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RA Chapter 48

Su Beimo convinced Liao Nanqing to go back to City B with him to receive therapy, and told him in the gentlest way: you are not sick, you just have a nightmare that needs to be left behind, and we have to leave it behind together.


But although Liao Nanqing agreed to this point, he did not want to drink any more water. He refused to drink a drop of water, except for a little bit of water when drinking porridge, he almost resisted drinking water.


“Nanqing, you can’t not drink water.” Su Beimo has persuaded Liao Nanqing countless times.


But Liao Nanqing was insistent: “I’m not thirsty.”


“Your lips are so dry, and you say you are not thirsty?” Su Beimo was angry. He took the thermos and sat next to Liao Nanqing. For a long time, he really had no choice; he tilted his head and took a sip of warm water, pinched Liao Nanqing’s chin and kissed it, forcibly feeding the water into Liao Nanqing’s mouth.


Liao Nanqing was forced to drink a mouthful of water, covering his mouth and coughing, his face was red.


“Is it good?” Su Beimo smiled happily for a rare time in these few days.


Liao Nanqing was angry and embarrassed, his ears were red through and through. Su Beimo rubbed his head, saw a trace of the familiar Liao Nanqing in the past, and could not help but be pleased. He added more hot water to the cup: “Drink a little more, you can’t not drink water.”


“But, I…”


“What’s wrong with bedwetting? Who hasn’t wetted the bed.” Su Beimo yelled, “I used to, my mother spanked my butt every day, my family dried the sheets every day, and I wetted the bed even in elementary school. For this reason, I wrote a 500-word review.” He added, “My mother forced me to write.”


In order to coax Liao Nanqing, Su Beimo had no face and no skin, God knew that some of these words were made up.


Zhao Qin leaned against the door, coughing dryly, encountering extremely embarrassing scenes every time she came; she really didn’t want to see it.


Su Beimo swallowed his saliva and laughed awkwardly.


Compared to the last time, Liao Nanqing’s emotions had smoothed out a bit, he was not as scared as before when he saw Zhao Qin. But to say he was not worried was a lie; he quietly hid behind Su Beimo, lowered his head, not daring to greet her. He was like a sinner. He was afraid that the moment Zhao Qin opened her mouth, it was the words to ask him to leave Su Beimo, the same as Su Jing at that time.


It was Zhao Qin who walked in on her own initiative.


Su Beimo stepped forward and stopped her. “Mom, do you want to talk outside?”


Zhao Qin ignored Su Beimo and smiled warmly and gently, “Nanqing, is your body better?”


Liao Nanqing trembled, and nodded timidly.


“That’s good, I brought you some bone soup, try it.” She shoved the thermos bottle to Su Beimo and told him, “Pour some out for Nanqing to try, you are really, your aunt makes porridge every day, so you can give Nanqing porridge every day?”


“He can’t drink something too greasy, so I asked auntie to cook porridge every day.”


“I picked all these bones myself, they’re not mushy, don’t stay still.” Zhao Qin pushed him and chuckled, “You have a scruffy beard, how many days haven’t you shaved? Luckily, Nanqing doesn’t abandon you.”


Su Beimo was confused by his mother’s operation and poured a bowl of bone soup to feed Liao Nanqing in wonder. But with Zhao Qin by his side, how could Liao Nanqing be comfortable? He stopped drinking after a few sips. He carefully sat upright, not knowing how to put his hands.


“Nervous?” Zhao Qin asked him with a smile.


Liao Nanqing didn’t answer the question at the moment, and hesitantly looked at Su Beimo.


“Do you still have nightmares at night?” Zhao Qin was not at all annoyed with Liao Nanqing’s lack of attention, “Beimo said that you are willing to go to City B with us to see that psychiatrist.”


Hearing this, Liao Nanqing clenched his hands tightly, pinching painfully: “En.”


“That doctor is a friend of mine, she is very kind, you don’t have to be too nervous.”


“Thank you.”


Zhao Qin nodded: “Family, what are you polite for.”


