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RA Chapter 37

As the saying goes, once fresh and twice cooked.1一回生二回熟 – unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough


Su Beimo was afraid that the sheets would not dry after washing on a rainy day, so he bought a few more online and kept them in the cabinet. Especially when he returned home after each business trip, he had to change the sheets for several nights in a row.


Liao Nanqing’s college life was gradually getting on track, and he was learning to take the initiative to make new friends and participate in various social learning activities in his freshman year. In his spare time, he always helped out at Lin Quan’s bakery and also did hourly work at the milk tea store near the school. His part-time job plan had never been put on hold, and since he applied for a scholarship, Liao Nanqing had never once asked Su Beimo for help in terms of his tuition and living expenses.


He worked hard, and as his personality started to show little by little, gradually, occasionally a girl would come to give Liao Nanqing something.


For example, a cup of hot milk tea in autumn.


“A girl gives milk tea, ah? Isn’t Dog Su jealous?” Ge Yun happened to come to Liao Nanqing, opening her mouth to goad him.


Liao Nanqing smiled restrainedly: “My classmates bought too much, so they have to give it to me. Do you want to drink it?”


“Not drinking.”


Afraid of the cold, Ge Yun put on a scarf early, and she came to Liao Nanqing early in the morning, saying that Xu Yanyan had sent her some souvenirs. She didn’t like to eat them, so she put them in a small box and gave them to Liao Nanqing.


Liao Nanqing struggled to hold the whole express box: “Actually, he also sent it to me.”


“Do you think it’s delicious?” Ge Yun was disgusted, “These are too sweet, the calories are also high.”


“Don’t you love sweet food?” Liao Nanqing knew that Xu Yanyan would never send Ge Yun something she didn’t like, so he asked in confusion, “Have you changed your taste?” If it had changed, he would have to tell Xu Yanyan quickly.


Ge Yun looked at the milk tea bag carried by Liao Nanqing and said without thinking: “I’m on a diet.”


Liao Nanqing noticed and handed her the milk tea: “There is sago in it, don’t you like to drink it, you can drink it.”


“I’m not drinking it, I’m really losing weight. My boyfriend likes the thin ones.”


Liao Nanqing stopped in his tracks, Ge Yun waved her hand, showing a warm smile:: “He confessed to me last night, a senior in our college. Next time I’ll introduce him to you. Very tall, he chased me at the start of the school.” At the end, she had the shy appearance of a little girl.


Seeing that Liao Nanqing was not answering, Ge Yun sniffed and changed the subject: “You said that we have all found good partners. I don’t know if there is any movement from Xu Jianjian. He is tall and thin, and looks good. Not bad, many girls like him. By the way, will you go back during the winter vacation? The three of us can have dinner together.”


Liao Nanqing nodded slowly, after thinking for a long time, he still asked Ge Yun again, the boyfriend thing is not a joke?


Ge Yun rolled her eyes, “How can this be fake?”


Liao Nanqing didn’t ask any more questions.


To put it bluntly, he was a little heartbroken for Xu Yanyan. If Xu Yanyan confessed to Ge Yun on the day the college entrance examination ended, would Ge Yun not be chased by others now? He knew that Xu Yanyan liked Ge Yun, had always liked her. Therefore, Liao Nanqing’s mood was more complicated. He didn’t know how to tell Xu Yanyan about this.


On the contrary, Ge Yun, who was so carefree, didn’t even notice that Xu Yanyan liked her. In her perception, Xu Yanyan loved to tease her since childhood, and they were friends and rivals.


The enemies in the TV series would end up together, but in reality, Ge Yun never thought Xu Yanyan would like her.


Because she was bad-tempered, awkward and proud; she had the common fault that all spoiled girls had. She even looked mediocre, when she didn’t wear makeup, she was an absolute passerby in the street. Ge Yun had wiped out the possibility that he would like her when she was young, or perhaps she had never thought about it.


“If I tell Xu Jianjian about my relationship, he might laugh at my taste in finding a boyfriend.” Ge Yun ts-ked, and said smugly, “but I still intend to tell him, stimulate him, let him say every day that I can’t get married in the future.”






“Nothing.” Liao Nanqing pursed his lips. “Do you really not drink milk tea?”


“Not drinking, I really want to lose weight.” Ge Yun clenched a fist, full of energy; she looked energetic, she should like her boyfriend very much. Whenever she talked about that senior, Ge Yun’s eyes were shining, faint but couldn’t be hidden.


