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RES Chapter 21

"Coffee is bitter, you can't drink it."

Today, 25-year-old Chi Qiu recalled the accident, and many memories in his mind had gradually blurred. He couldn’t remember the specific scenes and the specific looks of the characters.

The only thing he remembered most clearly was that the rain was particularly heavy that day.

Outside the coffee shop, there was thunder, and heavy rain fell on his and Ji Yanchen’s heads, clothes, and shoes.

The two children were about the same age and height. The heavy rain soaked their hair that even their tender cheeks began to make them indistinguishable from each other.

Under the dim sky, Chi Qiu and Ji Yanchen looked like twin brothers.

Ji Yanchen laughed out loud, playing with a puddle at every step.

“Your shoes will get wet!”

Chi Qiu hurried to hold Ji Yanchen’s hand with his other hand holding the umbrella. However, before he could hold it, a man in a black trench coat blocked their way. Tall shadows plunged into Chi Qiu’s born blind left eye, it was pitch black.

The haggard man stretched out his hand towards them…


Having said this, Chi Qiu moved his lips, still afraid of it.

The pickled vegetable noodles sitting in front of Lu Ming were mostly cold, and he almost lost his appetite. He hastily got up and pressed Chi Qiu’s shoulder with one hand: “Don’t say it if you don’t want to.”

He said, “This is not a very good memory for you, forget it.”

Chi Qiu lowered his head, he probably would never be able to forget this bad past.

But he also didn’t want to hide such matters from Lu Ming.

Lu Ming stood beside him, not knowing how to comfort him.

After a short pause, Lu Ming asked Aunt Zhang to prepare some fruits. He took Chi Qiu, who was not in a very stable mood, to sit on the sofa and handed a cup of hot tea to Chi Qiu.

“When you’re in a bad mood, drinking something hot will make you feel better.” Lu Ming seemed to be very experienced in this situation. His fingers covered Chi Qiu’s fingers and pressed them together so that Chi Qiu could hold the teacup firmly, “The tea is not hot anymore.”

Chi Qiu smelled the fragrance of tea, but his tight nerves were not completely relieved. However, the temperature of Lu Ming’s fingertips made him involuntarily lower his head and sip the tea obediently.

Lu Ming had no intention of uncovering Chi Qiu’s scars, and he didn’t have much curiosity about it. The information about Chi Qiu was clearly presented to him as early as when he was about to return to China, so he didn’t need to understand it again.

“Chi Qiu.” Lu Ming couldn’t say good things. “You…would you like to eat cake?”

Chi Qiu didn’t want to eat, but he could feel Lu Ming’s efforts to try to comfort himself. Even if it was a small gesture, Chi Qiu was touched.

“Okay.” Chi Qiu pursed his lips, and the gloom on his face dispersed a bit. He didn’t want to let bad memories take up too much of his time and waste his time with Lu Ming.

Chi Qiu, in a way, had a positive and optimistic character.

“I’m sending Xiao Yan to buy it now.” Lu Ming asked, “Same as last time?”

“All right.”

Lu Ming called Xiao Yan directly, and after the call ended, he sent a message to Xiao Yan: [Buy two more cups of the same milk tea as last time, both with full sugar].

Xiao Yan thought he had misread it or Lu Ming had mistyped it, he hurriedly replied to confirm: [Mr. Lu, do you want both full sugar?]

Lu Ming: [En.]

Xiao Yan was full of question marks: [Two cups?]

Lu Ming asked: [Do you want me to repeat it again?]

Xiao Yan swallowed his doubts into his stomach, not daring to ask, not daring to ask…

Aunt Zhang brought out the prepared fruits, and seeing that it was a nice day, she proposed, “Mr. Lu, sir, would you like to go to the front yard for tea? The flowers are blooming quite a lot, it smells quite fragrant.”

Lu Ming didn’t care about it, he asked Chi Qiu: “Want to go?”

Chi Qiu liked flowers. He remembered when he first lost his eyesight, Chi Xia would buy him flowers every day and put them in his ward. She held Chi Qiu’s hand in her little hand, and told him that today was the Chinese rose, and tomorrow would be the peony.

Chi Qiu missed that time very much, and missed the younger sister who was not estranged from him. Now, under the pressure of his home environment, his relationship with Chi Xia could hardly go back like before.

He nodded to Lu Ming: “Okay.”

Aunt Zhang helped Chi Qiu get his jacket and handed it to Lu Ming. The weather was not too warm now, and Chi Qiu couldn’t stand the cold. If he was not careful, he would catch a cold.

Lu Ming, under her gesture, took the initiative to put on Chi Qiu’s coat: “Be careful of catching a cold.”

