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RES Chapter 22

"My mouth is also very sweet."

Chi Qiu understood: “Cake with bitter coffee, so it will not be so sweet and greasy.” He held the whole sugar milk tea in his hand, took a sip with difficulty, and called out ‘help’ twice in his heart.

Fortunately, the cake that Xiao Yan bought was not very sweet, and the lemon taste was refreshing, so Chi Qiu was not very resistant to it. He took the opportunity to put down the milk tea and touched the cake with a fork: “I’m not very thirsty, I want to eat cake first.”

“I’ll help you.”

Lu Ming held his hand and helped him find the right place.

Chi Qiu had a plan in mind——

A piece of lemon cake was dug empty twice in a row by the fork in Chi Qiu’s hand. Lu Ming couldn’t stand it, and took the spoon in his hand: “I’ll feed you.”

“I can eat it myself.” Chi Qiu muttered.

He said so, but his body was very honest. He leaned over, opened his mouth slightly, and took a mouthful of the cake and cream off the fork. The sweet taste spread out in his mouth while sticking to the corners of his mouth.

Lu Ming said, “Don’t move.” He used his fingertips to wipe the cream from the corner of Chi Qiu’s mouth and drew a tissue to wipe it.

In this aspect of taking care of people, Lu Ming was very good at it.

After all, when he was very young, his mother Lu You had mental problems.

Lu Rongtian was an incompetent husband and father. When he saw Lu You out of control, he felt fear and disgust in his heart and forgot all about his hard pursuit of Lu You. He also abandoned Lu You and cheated with his female secretary early and had an illegitimate son.

Obviously from the beginning, Lu Ming’s grandfather reminded Lu Rongtian that Lu You was not considered a normal person because she had been stimulated when she was a child. It was Lu Rongtian who insisted on marrying the beautiful-looking Lu You, and promised to love her for life and never forsaken her.

The result was not as expected.

Not only that, in order to get some benefits from Lu You’s family, the selfish Lu Rongtian always thought he was smart and hid the fact of his cheating from Lu You.

As a result, the marriage did not end at the right time, and Lu You’s mental state was hit by her husband’s emotional abuse again and again, sometimes good and sometimes bad, and gradually came to a dead end.

She was often mad and delirious. She would treat the young Lu Ming harshly, venting her helplessness and resentment wantonly; but when she returned to normal, she would be extremely guilty.

Lu You loved Lu Ming more than anyone else, but she couldn’t love him better than anyone else.

Facing such a mother, Lu Ming learned to take care of others at a very young age. Because when he was young, he also loved Lu You and loved the mother who would hold him and sing him to sleep when he was crying in nightmares.

Therefore, many of Lu Ming’s instinctive actions when taking care of Chi Qiu were not innate or pretended by him.

The portion of a piece of lemon cake was not much, and Chi Qiu ate it in just a few bites.

His heart still wanted more, but his saturation level for sweets was already full. He didn’t touch the second piece of cake; his spirit was willing but his flesh was weak.1心有余而力不足 (idiom): the will is there, but not the strength

On the contrary, Lu Ming relied on Chi Qiu, who could not see, to take a few bites to eat a larger cream cake. When Chi Qiu heard him deliberately lowering his voice and swallowing, he couldn’t stop laughing. He suddenly wanted to tease Lu Ming.

Chi Qiu deliberately asked, “Are you eating the cake?”

Lu Ming rested his fork gently on the paper towel without making any suspicious sound as he replied in a guarded manner, “No.”

“I think I heard you eating?”

“You heard it wrong.”

Chi Qiu leaned forward to touch the empty plate placed in front of Lu Ming, but Lu Ming quickly grabbed his wrist. Lu Ming’s strength was not heavy as he repeated, “You heard wrong. The cake is for you, I don’t like to eat it.”

“Okay.” Chi Qiu couldn’t help it, he couldn’t argue with the person who insisted on playing the fool.

But he didn’t show any weakness. He let Lu Ming get closer to him, touched Lu Ming’s face, and then pecked his lips. Chi Qiu had always been proactive and easily shy. He blushed and raised his eyes. His blank pupils reflected the indifferent Lu Ming; there were no ripples at all.

Chi Qiu pursed his lips, quietly licked his lower lip and couldn’t help but smile: “It’s so sweet.”

Lu Ming didn’t break the performance, but quietly looked at him.

Chi Qiu smiled and said, “I ate too many sweet things just now.”

