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RA Chapter 35

The two embraced and kissed each other in the shower. Liao Nanqing was barefoot, pressed against the wall by Su Beimo, and the wet floor was dripping with water from the shower.


Like the shower, the warm, soft and moist kiss melted Liao Nanqing. He felt that the bath was just for nothing. None of them had the intention of flushing, applying shower gel, and scrubbing carefully. Wet hair resting on his forehead, Liao Nanqing’s cheeks slightly red, water droplets sliding across his eyes.


Su Beimo touched his face, bowed his head and pecked hard.


Liao Naqing was hurt by the kiss, tilted his head, his eyes were full of aggression. Su Beimo felt good in his heart and his heart beat fast. “You have to blow your hair first, or you will catch a cold easily.” Autumn began in October and tomorrow was a holiday. Although the sun was good during the day, at night, the temperature dropped sharply.


In line with the principle of not letting Liao Nanqing get sick, Su Beimo rarely restrained his temper, turned off the shower, reached out and pulled the bath towel directly over Liao Nanqing’s head, and wiped it vigorously.


“Ah.” Liao Nanqing let out a short syllable and pulled off the bath towel mournfully, “It hurts.”


But when he raised his eyes, Su Beimo’s patient look was reflected in his eyes. Liao Nanqing blushed red, holding the towel and turning his head away. He pursed his lips, wanting to say something, a heart beating in his throat, unable to swallow. Su Beimo casually grabbed another bath towel and wrapped it around his waist, pulling Liao Nanqing’s hand to the living room to blow-dry his hair.


The noisy sound of the hair dryer hovered in Liao Nanqing’s ears, he clenched his hand, and the moment Su Beimo’s fingertips touched his ear, his body blazed, like a rising flame. He wanted to rush into Su Beimo’s heart and burn out, and it was his, never to be separated again.


Liao Nanqing pressed Su Beimo’s hand holding the hair dryer and brought his fingertips to his chin: “No more blowing.”


His voice was low and slightly husky, his lower lip touched Su Beimo’s nails, and he simply lowered his head for a kiss.


At this moment, any action, a flirtation, and a tone could be the turning point for all love to break out. Liao Nanqing pursed the corners of his mouth, his cheeks were hot, his half-dried hair buckled and tickled Su Beimo’s fingertips.


“Nanqing, are you nervous?”


“A little.” He said, later reversing his statement, “Very nervous.”


Su Beimo laughed, “I’m nervous too, but especially happy.”


Liao Nanqing’s hair trembled slightly: “Then I am also very happy.”


Su Beimo kissed him very seriously, clasping his fingers with both hands.


The bodies frankly meet and mingle, they were both new and raw. Liao Nanqing’s head began to fail to keep up with his thoughts, exhaling dizzily, and a thin layer of water mist rose under his eyes, like looking at flowers in a dream, vaguely unreal. Su Beimo really understood it, and he taught Liao Nanqing everything he knew.


The twilight outside the window was deep, and Su Beimo called Liao Nanqing’s name in his ear with a gentle voice. Liao Nanqing curled up his toes and leaned forward in dependence, feeling like a journey across thousands of mountains and rivers in his heart.


Like south, like north, approaching in reverse.


When Su Beimo saw Liao Nanqing like this, his heart couldn’t move. sweetness was better than drunkenness, but no, how could drunkenness be so sweet.


Liao Nanqing was kissed so hard that he took all the likes out of his body and showed them nakedly in front of Su Beimo. He exhaled slightly, his whole body was as soft as if he had no bones, and he held Su Beimo tightly in fascination, taking the initiative to kiss Su Beimo’s lips, involuntarily confessing for the countless times: “Su Beimo, I like you so much.”


The tip of Su Beimo’s nose touched the tip of his nose and kissed him again and again, “I do too.”


“Also what, you have to say ah.” Liao Nanqing had a rare moment of fooling around.


Su Beimo deliberately did not say, Liao Nanqing looked at him in despair. There was not a trace of dirty things in those eyes; they were clear. Su Beimo suddenly for a moment, couldn’t afford to hurt him. But for another moment, his heart had a lot of love that could not help but bloom. It was amazing how Liao Nanqing could always make his self-control turn into nothing.


Su Beimo rubbed his face, his heartbeat speeded up, his eyes gestured, and the words raised a little. With Liao Nanqing’s earlobes so close to him, he was very affectionate and ambiguous. He poured Liao Nanqing a large bowl of ecstasy soup, “Nanqing, let’s not separate for the rest of our lives.”


