Re-engraving the Spring
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Re-engraving the Spring

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Synopsis Re-engraving the Spring


He plucks a star from the sky; he burns a cluster of ashes on the ground.

For Chi Qiu, Lu Ming is an unreachable star in the sky.
Until one day, the star itself falls into his hands and says to him: I love you, I love you.
Chi Qiu believes it.

For Lu Ming, Chi Qiu is a small fire hidden in the dark. You see, he is obedient like a flower in a greenhouse. But in fact, he is lonely and stubborn, burning to ashes in the spring.

Lu Ming becomes Chi Qiu’s star and spring.

— “Lu Ming, in fact, it doesn’t matter who you marry. Just because I can’t see, so it’s the most convenient for you, right?”
— “Chi Qiu, I want to return the spring to you.”


[Apathetic gong x affectionate and obedient little blind shou]





Title: Re-engraving the Spring (复刻春日 | Fù Kè Chūnrì)
Author: 一朵小葱花 (A small green onion flower)
Chapter Counts: 114 Chapters
Source: RAW 
Update Schedule: Sunday



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