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RA Chapter 34

However, the weather at the end of September was not friendly. On the first day of the military training, the sun was shining, and they were very close to the group of students. Both Liao Nanqing and Su Beimo were boys, so they didn’t even think about putting on sunscreen. According to Su Beimo’s rough character, after a tan, it would return to white.


For this reason, Ge Yun scolded Su Beimo several times behind his back: “This dog Su, he doesn’t know how to buy you sunscreen to wipe it on.” She crossed two colleges and came to Liao Nanqing with sunscreen, urgingurged Liao Nanqing to use it like an old mother.


But it was no use for Liao Nanqing to take sunscreen. He always didn’t remember to put it on.


Fortunately, the sun weakened the next day, not as fierce as the first day, Ge Yun’s sunscreen was forgotten in the drawer of the dormitory by Liao Nanqing. For military training, he spent a short week at school. The dormitory arranged for him was room 302 of his own major, and the top bunk of this empty bed by the balcony was originally his. The other three roommates did not know him well, but they quickly struck up a conversation.


There were all kinds of people in the university, and they were easier to get along with than the people in the small town.


Liao Nanqing spoke a few words and usually followed them quietly. A few of them talked about everything, and occasionally boasting and exchanging game tips, Liao Nanqing couldn’t even get into conversation. Fortunately, the roommates were not bad, and Liao Nanqing was taken with them for all activities.


One of the roommates brought a laptop from home and yelled during lunch break to watch horror movies in the dormitory at night. To be honest, Liao Nanqing had never seen a horror movie, he had never even been to the cinema. Before, he would follow Su Beimo at home to watch some foreign movies, the two of them snuggled on the sofa, listening to the rain falling outside the window.


They were so close that Liao Nanqing would deliberately listen to Su Beimo’s heartbeat, real, warm, right next to his ear.


Therefore, Liao Nanqing believed that a rainy day was an extremely suitable weather for watching movies.


On the third night of the military training, the sky was pouring with rain as promised. Roommate Wang Lin excitedly opened his laptop and casually found a domestic ghost movie. The four of them were still carrying the smell of sour sweat left over from the day, and they were huddled together and staring at the screen.


One minute, two minutes…twenty minutes.


“Hey, no fun, this must all be made up again by the end.” Wang Lin spat, “domestic horror films are not all like this.”


Another roommate Xu Ze grunted: “Boring, might as well watch some action movies with passion.”


A third roommate, Zhang Feng, suddenly laughed lewdly, “Which one are you talking about?”


“You know, xiongdi”


“Why do you guys keep watching such unhealthy ones?” Wang Lin jerked his hair and jokingly lectured them.


Several people laughed together, but only Liao Nanqing, who was out of his element the whole time, stupidly asked, “What are you talking about?” The roommates laughed at him, thinking he was pretending to be innocent.


Liao Nanqing froze: “What is the action movie you guys are talking about, can you introduce to me?” He remembered Su Beimo liked to watch some foreign action movies; he could watch them with Su Beimo when he went back.


The roommates were confused by Liao Nanqing’s question, and after a moment, Xu Ze put his arm around Liao Nanqing and whispered, “Liao Nanqing, are you serious? You have not seen it?” After Xu Ze finished, he saw Liao Nanqing honestly shaking his head and couldn’t help but tsk, “You’re really a chicken thief,1a Beijing dialect meaning stingy, calculating, cunning or clever, but also a little wretched you obviously have a girlfriend, but you haven’t even seen this?”


Liao Nanqing immediately explained: “That’s my friend, not my girlfriend.”


Wang Lin interrupted them, “Liao Nanqing, come here, I’ll tell you…” His sneaky appearance was particularly funny. After he said a few words in Liao Nanqing’s ear, Liao Nanqing was electrocuted and stepped back, finally understanding what kind of film that exactly was.


He blushed: “I’m not watching!”