Chi Qiu felt warm in his heart: “You should also be careful of catching cold.”

Lu Ming’s villa was used by his mother, Lu You before.

Lu You lived with Lu Ming in this villa for a long time. Later, when Lu You died, Lu Ming followed his maternal grandfather’s family to live abroad, and the villa was abandoned.

After he returned home, he spent a lot of money to repair it.

He covered up the traces of Lu You little by little, as if by doing so, the once sad and painful emotions would not get the chance to explode and break him to the bones.

Lu Ming turned around and looked at the newly renewed villa. The moment he turned around, the wind blowing on him was faintly scented with apricot blossoms.

Aunt Zhang had given them a new hot tea.

Chi Qiu smelled the fragrance of freshly brewed jasmine tea, reached out towards the front and called out, “Lu Ming.”

Lu Ming took his hand and gathered his thoughts.

The apricot petals fell into Chi Qiu’s teacup, shaking up the ripples. It was rare for Chi Qiu to meet Lu Ming, who was not surrounded by work, so he asked him happily, “What are you planning to do today?”

“At home …” Lu Ming wanted to say, rest at home.

Realizing that this answer might not be quite right, and also looking at Chi Qiu’s expectant expression, Lu Ming changed his mouth: “Resting at home with you.”

With you.

This was obviously a good answer, at least Chi Qiu liked it. He was happy for a while, and talked more with Lu Ming. Even Ji Feining’s message was completely forgotten by Chi Qiu.

“Lu Ming, Uncle contacted me a few days ago. He said that because of his work, he has to make a trip back to China soon.”

“I know.”

“I heard from Uncle that the location of his work this time is not far from our home. I think that Uncle has a good relationship with you, and you usually don’t meet him often. Why don’t you let him stay at our house this time?” Chi Qiu had a good chat with Lu Ming’s young uncle.

Every time the other party saw Chi Qiu when he returned home, he would always tell him a lot about Lu Ming. Including Lu Ming’s apathy; it was also kindly informed by his uncle when Chi Qiu was frustrated after the marriage.

Chi Qiu was grateful to him and wanted to treat him well for once. In the past, because of various things, every meeting was rushed, and Chi Qiu did not do his best to host him.

Lu Ming thought about it: “He is a person who is easily stressed, staying in a hotel should be more comfortable for him.”

Chi Qiu was dumbfounded. He thought Lu Ming was euphemistically telling him that his uncle, whom he had only met a few times, was not familiar with him. Chi Qiu’s invitation would undoubtedly add to the trouble.

As Chi Qiu was thinking about it, Lu Ming suddenly asked him, “Have you already spoken to him?”

“No!” Chi Qiu almost forgot that he was different from ordinary people. If a guest came over to live with him, it might really be stressful: “I didn’t think it through, so I’m glad I asked you in advance.”

Lu Ming saw his embarrassment and explained, “Don’t misunderstand. He is used to being free and is not used to living with others, not because of you.”


At this moment, the gate of the front yard opened automatically.

Xiao Yan drove in, carrying two bags of things from the passenger side; one bag was a cake, and the other bag was two cups of full sugar milk tea. Xiao Yan warmly greeted Chi Qiu and he handed things over to Lu Ming in an orderly manner: “Mr. Lu, this is cake and…”

Before the word ‘milk tea; could become a syllable, Xiao Yan was frightened by Lu Ming’s eyes and swallowed back instantly.

Lu Ming was quite satisfied with Xiao Yan’s level of wit: “Thank you for your hard work.”

“No, no, it should be, it should be.” Xiao Yan smeared the soles of his feet and slipped away quickly.

Lu Ming put the cakes one by one on the open table in the front yard, then put a cup of milk tea with a straw in it and put it into Chi Qiu’s hand. The most terrible thing was that, today he told Chi Qiu very intimately: “This is your favorite full sugar milk tea.”

Chi Qiu’s heart had ‘thump’, Lu Ming did not tell him that he bought milk tea.

And then Lu Ming’s next movement made Aunt Zhang on the side even more confused. She saw him holding another cup of milk tea and entered the house quietly. When he came out again, he had already poured the milk tea into a larger mug.

He sat down with the cup calmly and took a sip.

Chi Qiu was curious: “What are you drinking?” He remembered that the sound of a teacup falling on the table was not like this.

“Coffee.” Lu Ming’s face was not red and his heart did not jump as he continued to drink a second sip, “It’s bitter, you can’t drink it.”



T/N: Lu Ming is so cute tho hahah And rip Chi Qiu, needing to drink that full sugar milk tea

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