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RA Chapter 15

Liao Nanqing became particularly wrong, he couldn’t even do the questions. When he was named to answer questions in class, he also unprecedentedly turned to Xu Yanyan for help. He had nothing else on his mind, and simply meandered through Su Beimo’s sentence ‘I miss you’. Full of it, without even a little gap.


Youth’s feelings were always impulsive, and Liao Nanqing’s heart was hot and beating fast. The moment he hung up the phone, he completely forgot where he was and his depressed mood was swept away, leaving his heart full of happiness.


Even when Liao Nanqing looked at the difficult problems on the test papers, he didn’t think they were annoying at all today.


Although, he still couldn’t answer.


Xu Yanyan chewed a gum and asked him carelessly: “Liao Nanqing, are you in love? A look of spring is in the air.”


Ge Yun in the front row pricked up her ears.


Liao Nanqing immediately denied: “I’m not!”


“Come on, talk to brother, who do you like?” Just after asking, Liao Nanqing stuffed a peeled lollipop into his mouth and Xu Yanyan yelled, “What are you doing! I’m chewing gum in my mouth! Ahh…Liao Nanqing, you have changed! You are actually hiding a little secret from me!”


He hugged his shoulders, angrily twisted around to ignore Liao Nanqing, then deliberately pretended to whine: “Ignore you! Hmph!”


Ge Yun sneered: “Gay is gay.”


Xu Yanyan lifted a hand to ruffle Ge Yun’s ponytail, turned around and bumped Liao Nanqing with his shoulder, smirking: “Go to my house this weekend. I will show you the pig photos of Chubby Ge when she was a child.”


This weekend was Xu Yanyan’s birthday, Liao Nanqing had not forgotten it.


Ge Yun took a thin workbook and slapped Xu Yanyan’s head with little force, threatening him “You are not allowed to show him! Otherwise, you will be beaten to death!”


“So fierce, oh!” Xu Yangyan pretended to be pitiful, “Scolding me every day and trying to beat me up. Ah, I’m so pitiful.”


“Xu Jianjian!”






“Chubby Ge, I think you look pretty good when you’re angry.”


“…Stupid X.”1the author censored the curse lol


It was useless for Ge Yun to be angry again because Xu Yanyan really took pictures of her when she was nine years old. It was the fattest time of her teenage years, with three layers of meat on her belly. It happened that her parents took her to the water park with the Xu family to play, and the little brat Xu Yanyan took his father’s camera to take a lot of chubby Ge Yun’s pictures, threatening to stick them on his own door to ward off bad luck.


When Ge Yun was only nine years old, it was the budding stage of self-esteem. When Xu Yanyan said that, she immediately cried, saying that she would not go into the water again.


Later, Xu Yanyan was beaten on the ass by Father Xu and the toy water gun that day was confiscated. For the next week, Xu Yanyan was not allowed to even watch a cartoon. He was fully aware of his mistake and under the control of his parents, he sincerely apologized to Ge Yun. However, after apologizing, he did not forget to stick his tongue at Ge Yun.


The incident soon settled, but the photos were taken away by Xu Yanyan.


The two of them quarrel frequently, and Liao Nanqing was used to it. He could see that even though Xu Yanyan and Ge Yun were quarreling, the relationship was good. Occasionally, Liao Nanqing would insert two sentences appropriately and as long as he took a side with Ge Yun, he would often be glared back by the other party.


Liao Nanqing was not interested in Ge Yun’s chubby nine-year-old photo and Xu Yanyan was really just joking around.


To really share the photo, Ge Yun would probably blow up Xu Yanyan.


Liao Nanqing listened to their bickering while writing the exercise questions, and as he was writing, the phone in his pocket vibrated. He took it out and saw that it was really from Su Beimo.


[I’m going to work overtime from today, it’s really overtime.]


Liao Nanqing’s fingertips warmed up: [Okay.]


The avatar was waiting for his message: [Well, I’ll call you tonight?]


[No need to call if you are busy, call again when you are free.]


[Don’t get angry.] A feeling of tightness, Su Beimo on the other end rarely showed weakness.


Liao Nanqing didn’t know what to reply for a moment, and Su Beimo misunderstood.


Liao Nanqing was not angry at all, he was in a happy mood. Because he and Su Beimo were not estranged, they made up. Su Beimo also said that he missed him. After saying ‘I miss you’ every time, he finally got an answer. It suddenly popped up, making Liao Nanqing caught off guard.


He couldn’t hide his words.


[I’m not angry, because we have made up. ]


[There was no quarrel either. ]


[You ignoring me is more terrible than quarrelling.]


This sentence made Su Beimo feel guilty for a long time. He knew that Liao Nanqing must be frank and sincere when he sent this sentence. However, it was often this simple and sincere attitude that made Su Beimo really feel Liao Nanqing’s concern for him.


Su Beimo promised: [It will never happen again.]


Liao Nanqing lowered his head, his slightly long hair stuck to the tip of his ears, and he tucked the corners of his mouth: [Su Beimo, I am going to Xu Yanyan’s house this weekend. It’s the same as when I first went to your house for dinner, very nervous. ]


Su Beimo took a look, he didn’t want to reply


But he was afraid that Liao Nanqing would think too much, and replied the word [oh], simple and clear, he had to go to work.


And Liao Nanqing put away his cell phone because of the class bell..


The teacher in front of the podium hadn’t said a few words when suddenly rain fell outside the window, which was a sign of cooling. Liao Nanqing was sitting at the window and was busy closing the window. The heavy rain made his textbooks wet.


Looking down to smell it, it was rain mixed with pen and ink, green and lush.


October was in a trance and had turned into a season where you needed to wear a jacket in the early morning and summer was completely gone.



