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RA Chapter 33

Zhao Qin came to City B for work, she specially prepared dinner in the short-rented apartment and personally cooked a few home-cooked dishes that Su Beimo loved to eat. Su Beimo arrived as promised, but he did not bring Liao Nanqing with him.


The mother and son had not seen each other for a long time and had a lot to talk about.


Between the lines, Zhao Qin was dissatisfied with Su Jing and said endlessly: “Your dad is just blindly worried, asking Su Ya to do psychological work to me every day, don’t abduct you to work on my side. It seems like I want to rob him. If I had that ability, I would have taken you away during the divorce a long time ago.”


She had a tofu heart, knowing that Su Jing would take care of her child and he was even more reluctant to bear with him, she gave up fighting for the custody of Su Beimo and chose another way to care for Su Beimo’s growth.


She gave Su Beimo a bowl of soup and said carelessly, “I heard from Su Ya that he bought you a house in the city?”


“En, Dad hopes that I can go home and develop in the future.” Su Beimo took a sip of the soup and said vaguely.


Zhao Qin sighed, not quite agreeing with Su Jing’s conservative thinking: “What about your thoughts?”


Su Beimo paused, the idea of going back to develop had been there before. But now it was different, he had to consider Liao Nanqing. Staying in City B was better for Liao Nanqing’s future: “My job is naturally better in City B. Let’s see, it’s just starting now. No hurry.”


In Zhao Qin’s eyes, Su Jing was content with the status quo, and if he didn’t have his skill, he would probably be starving to death.


She definitely wanted her son to be a little more like herself, but also respected her son’s opinion. She was an open-minded mother, and knowing that Su Beimo had his own decisions, she did not intend to interfere much.


The conversation went around and around quite a bit, and finally returned to Liao Nanqing.


“Is that little brother you mentioned living in your apartment for a long time?” Zhao Qin asked.


Su Beimo didn’t hesitate: “En.”


Zhao Qin was a smart person and circled around, “Didn’t you say you would bring him to me to meet?”


“Tomorrow, today he has evening class.” Su Beimo casually lied. Of course he had to come and explore the way before deciding whether to bring Liao Nanqing to see Zhao Qin or not. Although Zhao Qin had been absent from Su Beimo’s side, she was still the person who knew Su Beimo best. She knew her son as well as herself and Su Beimo’s every move was exactly like Zhao Qin’s when she was young.


She had a bad feeling, but she was not sure.


“Forget about tomorrow, I have a very important meeting. Next time I have time, I will see your little brother again. Su Ya said he is well-behaved, and I believe he is a good boy. But.” Zhao Qin wanted to say something but then frowned, “You are an adult, many things have to be measured by yourself. Think clearly, and then make a decision. Don’t delay others and yourself at that time.”


There were many meanings in this sentence, Su Beimo listened to the heart, nodded, but did not answer.




Liao Nanqing at the school took two elective courses seriously, and Ge Yun caught him right after the end of the class, grabbing him to buy milk tea; it was Ge Yun’s treat. She dyed her hair honey-tan, put on some light makeup, and wore a beige dress. She looked particularly youthful and beautiful. Liao Nanqing followed behind her with red ears, like a little follower.


Ge Yun found a hidden location, not much nonsense, and went straight to the topic. The first thing she asked with certainty was, “You and Su Beimo are dating, right?”


Liao Nanqing almost spit out a mouthful of milk tea and denied it: “No! We are not dating!”


“Bullshit, I saw it all. He came to pick you up from school and you guys actually kissed in the street.” She frowned and added, “When you were in high school, you were still a high school student, he was too much.”


Liao Nanqing couldn’t even jump out of his denial, his face was pale, and he looked as if the sky had fallen; Ge Yun was not unfamiliar with this expression; that was the expression when Liao Nanqing was recognized by Xu Yanyan’s cousin at Xu Yanyan’s birthday party in high school.


Very helpless and panicked.


“Calm down, it’s not like I’m going to say anything. I know the severity.” Ge Yun turned her head, loudly gurgling to suck milk tea, she didn’t like to see Liao Nanqing this way.


Liao Nanqing was speechless, as if he was a problematic student caught by Ge Yun, quietly waiting for Ge Yun to say the next word. They seldom communicated face to face for long, more often than not, it was Xu Yanyan who intervened in the middle. Now without Xu Yanyan’s mediation, it was difficult for Liao Nanqing to follow Ge Yun’s words.


The two were silent for a long time, Ge Yun couldn’t hold back: “Why do you want to be with him ah?”


“Ah?” Liao Nanqing was dumbfounded by the question.


Ge Yun was so angry that she said,”I don’t think he’s good, he looks like a playboy, there must be many girls who like him. Don’t let him fool you, you’re really too simple.”


“He’s especially good.” Liao Nanqing disagreed with Ge Yun’s prejudice, “Although there are many girls who like him, he refused them all nicely. Ge Yun, I know you must be doing it for my own good, but Su Beimo, he’s really nice. He is not what you think.”


Ge Yun’s face was calm, but not convinced.


Liao Nanqing’s fingers poked at the milk tea cup. He was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to explain. He had never been very eloquent, so he honestly just said a few words: “He is really very good.”


“Then why do you like him, because he helped you?” Ge Yun was sulking, and the feeling of unrequited and broken love suddenly came to her heart, and she said angrily, “I will help you too, Xu Jianjian will too.” She was an ordinary girl who wanted to like a boy, but was cut off by another man. Could she not remember it?


Liao Nanqing listened and said with difficulty, “But without him, I wouldn’t have met you guys.”


One sentence killed all of Ge Yun’s emotion that was about to explode.


