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RA Chapter 19

As Xu Yuanming expected, Su Beimo and Qiu Lu were on the list of interns.


In order not to waste this learning opportunity, Su Beimo thought about it and joined the project. During the training period, Su Beimo was so busy that he seldom contacted Liao Nanqing. The days flew by and the project went very smoothly.


Su Beimo’s mind worked fast, and his work was handled properly. Mr. Li was also very optimistic about Su Beimo during this business trip, and he was actually taken with him in the next few meetings.


The rest of the employees could only follow, or serve as logistics, and most of them were too envious.


After the meeting, Qiu Lu diligently bought coffee for everyone, she looked petite and cute in a pink lady’s dress. She stepped on a pair of small high heels and handed out coffee to everyone one by one. Only then did she go to Su Beimo and Mr. Li with her coffee in hand. When she walked up to Su Beimo, she put down her coffee cup and deliberately used her index finger to gently tuck her hair behind her ear, revealing the pretty side of her face, a slightly shy and innocent look.


Today Su Beimo was wearing a dark blue suit and his hair was specially groomed, looking handsome and energetic.


Mr. Li was an experienced man and saw where Qiu Lu was coming from, smiling and giving the time to the two young people.


“Su Beimo, you’re amazing, you don’t look like an intern at all.” Qiu Lu said in a soft voice, her words were full of admiration.


If it were any other guy, being chased by a beautiful woman like Qiu Lu, he would have drifted away. But Su Beimo was different. He had someone in his heart and he had no other intention for Qiu Lu. When he was complimented, he politely replied, “Thank you.”


Qiu Lu made persistent efforts: “Can I ask you something I don’t understand in the future?”


“I’m also a newcomer, I don’t know much, it would be better to ask Xu ge.” Su Beimo picked up his coffee, “Thank you for the coffee.”


Qiu Lu was not annoyed by the rejection, and instead pretended to smile generously, “Don’t keep saying thank you, we have been working together for three months. Hey, you have something dirty on your collar.” She came closer, and from the back, it seemed like she and Su Beimo were very close to each other. This caused the rest of the colleagues to whisper, some even thinking they had been together for a long time.


With the sweet perfume approaching, Su Beimo frowned and consciously took a step back, blocking Qiu Lu’s hand, and said in a decent manner, “I’ll just do it myself.”


Any fool could see that Qiu Lu had a crush on him.


Su Beimo was still much smarter than a fool.




On the evening of the 28th, Su Beimo received a message from Liao Nanqing.


[Still busy?]


Su Beimo had just returned to the hotel after a day of travel to rest, and his colleague who was staying in the same room went to take a shower, so he took the opportunity to call Liao Nanqing back. At this point it was just half an hour after the evening study session, Liao Nanqing should already be in the dormitory.


“Hello!” As soon as he got through, the voice on the other end was joyful, “Su Beimo, I really improved ten places in this exam!”


“Not bad, worthy of praise.” With a gentle smile in his eyes, Su Beimo casually took a bottle of water to drink.


Liao Nanqing’s side was noisy, listening to the sound, it should be Xu Yanyan talking with his roommate. Su Beimo frowned. He thought Xu Yanyan was too rowdy, third year students should rest early and concentrate on their studies. To put it bluntly, he thought that Xu Yanyan was noisy, and Su Beimo thought he disturbed him and Liao Nanqing talking on the phone.


People in unrequited love were always very childish.


“Su Beimo, it’s almost the 30th, we can meet.”


But even though it was noisy, the words still reached Su Beimo’s ears clearly. Softly and gently, like the spring breeze. His exhaustion disappeared completely, “Nanqing, I booked a train ticket to go back on the 30th, I will pick you up from school then.”


“Okay, this week is the big weekend1apparently in China there’s a small and big weekend. Small weekend is when you get only Sunday as a rest day, and big weekend is when it’s Saturday and Sunday, and school will be over at four o’clock.” Liao Nanqing said happily.


“So happy to see me?” Su Beimo teased him.