On the day of Xu Yanyan birthday, Liao Nanqing was the first to arrive in Xu Yanyan’s neighborhood. The present was brought by Liao Nanqing, a pair of medium-priced sneakers that he bought together with Ge Yun.


Xu Yanyan led him to his room and dug out a bunch of old photos of Ge Yun and himself when they were a kid, as well as many gadgets in his collection. Xu Yanyan learned how to play guitar and played a small piece for Liao Nanqing with the guitar. Liao Nanqing’s family had been poor since he was a child and the conditions of his stepfather’s house were also very limited, so he had never seen such a colorful room.


For the models of cars and airplanes, Xu Yanyan had a glass cabinet.


He looked stunned and staring yearningly at a red model of an airplane for a long time. Xu Yanyan tapped him on the shoulder. “You like this? Then I’ll give it to you on your birthday!” He said it easily, but Liao Nanqing understood that this model was definitely not cheap.


He shook his head and hurriedly found an excuse: “I don’t want it, I don’t like birthdays.”


“How come there are people who don’t like to celebrate their birthdays?” Xu Yanyan came up with a sentence without thinking, “Your parents don’t celebrate your birthday either?”


After all, Xu Yanyan grew up in a harmonious family, and every time it was his birthday, his parents would prepare the gifts for him a month before.


Liao Nanqing felt it was fine, and explained straightforwardly: “My parents are divorced.”


Xu Yanyan ran out of words, embarrassedly wanting to apologize, but there was a knock on the door outside. He put down his guitar and opened the door. It was Ge Yun and his cousin who came to visit him once in a while. Mother Xu made a lot of dishes in the kitchen and the most popular new handmade cakes were placed on the table. She greeted everyone to sit down and served fruits to the children with great enthusiasm.


A few classmates hadn’t arrived yet so Mother Xu asked them to eat some fruit to cushion their stomachs. From time to time, she helped Xu Yanyan to straighten his collar and touch his hair, her curved smiling eyes were full of motherly love.


Liao Nanqing stared intently and couldn’t help showing an expression of envy.


After almost all the work was done, Mother Xu smiled and said: “The dishes are all here, you guys play on your own, auntie will go to the hospital first to work overtime.” She especially rushed back to make this meal for her son. If she stayed here as an adult, she was afraid that the children would not feel comfortable eating.




Liao Nanqing poked a piece of pear bite with a toothpick and was quiet.


Ge Yun and Xu Yanyan’s cousin also know each other, and they keep chatting. From time to time, she talked to Liao Nanqing and after she finished, she seriously turned her head to tell the cousin how hard their third high school studies were, it was not as easy as the No.1 High School.


Liao Nanqing, who bit the pear in half, was startled, swallowing his saliva. In addition to Xu Yanyan’s call to urge people to come quickly, there was also Ge ​​Yun’s question to him: “I remember the head teacher said that you were transferred from the No.1 High School?”


Xu Yanyan’s cousin was only a freshman and just enrolled this year.


Liao Nanqing guessed that he might not know him, but because of nervousness, his eyes were very evasive when he answered. The juice of the fruit in his hand slowly dripped down and got greasy in his fingers.


“Liao Nanqing, do you want a Coke?” Xu Yanyan finished the phone call, carrying a few cans of ice coke over, muttering and making a little temper, “They are still late for my birthday, they don’t care about me at all! You’re the best, the first to arrive.”


The cousin listened and asked with interest: “Liao Nanqing?”


The famous Liao Nanqing in the small town, the son of the murderer Liao Dong, was in No.1 High School, it was difficult not to know.


Liao Nanqing’s heart seemed to have been smashed by a stone. He was still in such a difficult position before, and it didn’t take long for him to get carried away. Even making friends in the class and attending the birthday of a classmate.


The mild situation made him overlook an extremely important point, that was, as long as he didn’t not leave the city, there would inevitably be a fish slipping through the net.


The secret would spread through the dense gaps of the fishing nets and reach everyone’s ears.


“You’re that Liao Nanqing? You transferred to No.3 High School?” The cousin was curious, and the way he spoke without thinking was exactly the same as Xu Yanyan’s.


Liao Nanqing looked up and his eyes darkened instantly. He saw that Ge Yun and Xu Yanyan were looking at him with a puzzled face, his palms unconsciously began to sweat, he suddenly wanted to shrink back.


Ge Yun spoke straight: “Is Liao Nanqing still some kind of celebrity in the first middle school?”


“No!” Suddenly, Liao Nanqing refused.


Ge Yun was shocked by his fierce reaction and raised her head puzzled: “What’s wrong with you?”


They saw Liao Nanqing stand up, his whole body stiff, repressed like a fishing net to cover his figure again, catching any trace of his slack. Everyone could see that Liao Nanqing was very strange at this moment, like an animal whose tail was stepped on. Vigilant and isolated from the world, there was an invisible barrier on his body.


He was rejecting them.


Liao Nanqing closed his mouth tightly, his face turned pale, and his wet sweat was greasy in his palms. He opened the door in a panic and fled, Xu Yanyan went to pull him, but did not hold him; Liao Nanqing waved his hand vigorously.


Anyway, in a moment, his secret would be made public, and sooner or later, Xu Yanyan and Ge Yun would distance themselves. He thought he had made a friend, but not everyone was Su Beimo, who would unconditionally tolerate everything about him.


Most people were selfish. They would stay away from the center of the whirlpool, throwing garbage toward this center to vent their unwarranted anger.


Rather than being pushed away by them, from now on, Liao Nanqing would take the initiative to shake off Xu Yanyan’s friendly hands.


He ruined his friend’s birthday party, but maybe from tomorrow onwards, they would never be friends again.


Liao Nanqing thought sadly.


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    the author censored the curse lol
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