Xu Ze grabbed Liao Nanqing, who was about to run away, hating iron for not becoming steel: “Xiongdi, you have to learn to grow up.”


“These, these can’t be seen!” Liao Nanqing blushed, looking more serious. He turned his head and stubbornly said that he didn’t want to listen.


Wang Lin was so upset by his reaction that he thought that Liao Nanqing was still pretending, and whispered: “This is still pretending, can’t it be you’re a gay, ba.”


“Do you like to watch GV, hahaha.” Xu Ze rounded up and continued to joke.


Liao Nanqing twisted his head slightly, his face reddened to the roots of his ears, only to feel ashamed and annoyed that Wang Lin just said those words in his ear to follow him. But he was also curious, and he asked, “What is GV?”


“Men are engaged with men, why are you, you really don’t understand anything?” Xu Ze couldn’t continue any longer, even Wang Lin also thought Liao Nanqing wasn’t really pretending, otherwise this pretense was a little too much, ah.


Liao Nanqing was like a boy who was not on the road, the bottom of the eyes full of doubts. He asked after a long time: “Can men and… men do the same?” Men and men can only help each other with their hands, don’t they?


Several roommates looked at each other. They never knew that in this age of advanced Internet, there were still such simple people as Liao Nanqing in the world.


“Liao Nanqing, don’t you know how to surf the Internet on Baidu?”


Liao Nanqing was honestly and forcefully taught a lesson through his phone.


He was ashamed of his search records, although there was no excessive information, he burned his ears and emptied them.


The corridor welcomed the wind after the rain, blowing his burning mood away and leaving a hint of disbelief between the wandering. Would Su Beimo know this, he thought? He is so smart, he must know everything. When Liao Nanqing thought of the unpleasant images on the Internet, his fingertips couldn’t help but shake lightly.


Even the speed of sending messages had become slower.


[Su Beimo, do you know GV?]


Su Beimo called him in almost a second.


“Liao Nanqing, what are you doing?” Su Beimo’s voice was uneasy, like one of those impatient parents who were afraid their kids were learning bad things, “You’re watching it in your dorm? Who showed it to you?”


Liao Nanqing was sure in his heart that Su Beimo really knew about it.


He shook his head, “No, no, we didn’t watch it, we just mentioned it.” He explained with a red face, “They know more about some knowledge than I do, so they told me a little.”


He actually used ‘knowledge’ to describe these.


Su Beimo wiped his face hard, his head was dizzy. Putting aside Liao Nanqing’s innocence, he was at least a boy, it was normal to be curious and want to understand. Su Beimo felt absurd about his inner tension, could it be that Liao Nanqing would change when he watched the film?


Hearing no response, Liao Nanqing dropped his head unhappily and said sullenly, “You know, ah.”




“But you know… why, why don’t you do it with me?” Liao Nanqing said in a sad tone, “They said, if you really like someone, you will want to do it with him.” This ‘they’ referred to the netizens on the Internet who were typing blindly.


Liao Nanqing accidentally read a few short stories just now, some of which were particularly literary and some were particularly affectionate. He read three of them in a row, as if forcibly instilling three soulful chicken soup. When every story reached its depths, the lights would be turned off to deal with that emotional bed scene.


The authors did not dare to write in detail because the network was strictly censored and many things couldn’t be written for fear of being invited to tea.2Being investigated/questioned. It’s because when you’re questioned by the police, they will serve you a tea.


But they still tried to describe it by turning off the lights, so this was an important process. Liao Nanqing saw it carefully, but he couldn’t think of himself. He had never experienced it deeply. But when he thought of Su Beimo’s hot hands, he was short of breath. Too humiliating.


And in the novel, they metaphorically referred to this as true love; they naturally turned off the lights when they reached the depths of their love. Liao Nanqing was almost brainwashed. People like him couldn’t use the Internet a lot, they believed everything. It was too gullible.


