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RA Chapter 17

For Liao Nanqing, the two and a half hours when Su Beimo went out was extremely difficult.


Xu Yanyan and Su Beimo made an appointment at a newly decorated milk tea shop. Xu Yanyan was a regular customer and ordered a cup of pudding milk tea. Two tall guys sitting face to face in a milk tea store already attracted a lot of attention, but Xu Yanyan also ordered a six-inch cupcake, packed and placed on the table. The pink packaging was particularly cute, it was the most popular one among girls this year.


“This is all that’s left of the packaging, it’s really a bit awkward to look at.” Xu Yanyan muttered to himself to cover his embarrassment, and glanced twice at Su Beimo who had not yet spoken.


Su Beimo hooked the corner of his mouth towards him and quickly organized his opening words, “Hello, first time meeting, I’m Su Beimo.”


“Hello, I know you are Su Beimo.” Xu Yanyan took the opportunity to hand over the phone that Liao Nanqing left at his house: “His phone is too old, it’s time to change it, it’s particularly difficult to type.”


Su Beimo nodded: “Indeed.” Liao Nanqing’s reply to messages was getting slower and slower. It must be because the phone was not easy to use.


“The person he calls and messages every night is you, right?”


“You read our chat history?”


“When he opened the message, you could always see a little bit.” However, Xu Yanyan didn’t read it at all. When he opened the chat box, he only saw a question asked by Liao Nanqing. “I just said, I don’t know the question, how did he solve it? It turned out to be a foreign aid. He’s so poor, he has no friends. In addition to me and Ge Yun, you’re the only one in his contacts.”


Xu Yanyan was the same age as Liao Nanqing, but had been well protected by his family since he was a child and was particularly simple-minded. Coupled with a good family background and good tempered parents, Xu Yanyan was very cheerful and good at making friends under the influence of family environment.


He had many friends, far more than Liao Nanqing, and there was no shortage of one Liao Nanqing.


Su Beimo ignored his chatter and cut to the chase: “Do you have anything to ask?


Xu Yanyan took a sip of milk tea and was silent for a moment: “Is it true that his father is a murderer?”




“Why did he kill someone?”


“The other party is not a good person, but his father used the wrong way.”


Xu Yanyan was taken aback: “I heard that the person who was killed had bullied Liao Nanqing.” He was puzzled, was it as what he heard? He wanted to ask, but he didn’t dare to ask directly.


“There is no sexual assault.” Su Beimo said bluntly, unusually serious, even the tone of voice dropped three degrees of temperature. “I can roughly know what you heard, but many things are exaggerated by rumors. The harm given to the victims by the propagators is far more than what you have heard.”


Xu Yanyan suddenly breathed a sigh of relief, the stiff nerves were finally stretched. This small move was caught by Su Beimo, and at the same time Su Beimo also let go of his tight heart.


“So he was bullied?”




“…… You come to me today to ask me to help keep the secret?”




“What makes you think I will help him?” Xu Yanyan raised his voice slightly, wanting to hear some kind words.


Su Beimo laughed in a low voice, “Nanqing’s eye for people shouldn’t be that bad; come to confirm it and also come to help him with his phone.”


“Hey, what if I don’t want to do it?” Xu Yanyan said unhappily.


“If you don’t want to, Nanqing will repeat the previous situation again.” Su Beimo was calm and emotionally cool, not meaning to argue about anything, “But it’s okay, I will find a way to get him to leave No.3 High School and go to a school further away.”


Xu Yanyan didn’t expect Su Beimo to be so hard, as if he was not here to explain or negotiate, it was simply to inform that if he did not agree, he would use another method to deal with it. Su Beimo had a strong attitude and was handsome. Xu Yanyan thought that if he was a girl, he would have fallen for him.


He sucked on his milk tea and considered for a moment, unwilling to be pinned down by Su Beimo’s aura, he pushed the wrapped pink cake to Su Beimo with a smirk: “This is for you, as for whether I’ll help or not, just wait until you go home and give the phone to Liao Nanqing, he’ll naturally know.”


“You high school students nowadays are all so individualistic?”


“After all, I have been called Xu Jianjian when I was a child.” Satisfied with this title, he got up and waved his hand and left.




Su Beimo didn’t go back to Liao Nanqing’s house directly, he went to the nearby vegetable market and bought a processed carp and some vegetables. When he remembered that there was no seasoning at Liao Nanqing’s house, he went to the mini-mart to buy some.


Liao Nanqing’s home was full of instant noodles, it was too bad.


He wanted Liao Nanqing to eat healthier and if he couldn’t cook, at least order a dish from a small restaurant. But considering Liao Nanqing’s pitiful monthly living expenses, Su Beimo couldn’t nag. If he gave him money directly, Liao Nanqing certainly would not want it. He was moderately accepting Su Beimo’s kindness with a cautious attitude. Su Beimo, on the contrary, step by step, approached him substantially, caring for him, trying to give him many good things.


For example, the band-aids he gave him, the dinners he invited him home to, the parent-teacher conferences that turned the world upside down, and now the school transfer.


Everything was his initiative, while Liao Nanqing was passive.


