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RA Chapter 39

“If you miss him, I will bring him back next time.” Su Beimo helped Grandma Su rub her hands.


Grandma Su was naturally happy, and she couldn’t help but exhorted a few more words to Su Beimo: “You are close to him in City B, so go to school more often to see him, so he won’t be bullied by those bad kids again. He’s good and won’t tattle.”


The family still did not know that he and Liao Nanqing lived together. Su Beimo did not intend to say. It was not good to mention it too deliberately.


When Grandma Su rested, Su Beimo got up and went to the convenience store near the hospital to buy a cup of hot coffee. His tall height caused several female students to turn around, and he found a relatively quiet place to call Liao Nanqing.


The other end was answered in seconds, as if he had been waiting for his call.


But the truth was not, Liao Nanqing just happened to take out his phone to call Su Beimo.


“Hey, I’m here at the station.” The moment Liao Nanqing opened his mouth, it was a cut and run.


When he returned to the town after a few months, Liao Nanqing was still uncomfortable. Ignoring Su Beimo’s surprise, he gripped his backpack straps tightly, his body still thin like a high school student. He asked softly, “I want to come visit Grandma Su, is that okay?”


Su Beimo had no reason to refuse. He was in a cheerful mood, his tone rose and he hooked the corners of his mouth slightly: “Of course it’s okay, I’ll pick you up.”


He didn’t criticize Liao Nanqing for acting first. After all, it was Liao Nanqing’s intention to see Grandma Su.


“No, no, I’ll get there with a taxi.” Having received permission, Liao Nanqing’s eyebrows lifted upward, revealing a light smile. Nearing the mealtime, he said happily, “Does Grandma Su have something she wants to eat? I’ll bring it over on my way.”


“Grandma was just talking to me about you, saying that you don’t come to see her.”


“Ah, I’m coming, I’m coming.” Liao Nanqing hung up the phone and called a car as if he couldn’t wait to catch up.


During that time, he also found a fruit store halfway and bought fruits to take with him. He remembered that Grandma Su loved oranges, so he bought some more specially. This time, Liao Nanqing did not bring much luggage, just a simple shoulder bag.


Su Beimo waited for him at the gate of the hospital. The cold wind was blowing, the sun was not too good, and the sky was slightly hazy, like a heavy mist that could not disperse.


But in Liao Nanqing’s eyes, he put aside the light of the mist and saw it at a glance. Liao Nanqing carried the fruit and walked over quickly, keeping a distance that was not too close, “Su Beimo.”


“Have you eaten?” Su Beimo stretched out his hand to pick up the orange in his hand, “Grandma is asleep, and my aunt is with her. Go up later.”


“Then have you eaten?”


“Not yet, waiting for you.”


Liao Nanqing bowed his head slightly and felt that the town was not as annoying as before. He followed Su Beimo’s route and stepped forward steadily.


There were not many small restaurants near the hospital, and Su Beimo found one that was relatively clean.


As soon as Liao Nanqing sat down, he saw the person sitting at the next table, who was his former classmate in the No.1 High School. Liao Nanqing tilted his head and sat a little further in. He was afraid that his classmates would recognize him, so he didn’t say much and ate his food quietly. Su Beimo gave him the fish belly, “You have class tomorrow afternoon, right?




“I’ll take you to the station tomorrow morning.”


Liao Nanqing whispered: “I asked for leave.”


“Okay, then we’ll go back together the morning after tomorrow.” Su Beimo took two bites of rice and asked him, “By the way, do you want to stay in City B in the future?”


Liao Nanqing didn’t think that far ahead, he was only in his first year of college. He turned his head uncomfortably, and it so happened that the students at the next table also looked at him. Even after a few months, after a year or two, he still couldn’t get rid of the ‘identity’ that this town brought him. That classmate, as if he had seen something disgusting, muttered something in disgust, threw down his chopsticks and left.


Before leaving, he looked back at Liao Nanqing in disgust.


It was hard not to notice such obvious malice, and Su Beimo stared unhappily at the man’s back as he left.


Liao Nanqing pinched his chopsticks and poked at the stir-fried pork in his bowl, his inferiority complex rooted in his heart forever. He smiled awkwardly and said to Su Beimo, “I can be anywhere.”