Liao Nanqing nodded fiercely, not caring whether the opposite side could see it or not: “En, especially happy, I am waiting to see each other every day.” Liao Nanqing always spoke sweetly and unintentionally, sweet to the heart. But he didn’t know it, so he opened his mouth to talk nonsense, and after hearing Su Beimo’s hidden laughter, he said shyly, “You, you don’t laugh at me, I really miss you especially, I’m not lying.”


A small ball hit head-on.


Su Beimo did not make any sound, covered his face, showing a mouthful of white teeth, he was about to be melted by the sweet words.


On the other end of the phone, Xu Yanyan roared: “Xiao Nannan, you are going to be abducted by the big bad wolf!”


Su Beimo tsk-ed in an instant, and Liao Nanqing thought he was unhappy, holding the phone and ran to the outside of the dormitory, hiding at the entrance of the building and quietly said to him, “Xu Yanyan loves to talk nonsense, but he is especially good, no malice.”


“I’m not that easy to get angry, I just think he’s too noisy.” He yelled at us.


On the corners of Liao Nanqing’s mouth were two inconspicuous dimples: “En, I’m hiding at the entrance of the building to make a phone call, it’s quiet over here, the teacher will only come to check the bed later.”


He especially cherished the time he spent talking to Su Beimo, every minute and every second, squeezing time out of the third year of high school hourglass that he didn’t want anyone to interrupt.


Behind it was a sense of tranquility. The dormitory was at the south corner of the school, and there was a wall outside, and then there was a small town. In the midst of all the lights, the night looked so quiet, like a dark painting, and Su Beimo’s gentle, deep voice was like an ocean, drawn into the sand, making Liao Nanqing sink deeper and harder to extricate himself from it.


Liao Nanqing had never had someone he liked. He didn’t know that thinking about it day and night was just liking it.


But even if he knew, how could his timid nature dare to disturb Su Beimo’s normal life. He could only approach slowly like a snail, not knowing that Su Beimo was already striding towards him.


Soon, the lights went out in the third year dormitory building. In order not to be confiscated by the dormitory teacher, Liao Nanqing reluctantly hung up the phone. Before going to bed, he also sent Su Beimo a [good night!] .


The colleague came out of the bathroom and was frightened by Su Beimo’s peach blossom smile, staring at him in a daze, “Are you on the phone with Qiu Lu?”


Su Beimo’s face was sullen, and his expression changed: “What am I doing on the phone with Qiu Lu?”

“Who didn’t see that you two were having fun today? You’ve been calling and messaging Qiu Lu every day, right?” A colleague teased him, “You are really lucky, such a big beauty, but also quite innocent. If it were on me, I would have said yes. You are hanging on to it?”


Su Beimo didn’t like the way they tied Qiu Lu to him and rejected it, “Don’t talk nonsense, I have someone”


“Who is it?” The colleague wondered, who else could it be if not Qiu Lu?


“My hometown.” Su Beimo thought of Liao Nanqing and nothing bothered him, he did not intend to explain too much to his colleague, but only stressed once again, “I have nothing with Qiu Lu, and there will be nothing.”

Su Beimo decided to walk backwards around Qiu Lu to save others from misunderstanding.




Unfortunately, the scheduled return trip on the 29th was delayed by one day due to a contractual issue with the project.


The 30th happened to be a Friday, and it was already 3:00 pm when the group of people came out of the airport. Su Beimo rushed to go to the station, but was stopped by Xu Yuanming: “Mr. Li said that we should have a meal together today. You don’t have anything to do, don’t go, this is a rare opportunity, the leaders in the project team of Mr. Li are coming to this meal, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”


But Su Beimo was in a hurry to go back, he also promised Liao Nanqing to pick him up from school.


“Xu ge, I…”


Before he finished speaking, Mr. Li came over from a distance: “Xiao Su, you are following this project well. I will be the host tonight, I’ll introduce you to a few people.” This was a complete statement from Mr. Li, who intended to keep Su Beimo, a promising intern, in his own project team.


Su Beimo had the intention to stay in this company, not to mention the generosity of Mr. Li, he had to stay.