After saying this, Liao Nanqing was stunned, and so did Su Beimo. Su Beimo hurriedly spoke, “Mom…”


“And you, don’t be so protective all day long. Your aunt wants to come and see Nanqing, you let her come. She has to deliver porridge every day and still be stopped at the door by you.” Speaking of this, Zhao Qin couldn’t help saying a few words for Su Ya.


It was Liao Nanqing, who was slightly surprised, “Auntie Su wants to visit me?”


Zhao Qin gave Su Beimo a glance and whispered to Liao Nanqing: “Of course, otherwise why else would she cook porridge for you every day?”


Liao Nanqing had always liked Su Ya, and every time Su Ya was good to him, he thought of returning the favor. He thought Su Ya should not want to see him again, but now, hearing Zhao Qin say that, Liao Nanqing was actually happy. However, after a moment, he said worriedly, “Auntie Su, she, she really didn’t blame me?”


It was Su Beimo who answered, “Of course she doesn’t blame you, she’s very worried about you.”


Liao Nanqing’s clenched hand relaxed, his eyelashes fluttered a few times, and a silly smile suddenly appeared.


Zhao Qin could see that this silly child was particularly easy to satisfy. As long as you gave him a little love, he would be happy.




In the past few days, Su Jing actually came to the hospital. He drove Su Ya to the ward every day to deliver pine porridge, after which he would wait downstairs for Su Ya to come down again. From time to time, he would ask a few questions about Liao Nanqing’s physical condition, and Su Ya answered them all the time. He obediently listened to Zhao Qin this time, and did not dare to step up to attract suspicion.


Now Su Ya could also enter the ward, Su Jing’s heart was even more empty.


“Ge, in fact, boys and girls are the same. You don’t have to marry a girl to be happy all your life. Isn’t everything you do to raise Beimo so big that he can live a happy life in the future?” Su Ya sat in the co-pilot persuading him, “Indeed, the road is difficult, I am also afraid that they will regret afterwards, but look at Nanqing and Beimo, can this be splitted apart?”


As Zhao Qin said, if they were to be split, wasn’t this killing the children?


Su Jing waved his hand and remained silent.


“So are you going to stay in deadlock with Beimo?”


“I’m his father, we…”


“Back then, dad opposed you and Xiao Qin jie too, what attitude did you have back then, did you forget? You are much more stubborn than Beimo. After all, you guys are just alike. If you like someone, you can’t look back.”


Mentioning the past, Su Jing couldn’t lose his face: “A’Ya, are you lecturing me now?”


“I’m trying to persuade you, ge.” Su Ya politely said, “Don’t you realize? What’s the difference between you now, and dad back then? What you did is even more excessive than dad. At least he didn’t hurt Xiao Qin jie!”


Su Jing leaned back in annoyance, his hand was on the steering wheel, heaving a heavy sigh. Su Ya didn’t care about him, got out of the car, and turned around. Su Jing’s car drove away long ago. Su Ya wrapped her coat tightly and twisted her eyebrows helplessly.


The New Year was almost here, and she didn’t know if the family could sit down and have a good meal.




Grandma Su, who was kept in the dark, always felt that something was wrong, and after several pressures, Su Ya who had a soft temper still confessed. But she only said that Liao Nanqing was injured and hospitalized, not about his relationship with Su Beimo. When Grandma Su heard it, she was angry; you don’t tell me about such a big thing? You all think I’m an old woman, so it’s easy to fool?


Regardless of what Su Ya said, she immediately came to the hospital. Su Ya hurriedly followed behind, fearing that Grandma Su would fall, and finally drove her to the hospital in person.


The result didn’t come out well; when she found that Zhao Qin was there, she was even more angry.


“You think I’m an old woman who’s easy to fool, don’t you?”


She was standing outside the hospital corridor. Zhao Qin stood like a student, or the kind of student who had been caught copying her homework, and stood honestly in front of her, calling out pleasantly, “Mom.”


“Called Auntie.”


“Hello Auntie.”


Grandma Su: “You’re going to piss me off!”