Su Beimo calmly put down his chopsticks and tried to keep his tone as smooth as possible, “Do you know that person just now?”


“A former classmate from No.1 High School.” Liao Nanqing bowed his head and asked Su Beimo rhetorically, pretending not to care, “What about you? Will you stay in City B? Or… come back here?”


“I have not decided yet.”


Liao Nanqing immediately said: “Anyway, wherever you are, that’s where I am.”


Su Beimo turned his head, recalling the contemptuous look that the classmate had at Liao Nanqing just now, and fell silent for a little while.


Liao Nanqing had always been sensitive. Seeing that Su Beimo was silent, he stopped the action of picking up vegetables and withdrew his hands astringently.




In the evening, Su Jing made dinner for Grandma Su and brought it over. When he saw Liao Nanqing, he greeted him gently. Grandma Su disliked that Su Jing’s cooking was too light, and talked about leaving the hospital. Thanks to Su Beimo’s coaxing of peeling oranges and cutting apples, she made the old lady a little more comfortable.


As she grew older, she became more and more temperamental like a child.


Only when she saw Liao Nanqing, Grandma Su was full of kindness, holding Liao Nanqing’s hand and refusing to let go: “Nanqing, it’s been many months, you never come to see grandma.”


“I will come back to see you often in the future.” Liao Nanqing said obediently.


Grandma Su happily responded, “Hey, good, come and see grandma more often. Nanqing, have you been in a relationship since you went to college?”


Su Beimo, who was eating the orange he peeled, almost spit out a mouthful. Liao Nanqing gave him a tissue with a smile in his eyes, Su Beimo wiped his mouth and looked away to snicker. Grandma Su sighed helplessly and pointed at Su Beimo: “What are you laughing at, I haven’t asked you yet, you’re not young and you don’t know how to find a date. Eat, eat, eat, the orange was bought for me by Nanqing, and you’ve finished it.”


“Didn’t I bring Nanqing to you, you won’t even let me have an orange.” Su Beimo complained jokingly.


Grandma Su glared at him, ignored his poor mouth, and continued to pull Liao Nanqing to talk about this and that. Su Beimo listened for a long time, but he couldn’t interrupt even if he wanted to, so he was finally driven out of the ward by Grandma Su. When he went outside, he found that his father, Su Jing, had also been driven out early. Su Beimo shrugged with his hands in his pockets: “Grandma is now partial to Nanqing.”


“Nanqing is lovely, not like you, like ruffians.” Su Jing pushed Su Beimo’s back. “Stand upright.”


Su Beimo: “…”


Su Jing put both hands behind his back, looking like a traditional parent: “How is the company lately?”


“Not bad.”


“Do you plan to come back later?” Su Jing pondered, “It’s not bad to develop here, and I’m more comfortable with you by my side.”


But Su Beimo didn’t hesitate, he seemed to have made up his mind, “Dad, I’m going to stay in City B.”


“Your mother encouraged you?” Su Jing and Zhao Qin had always had a disagreement on the education of their children. He had only one son, Su Beimo, who needed to be in sight, so he could feel more at ease. But Zhao Qin wanted Su Beimo to go out and make a career like her.


Su Jing especially disagreed, he thought it would be good to stay in one place peacefully and happily.


“Your mother has devoted herself to her career in her whole life. Every day, she comes and goes in the rain, but in the end she didn’t have a home. Do you think this is a success?”


“Dad, you also didn’t have another family, did you?” Su Beimo asked rhetorically.


Su Jing snorted and said confidently: “I did it to take care of you, and besides, we are a family, father and son.” He could fool others, but couldn’t fool Su Beimo. Su Jing had a stubborn temper, but he was very dedicated. He still had Zhao Qin in his heart. But after all, he was getting older, and he would not admit it to death.


“Dad, I can have a family even if I settle down in City B.” Su Beimo was quite insistent, “I’ve thought about it for a long time, and it’s my decision.”


He was shaken before, but in the end, he did consider Liao Nanqing. The gossip in the town, the prejudice in people’s eyes, couldn’t be smoothed out by a word or a period of time. They had to leave here to get better and better. Su Beimo couldn’t afford to look at Liao Nanqing’s trembling appearance, much less to accuse him of anything.


The so-called cheerful, optimistic, good at communication.


That was built in an atmosphere of goodwill, this town’s environment for Liao Nanqing was only full of malice.


