


But silence could only be endured, it couldn’t match the rolling of violence. No matter how smooth the road was, it would leave ruts.


The silent atmosphere made Su Beimo immediately angry. He kicked the podium and vented all his dissatisfaction these days on this innocent podium. He couldn’t wait to step on it, together with those hypocritical teachers.


Liao Nanqing took a deep breath and his palms were cold. He stood in the same place.


Immediately afterwards, Su Beimo and the head teacher were invited to the teaching room, while Liao Nanqing stood motionless and waited outside the door. Several boys and their parents who had bullied him before were also called in one after another. When they passed by Liao Nanqing, they just looked at him and didn’t say anything nasty to him.


They were in trouble this time, because there were photos and evidence in Su Beimo’s phone.


Liao Naqing had a friend who had a bad temper, and this matter spread across the school in an instant. Everyone avoided him. Liao Nanqing thought it was good, no one would bully him in the future.


You see, it was good to have parents, it was good to have someone to protect you.


Liao Nanqing’s heart beat fiercely, he had never experienced it.


It was an hour and a half later when Su Beimo came out. Tired of waiting, Liao Nanqing squatted on the ground, rubbing his eyes pitifully.




Liao Nanqing’s feet were numb, struggling to keep up.


But before taking a few steps, Su Beimo said again: “The school promises to investigate this matter carefully. If those bullies bully you again, tell me.”




“Okay, how old are you still crying.”


“Thank you… Su Beimo, thank you.”


“What a mess, don’t thank me.” Su Beimo was stern and rubbed his calf, the goddamn podium was so heavy.


Liao Nanqing burst into laughter.


“But that grade of yours is really shabby. I’ll give you tutoring, for free.” Su Beimo also laughed, and the corners of his mouth raised up like wind, blowing through people’s hearts. He reached out and rubbed Liao Nanqing’s head. This action didn’t look weird anymore, it was the first step in friendship.


Seeing Liao Nanqing like this, Su Beimo finally felt relieved.


Liao Nanqing nodded, pursing his lips and looking at his uncomfortable calf: “Su Beimo.”


“No big, no small1SBM implied that LNQ being kinda impolite here since he calls him with just his name despite of him being older than him. I’ll also keep the words like ge, gege in chinese instead of translating it to ‘brother’. Call ge.”


“Is your calf all right?” Liao Nanqing didn’t want to call him ‘ge’. He sniffed and asked caringly. “Do you really hit it? It seems a little swollen.”


“If I’m crippled, this thing is all on you, you have to support me for life.” Su Beimo gritted his teeth, his calf was really hurt.


Liao Nanqing quickly said: “Okay!”




“What, what’s wrong?”


“It’s funny, why do you take everything so seriously… silly.” Su Beimo wiped the back of his head. He smiled lightly and waved at him, “Go, dinner to go.”




The rest of the summer vacation passed very quickly, and there was a lot of good news. Su Beimo’s grandmother was healthy, Su Jing got promoted in the company, and Su Ya’s dance team passed the preliminary round.


After the summer school of No.1 High School ended for half a month, the business of the stationery store fell into the off-season. On the contrary, Liao Nanqing, who did not have to go to school, ran to Su Beimo’s side every day. Either helping to wipe the counter or sweep the floor, making Su Ya couldn’t help but praise the child for being smart and sensible.


Su Beimo snorted: “I have helped him with tutoring for free. Can he not work hard?”


Su Ya laughed at him: “Push your nose and eyes.2to take advantage of someone’s weakness


Liao Nanqing giggled, holding a peeled apple for Su Beimo.


Near the third year of senior high school, there were many piles of summer homework. Liao Nanqing took the test papers every day and asked Su Beimo about what he didn’t understand. In fact, he was absent-minded when listening to him. Su Beimo explained it seriously, and when he finished speaking, he looked up and saw Liao Nanqing staring at him blankly, his eyes were about to melt him.


Su Beimo frowned, a little uncomfortable. He deliberately picked up a ballpoint pen and knocked on his forehead: “What are you looking at?”


“I did not look……”


“Then do you understand the question?”




Su Beimo tsk-ed: “It’s not a good habit to be absent-minded, change it.”


More than a month passed by really slowly, but Liao Nanqing felt it passed quickly. He now followed Su Beimo to go home for dinner every day. With more time, his cheeks had become thicker and Su Beimo couldn’t drive him away.


Su Jing was busy and stayed in the company after working overtime. There was only Su Beimo in the family, and he didn’t dislike having Liao Nanqing following him like a tail.


Su Beimo often liked to cook by himself, and Liao Nanqing accompanied him to the vegetable market every day.


Liao Nanqing liked to eat fish, and Su Beimo bought fish almost every day. At first, Liao Nanqing wanted to pay for the food, but he was refused by Su Beimo. According to Su Beimo’s words, it didn’t cost much to add one more pair of chopsticks at home. However, Liao Nanqing was still embarrassed and stubbornly wanted to buy something.


After twisting and turning for a long time, he finally bought some fruits, most of which were the favorites of Su Beimo.


Today he was carrying a watermelon, and Su Beimo was carrying a clean crucian carp and some vegetables. The two people were walking one after the other, and Liao Nanqing followed as usual.


The two chatted with each other.


Su Beimo reached out to him: “Is it heavy?”


Liao Nanqing shook his head and said honestly, “No, it’s not heavy.”




It was the first time for Liao Nanqing to get along with a so-called friend. Su Beimo’s casual answer always made him feel that he had missed something. He asked hesitantly, “Then if I say it’s heavy, are you going to help me carry it?”


Su Beimo strode forward, without any intention of waiting for Liao Nanqing: “No, I’ll just be polite.”




Liao Nanqing chased after him while holding the watermelon, staggered, and bumped into the back of Su Beimo who had stopped suddenly, his forehead hurt. He frowned, raised his head to say something, but saw Su Beimo’s big white teeth: “I lied to you, I will carry it for you.”


The sun was scorching, and the buds were reborn.


Su Beimo’s smile was a stream of water, clean and clear, and in Liao Nanqing’s narrow vision, it was so bright that there was no room for a trace of dirt.


Liao Nanqing lowered his head, with two dimples on the corners of his mouth: “But it’s really not heavy.”



The author has something to say:

Today’s Su Beimo is handsome! I like!


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  • 1
    SBM implied that LNQ being kinda impolite here since he calls him with just his name despite of him being older than him. I’ll also keep the words like ge, gege in chinese instead of translating it to ‘brother’
  • 2
    to take advantage of someone’s weakness
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