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RA Chapter 29

Embarrassed by Su Beimo’s love words, Liao Nanqing’s face was as red as a boiled shrimp. Su Beimo wrapped his arms around him and kissed him numerous times. When Liao Nanqing was breathless from the kiss, he heard Su Beimo whispering in his ear, “What about you, do you see my flaws?”


Liao Nanqing couldn’t see it at all.


“Really?” Su Beimo pressed over Liao Nanqing, his forehead against his forehead, and his heart was full of Liao Nanqing’s lovely appearance.


“You have no shortcomings, you have always been very good.” Liao Nanqing shook his fingertips, cupped Su Beimo’s face, took the initiative to tilt his head, and softly focused his force on a kiss, like a sheer cloud falling on Su Beimo’s cheek, gently weaving a dream


Su Beimo was intoxicated, and leaned close to Liao Nanqing: “Your filter on me is too thick.”


“What’s a filter? Taking pictures?” Liao Nanqing didn’t know this popular slang, and smiled embarrassingly, “But the pictures I took were particularly bad, it made you look ugly.”


Su Beimo’s heart was filled with clouds, and his whole heart was light and airy. He whispered, “Stupid.”


“Actually, it’s not stupid.” Liao Nanqing hugged him intimately, his head buried there in his shoulder, one word at a time with no intention of teasing Su Beimo, “You have to teach me, and I will do it.”


Su Beimo listened and sincerely sucked his lips and started to teach him what ‘love filter’ means. As they kissed, the lights turned on brightly, but the eyes were hazy. Liao Nanqing only had Su Beimo in his eyes, and Su Beimo only had him in his eyes.


In these few months together, considering that Liao Nanqing was a high school student and was troubled by studies every day, Su Beimo also kept to himself and did not overstep the boundaries. Whenever they slept together, at most they just kissed a little and then cuddled. But this time it was different, Liao Nanqing had finished his college entrance exams. This summer, he should be spending the most carefree period of his life memories.


There was no academic distress, and no work to worry about.


And love came quietly, like sugar like honey.


So much so that Liao Nanqing’s entire being was in a trance, he was all but content to nuzzle Su Beimo’s neck, the dependence of kissing filled his love emotions, the alienation of crispy nurturing spread from his toes to the tip of his heart, ashamed and unaware. He was now like a shrimp in a pot, curling and discoloring little by little as the water heats up.


Su Beimo’s hand seemed to have magic power, and everywhere it touched, it carried a gentle and sweet syrup that wrapped Liao Nanqing’s heart stickily. Liao Nanqing could not withstand such warmth, his body was so strange that he panicked and pushed Su Beimo’s shoulders, his eyes full of uncertainty.


In his opinion, this was extremely confusing. He didn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of Su Beimo. He could not.


Su Beimo however, didn’t care. He said softly, “Nanqing.”


When Liao Nanqing heard his voice, he got drunk and eased his stiff movements.


“Nanqing, when we kissed before, would you do the same?”


“Sometimes…” Liao Nanqing didn’t want to say, but had to say, because Su Beimo kept looking at him, Liao Nanqing parried before a few words, “You, you kissed me, kissed too…It’s amazing. That’s it.” He was like a person who did not understand the world, the brain moved back and forth several times, before lumpy spit out ‘amazing’ as an adjective.


He didn’t know how to describe it, amazing was the best and most apt word he could think of.


Liao Nanqing’s face was red, biting his lower lip in shame.


Su Beimo was attracted by his expression and couldn’t resist kissing him again a few times, and suddenly asked with bad intentions, “So you’re hiding it from me?” No wonder there were several times when they kissed, and then he said he had to study and couldn’t kiss anymore. At that moment, Su Beimo believed Liao Nanqing so much and was also more concerned about his study, that was why he was cheated many times.


Liao Nanqing was surprised: “Do I have to tell you about this?”


How humiliating was this.


“Of course, aren’t we in a relationship?” He asked Liao Nanqing rhetorically, unaware that he was now living like an old rascal who cheated the youth. He saw Liao Nanqing’s thoughts and deliberately said, “This is a good thing, why are you still hiding it?”


“Good thing?”


“We are men and like each other, which means we like each other too much.” He ran his mouth, talking nonsense and telling the truth, and Liao Nanqing couldn’t understand it. Three points of deception, seven points of honesty, Su Beimo got closer, “You really like me.”


But Liao Nanqing’s face was red, his lips opened slightly up and down, and his breath slowly flowed from his nose: “Of course I like you very much…”


“How often does this happen?” Su Beimo did not relent.


Liao Nanqing was overwhelmed by the question, almost on the verge of tears. If there was a hole to drill, he would hate to be able to disappear. He held his face red, mute, close to tears, stammered, “After being with you… often.”


Su Beimo’s head exploded with fireworks, more violent than the night sky on New Year’s Eve, he could not continue to bully Liao Nanqing. If he bullied him again, was he still human?


But Liao Nanqing thought Su Beimo was frightened by his nasty thoughts and hurriedly explained, “But not often, really…” At the end of the talk, he lost his confidence, so he looked timidly at Su Beimo with wet eyes. “Didn’t you say that this is because I like you? I must like you too much, Su Beimo. I must like you too much. ”


Liao Nanqing was determined on this, as if to find himself a step down immediately.