This look was very similar to Liao Nanqing when he was just in love, but very different.


For the first time, Liao Nanqing felt how lucky he was to be in love with Su Beimo.




That night, Liao Nanqing received a call from Xu Yanyan, at around nine o’clock, when he was watching a movie with Su Beimo on the sofa.


Xu Yanyan’s voice was very urgent, and the sound of the wind outside was mixed in with his panting. He could hear that he was running, “Liao Nanqing! Go check on Ge Gyun for me! In XX hospital! I’m calling for a car now, I’m on my way to City B!”


His voice was trembling, anxious, and there was a bit of crying.


Before Liao Nanqing could ask anything, he heard Xu Yanyan say incoherently: “She fell off the stairs when she was on the phone with me. Go and help me see her…”


The night was windy, the frost had not yet formed a knot, the air was as light as fog, and it was cold in City B.


Before leaving home, Su Beimo put a scarf around Liao Nanqing, and the two did not hesitate to call a car and went straight to the hospital.


Ge Yun received a call from Xu Yanyan when she went to fetch water downstairs in the dormitory. The lights in the corridor were broken. Ge Yun just answered the phone and the sound was not heard yet, when there was water under her feet, and her whole person fell down. The thermos in her hand fell to pieces, but luckily there was no hot water in it. The phone wasn’t hung up, but also was not picked up by anyone. Xu Yanyan shouted through the phone, but only heard the sound of crying, followed by the sound of noisy people and footsteps.


In the end, he didn’t know who picked up Ge Yun’s cell phone, holding it carelessly, and yelled: “Send her to the hospital first, XX hospital!”


Xu Yanyan swallowed his saliva, and a layer of cold sweat broke out behind him. He was far away in City C, except for a cell phone, nothing could be done. He had to turn to Liao Nanqing.


The XX hospital was some distance away from the apartment, and the road encountered traffic jams. When Liao Nanqing was in a hurry, he couldn’t sit comfortably, so Su Beimo got off the car with him and found a shared bike to rush to the hospital. Su Beimo was afraid that Liao Nanqing would be cold on the bike, so he reached out and zipped up his jacket for him. The two of them rode against the cold wind for about twenty minutes before they reached the hospital.


Liao Nanqing sneezed, Su Beimo peeked outside and saw a convenience store, “You go in first to find her, I’ll go to the convenience store to buy you something hot to cover your hands.”


“Buy some for Ge Yun too, get a hot milk.” Liao Nanqing walked into the hospital quickly.


The hospital in City B had a lot of people even at night. Liao Nanqing was dizzy, and the cold wind from riding his bike just now was pounding in his stomach. When he asked the nurse and found Ge Yun, it was thirty minutes after Xu Yanyan called him. There was the dorm auntie sitting by Ge Yun’s side with a headache on her face.


When she saw Liao Nanqing coming, the dorm auntie breathed a sigh of relief: “Your boyfriend is here? Then I’ll leave first, all right?”


Ge Yun retorted, “This is not my boyfriend. But it’s okay, auntie, you can go back first, thank you.”


Liao Nanqing came forward and asked, “Are you okay, ba?”


Ge Yun’s eyelashes were still wet with teardrops, and her voice was also bland, astringent and aggrieved: “Yes, I’m fine, but I’ll be in bed for a little over half a month. Hey, why are you here? I didn’t send you a message.” She thought, “Oh, Xu Jianjian told you. I just fell off when I answered his call. I have to ask him to treat me when I go back. But how does he know that I am in this hospital?”


“You didn’t hang up, someone said it, Xu Yanyan heard it.”


Liao Nanqing wanted to tell Ge Yun that Xu Yanyan was on his way to City B, and this fool had called for a car to come overnight regardless. Liao Nanqing guessed that Xu Yanyan was coming from the highway, and it would take three hours to get to the hospital quickly.


But before the words were spoken, he heard Ge Yun say: “My boyfriend went home today. I just called him, and it will be two or three hours before he arrives. Before that, can you stay with me first?”


Liao Nanqing quietly shut up, he nodded, sent a message to Su Beimo, and then sat down.


Ge Yun was quite moved and managed to put on a smile before she asked him: “Did you come alone?”


“Su Beimo is here too, he’s going to buy something to drink. Do you want to eat something? I’ll talk to him.”