In fact, Liao Nanqing didn’t know that the writers of the novels were all people who didn’t even have a partner, and their actual combat experience was definitely not as rich as he was.3the author self burn??


“Su Beimo, you…you like me?”


In Su Beimo’s ear, this was another sentence,’Why don’t you do it with me?’ He almost stopped breathing, and slowly, Su Beimo took a deep breath, pretending to be calm: “I of, of course I like you.” He couldn’t believe he actually stuttered.


Su Beimo swallowed his saliva and tried to cough twice to cover his panic and embarrassment.


Liao Nanqing actively said: “I know, we have always been in love with each other!” This term was also very novel, he just read it from the novel. Su Beimo wanted to hit his head to death in Liao Nanqing’s innocence and his epitaph was: Happy.


“You don’t understand, stop looking blindly and go to bed early.” Su Beimo cleared his throat.


“Okay, my roommate seems to want to give me some popular science. I’ll go back and study.”


“Don’t! Let’s talk, it’s too early to go to bed.”




Su Beimo scratched his head and asked, changing to different subject:4牛头不对马嘴 (The bull’s head doesn’t match the horse’s mouth) – it is a metaphor that the answer is not what is asked or the two do not match, and it is also a metaphor that the answer to something is too illogical. “Your military training ends this Saturday, right?”




“I’ll pick you up.”




“Anyway, anyway, don’t think too much about it and don’t listen to what they say, okay.”


Liao Nanqing nodded vigorously, always like to be straightforward: “I know, but when I think about it, I’m a little bit nervous and embarrassed.”


Su Beimo felt desperate, his little boyfriend was too cute: “Why don’t I come pick you up? Is it okay to go home and stay?”


But the dormitory had a curfew, Liao Nanqing took a look at the time, it had been long past the curfew. His fingertips picked at the corner of his coat, leaning against the wall and whispering: “Actually, I miss you very much. But we have a curfew, not allowed to go out.” It was like in the third year of high school, he said bluntly through the phone, I miss you ah.


Even now, I miss you, I miss you so much if I haven’t seen you for a few days.


Just listening to the voice was not enough at all, living together really made you dependent and wanting to be together all the time.




These misses exploded the moment they met on Saturday.


Su Beimo pressed Liao Nanqing on the wall and kissed and kissed. The two put their arms around each other and sucked each other’s mouths, then he kissed Su Beimo and hugged him. This time Su Beimo moved skillfully without hurting his waist. He asked Liao Nanqing: “Look at it, um, no tan.”


Liao Nanqing smiled happily: “Ge Yun gave sunscreen.”


Su Beimo felt a little tasteful in his heart. He thought it was time to make dinner. The fish he bought this morning was still in the kitchen, so he dragged Liao Nanqing to the kitchen to start cooking dinner.Liao Nanqing moved to follow him, poking Su Beimo’s shoulder with the soft tip of his hair. Su Beimo’s heart tickled, but he had to pretend not to care, pretending to be absent-mindedly cutting garlic and onions.


Cut to the end, put down the knife.


Liao Nanqing next to him was helping him wash the tomatoes he bought fresh this morning. The red looked very much like Liao Nanqing’s mind, and the drops of water were all crystal clear.


Su Beimo couldn’t pretend to go on, washed his hands and took off his apron: “Let’s take a shower first.”


“Aren’t you going to eat?” Liao Nanqing understood in his heart, but still blinked his eyes.


“Not hungry.”


Su Beimo prodded, blushing, “Then eat later.”



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  • 1
    a Beijing dialect meaning stingy, calculating, cunning or clever, but also a little wretched
  • 2
    Being investigated/questioned. It’s because when you’re questioned by the police, they will serve you a tea.
  • 3
    the author self burn??
  • 4
    牛头不对马嘴 (The bull’s head doesn’t match the horse’s mouth) – it is a metaphor that the answer is not what is asked or the two do not match, and it is also a metaphor that the answer to something is too illogical.
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