Perhaps after a long time they would return to the town. The future was not a certainty; it was an unknown.


But for now, no matter which option was available, the option to come back was never among them.


A trace of hopelessness flashed across Su Jing’s eyes. He was not a strong father, and many times he respected Su Beimo’s choice, as long as that choice was one he could approve of. After all, Su Beimo was his only child, and parents, in the end, didn’t they all compromise for their children? He sighed, “As you wish.”




In the evening, only one person could stay with her. Su Jing took the next day off, so he asked Su Beimo and Liao Nanqing to go back to rest earlier today.


The two of them stood at the entrance of the empty hospital waiting for a cab, Su Beimo asked Liao Nanqing which home they were going back to.


“My house has been unoccupied for a long time, it must be all dusty.” Liao Nanqing was too cold and moved a small step towards Su Beimo, his neck was bare as he left his scarf in the ward. Liao Nanqing sniffed and poked the back of Su Beimo’s hand with his finger, complaining in a small voice, “It’s so cold in winter, I wasn’t that afraid of the cold before, are you cold?”


“Just say it if you want to hold hands.” Su Beimo stifled a laugh and immediately held his hand, squeezing it hard, “Where is the scarf?”


Liao Nanqing’s cheeks turned red as his intentions were detected, “I left it at Grandma’s.”


“I’ll go get it for you.”


Liao Nanqing grabbed him and hugged him while no one saw him: “No, it won’t be cold after being with you for a while.”


In the dim street light, their shadows trailed long and dark like the shadows of two poles leaning together. Su Beimo kissed the top of his hair and embraced him tightly.


There was still a good while before the cab arrived here, and it was a minute of hugging. Su Beimo took a deep breath on the side of his neck.


Liao Nanqing felt itchy and smiled embarrassedly, “Happy birthday, Su Beimo.”


Su Beimo said, “Thank you, my boyfriend.”


“I spent my birthday with you this year, and although I didn’t make a cake, we have next year, and the year after that, and the year after that. I hope Grandma is in good health, let’s spend it together again next year.” Liao Nanqing said so sincerely. He took out an exquisitely wrapped black box from his bag and stuffed it into Su Beimo’s hand, “Take a look, do you like it?”


It was a birthday gift that Liao Nanqing had chosen for a long time; he bought Su Beimo a tie with his part-time job money.


It was not from a very good brand, but it was not cheap either.


Ge Yun, who called Su Beimo ‘dog Su’ every day, accompanied Liao Nanqing to pick it. He bought it a month in advance and hid it until now.


“Ge Yun said that you are white-collar workers. When you wear a suit, the tie is the most important thing. It is a person’s appearance. I don’t understand it. Anyway, it sounds reasonable.” Liao Nanqing smiled to reveal two inconspicuous dimples, pulling Su Beimo’s hand to shake lightly, seriously, “But in the future when I earn a lot of money, I’m sure to buy you better.”


Anyway, this kind of thing, working to make money, would only save more every year. Liao Naqing could save money, and he could be stingy to himself.


“This is already very good, I especially like it.” Su Beimo gestured to his neck and said with satisfaction, “Handsome?”


“Handsome!” Liao Nanqing joined in.


“I’ll use this one next time I go on a business trip, and I won’t change it anymore.”


“Then what if it becomes worn out?”


“Sewing and mending for another year.”


Liao Nanqing smiled with stars in his two eyes, bright and shining, infinitely tender. Su Beimo held his tie, couldn’t hold back it, and bowed his head affectionately and kissed him.



Unbeknownst to them, Su Jing was looking at them with a face like ashes, not far from the concrete floor, Su Jing seemed to be still. In his hand was the scarf that Liao Nanqing had dropped. Fearing that Liao Nanqing was freezing, he ran out with the scarf without even wearing his coat. Who knew, what greeted him was actually such a scene.


Su Jing’s dry lips trembled violently, and his eyes plunged into darkness, silent and cold.The air was terrifying, like a blade falling, piercing his only calmness and reason.


He took a big step forward, and the last few steps were almost running. Su Jing used his full strength hard and punched Su Beimo in the face.




He was panting, his body trembled all over, his anger ignited in an instant. Liao Nanqing’s scarf fell to the ground and was stepped on with a clear shoe print.



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