A group of people gathered in a row, Su Beimo looked at the time and knew that Liao Nanqing was still in class, so he had to send a message to tell him that he had to have dinner tonight and would not be back until tomorrow morning. As for what Liao Nanqing replied to him and whether he had replied, Su Beimo had no time to see it.


Because Qiu Lu accidentally knocked his phone off, the phone fell down.


The screen of the mobile phone was broken immediately, and the screen went dark instantly. No matter how it was restarted, it couldn’t light up. Su Beimo had a headache on the floor and said nothing. Qiu Lu was accidentally pushed by a colleague before she unintentionally ran into Su Beimo. She didn’t expect that she would get into trouble, her eyes were red, and she kept saying sorry, and also said that she would buy a new mobile phone to compensate Su Beimo.


But Su Beimo didn’t care about this. He picked up the broken cell phone anxiously and took a long breath. Fortunately, the message was sent.


Looking at Su Beimo’s indifferent appearance, Qiu Lu’s tears fell without warning.


Su Beimo was at a loss for words: “Qiu Lu, I don’t blame you.”


But Qiu Lu was shut out of Su Beimo all the way. This time, she completely collapsed and sobbed. The scene was once embarrassing, but fortunately, Mr. Li Mr. Li was able to solve the problem: “This time, everyone worked hard, especially Xiao Qiu. This is exhausting. Come on, wipe your tears. Xiao Su said he didn’t blame you. This mobile phone is on me. I’ll have someone buy a new one and send it.” Mr. Li was kind, and after helping the helpless Su Beimo to calm Qiu Lu, he motionlessly patted Su Beimo’s shoulder and said like an elder. “Young people should be generous, don’t be so sullen.”


“Mr. Li, I’m not angry. You don’t have to spend money on your mobile phone. I just bought a new one at home, and I can replace it now.” Su Beimo took over and smiled shyly at Qiu Lu, “I was just sending a message to my target and was in a hurry, I didn’t mean to blame you.”


This made Qiu Lu even more upset than when he had yelled at Qiu Lu.




Today’s weather was gloomy with a light rain, and there was a faint cold coming from early winter in City B at the end of November. The wind blew slightly on the face and many people had already put on sweaters and thicker jackets. Liao Nanqing’s hands were slightly cold and he was standing at the entrance of the school, holding his cell phone tightly.


Xu Yanyan passed by him and grabbed his shoulder: “What are you doing, still not leaving?”


Liao Nanqing’s eyes dropped in loss, his gaze drifted to the ground, without saying a word.


“Didn’t you just look as happy as a fool, where is Su Beimo?” Xu Yanyan looked outside, but no one was there. One by one, everyone in the school left, and Liao Nanqing stood in front of the school, not knowing whether to go home or to do something.


Because of a message from Su Beimo, his plans were all messed up.


Liao Nanqing sniffed, the tip of his nose was blown red by the wind: “He had something to do and couldn’t come back.”


“…My goodness, what about the cake you ordered?” Xu Yanyan reminded him, “You quickly call and ask if the cake can be returned, or you can sell this cake to me. Chubby Ge just loves it.”


Knowing that Liao Nanqing was tight on money, Xu Yanyan couldn’t think of a way to do it, he could only come up with this bad idea for Ge Yun to gain weight.


Liao Nanqing shook his head, “I want to go to him.”




“But do you think he will be happy?”


Xu Yanyan didn’t understand their feelings very much: “Anyway, if I have a friend who comes all the way to celebrate my birthday, I will be very happy.”


Liao Nanqing’s eyes were black and bright: “Really?”


“Probably, after all, I’m not Su Beimo either.” Xu Yanyan scratched the tip of his nose and said embarrassingly, “If you hadn’t said to me before that he treats you so well, like a real brother. I..I suspect that you and he are in a relationship.” At the end of the sentence, Xu Yanyan somewhat whispered.


After all, boy and boy, it made Xu Yanyan, a straight man, a little twisted.


Liao Nanqing blinked, not knowing what he was thinking.



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    apparently in China there’s a small and big weekend. Small weekend is when you get only Sunday as a rest day, and big weekend is when it’s Saturday and Sunday
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