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MOF Chapter 1

If you shout again, I will directly sew your mouth. I'm not joking.

Volume 1: The Past

Chapter 1: If you shout again, I will directly sew your mouth. I’m not joking.

The sun rose with a golden color, spilling the light all over the land. During such a scorching day, inside Minsheng University, many students from the Military Department were training themselves without stopping, sweat had already formed on each of their foreheads.

The Instructor clasped his hands behind his back, looking at every student practicing. He then glanced at his watch, seeing that the time for them to cool down was up, he clapped his hands twice and shouted, “Everyone gathers!”

Hearing the Instructor’s stern and cold voice, all the students straightened their backs and gathered together in an instant.

“Good, who will be the first to come up?” The Instructor asked while glancing at everyone.

“I will.” A young man in a green combat uniform, raising his hand, revealing a triumphant smile before walking toward the Instructor.

“Who wants to compete with Wu Ping? You can come up.” Just as the Instructor’s word fell, everyone immediately shrank back, none of them dared to go up.

The guy named Wu Ping smiled mockingly, then his eyes landed on the handsome and tall man, in his green combat uniform, who was talking to the two young men beside him as if he didn’t pay any attention to the Instructor’s word at all.

“I will choose by myself, Zhang Gushen, you come up.” Wu Ping lifted his chin, resting his hands on his hip, and he didn’t even forget to give Zhang Gushen a taunting look.

The handsome young man raised his head, looking at Wu Ping’s arrogant behavior, his eyes narrowed slightly. The two guys standing beside Zhang Gushen also looked over, showing a displeased expression as well.

“What, are you afraid?” Seeing the other party was standing still without moving, making Wu Ping even more confident in himself.

The young man with brown hair, who stood beside Zhang Gushen, gave a dissatisfied ‘tsk’ and said, “Boss, this Wu Ping guy is really arrogant. I say, if he knows your true identity, he will not stand so proud like this.”

Zhang Gushen didn’t say anything, he only revealed a slight smile, before walking toward Wu Ping.

The Instructor turned blind eyes toward Wu Ping’s attitude, he then passed two daggers to Wu Ping and Zhang Gushen, and warned seriously, “Be more careful, you are using a real weapon right now.”


The Instructor stepped back, standing on the side to watch. Wu Ping raised the dagger in his hand and rushed toward Zhang Gushen, the other party swiftly moved aside gracefully. Wu Ping didn’t stop even a bit, he continued to chase after Zhang Gushen who proceeded to avoid calmly.

The battling between the two made the onlookers somewhat speechless. It was more like a beast chasing its prey and the prey wasn’t even at all in a panic state, the prey was extremely relaxed as if he was sightseeing in the forest.

However, Wu Ping’s patience was limited. He was already on the verge of exploding because of anger. Thus, Wu Ping sped up and grabbed Zhang Gushen’s shoulders while raising the dagger in his hand.

Zhang Gushen was about to escape but a thought flashed in his mind. Therefore, he pretended as if he had made a mistake and couldn’t avoid Wu Ping’s dagger in time.

The dagger pierced through Zhang Gushen’s left shoulder, and there was a tingling pain that made a bead of sweat slide down from his forehead to his chin. Zhang Gushen clenched his jaw tightly without letting out any sound, he only closed his eyes to calm himself down.

It was not the first time that he had encountered this sort of situation, he also used to be harmed by a bullet, this dagger wasn’t a big deal for a person like him. Nevertheless, it was still uncomfortable.

“Boss!” The two young men who were with Zhang Gushen a moment ago ran overhastily.

The Instructor also witnessed what had happened, he hurriedly went over to check Zhang Gushen.

Wu Ping on the other hand threw away the dagger, a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth, he said derisively, “Didn’t the Instructor remind you earlier to be more cautious? Don’t blame me for this, you should blame yourself for being too weak. An alpha like you doesn’t deserve to enter the Military Department!”

The two young men were about to flare up when they heard this remark. The brown hair guy stood up abruptly, the murderous intent in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

“Dare you to say that again!”

Everyone suddenly realized the current atmosphere, they could smell the scent of patchouli coming from the brown hair guy. Wu Ping’s expression wasn’t very good, he felt that this pheromone was not weak. If this guy continued to release his pheromone, he would undoubtedly be unable to stand straight at that time.

Wu Ping gritted his teeth. “You, what do you want to do by releasing your pheromones? Do you know who my father is?!”

The brown-haired guy scoffed, “So what? Just a principal of this university, yet you dared to hurt our boss!”

Wu Ping didn’t give up, he was already in cold sweats, but he couldn’t lose his face because of the person in front of him. “Wasn’t it because he is just a weak alpha? It was his fault for losing to me!”

