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RA Chapter 28

Given that Liao Nanqing did not have a passport yet, Su Beimo took Liao Nanqing on a trip to the neighboring City D; it was a famous tourist spot with a good sea view.


This month, students were not yet on summer vacation, so the attractions were not too crowded.


When Liao Nanqing came to the beach for the first time, he was extremely happy. He wanted to take pictures of everything he saw. In a short time, there were dozens of landscape photos in his phone, mixed with a few of Su Beimo photos that he had taken secretly. He was not good at taking pictures, so those Su Beimo photos were either blurred or skewed. In short, none of them were good.


Liao Nanqing was very distressed, he was reluctant to delete them, but too many photos took up a lot of memory.


After Su Beimo saw it, he took the initiative to come over and take a picture with Liao Nanqing. This was the first photo of the two of them together, and Liao Nanqing set it as his wallpaper. As for the bad photos of Su Beimo, he still couldn’t bear to delete them.


The first day they arrived there, Su Beimo took him to a seafood meal. As Liao Nanqing was not good at peeling crabs, Su Beimo patiently peeled little by little for him to eat. Some of the seafood was too fishy for Liao Nanqing to eat, so he muttered that Su Beimo’s cooking was the best.


Su Beimo was soothed by his sincere ‘flattery’, but had to pretend to be calm.


“I’ll take you snorkeling this afternoon.


“I know this. I have seen photos of Xu Yanyan going snorkeling abroad before. Can I take pictures underwater? He took a lot of beautiful fish and sea urchins photos.”

“Of course you can take pictures.”


“Then can I take pictures with my phone too?”


“Your phone is not waterproof and it’s not a professional underwater camera.”


Liao Nanqing was a little bit lost, but this little bit of loss was immediately dissipated by the crab meat peeled by Su Beimo. The restaurant was open-air, and there were many people coming and going, but no one knew them so Su Beimo directly peeled the crab meat and sent it to his mouth. Liao Nanqing was at first embarrassed, but slowly, he accepted naturally.


After the meal, Liao Nanqing took the initiative to buy gifts for Su Beimo .


He wandered around the beach for a long time and finally found a seashell bracelet. He bought it when Su Beimo wasn’t looking and quietly slipped it into his hand. Su Beimo squeezed it and put it on his wrist naturally. He didn’t say he liked it, nor did he say he didn’t like it. But during this period, Su Beimo never took it off. With the seaside atmosphere, this string of bracelets was very fitting.


In order to satisfy Liao Nanqing’s desire to take pictures underwater, Su Beimo approached the staff and paid them to take an underwater photo of Liao Nanqing while snorkeling.


He didn’t tell Liao Nanqing that this photo cost money. Otherwise, with Liao Nanqing’s temperament, he would have felt bad about his wallet again.


In the photo, many colorful fish swimming around Liao Nanqing, one after another came to eat the banana in Liao Nanqing’s hand. In the blink of an eye, he was surrounded by schools of fish. Liao Nanqing took this photo with his mobile phone and sent it to Xu Yanyan and Ge Yun. The three of them had a group chat. However, Ge Yun rarely spoke in the group.


On the contrary, Xu Yanyan replied in almost a second.


Xu Yanyan: [Yo, have a good time. ]


Liao Nanqing: [En, it was my first time snorkeling and it was especially fun. Su Beimo also took me to eat a lot of seafood, I didn’t even know some of them.]


Xu Yanyan: [My god! You two are like a little couple! Are you guys on your honeymoon? (dog head) (dog head)]


Liao Nanqing: […]


Xu Yanyan: [Why, I guessed it? ]


Liao Nanqing pursed his lips, and knowing that Xu Yanyan was joking, he did not intend to reply.


But Ge Yun suddenly came up with a sentence: [What a joke.]


It was rare for Ge Yun to reply; Xu Yanyan naturally ignored Liao Nanqing and Su Beimo, and kept sending messages, asking where Ge Yun had gone to play recently, why she was not at home, what had she eaten, and did she miss him. Ge Yun didn’t reply at all, as if he had never appeared before. Liao Nanqing knew that Xu Yanyan was in unrequited love, so he was very sympathetic to him.


After all, he also came all the way from unrequited love, and now it was worth the wait.


He looked up and saw Su Beimo coming from a long way away carrying two bottles of juice. He was wearing loose beach pants and was topless with a nice figure. It was obvious that Su Beimo would occasionally go to the gym, but after working overtime frequently, his abs were hidden and not as obvious as when he was in college.


Liao Nanqing looked down at his small body. He was thin and had no muscles. Feeling conscious, he buttoned his shirt in distress.


“What’s the matter? Frowning, not having fun?” Su Beimo handed him the juice, “Or are you still hungry?”


Liao Nanqing shook his head and hooked his finger on Su Beimo’s little finger.


Su Beimo raised his eyebrows and waited for him to speak.


Only then did Liao Nanqing say slowly, “My figure is too bad, I need to exercise more in the future.”