Liao Nanqing’s heart almost missed a beat, as if after this night, they would be inseparable for life. In order not to reveal himself, he had to rub Su Beimo’s neck, acting like a kitten.


Su Beimo’s eyes were full of love, and he couldn’t wait to lean over to kiss Liao Nanqing’s eyes, nose, and mouth, and finally said: “I like you, Nanqing, I really like you.”


If the sky is suddenly broken, the twilight is a long-term reunion, I want to accompany you from now on to forever.


These blatant love words, Su Beimo rarely said it, and every time he said it, it would kill Liao Nanqing.


Like very much


Liao Nanqing suddenly had a sour nose and wanted to cry a little. Like a dream, Su Beimo, whom he liked, really stayed with him, was by his side, and became his lover. It felt so good to have his dream come true. He hoped that he would never leave Su Beimo for the rest of his life.



The fire in his body was finally extinguished, and a gust of wind, cool as clear spring, came through the half-open window made Liao Nanqing shiver, with tears in his eyes pitifully, just looking at Su Beimo. Su Beimo’s heart softened, he leaned over and pressed his forehead against Liao Nanqing’s forehead, tightly.




“En?” Liao Nanqing was so tired that he squinted his eyes.


“Sorry.” Su Beimo said guiltily, he should have been more gentle.


Liao Nanqing squinted his eyes and replied, “Su Beimo, I’m so tired.” He lowered his eyes and glanced at the sheets that needed to be changed and whispered in concern, “The sheets need to be changed.”


“We have spares.” Su Beimo touched the corners of his eyes.


“But I’m so tired today, can I change it tomorrow?” Liao Nanqing yawned in a daze, laziness filled all his thinking, and his body was gradually sluggish.


“Yeah, I’ll listen to you on everything.” Su Beimo really listened to him on everything.


“Well, I’ll sleep then, I’ll take a shower later, okay?” He did want to take a shower, he was uncomfortable with all the stickiness, but his eyelids were fighting.


Su Beimo kissed him especially tenderly, “Good night.”


This good night was reassuring, and Liao Nanqing fell into a sweet dream. With white clouds and blue sky, Su Beimo held his hand all the time. Liao Nanqing thought, this is really good.




The next morning, when Liao Nanqing woke up, it was already eight or nine in the morning. He sat up and lay down again uncomfortably. The other side had been empty, Liao Nanqing rubbed his eyes and found that his body was scrubbed and clean, and the sheets were changed. But he was so deep in sleep that he didn’t hear any movement.


He got out of bed barefoot and went to the living room to look for Su Beimo. Every step he took, his back was inexplicably uncomfortable. As soon as he opened the room’s door, he ran into Su Beimo, who had just finished washing up.


“Why are you barefoot?” Su Beimo picked him up, scaring Liao Nanqing to hug his neck and Su Beimo took the opportunity to kiss the top of his hair, “What do you want to eat for breakfast? Are you hungry?”


Liao Nanqing thought for a moment, “I want to eat noodle soup.”


“I’ll go out and buy some, you can sleep a little longer?”


“No.” Liao Nanqing rubbed against him and said reluctantly, “I don’t want to be separated from you.”


“So can you go? We’ll go out to eat together.” Su Beimo put him on the bed, sat down cross-legged facing each other, and dotingly pinched his nose.


Liao Nanqing had been clingy before, but now he was even more clingy to Su Beimo. He moved here and there1这也不是,那也不是 – he is not that, not this, and finally nestled into Su Beimo’s arms, “My butt doesn’t feel good, I can’t walk, let’s order take-out.”


“The delivery for noodle soup is not good.”2外卖送来都糊了 – basically what it means here is that the noodle soup might get spilled during the delivery


“But I don’t want to be separated from you…” muttered Liao Nanqing, turning around to hug Su Beimo tightly, “I don’t want to be separated all day today.”


Su Beimo’s heart was itchy. Had he known that Liao Nanqing would become so clingy, he would have built this great wall sooner. He hugged Liao Nanqing to lie down on the bed, and Liao Nanqing was lying on him, his hair was messy. It was rare for him to get up and be coquettish. Su Beimo smiled and picked up the phone. He surrendered and said: “Okay, let’s order takeout. If you don’t feel well, I’ll rub it for you?”


Liao Nanqing glanced at his mouth awkwardly, “Don’t.”


“Yes, ba.”




Unable to argue with Su Beimo, Liao Nanqing understood that if he just wanted to rub it, he couldn’t be stopped.



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  • 1
    这也不是,那也不是 – he is not that, not this
  • 2
    外卖送来都糊了 – basically what it means here is that the noodle soup might get spilled during the delivery
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