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RA Chapter 49

The ward had become Grandma Su’s main camp, she reported every morning on time and sat all day long with nothing to do. She sat there all day, holding Liao Nanqing’s hand and talking, getting a small towel to wipe Liao Nanqing’s face. When she was bored, she crossed her legs and slowly searched for a TV show on the tablet to watch with Liao Nanqing.


Grandma Su liked to watch family dramas, and whenever she saw a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law battle, she said to Liao Nanqing. “The dramas are just acting, the real mother-in-law is not that bad. I am very good to Beimo’s mother. However, my mother-in-law was really not good to me back then…”


The old lady boasted one by one, and Liao Naqing just laughed.


“Oh yes, you need to smile more, so that the body is good. Look at how thin you are. This time, you have suffered. In the future, ah, grandma will support you, don’t be afraid of others.” Her heart ached for Liao Nanqing, and began to wipe tears as she talked. Old people were rich in emotions, most couldn’t see the younger generation suffer.


“Grandma, I’m fine.”


“Hey, good boy…”


Su Beimo became completely redundant in the ward and couldn’t even interject a sentence even if he wanted to: “Grandma, actually you don’t need to come every day, I’m taking care of Nanqing here.


“You’re only a young adult,1大小伙 – it’s used for people around 15-25 year old so I just use young adult for it how can you take care of people.” Grandma Su rejected him and lovingly touched Liao Nanqing’s thin arms, “Why can’t you gain weight, what do you want to eat tomorrow? Grandma made it for you to eat.”


Su Beimo suggested, “Braised pork feet with peanuts.”


Liao Nanqing hurriedly said, “I want to eat braised pork feet with peanuts.”


Grandma Su glanced at Su Beimo and pointed at him, Su Beimo smiled smugly, and the next day he ate braised pork feet with peanuts as he wished.


This soup was warm in winter, and Liao Nanqing drank it for the first time. Maybe it was because Su Beimo kissed him a lot these days, he always felt that his mouth didn’t hurt anymore, and the whole person was relieved a lot. With a mouthful of milky white soup in his mouth, he swallowed slowly, pinching the peanuts in the bowl with his chopsticks. The small peanuts were immersed in the soup, and a head appeared, which was very cute.


“Tasty, right?” Su Beimo said from experience, “Whenever I felt cold when I was a child, I would annoy grandma and asked her to cook this for me to drink. After drinking, it will be warm and my heart will be comfortable. ”


Liao Nanqing chewed the peanut and said softly, “It’s very warm and tasty to drink.” He tilted his head to look at Grandma Su, who was chatting with someone else outside, his heart felt guilty and his movement of eating peanut rice slowed down.


Su Beimo knew what he was thinking and touched his head, “Don’t think too much.”




“When you feel guilty about someone’s heart, you have to accept her love first.” Su Beimo finished his bowl of soup and sat across from Liao Nanqing with a smile on his face, the two facing each other across the small table. Seeing Liao Nanqing, who was getting more cheerful day by day, Su Beimo’s eyes shone brightly as he gave Liao Nanqing a small piece of pig’s foot in his bowl, “Eat this, grow meat. Otherwise, when we go back to City B to attend Lin Quan’s wedding, she would say that I didn’t take care of you.”



On the morning of returning to City B, Zhao Qin drove a friend’s car.


Grandma Su and Su Ya came to see them off, with a thousand reminders and hoping that they could come back and eat together on Lunar New Year’s Eve. Liao Nanqing nodded softly and agreed. Instead it was Su Beimo, after sending him into the car, his tall body stood at the car door and stopped the chattering Grandma Su.


“It depends, our company may have to work overtime, I suppose I won’t be back.” If he did not come home, Liao Nanqing naturally did not come. He was taking all the blame on himself, and as expected, as soon as he finished, Grandma Su turned her face and turned away aggrieved.


The old woman was getting older, and all she wanted was a few reunion dinners. Every year, there was one less meal.


Su Beimo’s heart was naturally uncomfortable. He sat in the car, rubbing his temples. Zhao Qin fiddled with the rearview mirror and looked at Su Beimo a few times, “Go?”