“I don’t have an appetite now.” Ge Yun turned her eyes and sighed: “I was going to tell Xu Yanyan that I was in love when I answered the phone and showed off, but it turns out that people really can’t show their love.”


She was in bad luck this time; it was inconvenient to go to the bathroom after class, and it was inconvenient to fall in love.


She hadn’t been on a few dates yet, and now she had to recuperate for half a month..


Ge Yun was so sad and depressed that she couldn’t even curse Su Beimo with a ‘dog Su’ when she saw him, and she honestly took the hot milk Su Beimo bought and drank it mournfully one sip after another. At the end, she even said thank you to Su Beimo, which made Su Beimo uncomfortable.


The hospital did not allow two people to stay with her for the night, so Su Beimo couldn’t stay, pulling Liao Nanqing’s hand in front of the hospital and rubbing it for a while.


“Tomorrow we are going back to grandma’s house together, don’t forget it.” Su Beimo reminded Liao Nanqing that the day after tomorrow was his birthday, and Grandma Su had urged him several times to spend this year’s birthday at home during the weekend. Su Beimo had no reason to refuse and promised Grandma Su to go back. He planned to bring Liao Nanqing with him.


No, the tickets were all bought, but they caught up in Ge Yun’s incident.


“It’s the evening ticket right, it’s okay, Ge Yun has a boyfriend, I’ll stay with her for three hours at most.” Liao Nanqing scratched the tip of his nose and said embarrassedly, “I didn’t get to celebrate your birthday last year, I won’t miss it this year.”


Su Beimo quickly kissed him on the forehead while there was no one around him: “Ge Yun called me dog Su every day, and as if it’s not enough, now she wants to occupy my little boyfriend, hey. Call me later, I’ll take a taxi to pick you up.”


Liao Nanqing shook his head, thinking that Xu Yanyan would come later. He guessed that he would accompany Xu Yanyan to find a hotel to rest. Besides, it would be early in the morning when he went back and it was cold. Liao Nanqing didn’t want Su Beimo to come out and get another cold wind. It was strange to freeze people.


What if Su Beimo caught a cold? He would be the birthday star the day after tomorrow.


For this birthday, Liao Nanqing prepared a gift one month in advance, and contacted Auntie Su to find a bakery near her home. He planned to make a handmade cake for Su Beimo’s birthday that morning.


All the surprises that he had been thinking about for a long time and preparing for a long time, he would never delay it.


Liao Nanqing secretly hooked Su Beimo’s pinky with his pinky: “You’ve been working overtime lately, you have to go to bed early, you know?”


Su Beimo exhaled and frowned, “Hey, how can I sleep well when I’m alone tonight.” He said so, but then he held Liao Nanqing’s hand, helplessly and dotingly responding to him, “Got it.”


Someone happened to pass by and looked at them with strange eyes. Liao Nanqing was afraid of being seen. He pulled out his hand and blushed as he urged Su Beimo to go home quickly.


In the ward, Ge Yun had fallen asleep in a daze.


Liao Naqing was holding up something in his heart, and he was extremely awake. He took his mobile phone and sent a message to Xu Yanyan. Xu Yanyan was still on the highway, and asked Liao Nanqing how Ge Yun was from time to time. Liao Nanqing replied countless times that she was fine.


[Then does she hurt? Did she cry a lot?]


[Fortunately, she fell asleep.]


Xu Yanyan blamed himself: [I shouldn’t have called her at that time, knowing that she might go to fetch hot water and take the stairs at that time… It’s all my fault.]


Liao Nanqing was startled, and finally said: [She is in a relationship.]


Xu Yanyan didn’t reply to the message for several minutes. Liao Nanqing, like an executioner, continued to send: [Someone confessed to her last night. It was a senior of their college, this senior may arrive at about the same time as you in a while]


In response to Liao Nanqing’s endless silence, the light on the phone screen was faint, and he turned on the low battery mode.


A long time, a really long time had passed.


Xu Yanyan replied: [En, okay].


Three minutes later, Xu Yanyan said: [If she hurts, you buy her something sweet to eat.] When they were young, every time they quarreled, if Ge Yun cried, Xu Yanyan would buy her some sweets. As soon as she ate something sweet, she would be in a better mood.




The author has something to say:
Xu Yanyan tonight is heartbroken.
I am also heartbroken. I have acne because of eating a lot of sweets.



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    一回生二回熟 – unfamiliar at first, but well accustomed soon enough
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