It was all because he and Su Beimo were leaning close to each other, feeling like a spring breeze and burning heart, which could never be described as ‘amazing’. Liao Nanqing was so coaxed by Su Beimo that he couldn’t choose his words, either to confess or to please. He should be anxious and eager, brutally tugging Su Beimo’s hand and smittenly saying an incomparably genuine word: “You are too good.”


Su Beimo said love words, “I only treat you well.”


Liao Nanqing swallowed his saliva, his mind was as shy as the beginning of love, he didn’t even know what to do at the moment, only to see Su Beimo caressing his cheek and laughing lowly, full of doting, “Nanqing, you’re good too.”



The clock on the wall was already pointing to twelve o’clock, Su Beimo turned up the air conditioning temperature by one degree, Liao Nanqing rolled over. The long night was long, but he quickly fell asleep regardless.




Originally, they were planning to go to see the sunrise early in the morning.


But things had changed, and they couldn’t catch up with the sunrise. When Liao Nan woke up, it was already nine o’clock in the morning. He subconsciously touched his side, but no one was there. The temperature of the bed sheet told him that Su Beimo had been up for a long time.
He opened his eyes and sat up, the lower half of his body was clean and obviously wiped by Su Beimo.


He still wasn’t wearing any underwear, though.


Liao Nanqing shouted dumbly: “Su Beimo .”


There was an immediate response in the bathroom.


Su Beimo had just finished using a razor to shave the stubble, and his whole person was refreshed, with a scent of jasmine shampoo in his hair. Today he was wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, under a black beach pants. These ordinary outfits, in the eyes of Liao Nanqing, were incomparably good-looking.


“Get up and wash up, let’s go for breakfast.” Su Beimo habitually rubbed his head and said with a smile, “Take you to eat seafood noodles.”


The seafood noodles at the scenic spots were not cheap, and a small bowl of noodles, together with the seasoning was about a hundred yuan. Afraid that Liao Nanqing could not eat enough, Su Beimo also ordered two plates of shrimp dumplings.


As it turned out, Liao Nanqing was indeed starving.


Gobbling it up, he didn’t taste the bowl of noodles carefully. Su Beimo peeled the shells of the shrimp in his bowl and fed them all into Liao Nanqing’s mouth.


“Next time I will also peel shrimp for you to eat.”


“I don’t like shrimp.”


“Then what do you like to eat most?”


Su Beimo’s face did not blush: “You ah.”


Liao Nanqing almost choked, his chopsticks poked the steamed dumplings in the bowl, trying to change the subject: “Where are we going to play later?”


“There’s a market nearby, let’s go shopping?”


“That’s perfect, I can buy some small gifts for Xu Yanyan and Ge Yun.”


When Su Beimo heard this, he raised his hand and shook the shell bracelet Liao Nanqing bought him: “Don’t buy better than this.”


“Then what shall I buy?” Liao Nanqing squinted and smiled with two dimples that were not obvious.


Su Beimo did not comment, repeating, “Anyway, you are not allowed to buy a shell bracelet.”


Liao Nanqing knew that Su Beimo’s behavior was called jealousy in a relationship, so he was inexplicably quietly happy, and he nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, “En, I know.”


As soon as the voice fell, a familiar voice sounded behind him.


It was Xu Ying, whom he had seen yesterday, holding a coconut in her hand, with a straw to drink the juice inside. Liao Nanqing had never eaten a coconut, so she looked at it curiously.


Xu Ying greeted them warmly, followed by her jealous husband. Her husband nodded at Su Beimo and greeted him as well.


After what happened last night, Liao Nanqing no longer had too many thoughts about Xu Ying’s existence. More than her untrue relationship with Su Beimo, right now Liao Nanqing wanted to drink coconut water. To put it bluntly, Liao Nanqing was a small glutton. He didn’t have enough to eat or come out to play before, now there was Su Beimo with him, his courage gradually getting a lot bigger.


“Hello, may I ask where to buy this?” He took the initiative to strike up a conversation with Xu Ying.


“There, it’s right in front of that cold drink stand.” Xu Ying sounded quite friendly to Liao Nanqing, “Do you want a drink? I’ll ask my husband to buy one for you, he has long legs and runs fast.” Incidentally, she also let out a compliment.


Liao Nanqing shook his head and smiled, two shallow dimples like pockets of sunlight: “No, no, I’ll go buy it myself.” He turned around and asked Su Beimo, “Do you want it?”


Su Beimo said, “En, you should walk slowly, it is easy to fall when you run.”




Xu Ying was taken care of by her husband, and after showing off her affection, she left. Su Beimo saw from the long distance, Liao Nanqing trotted over with two coconuts with straws in them


Liao Nanqing was very excited: “Su Beimo, this is especially sweet! It tastes so good, ah!”


In the past, in small towns, Liao Nanqing would not buy coconuts to eat, not even ordinary fruits. At most, he only bought some oranges and apples, it was the first time for him to drink coconut by the sea. Coupled with Su Beimo by his side, no matter whether the coconut was good or not, he drank it sweetly.


Su Beimo took a sip, the taste was just like that.


But he also followed the words of Liao Nanqing and said, “It’s really sweet.”



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