Su Ya rounded up: “Mom, take it easy…”


“Mom, don’t be angry.” Although Zhao Qin was divorced, her title remained unchanged. Grandma Su was open-minded. Before the divorce, the relationship between their mother-in-law and daughter-in-law was pretty good. Zhao Qin helped Grandma Su to sit down in the lounge chair and explained to her, “I was planning to visit you at home when I have time in the next two days. Well, I talked to A’Ya this morning.”


Su Ya hastily nodded: “Yes, Xiao Qin jie did say she would come to see you. But recently she has been really busy, so it’s been delayed.”


“I’ll let you all finish what you’ve been talking all day.” Grandma Su brought a bit of stubborn temper inherited from the family. “What happened to Nanqing? How did he get beaten like this? Who did it? Did you call the police? If you want to spend money, you can talk to me, I have a lot of pension.”


The old lady was not short of money.


Zhao Qin explained, “His stepfather beat him.”


“How did he get beaten up? That stinky guy came to him?”


Zhao Qin did not know what to say, she couldn’t say it was your son who contacted him, ba. If she said so, Su Jing would be finished but Su Beimo and Liao Nanqing’s relationship was also over. Grandma Su was old, who dared to mention this matter? If she got scared, no one could afford to take the risk.


Su Ya on the side shut her mouth with difficulty.


Zhao Qin stammered and changed her sentence: “Mom, Nanqing especially needs bone soup to nourish him now. Your soup is the best, I still want to ask you for advice.”


“Okay, I’ll go back and make the soup and bring it to you later.” Grandma Su got up without saying a word and dragged Su Ya home, chattering, “You should have told me earlier, there are no good bones in the market now, they are all leftovers!”


Outside, there was a lot of commotion over the bone soup. Inside the ward, Su Beimo took out the newly bought winter coat from the bag brought by Zhao Qin. It was black and not very conspicuous. He shook and squeezed it again. It was really warm. Liao Nanqing still had a bandage on his feet, making it difficult to walk. He jumped on one foot and threw himself into Su Beimo’s arms.


With a red face: “I want to try.”


“Give me a kiss.”


“Auntie and them are all outside…”


“They have to go to the doctor later to talk about discharge time, they won’t be back that soon.” He went over, “Just a kiss, you haven’t kissed me in a long time.” This was still awkward.


Liao Nanqing had no choice but to quickly take a bite out of Su Beimo’s face. At the same time, the big cotton coat immediately covered Liao Nanqing, as Liao Nanqing thought, very thick, and warm to the heart. But at best, it was just an ordinary black cotton-padded jacket, or a style that Liao Nanqing blindly pointed at.


“Good-looking.” Su Beimo brazenly boasted.


“Did you buy me a big size?” Liao Nanqing looked bitter, “This is too big.”


“It’s good that it’s big, you can add a lot of clothes inside, so you won’t be afraid of being cold.” Su Beimo picked it up and looked at the size, “I told you, how could I buy my boyfriend’s clothes wrong, the store sent me the wrong one.”


Bought the smallest size, but the store sent him the largest one.


Su Beimo raised his eyebrows and put on this winter coat on himself. As a result, it was still too big. Then he thought of something; he grabbed the sides of the zipper of the coat and wrapped the dumbfounded Liao Nanqing into it.


The closest place to his heart, thump thump, Liao Nanqing heard the sound of Su Beimo’s heartbeat.


The winter day found a bright sun, the snow in February was all melted…


Zhao Qin stood in the doorway with a headache, knocking on the door. She cleared her throat, and broke the sweetness awkwardly for the countless times: “Su Beimo, can you pay attention? This is a hospital… ”


When Su Beimo saw Zhao Qin, he said cheekily, “Mom, why don’t you get used to it?”


Liao Nanqing shyly hid in his arms, refusing to even show his face, he hugged Su Beimo tightly and said in an embarrassed voice, “Auntie, we will pay attention.”


But Zhao Qin raised her brows, feeling that Liao Nanqing was just being polite and simply closed the door of the ward.


Two little fools.



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