As the car drove out of the town, Liao Nanqing leaned drowsily on Su Beimo’s shoulder and dozed off.


Su Beimo took a small blanket and covered him with it. He didn’t sleep well last night because he dreamed about those unpleasant things again. He was sleeping soundly in the car, his calm breathing hitting the collar of his cotton jacket. The scenery outside the window is rapidly receding into a blur of colored shadows. The car was heated, Liao Nanqing exhaled like a child and rubbed Su Beimo’s shoulder.


The drive was long and Su Beimo fell asleep in a daze soon after.


It wasn’t until Zhao Qin called them to wake them up that they realized that they had closed their eyes and had already returned to City B.


Unlike the small town, snow had been falling intermittently in City B recently. There was some snow piled up on the ground, everywhere in sight was a white-capped picture.


Su Beimo, afraid that Liao Nanqing would fall, got out of the car and did not let him hit the ground, carrying him on his back.


“Are you cold?” Su Beimo asked him.


“No, I’m not cold.” Liao Nanqing yawned, his eyes hazy with sleep.


They first came to the psychiatrist’s office. It was supposed to be a break time, but because of Zhao Qin, Dr. Wang was waiting at the door early. She was a kind person with short hair. In order to reduce Liao Nanqing’s nervousness, she specially wore a warm-colored home dress today.


The environment of the consultation room was designed to be very warm, and the color combination inside made people couldn’t help but relax.


Accompanied by Su Beimo and Zhao Qin, Dr. Wang asked a few mild questions and did a simple test. She had a friendly attitude and spoke to Liao Nanqing in a very gentle tone as if she was a mother talking to her child.


Liao Nanqing quickly put down his guard and worked hard to cooperate with Dr. Wang’s treatment.


Then, at Dr. Wang’s request, Su Beimo and Zhao Qin left the consultation room.


The two were sitting outside in the lounge. On the table was hot tea made by the nurse on duty. Su Beimo wiped his face and went to the convenience store next door to buy two cups of hot coffee. He raised his head and took a few sips, and drank a whole can of coffee like alcohol. Zhao Qin took her phone to reply to work messages; she had taken a long vacation.


The temperature of the indoor heating was very appropriate, Su Beimo stretched out and leaned back in his chair in a casual posture.


“Mom, now… what do you think?”




“The matter between me and Nanqing.”


Zhao Qin didn’t react much. Today, her face, which had been marked by years, was wearing light makeup. Her voice was not loud: “Actually, when your father and I got married, your grandfather was against it.”


Su Beimo didn’t remember much about his grandfather, only that he had passed away when he was very young.


He frowned, not knowing what to say.


“Your grandfather was a university teacher, and your grandmother was born in a cultured family. At that time, your father was in a good family environment, while I was an orphan. When I was twelve years old, my parents passed away unexpectedly and I followed my aunt growing up. Your grandfather was particularly against it at the time. I eloped with your dad, you don’t know, right?” Speaking of this, Zhao Qin seemed to recall what a wonderful past, having a nostalgic smile. “Your father was particularly rash when he was young, and he fought with your grandfather to the end. We finally left home for a year, and when we took you back, your grandpa couldn’t eat anything. Fortunately, there is your grandmother, she is really a good mother-in-law.”


“Grandma is always nice, but I actually don’t remember much about Grandpa, he passed away quite early.” Su Beimo said.


“Yeah, now your grandma is the only one left.” Zhao Qin said slightly, “She’s getting older too.”


The implication was clear to Su Beimo.


After sipping his coffee, Zhao Qin went on to say, “When I was young, the person I liked can really stay in my heart for a lifetime. Although I am divorced now, I have never regretted marrying your father. I was very happy before our opinions diverged. ”


Su Beimo arched his back and propped his hands on his knees.


“At the time, your grandma always stood by our side and supported our marriage. I am really grateful. In a relationship, the understanding of family is most important.” Zhao Qin said warmly, “You are my son, with a temper like me, like your dad; the three of us are just the same. But your dad and I didn’t take a good path. As for you, your path should be yours, not ours.”


Su Beimo paused, then lowered his head: “Yes, I have chosen.”