The other young man with gray eyes color also stood up, he said furiously toward Wu Ping, “You really have the guts to say this word to the Lieute—”

“Chen Hong, Li Min, you two step back.” Zhang Gushen immediately interrupted the young man’s words, he was sweating so much at this moment, there was also a faint scent of merlot leaking out in the air.

Sensing the scent of the handsome alpha student that was injured, the Instructor’s face changed slightly. “You two hurry and bring him to the school clinic. Let’s not talk about this, for now. He is injured, his pheromones are too strong, even the scent blocker cannot block all of it.”

Chen Hong gritted his teeth, giving Wu Ping a warning look before he hurriedly carried Zhang Gushen to the school clinic with Li Min.

A young man in a white coat was sitting on the swivel chair, reading a book silently. His face was expressionless and cold, making it difficult for people to approach. The whole room was quiet and calm.

“Brother Liang, we are going to find something to eat. Do you want to go with us?” The speaker was a young man who was also dressed in a white coat. He had cocoa brown eyes, with baby-soft skin.

Tang Yuliang raised his cold eyes, looking at the two young men that were standing near the door, preparing to go out. He responded to them stiffly, “No, just buy me a cup of bubble tea.”

The other young man in a white coat was wearing silver rim glasses, he had a smooth and delicate face. The little guy blinked and asked curiously, “Brother Liang, what flavor do you want? Is it the same as before?”

“Yes.” His tone was still cool but the two young men seemed not to mind his behavior at all, it was like they had already been used to Tang Yuliang’s cold personality.

“Brother Liang, your scent is peppermint, and now your favorite drink is also mint flavored. Looks like you are really addicted to this flavor.” Liu Qing, the young man who had invited Tang Yuliang out with them earlier said.

“So?” Tang Yuliang raised his brows, his cold glacier blue eyes stared at the two of them without blinking.

“Haha, nothing, nothing. We will go right away!” Jia Mu hastily pulled Liu Qing out of the school clinic and went together to the school convenience store.

Tang Yuliang retracted his gaze when the figure of the two little guys disappeared from his field of vision. He rose from the swivel chair and walked toward the sofa. He picked up his bag, stuffing his hand in, running through it for a while before he took out a small box of mint gum.

Tang Yuliang sighed softly, shoved one piece into his mouth. What Liu Qing said was indeed true, the scent on his body was peppermint, and his favorite flavor was also mint. It didn’t matter if it was peppermint, spearmint, or apple mint, as long as it was related to mint herbs, he would love it. He also didn’t know why he really loved them, maybe because it could make him feel refreshed.

Tang Yuliang was chewing the mint-flavored gum in his mouth in a relaxed manner. Suddenly, there was a sound of footsteps approaching from the corridor, making Tang Yuliang frown.

During his duty staying in the school clinic, everyone from the Medical Department knew that he didn’t like too much disturbance, and those people also respected his opinion. Thus, whenever they came, they would be as quiet as possible.

Besides, these rapid footsteps should not be the students from his department, and if this wasn’t the student from the Medical Department, then it could only be the students from the Military Department.

“Doctor! Doctor! Please take a look at our boss!” Here came the sound of Chen Hong shouting from the door, both he and Li Min were carrying Zhang Gushen into the room and putting him on the bed.

After letting Zhang Gushen sleep on the bed, Cheng Hong and Li Min still didn’t see a shadow of the doctor in the clinic. They couldn’t help but become puzzled.

Chen Hong was really anxious about his boss’ condition. Therefore, he opened his mouth, intending to shout again. However, before his voice could escape from his mouth, a slender figure, wearing a white coat unexpectedly walked in.

The young men had a fair complexion, silver hair, and a pair of glacier blue eyes. Nonetheless, those eyes were incredibly cold that could make you freeze when you came into contact with them.

“If you shout again, I will directly sew your mouth. I’m not joking.” His voice was cold to the point that Chen Hong subconsciously began to shiver.

Then as if the two people had just regained their senses, both Chen Hong and Li Min unconsciously shouted in unison, “Xiao Liang?!”

Author note’s

Hello, welcome to my second novel ヾ(^∇^) This is an omegaverse novel, but in fact, my knowledge about omegaverse was not much. However, because I love this type of story, I decided to give it a go, and also do some research on my own on the Internet. So, mostly I know about omegaverse from the Internet. Besides, I’m not really good at grammar but I do try my best to improve myself, so please bear with me for now, hehe. I am also open to all criticism but don’t be too harsh on me (≡^∇^≡)

I hope everyone enjoys this story^^

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