Su Beimo almost laughed out a mouthful of juice. He heard Liao Nanqing’s polite compliment in disguise, his fingertips tapped the juice bottle twice and said cheerfully, “I’ll teach you to play basketball later.”




“You can still grow taller when you play basketball, you are just right.” Su Beimo said to him.


How could Liao Nanqing not know: “I am not growing up anymore at my age.”


Su Beimo took a sip of juice and nodded, “Not too stupid.” He reached out and rubbed a handful of Liao Nanqing’s soft hair.


When he turned his head, he bumped into an acquaintance.


The other party also recognized him and took the initiative to come over and say hello: “Su Beimo?”


Su Beimo was stunned, and after a while he got up and smiled, a little surprised: “Xu Ying?”


Xu Ying showed a mouthful of white teeth, her cherry red lips made her complexion fair, and her eyes were watery and generous, pleasing to the eye. She looked particularly happy, “It’s been four years, I never thought I’d meet you here. It’s really been a long time, how have you been? Have you been doing an internship?”


“I’m doing well, and my job is getting better.” Su Beimo reached out, “Long time no see.”


Xu Ying held it, but quickly let go of her hand and looked at Su Beimo with deep emotion.


The two of them had an unusual relationship with each other; even Liao Nanqing, who was half a beat behind in his feelings, could see it.


And speaking of it, Xu Ying could be regarded as a first love in Su Beimo’s high school period, but she was not really his first love. It was just because one was the school grass and the other was the school flower, even if they didn’t want to, others always liked to put him together. Whether it was a study group or an extracurricular activity, Xu Ying was always the ‘Su Beimo’s girlfriend-to-be’ that people discuss after dinner.


Even Xu Ying herself had this thought.


But at that time, Su Beimo had no intention of falling in love, and he was full of satisfaction with just playing and studying, which caused Xu Ying’s thoughts to become like a falling flower that was yearning for love, but the heartless brook rippled on.1落花有意,流水无情 – fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love) But since Xu Ying had never broken this relationship, they also used friends as the boundary and got along with each other steadily for three years.


The rumors in high school spread quickly and Su Beimo clarified them, but it didn’t help much.


Outsiders said that Xu Ying was Su Beimo’s first love, but both Xu Ying and Su Beimo knew that for each other, it was always stopped at the word ‘friend’. Therefore, after graduating from high school, everyone chose their own way, and Xu Ying completely disappeared from Su Beimo’s world.


Until today’s reunion, Xu Ying was relieved.


“Are you out on a trip with your friends?”


She noticed the quiet Liao Nanqing who was staying behind Su Beimo and offered a friendly greeting. Liao Nanqing blushed sheepishly and took her eyes off of Xu Ying’s bikini. Su Beimo smoothly stepped in front of Liao Nanqing and explained, “A younger brother of mine, more introverted. And you? Are you also out on a trip with friends?”


“That’s not true.” Xu Ying’s beautiful eyes smiled tenderly, “I’m here for my honeymoon.”


She waved her hand not far away, and there sat a mature man of about thirty years old who was staring at Su Beimo with displeasure. No wonder Su Beimo felt comfortable from the beginning. It turned out to be like this…


He breathed out and joked, “Your husband is quite jealous.”


“Yes, ah. He is just a vinegar jar.” Xu Ying shrugged, taking it for granted, “If he knew that you were my gossip boyfriend in high school, he would probably be mad.”


Su Beimo hurriedly stopped her: “Don’t talk nonsense.” At the same time, he glanced at Liao Nanqing. Liao Nanqing lowered his head without making a sound, so he didn’t know what he was thinking.


Xu Ying was stunned. She didn’t expect that she couldn’t even make a joke. Then she smiled helplessly: “You are still the same as you are. Whenever you encounter a relationship problem, you will be serious.” She didn’t stay too much, just because the vinegar jar in her family was ready to go. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, Xu Ying ended the topic with Su Beimo early, without even asking for contact information.


After she left, Liao Nanqing poked out a small head and asked in a dull voice, “Gossip boyfriend?”


Su Beimo explained: “It’s all spread by others.”


Liao Nanqing whispered, “En.” His fingertips pulled his trousers, the hair on his forehead slightly curled up, “Many people like you.”




In the evening, Liao Nanqing washed up early and went to bed to rest. He was wrapped in a quilt with his feet exposed. He nestled in bed with his phone and looked through the photos taken during the day, deleting some of the duplicates.


Su Beimo finished his shower and went over to touch his cold feet, holding the remote control for the air conditioner in his hand and turning up the temperature by two degrees. The hotel shower gel had a refreshing scent of jasmine and Su Beimo wanted to go under Liao Nanqing’s blanket.


Since falling in love, they often slept in the same bed. In Liao Nanqing’s house, in Su Beimo’s house, and also in Grandma Su’s house. After living together, they were even more sticky like honey, wanting to stay together all the time.


It was just that every time they slept, there were two quilts.