“It’s your business if you regret it down the road. But I hope you don’t regret it, after all, this child his heart is pounding on you.” She remembered what she heard at the door of the ward that day, the words that Liao Nanqing said.


If this was the opportunity and suffering for them to be together, no matter how many times, he would repeat it and endure it.


But Zhao Qin knew about Liao Nanqing’s childhood and the suffering he had experienced this time. If it was a normal person, they might break down early. Maybe, even she herself would give up this relationship first and give in to reality.


No one supported, no one recognized, love had become his own greatest pain.


But Liao Nanqing said so at the end, and Zhao Qin, who blocked him, couldn’t even pick out a word of opposition. Regardless of the gender, it was just simply a like, so simple that it was transparent, anyone could see that they couldn’t live without each other.


Zhao Qin’s hand caressed Su Beimo’s head, the same as when Su Beimo was young, the temperature of these hands had never changed. She curled up the corners of her mouth, and when she laughed, she looked like Su Beimo: “There is actually someone in the world who cherishes my son so much, and as a mother, I just can’t refuse.”


Su Beimo’s eyes were moist and he looked away, sniffling, his voice a little muffled.


“Mom, sorry.”




“You used to say you wanted to hold a grandchild, but now it might be completely hopeless.” Su Beimo covered his face, not knowing whether he was crying or laughing, and he said, “I will never be separated from Liao Nanqing in this lifetime.”


Zhao Qin was amused by his words. Looking at Su Beimo’s expression again, she realized that this stinky boy purposely said it. She couldn’t help but pat him on the shoulder, and said silently, “You, you’re just talking too much.”2嘴欠 – talking too much, saying things that shouldn’t be said.


But then, Zhao Qin also said: “But compared to my grandchild who doesn’t exist yet, you are my most precious.”


In the evening, Zhao Qin cooked chicken soup hotpot for them both. She rented a short term apartment next to Su Beimo’s for a month and planned to spend New Year’s Eve with them in City B. This year, given Liao Nanqing’s situation, he wouldn’t be able to return to the town for New Year’s Eve, and his relationship with Su Jing couldn’t be eased for a while. On Grandma Su’s side, Su Beimo planned to go back after the New Year.


Looking at Zhao Qin who was busy in the kitchen, Liao Nanqing hooked Su Beimo’s pinkie.


Su Beimo then whispered close to his ear, “I’ll tell you the good news, my mom really agrees with us.”


Liao Nanqing’s eyes instantly brightened up, and the starry sky this evening stuffed countless stars into it, all hanging in Liao Nanqing’s heart. This was undoubtedly the greatest encouragement to him, so he said a little bit more.


“Auntie, your cooking is so delicious.”


“Auntie, Su Beimo sometimes cooks this for me too.”


“Auntie, you’re so nice.”


Liao Nanqing sincerely wanted to flatter, so Zhao Qin threw an olive branch to him.


She asked expectantly, “So who makes better food, Beimo or me?”


Liao Nanqing didn’t think he had dug a hole for himself and thought hard: “Su Beimo.” He would protect Su Beimo no matter what, this was not negotiable.


Unexpectedly, Liao Nanqing would be so shameless, Zhao Qin was stunned for a few seconds, not knowing what to laugh or what to do. Su Beimo rounded up: “Mom, Nanqing likes to be straightforward.”


“Oh, straightforward. So which one of you two confessed first?”


“It was me.” Liao Nanqing blushed.


Su Beimo was embarrassed and said, “I forced him to say it.”


“There was no forcing, I was the one who wanted to say it.”


“…” It was also snatched.


Zhao Qin’s stomach hurt from laughing and said to them, “Okay, okay, eat your food, it won’t taste good if it’s cold. Beimo, you go get a bowl and give Nanqing a bowl of soup.”



At seven o’clock and three minutes, a light snow fell outside the window. The neighborhood was brightly lit, and countless lights lit up in the dark night to guide the way home for those who were lost.


The corners of Liao Nanqing’s mouth hung with a long-lost smile, very happy.



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  • 1
    大小伙 – it’s used for people around 15-25 year old so I just use young adult for it
  • 2
    嘴欠 – talking too much, saying things that shouldn’t be said.
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