But Su Beimo knew that Liao Nanqing was simple, he regarded any bit of his goodwill as light, and couldn’t help but approach and yearn for it unconsciously. But he didn’t know that during this process, Liao Nanqing himself was the new buds exposed to soil, wiping away the gloom to welcome a seasonal rain, bringing a long drought and sweet dew to Su Beimo


So Su Beimo thought about it and felt that it was Liao Nanqing who made the mistake first and he made himself fall in love helplessly.


Knock knock——


Liao Nanqing opened the door almost in a second, he had been waiting in the hallway.


“We’re having braised fish for lunch, but it might be a little late to cook at this hour. Are you hungry?” Su Beimo handed him the vegetable and cake, bending down to take off his shoes, his slender body wearing a gray-blue shirt that had just dried this morning, and a simple black watch on his skeletal wrist.


Su Beimo also gave him the phone in his pocket. The old phone had little power left and was in a power-saving mode. There were no messages on it, and the screen was dark enough to be unintelligible.


Liao Nanqing squeezed his phone and looked at him in panic, carrying those dishes and following him towards the kitchen.


“Go sit in the living room and charge your phone.” Su Beimo rolled up his sleeves and began to wash rice. He looked around, “Do you have an apron in your house?”


“Is my grandma’s fine?”




“A little.” Liao Nanqing was embarrassed, “Why don’t I do the cooking?”


“Is your cooking edible?” Su Beimo remembered that before Liao Nanqing helped in the cooking, taking salt as sugar, and tossed a plate of roast pork for good reason. He couldn’t let such wasteful behavior happen again and quickly refused Liao Nanqing, taking the gray apron.


Wearing it on him, it didn’t look out of place.


Su Beimo, who kept silent about the meeting with Xu Yanyan, undoubtedly made Liao Nanqing fall into bad guesses. He held his mobile phone and stood firmly beside Su Beimo, with a solemn expression, and he said after a long time: “The No.3 High School is not in the town after all, I will not be bullied there.”


Su Beimo’s hand washing rice paused before he continued washing.


“At most, people are avoiding me. It’s my senior year, I don’t want to transfer.” He was afraid of causing trouble for Su Beimo, lest Su Beimo would be scared away by all these tedious things and gradually stay away from him. It didn’t matter if people didn’t play with him or talk to him, but Su Beimo was different. Moreover, Liao Nanqing had already been scared once before and was especially timid about it.


During the few hours Su Beimo was out, he thought a lot, even imagining what he would be subjected to when he stepped into the class tomorrow.


All kinds of treatments.


Yet the worst that could happen was just the same as before.


Su Beimo turned off the faucet, didn’t even dry his hands, and sighed silently. Because the phone in Liao Nanqing’s hand still didn’t move, he pushed Liao Nanqing’s forehead with his wet hand: “Go to the living room to charge your phone, then sit there for ten minutes to reflect.”




“Reflect on why your head is full of these messes instead of studying.”




“Hurry up.”


Su Beimo urged him and drove him out of the kitchen.



The phone in his hand vibrated the moment the kitchen door closed.


It was a long message. Liao Nanqing was slightly stunned and gulped when he saw the name of the person who sent the message.


He opened——


[Hi, bro1兄弟 – brother, pal, bro, mate, homie, it’s no big deal. ]


Absent-minded, but Liao Naqing read it several times over and over again, and immediately after that, another message came.


Liao Nanqing’s fingertips trembled heavily, obviously nervous.


[My cousin only told me and Ge Yun about this, and her mouth is very tight. I love the shoes you gave me, the cake is a return, after all, I don’t know what day your birthday is. See you on Monday.]


After reading the last word, the phone ran out of battery and shut down. The screen fell into black, and no matter how he pressed it, it wouldn’t turn on. Liao Nanqing excitedly opened the kitchen door, pointed at the phone and said, “It’s out of battery!” In fact, he wanted to say, Xu Yanyan sent me a message, he is still my friend!


But he was so happy that he became incoherent all of a sudden.


Su Beimo has a headache, he was frying fish. Liao Nanqing’s house didn’t even have a working hood and he smelled like grease and smoke.


“That’s why I asked you to charge it.” He turned away in amusement and tentatively served up the fried fish onto a dinner plate.


“Okay, I’ll go charge it!” Liao Nanqing turned and stopped again, revealing a smile, “Su Beimo, as soon as the phone is on, I’ll show you the message Xu Yanyan sent me. Th, they are still willing to be my friend!”


“Then you quickly go charge!”




It was obviously only a few steps away from the small room in the living room, but Liao Nanqing felt that it was a hundred thousand miles away. The broken cell phone, which was usually used only to contact Su Beimo, had become precious at this moment. He plugged in the charging cable for the phone, held it, and waited for a minute.


Su Beimo was standing at the entrance of the kitchen holding the spatula, looking at his reckless appearance, his heart was extremely soft.




You will meet many people who treat you well in the future.


Last night, Su Beimo said this to him, and starting today, this sentence would slowly be fulfilled.



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    兄弟 – brother, pal, bro, mate, homie
KnoxT's discord server just launched! Come and get updates to your favorite novels!Click here to join!


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