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MSSOC Chapter 13

System update


☆. 013… system update


That night, Xiao Luo, accompanied by his shit shovel officer, began the long match of the League of Legends.


There was only one computer in the apartment. Ling Su registered a new account to log in to the game with his ID. Username: Ling Xiaopang.


Xiao Luo silently watched his’s actions, feeling that Ling Su had experienced the feeling of being a father in advance, and that this was still a fairly enlightened father who took the initiative to play games with his son.


“Top lane, jungler, mid laner, ADC, auxiliary, which position does Xiaopang like?” The little orange cat stood in front of the mechanical keyboard, looking at the colorful screen, and seemed to point to it casually: “Meow~”


” Mid laner? Well, Xiaopang has a good eye. Come on, pick another hero you like?”




“This usually seems to be used as a support, change one?”


“Meow!” Little Orange Cat still pointed Soraka-the daughter of the stars, a character who belongs to a nurse, has a firm gaze.


“Are you sure not to change it?”




Ling Su touched the little orange cat’s head and handed over the keyboard: “It’s good to have an ideal, but let’s start with the novice tutorial, Xiaopang.” He squinted. After rubbing the palm of the opponent’s hand , the little orange cat stepped forward with a firm face and began to roll on the keyboard…


Ling Su silently watched from the side, and soon discovered something wrong: the reason why the little orange cat can play rhythm master well is that the screen of the mobile phone is not big, and the two claws have enough time to operate, but after the operation interface is replaced with a mechanical keyboard that is several times the size of it, the situation immediately changes.


The shit shoveling officer was in a complicated mood watching his own hairy children running around excitedly, stomping on one foot and making up for a bit, having a great time, in fact…it was terrible.


Forget it, just be happy. With this mentality, Ling Su calmly watched the little orange cat ruin the keyboard.


Xiao Luo’s mood was equally complicated. If it weren’t for being so quiet and having nothing to do, watching him play games, why should he keep selling stupid? However, looking at the rising popularity value and charm value in the personal account balance of the QQ system, all small entanglements turned into clouds!


“XiaoPang, you’ve been playing for an hour, and you should go to bed.”




“It’s useless to be a baby, I’m going to turn off the computer. You are still young and your internet addiction is so heavy. What will you do when you grow up? ”


Xiao Luo was embarrassed: you really thought you are raising a son? Well, for the sake of your hard work as a father, I will be merciful to fulfill your wish.


The little orange cat stepped aside honestly, watching the shit shoveling officer clean up the cat hair on the keyboard, wondering if he could wait for the newly appointed “daddy” to fall asleep and do something secretly?


After all, it was only five minutes ago that husky cried to him: Because of his deeds last night, this dog was locked up in a cage by his little sister at night, and there was no chance to carry out a sneak attack.


During the day today, Ling Su suddenly kissed him and gave him a charm value of 1,000. In fact, when he thinks about it carefully… he didn’t feel anything! What he was worried about became a bit redundant.


Just like the macaw said, before you have grown into a kiwi-like fruit, you should quickly seize the opportunity!


“Xiao pang, good night.” After Ling Su finished the bath, he touched the cat’s head and turned off the wall lamp.


The whole bedroom was instantly darkened.


In the darkness, the pair of green cat eyes looked particularly clear.


Xiao Luo crawled on the side of the pillow. The darkness was not a problem for him at all. He could still clearly see Ling Su’s beautifully lined face, listening to the other party’s gradual and gentle breathing.


In the king’s harem group, the news is refreshing on the screen.


After their owners fell asleep, most of the cute creatures were in a state of excitement. Some were studying the pet ‘Cutting fruits’ and ‘Lucky Wheel’ that had just been put on the shelves, some were discussing how to break through the bedroom door and attack their owner in the middle of the night, and a few were talking about an internet celebrity cat that just started to appear today.


Guinea pig -Luo Baibai: Today, my host was hooked away by a little orange cat who can play League of Legends, so sad…


Tibetan Mastiff-Dahei: My family too! Are there any friends who make an appointment and let us play that alliance together?


Golden Retriever-Xiao Huang: @Tibetan Mastiff-Dahei, can your host let you touch the computer?


Macaw-Coco: @Tibetan Mastiff-Dahei, are you sure your keyboard will not be chewed off by you?


Xiao Luo looked at the screen for a while and decided to continue browsing . He was not sure whether Ling Su was already asleep. To be safe, he should wait a while and take advantage of this time to touch the firewall upgraded by the king, and get two more games by the way. If the king is pleased with a small game, maybe he will reward him with 20,000 love points?


“Dididi—-” New message prompts.


Xiao Luo’s movements became stiff, and he just stretched out his hand just now, ready to touch the firewall, but the king came to the door.


Frightened him a bit .


King: Little orange cat, don’t have itchy hands.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Surprised. jpg, what are you talking about, I don’t understand.


King: ( ̄▽ ̄)\”Don’t pretend to be stupid, you know.


Xiao Luo moved back in horror. In fact, he just put his ideas into practice.


King: Oh, right, the previous task, you have not finished yet.


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Doubts. jpg


King: A small game is equal to 1000 love points, you still owe me 18, come on. jpg


Orange Cat-Xiao Luo: Shocked. jpg


King: There is a word you should’ve heard that the final interpretation right belongs to me. That’s it, bye bye o(‘ω’)o


Xiao Luo was speechless and choked. As expected, every big brother is not easy to provoke!


He should be thankful that his shit shoveling officer is just a motivated rich second-generation?


Time passed by one minute and one second. After half an hour, Xiao Luo estimated that it was a safer time. He quietly got up, the cat’s paw quietly stepped on the quilt, and moved all the way to Ling Su’s face, craned his neck. Moved forward, touching the corner of the opponent’s lips and leaving.


The heartbeat speeded up, as if the feeling that he was doing something bad made Xiao Luo feel intensely uneasy.


One, two, three… Strange, why is there no movement?


Xiao Luo wondered if his QQ system was malfunctioning! The charm value does not change at all. what on earth is it?


[The system has been upgraded, do you need to check the updated content? ] , a warm reminder sounded in Xiao Luo’s mind. He Checked it out. ‘In vain’,he said two words silently.


[The updated content is as follows: 1. Newly added casual game section Pet Cutting fruits and Lucky Wheel, the first place in the weekly ranking can receive 1000 popularity value, 1000 charm value, and 100 love value; 2. New popularity value and charm value , Love value acquisition instructions;]


Xiao Luo quickly clicked on the second detailed explanation, and at first glance, he was dumbfounded.


Charm point acquisition instructions: Obtain charm points by interacting with the owner, fix some bugs, and for the sake of social security, the behavior of stealing kisses by little cute things will no longer increase the charm value, and increase the special interaction channel high-quote charm value rewards. Details need to be explored.


Instructions for obtaining the love value: special tasks, the first reward in the weekly comprehensive rankings of the game.




the psychological construction he just completed has become a fart again.


However, this sentence is a bit weird after all to be interpreted by breaking each word apart.


Xiao Luo gazed suspiciously at the row of small characters, suddenly a  light flashed in his mind, with bold guesses, he hesitated to exchange for a limited-time transformation card, randomly transformed into a bare boy, and crept up to Ling Su again.……




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