Lu Ming glanced at the dessert and milk tea on the table and did not argue back. He didn’t know that the two of them were sweet enough to sprinkle sugar.

Chi Qiu didn’t let go. He hesitated for a moment before scratching the tip of his nose and asked, “Is Aunt Zhang on the side?”

“No, she went into the house.”

After confirming, Chi Qiu gathered enough courage and said: “I think my mouth is also very sweet.”


“So, do you, do you want to…” He seemed to be whispering in his ears, and his face flushed slowly, “Would you like to taste it?” His voice was so shy that he didn’t even dare to breathe a breath.

Lu Ming looked at him.

He saw Chi Qiu retract his hand in a serene manner, but the body that was leaning forward did not retract. He waited awkwardly, and countless kinds of actions that indicate patience were fully displayed by Chi Qiu. Lu Ming suspected that if it were not for the fact that Chi Qiu could not see, at this moment, Chi Qiu would have been the one to take the initiative to embrace him.

For showing love, Chi Qiu had an endless amount of strength.

Lu Ming did not refuse, he used his hand to hold the back of Chi Qiu’s head, leaning in for a deep kiss. The gentleness between lips and teeth was a spring limitation that belonged only to Chi Qiu. This was the first time Lu Ming has kissed him so ‘deeply’. It might be because Chi Qiu’s mouth had a delicious sweetness, which fascinated the sweet tooth.

Their kiss lasted for a long time, so long that Chi Qiu felt that the sweetness of his mouth was scavenged clean.

At the end of the kiss, Chi Qiu gasped. The tip of his nose pressed against the tip of Lu Ming’s nose. The warm breath hit each other’s face, Chi Qiu closed his eyes and his voice became hoarse, like a peach being crushed into a cookie crumb.

“Do you think it’s sweet?”

“It’s okay.”

“Then do you want to…”

Before Chi Qiu finished speaking, Lu Ming said, “Yes.”

Lu Ming’s answer was unemotional, and he cooperated by kissing Chi Qiu again. It was just kissing. Lu Ming could satisfy Chi Qiu how many times he wanted.

What Chi Qiu wanted was very simple, and Lu Ming thought he could do it easily.

The second kiss was interrupted by Aunt Zhang.

She was embarrassed to interrupt and waited inside the house for a long time, who knew that the two owners would continue the kiss. Feeling helpless, she had to apologize out loud: “Mr. Lu, you have a call. You left your phone in the living room just now.”

Chi Qiu: “…”

Lu Ming: “En.”

Chi Qiu covered his mouth, and finally covered his face.

Lu Ming didn’t care about it. He calmly accepted the mobile phone handed over by Aunt Zhang. He glanced at the call, which was from the villa’s guard. Lu Ming quickly picked it up, the voice on the other line was very respectful. He didn’t know what he said, but Lu Ming replied, “Let them in.”

The security system of the villa area where they lived was relatively complete, and generally vehicles without recorded license plates were not allowed to enter. If a guest wanted to enter, they needed to confirm with the residents first before the guard could let them in.

Lu Ming hung up the phone and got up to straighten his slightly messy collar: “Ji Feining and Ji Yanchen are here.”

Chi Qiu was still in shock from the interrupted kiss. When he heard the two people were coming over, he repeated ‘ah’ twice before getting up: “How come Ning ge and Yanchen are here?”

“They said they came to apologize.” Lu Ming understood completely.

According to Ji Feining’s temperament, Ji Yanchen had caused trouble for his former life-saver. If he did not escort that someone over to apologize, he would not be the rigid Ji Feining.

But when Lu Ming thought that he only needed to watch this “apology”, he was wrong again.

Ji Yanchen didn’t even think he was wrong.

He was using the excuse of apologizing and came to play with Chi Qiu. Ji Feining, who was the ‘brocon’, came under the pretext to apologize, but in fact, was spoiling his own brother’s mischief.

In any case, he forcibly took Ji Yanchen out of the country for training in the past six months to be trained, but he didn’t manage to suppress this ‘great demon king’.

Last night, as soon as Ji Yanchen returned home, he made a fuss to see Chi Qiu. Ji Feining took him to Lu Yinliang’s birthday banquet right after he got off the plane. Who would have thought, Ji Yanchen could cause trouble at a birthday party.

Ji Feining came with him today for the purpose of keeping an eye on him.

It just so happened that he also had something to say.

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    心有余而力不足 (idiom): the will is there, but not the strength
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