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RA Chapter 30

The travel time flew by, and before Liao Nanqing could get over it, he stepped on the plane back to City B with Su Beimo. He bought small gifts for Xu Yanyan and Ge Yun and planned to send them by courier as soon as he got back. Liao Nanqing, who was flying for the second time in his life, excitedly approached Su Beimo and whispered.


“The clouds outside are so pretty, like cotton candy.” Liao Nanqing chattered on and on, like a child who was going away for the first time with his parents. He was afraid of disturbing others, so he spoke more and more quietly, and finally sat down to fiddle with Su Beimo’s fingers.


Su Beimo pampered him and didn’t withdraw his hand: “When I finish my work, I will bring you one more time.”


“No, no, it costs too much money.” Liao Nanqing was easily satisfied, “When I save up enough money, I’ll take you out to play too.”


“Then where will you take me to play?”


“I don’t know, take your pick.” Liao Nanqing’s little head started to calculate the salary, it was now June, if he was really accepted into that second-tier university1I used second choice universities before since 二本 is the abbreviation for ‘second choice universities’, however, going by how they describe 二本, I think second-tier also make sense. in City B, then his summer vacation could last until the beginning of September.


No more, no less, he could get a summer salary for more than three months.


Add it all together, it was 10,000 yuan!


In addition to the tuition fee, the first few months of living expenses were also earned. Liao Nanqing was so excited that he immediately reported this generous salary to Su Beimo. With his previous savings and the fact that he would continue to work part-time after the school started, he was not far from his wish to take Su Beimo out to have fun.


He was happy with his calculations, and he indeed was waiting for the news of his acceptance to the second-tier university in City B.




When Su Beimo looked up the news of Liao Nanqing’s acceptance on his computer, he picked up Liao Nanqing and spun him around several times and kissed him a few times. Liao Nanqing was also a boy anyhow, was forcibly hugged and turned in a circle. His actions were improper, and Su Beimo almost flashed his waist.


Su Beimo had a false alarm and thought, The Great Wall has not been built yet, so the waist can’t be scrapped first.


He secretly wiped a handful of sweat.


On the occasion of this good day, Su Beimo cooked several special dishes at home, and there must be braised fish that Nanqing liked to eat. Su Beimo gave him the fish belly as usual.


There were a few cans of beer in the fridge, which Su Beimo bought before he moved. Liao Nanqing hadn’t drunk since the last time he had a drink at the high school farewell dinner. He hesitantly wanted to take it out and drink it, but was too embarrassed to tell.


Su Beimo, on the contrary, generously handed him a can: “Drink, ba, you’re a college student now.”


The word ‘college student’ was used extremely appropriately and subtly, stirring up Liao Nanqing’s steady mood. He poured a few mouthfuls, choking and coughing, he wiped his mouth hard and said forcefully like a decision, “I am finally a college student, I will study well, make money well, and… be with you well in the future!”


Su Beimo pressed his head and kissed him: “Got it, three good student.”


It was a rare occasion that Liao Nanqing drank a whole can of beer by himself. He was not a good drinker, and he was so drunk and confused that he rubbed his eyes and hid in Su Beimo’s arms, blushing and asking for a hug. Su Beimo hugged him tightly, sniffed the smell of shampoo on his hair, and patted his shoulder to coax him, “Little drunk.”


“Hiccup.” Liao Nanqing started to burp drunk, “Ah, I’m burping, what should I do.”


His eyes were red, and he rubbed his neck against Su Beimo’s aggressively, his hot nose hitting Su Beimo’s skin, making him terribly anxious. Su Beimo’s heart was in turmoil, but his face was serious: “A kiss would be nice.”


“Kissing…hiccups to cure hiccups?”


“Many people fall in love just to cure hiccups.”


Liao Nanqing looked at Su Beimo in disbelief, and Su Beimo in his eyes turning into a triple wavering shadow: “Do you really think I’m stupid?”


“I didn’t lie to you, it’s true.” Su Beimo said seriously.


Liao Nanqing’s head was dizzy; he was burping uncomfortably, so he had to put his mouth over, “Then, then let’s cure it first. Hiccups.”