Liao Nanqing was not as soft as a girl. He was clumsy and stiff when he was nervous. He didn’t know how to act coquettish in bed. He often had to wait for Su Beimo to fall asleep late at night before he dared to rub over and get into Su Beimo’s arms for a hug and then two more hugs and sleep close to him.


Many times, it was Su Beimo who took the initiative to come and hug him.


“Still angry?” Su Beimo asked him, honestly explaining, “That ‘gossip boyfriend’ is really a blind rumor, she and I are just ordinary classmates.”


Liao Nanqing was surprised, “I’m not angry.”


“Then why are you ignoring me?” Su Beimo also aggravated.


“I didn’t ignore you either.” Liao Nanqing lifted the corner of the blanket and let Su Beimo in, “I was just thinking about one thing.”


Su Beimo turned his head: “En?”


“You’re so good, the people who like you must all be good and excellent too.” Liao Nanqing moved closer to him and hugged him, cooing, “They all must be better than me, much, much better, but you chose me, I feel so happy.”


“You are better than them, silly.” Su Beimo laughed, warm and gentle.


Liao Nanqing shook his head and opened his mouth.


Su Beimo continued to listen.


Liao Nanqing, however, became uneasy: “Su Beimo… your, your previous girlfriend, or… boyfriend. What were they like?”


Not expecting Liao Nanqing to ask this question, Su Beimo was at a loss as to how to answer. He had been popular since he was a child, and it was impossible not to have a relationship. In the middle and high school years, Su Beimo devoted himself to studying. When he went to college, he was surrounded by many suitors.


There were no boys, but there were many girls.


Su Beimo had a relationship once when he was a freshman. She was a quiet girl who was particularly pretty when she smiled. But this relationship, after just a few months, eventually fell apart due to Su Beimo’s carelessness. The right time, the right place, but not the most suitable person. When he was with this girl, it was like letting nature take its course and trying to love for the first time.


The only thing he neglected was that feelings should come from the heart, not deliberately.


When he was supposed to be in love, he didn’t even desire to kiss each other.


Later, Su Beimo took the initiative to break up, and the girl immediately agreed. It was a peaceful break-up and they didn’t have too much nostalgia for each other. Perhaps the girl’s image of him as a school grass had been shattered, or perhaps he was simply not suitable for a relationship.


At the same time, Su Beimo realized that he was very irresponsible to treat his relationship in this way, so he remained single until his senior year.


It was not until he met Liao Nanqing that Su Beimo realized that it was not that he did not know how to fall in love, but it just so happened that the person he met at that time was not Liao Nanqing.


There was no one like Liao Nanqing to make him hang onto, from caring to missing to liking.


It was long and grueling.


No one was like Liao Nanqing, who always liked him no matter what he wanted.


Su Beimo needed honesty with one heart and sincerity with the other, and Liao Nanqing was that.


Seeing Su Beimo not answering, Liao Nanqing was very embarrassed and thought he had asked the wrong question, so he closed his mouth hesitatingly. He was so concerned that he thought he was a bit annoying. After all, Su Beimo was so good in his heart, but he himself was so ordinary. He lowered his eyes and finally decided to close them and pretend to sleep.


“Nanqing.” Su Beimo suddenly turned sideways, touched his ear, and asked him, “Why do you want to know this?”


Liao Nanqing opened his eyes, hesitated for a moment, and said with a low self-esteem, “I also want to be good, as good as them.”


“Them?” Su Beimo laughed.


Liao Nanqing was embarrassed and put his face under the quilt.


“I only dated once, in freshman year, she was a pretty quiet girl.” Su Beimo answered truthfully.


Liao Nanqing covered his mouth instantly, he seemed to be a little bit talkative.


Su Beimo sighed, “We broke up soon after, though. When I realized that I liked her only out of admiration, I promptly broke up.”


“Ah, that must have been hard for her.”




“Because… If you tell me to break up, I will be sad to death.” Liao Nanqing said seriously.


Su Beimo hooked up the corners of his mouth and concluded in his heart that Liao Nanqing was a little fool: “You thought wrong, she readily agreed.”


Liao Nanqing shut his mouth again, the world of feelings was really complicated.


Su Beimo told him patiently, “Because she is not like you, she doesn’t like me as much as you do. You are wholeheartedly, she is just like me, out of a certain side of appreciation. Appreciation has a distance, and once the distance is broken, you’ll see more or less of the other person’s flaws, and then the person will become very different from when you first met them.”


“Then have you seen my flaws as well?” Liao Nanqing asked cautiously.


Su Beimo replied squarely, “Of course you have flaws.”


“What are they? You tell me, I will change it.”


“Your shortcoming is that every time I see you, I want to kiss you a hundred times, I can’t even resist.” Su Beimo said helplessly, “I’m afraid it’s a little difficult for you to change that?”



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    落花有意,流水无情 – fig. one side is willing, yet the other one remains indifferent (usually of unrequited love)
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