There was the first person in the world to eat crabs with, and there was also the first person to take the initiative to put aside prejudice and approach Liao Nanqing.


And all of Liao Nanqing’s beginnings were made by Su Beimo who lifted that curtain. Without Su Beimo, nothing would have been possible.


It was Su Beimo who helped him transfer to another school, and it was Su Beimo who started a new life for him. The tender buds were sprouting, and they were already moving towards the towering trees. It was Su Beimo who irrigated the sweetness from one ladle to another and sheltered him from the wind and rain. His past was dark, like a dry well that did not see the light of day, and his initial self was not the self that Ge Yun saw at this moment.


Liao Nanqing always believed that no one but Su Beimo would really reach out and pull him out of the gloom at that moment and bring him into the daylight to face the breeze and courage.


So what Ge Yun said didn’t count, what she said were all words of afterthought.


Liao Nanqing was very grateful to Ge Yun for agreeing to keep this secret for him. Perhaps he and Su Beimo would have to secretly talk about their love for a long time, so long that the years would change and things would be different. But as long as he could be with Su Beimo, he was not afraid to wait.


There were more and more people in the milk tea shop. Ge Yun didn’t answer the conversation, and got up and walked outside: “Let’s go.”


“Oh!” The loss Liao Nanqing couldn’t figure it out, and hurriedly followed.


Ge Yun looked at her phone, it was already eight o’clock in the evening, she almost forgot that she had a movie date with a classmate and had to rush to the city center immediately. Liao Nanqing sent her to the intersection where she took a taxi, and was about to say goodbye when Ge Yun called him.


“Liao Nanqing, when did you start?”


“The winter vacation of the third year of high school.” He thought for a moment, “The night of New Year’s Eve.”


Ge Yun’s clenched fist suddenly loosened. She remembered it. At that time, she said that after the winter vacation, Liao Nanqing, who was like a piece of white paper, seemed to have color, which was good. She also hoped that Liao Nanqing was good, because Liao Nanqing’s past was really not so good.


She was unwilling, struggling, and finally couldn’t utter a word in Liao Nanqing’s simple defense. She knew that Liao Nanqing was too fond of Su Beimo. Even if it was not blessed, not favored, and there would be a lot of suffering in the future, he still wanted to be a moth flying to the fire. Ge Yun had no obligation to stop him. As a friend of the opposite sex, she should not interfere too much.


If she went further, she would cross the line.


“Dog Su is cheap”


Liao Nanqing: “…”


Ge Yun: “If he treats you badly and cheats you, you should break up with him quickly, okay? Don’t be stupid and be sold back to the people.”


Liao Nanqing: “I won’t break up.”


Ge Yun: “…”


Silly and dumb, Ge Yun murmured in her heart, but her face was calm. She said softly: “If you have something to say to me… well, say it in the group. Both Xu Jianjian and I will help you.”


“Good.” Liao Nanqing smiled, “Thank you.”




With the support of friends, Liao Nanqing was full of confidence.


He hadn’t eaten dinner yet, so he bought a box of vegetarian dishes and a box of rice at the fast food restaurant, and carried them back to the apartment. He was used to being frugal, and today he drank milk tea a lot so the dinner he bought was rather shabby. However, Liao Nanqing preferred to eat vegetables, so he didn’t think this dinner was so bad.


After taking a few bites, Su Beimo came home early.


He saw the dinner that Liao Nanqing hadn’t started on the table, and he was accustomed to his lover’s frugality: “I bought fried chicken, let’s eat together.”


“Didn’t you go to dinner with auntie? Didn’t you have enough?” Liao Nanqing said, “Then I’ll fry you another egg fried rice, I’m good at fried rice these days.” He remembered that he still had the Coke he bought a few days ago in the fridge, and instantly became happy, getting up and walking towards the fridge.


Su Beimo stopped him, “Liao Nanqing, we need to talk.”


Usually he was quite serious when he called his full name. Liao Nanqing thought Zhao Qin had said and noticed something, so he stood in place nervously. A pair of eyes looked at Su Beimo anxiously, not knowing where to put both hands. Who knew Su Beimo then said seriously: “In the future, you must order a meat dish for dinner. Okay?”


“You scared me to death…” Liao Nanqing’s feet were weak.


He reported, “But I drank milk tea with Ge Yun today and couldn’t eat meat dishes.”


Su Beimo blackened his face, oh, why Ge Yun again?


“Also, Ge Yun really knows that we are dating.” Liao Nanqing whispered, “but she promised me that she won’t say anything.”


Su Beimo’s face turned darker, and his heart was uncomfortable: “Did she say anything? Did she tell you to hurry up and break up with me?” Su Beimo was quite accurate in reading people.


Liao Nanqing shook his head and lied: “No, she is very nice.”


Su Beimo knew that Liao Nanqing was very protective of his friends and said helplessly, “Okay, let’s eat. Rest early after eating. Don’t you have class tomorrow morning?” At the end, he asked, “When is your military training scheduled?”


“Before the October holidays.”


“That’s good, it’s not hot anymore. Shall we go out to play or stay home for the holiday?”


“I’m not going out to play, I’m going to help Lin jie at her shop. Before your birthday this year, I must learn to make cakes!”




The author has something to say:
The plot of this story will be relatively plain! No ups and downs! There may be a little more of daily life. Thank you for your love!


T/N: me reading author note: (ʘ‿ʘ)



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    What…what does (ʘ‿ʘ) mean…? Should I take the author’s words at face value and no longer need to prepare for hidden knives in the upcoming chapters? Can I stop worrying and go enjoy the dogfood now???

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