Su Beimo sat him on his lap and kissed him intently. His hand no longer rested either, stroking along his loose short sleeves and into his smooth back, turning to rub over his stomach.


“Mmm.” Liao Nanqing gave a shudder and shrank.


Su Beimo pressed the back of his head and kissed him, the intertwined breath was sweet and hot, like a ball of fire, bursting brightly in his heart, burning brightly.


At the end of the kiss, Liao Nanqing snuggled softly against Su Beimo, muttering vaguely: “Su Beimo.”


“No big or little.”2没大没小 – show no respect for one’s elders. Basically it’s because LNQ just calls SBM with his name despite him being older than him Su Beimo bluffed him, “Call ge.”


Liao Nanqing narrowed his mouth and looked at him aggrievedly. Su Beimo’s heart seemed to melt, rubbing his cheek, wanting to say something, whether it was comforting or coaxing. Today this little ancestor was drunk, he must be spoiled. But after thinking about it, Su Beimo didn’t know what to say to make the other side understand.


Liao Nanqing was a professional ear stuffed with cotton ah…


Who would have thought, Su Beimo was distressed, but Liao Nanqing cried out and blurted out a sentence: “Su gege.”


Su Beimo was stunned for a few seconds, took off his own top and rolled over and pressed up, stripping Liao Nanqing’s clothes clean: “Liao Nanqing, you did that on purpose, right?” Su Beimo also drank wine, but he was not drunk, he just wanted to take advantage of his drinking reputation to give himself some strength.


How could Liao Nanqing know what was intentional or unintentional? He felt that when he called Su gege, Su Beimo’s brows were all happy, so he fawningly shouted again: “Su gege, I like you.”


He reached out, wrapped his arms around Su Beimo’s neck, and hugged him tightly, “I like you, so much… you’re so good.”

He was drunk and careless, more disgraceful than the last drunk Xu Yanyan. He said obsessively, as if this wine was not like wine, comparable to the bewitching soup, causing him to say over and over again, simple and fiery. This emotion was like the stone of the mountain and the sea, unshakeable.


He carefully touched Su Beimo, exhaled weakly and said sadly, “Why did you ignore me when I called out to you?”


Su Beimo was so coaxed by his true confession that he put on his pajamas, hugged him honestly, and answered nicely, “When did I ignore you?”


“Now.” His drunken voice was so soft and sticky that it was a puddle of honey in Su Beimo’s heart.


Su Beimo kissed him on the cheek, “I care about you.”


“You ignore me.”




“Why are you ignoring me, ah?”


“Liao Nanqing, is our family rich in cotton?”3Remember SMB said LNQ ears filled with cotton because he always pretends not to hear/ignore what SBM said to him hahah Su Beimo said amused.


Liao Nanqing blinked with an innocent look, “You’re ignoring me!”


“Little drunk.” Su Beimo was angry and laughed.


Liao Nanqing heard this sentence clearly. He turned his head and bit Su Beimo’s chin in one bite. He didn’t use much force, but took a bite hard. Su Beimo gave a low roar of pain, and before he was surprised, Liao Nanqing’s head tilted and fell asleep, leaving only a puddle of saliva marks on Su Beimo’s chin.


Su Beimo’s whole body was confused, and then he covered his face and burst out laughing.


Liao Nanqing was planted,4the whole sentence should be 算是栽到你手 (planted in your hand) – Fell in your hand, but the author only wrote 算是栽 and Su Beimo planned to laugh with him for the rest of his life.


For a long, long time.




The next day, Liao Nanqing received Xu Yanyan’s message. He was not admitted to the second-tier university in City B, and was accepted by the second-tier university in City C. City C was far away and out of the province. Xu Yanyan was depressed and hung up after speaking a few words. As for which school Ge Yun went to, Liao Nanqing didn’t hear anything about it, and she also didn’t tell Xu Yanyan.


In their group chat, Ge Yun seemed to disappear, not participating in any topics.


This summer, Liao Nanqing stayed in City B ahead of schedule, going to work at the bakery from 9 to 7, hence he had no time to meet with Xu Yanyan at all. He sent the gift he bought to the beach to Xu Yanyan’s home, and wrote a small card inside, telling Xu Yanyan that the other one was Ge Yun’s, hoping he could help pass it on.


The work of the bakery was monotonous. Liao Nanqing could only help with creaming and kneading every day, or standing at the counter to check the cash. The store, together with him and Lin Quan, had only three people; the remaining person was Zhang Xu, a baker Lin Quan hired with a high salary.


Lin Quan opened this bakery shop purely as a hobby. Her fingers had manicures, it was really not suitable for her to make desserts, but she came to work on time every day. Every time she came, her high-heeled shoes made a ‘da da da’ sound and she opened and shut her mouth: “Zhang Xu, Zhang Xu”, her eyes were full of love.


Zhang Xu was the baker in the store, and he was more than 1.8 meters tall, about the same as Su Beimo. The difference was that he looked tough and had a burly figure. If he walked on the street, he would not be associated with the profession of baker.


After a few days of work, Liao Nanqing learned that Zhang Xu and Lin Quan were a couple, and the bakery was a gift from Lin Quan to Zhang Xu.


Liao Nanqing understood later he had been acting as a light bulb, so he was particularly attentive to maintain a transparent state.


However, Lin Quan treated him quite well, and Zhang Xu was also nice. He taught Liao Nanqing a lot of work tricks. For the first time, Liao Nanqing felt that working a part-time job was so easy and happy, and this was all thanks to Su Beimo.



Recently, Su Beimo’s company had entered a busy period, and Liao Nanqing ate alone every time he left for work. Often, he would wait with sleepy eyes until the early morning to hear Su Beimo open the door. Then he would get up and cook noodles for Su Beimo, and dutifully stay by Su Beimo’s side, seeing that he had eaten enough before breathing a sigh of relief.


Su Beimo said several times that he should not wait for him at night, but Liao Nanqing insisted on waiting.


Because of the overtime, Su Beimo could occasionally take a few hours off to catch up on his sleep in the morning. Liao Nanqing would make breakfast while he was still sleeping, and by the time Su Beimo woke up, Liao Nanqing had almost arrived at the store to start working.


But even though they were busy at work, their messages were never broken, and they always remained in a state of passionate love.


[The omelette has improved.]


[If you like it, I’ll fry it for you every day.]




[Are you going to work late today?]


[I’ll be working overtime for the next few days, probably until September.]


Liao Nanqing drooped his head and replied: [En! Jiayou. I got off work too early, and there’s a stall nearby that’s short of people at night, so I’m going to work there as an hourly worker after work.]


Su Beimo disagreed. He didn’t want Liao Nanqing to be too tired because of tuition and living expenses. He said that if Liao Nanqing was in trouble, he could tell him.


But Liao Nanqing insisted. His reason was that Su Beimo worked overtime and he was bored at home alone. Furthermore, Liao Nanqing was worried that after entering university, he would be delayed to work due to other things. Now that he had time, he could save a little more money.


After all, when he started school, he also wanted to participate in campus activities, restarting his life, and be a positive lover who could stand side by side with Su Beimo


When it came to this, Su Beimo had no excuse to object.


Helplessly, he had no choice but to say: [Don’t force yourself too much, I will feel distressed. ]


Liao Nanqing paused, holding the phone, and happily pursed the corners of his mouth. Afraid of being seen by Lin Quan and Zhang Xu, he put down the phone in a calm manner. After a while, his gaze was fixed back on the phone. The word ‘distressed’ seemed simple, but it was actually sweet. Liao Nanqing repeatedly looked at it many times, and finally silently took a screenshot to save it.




T/N: LNQ is so innocent and pure



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  • 1
    I used second choice universities before since 二本 is the abbreviation for ‘second choice universities’, however, going by how they describe 二本, I think second-tier also make sense.
  • 2
    没大没小 – show no respect for one’s elders. Basically it’s because LNQ just calls SBM with his name despite him being older than him
  • 3
    Remember SMB said LNQ ears filled with cotton because he always pretends not to hear/ignore what SBM said to him hahah
  • 4
    the whole sentence should be 算是栽到你手 (planted in your hand) – Fell in your hand, but the author only wrote 算是栽
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