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MDWWHA Chapter 11

Chapter 11


Mr. Zhou Doesn’t Want to Work Hard Anymore!


Author : Mo Qian Tao Hua

Chapter 11



Lu Ji: “…”


It was almost time, the program team might have another task later, so Lu Ji and Zhou Chenxi walked back together.


On the way back, they met several villagers who greeted them enthusiastically. Only then Zhou Chenxi realized that Lu Ji had already run around the village several times.


The village was not big so everyone knew each other. Some of them were guests at the inn yesterday. It was amazing to think that in just one day they had become acquainted with most of the people in the village.


When they returned to the inn, as expected, everyone else was already up. The Film Emperor Ren had a drowsy look as if he had been dragged out of bed forcibly. Shao Yunyi on the contrary was fine, even her make-up was already done.


Zhuang Jingle entered the door with a mission card and said, “Everyone, there’s another new mission! It’s going to rain soon. Please come along to the cloth dyeing workshop! Help the villagers to collect the textile cloth that is drying outside the dyeing workshop. At the same time, let’s go to the village primary school on the mountain road and take the children home from school!”


Shao Yunyi “hahaha”, made fun of him “Zhuang Jingle, have you given up on the treatment?”


Zhuang Jingle tried to read it a few more times and knelt down: “I’m sorry. As someone from a province with a big accent, I’m desperate.”


Luckily, Zhuang Jingle is not a professional host and he will not go down that route in the future so everyone quickly forgives him. They headed to the Dyeing workshop together.


The fabric-dyeing workshop is in the east of the small village.Because of its geographical location, the village has always been self-sufficient.Some of the cloth from the dyer’s workshop is used by the villagers to make their own clothes, while some of it is sold to the town to the person who collect the cloth material.


As they walked along the road, they listened to Zhuang Jingle’s explanation. The sun overhead was so hot that people were sweating yet it didn’t look like it was going to rain.


After a while, a staff member of the program crew came over and quietly approached Lu Ji and said, “Director Lu, your phone call.”


Lu Ji’s everyday of attending numerous affairs, as a CEO he cannot be completely out of touch with the outside world so the programme team has someone to keep his cellphone for him. Therefore whenever he sees a phone call coming in, he will come over to inform him.


Lu Ji walked to the side and looked at the phone, found that it was Lin Yujiao, so he directly avoided the camera and picked it up: “Hello, mom?”


“An An, how are you doing over there? Are you happy?” Lin Yujiao’s smiling voice rang out.


Lu Ji also smiled a little: “Not bad.”


“I knew it, it’s time for you to relax . But I saw Yun Yi’s assistant, posting a ‘WeChat moments1[Moments (social networking function of smartphone app WeChat] yesterday, saying that they were picking roots in a lotus pond. I saw that the pond was so dirty, I couldn’t even get my feet under it. Are you alright? Is the water clean? Did you disinfect it when you came back?”


“A lotus pond needs mud to grow …,” Lu Ji explained helplessly, “I’m fine. I didn’t go down yesterday. You should not worry about it!”


“Can I not worry about it?” Lin Yujiao said, “Remember to tell Zhu Fang that you’re here on holiday, so don’t make all the mess to tire you out.”


Lu Ji gave a casual “Hn.”, turned around to see that the others were almost gone: “Mom, I won’t talk to you anymore, I have something to do.”


Lin Yujiao knew that Lu Ji didn’t want to listen to her chatter, so she hurriedly added: “Don’t hang up yet! How are you and Yunyi getting along? I couldn’t contact Jing Le so I guess he couldn’t bring his mobile phone with him. I was going to ask him what he thought of Yunyi. Your Uncle Shao also called me two days ago, asking when you two were going to meet up to have a meal together again….”


Lu Ji did not feel much for Shao Yunyi, and knew that Shao Yunyi was the same as him. They had known each other for many years but they had always been on a nodding basis, except for a few meals with the elders of both sides. There was hardly any deeper communication, even this time on the show, they only greeted each other. If not for Lin Yujiao and the elders of the Shao family who intended to set them up, the two of them would not necessarily have crossed paths too much.


Lu Ji said, “Mom, we’ll talk about this later.”


Lin Yujiao had no choice but to say, “Then take good care of yourself and don’t tire yourself out.”


Lu Ji gave a ‘En.’ as an answer before he told her to take care of herself. After that, he hung up the phone then said goodbye.


Lu Ji hurriedly caught up with the group. Everyone had already arrived at the cloth-dyeing workshop; it was still sunny outside, the sun had brought a fine layer of sweat to the tip of Zhou Chenxi’s nose.


After the villagers explained the method, Zhuang Jingle clapped his hands and said, “Let’s get started then!”


Everyone automatically divided into groups of two and began to collect the cloth under the villagers’ guidance.


The cloth seemed light and airy but in fact it was quite heavy, especially some of the cloth was very long and required a lot of effort to collect.


After lifting his arms for a while, Zhou Chenxi felt that his whole shoulder was sore. When he looked around, he saw that everyone was sweating profusely. Suddenly he had an idea and started to wrap the fabric around his body.


“What are you doing, Zhou Chenxi?” Zhuang Jingle caught a glimpse of his action and was startled, “Don’t take things too hard ah!”2[The original sentence is this:“你别想不开啊!”, it could also mean ‘Don’t be depressed over it!’ But I can’t find more suitable phrases in English for this for now. This sentence is often used in the situation, for example, when someone experienced something painful such as lost his dream or lovers, his friends would say this, afraid that the one who experienced the bad things would do something crazy ex.suicide, lost his mind, etc]



Zhou Chenxi rolled the cloth as he said, “It’s easier this way. I’ll try it first! Later on, If it’s convenient, you guys can follow suit.”


If this was a promotion, Lu Ji would be really convinced by his unusual but wonderful thinking.


“Are you stupid?” After saying that, he came over and untied the fabric on Zhou Chenxi’s body.


Zhou Chenxi: “….”


“This cloth is very heavy. You’re going to suffocate if you wrap it around more.”


The little invention plan failed. Zhou Chenxi was busy spinning in circles to cooperate with Lu Ji’s efforts to break him free from the fabric that was wrapped all over his body.


“I’m sorry! I’m sorry,” Zhou Chenxi couldn’t stop bowing and apologizing, “I’m a fool, I’m causing trouble for everyone.”


His sweat had wetted his forehead hair, showing how hard he had really put out his energy just now, his short light flaxen hair moistened and plastered to his forehead, looking very soft. His two little rabbit teeth biting his lower lip in shame.


Shao Yunyi pointed at him and laughed ‘ha ha ha’: “Zhou Chenxi, you’re such a wonderful person. I have a feeling that your ‘sticker’ will be freshly made soon after the show is broadcast!”


[表情包 : sticker/ meme/ emoji]


Zhou Chenxi’s face turned red. He dared not think of any more ways to be lazy, helping Lu Ji collect all the fabric in their row.


When they finished their work, they returned to the house.They were about to take a break for a drink when suddenly a thunderclap rang out in the sky and the sky quickly darkened.


It was really going to rain! Besides, the rain was really coming down at the drop of a hat. The director hurriedly said, “It’s too late. Let’s contact the teachers at the primary school to see when the children will be out of school. If it rains too much, it’s too dangerous to come back, we have to make sure everyone is safe.”


With that, the crew went off to make phone calls while the rain began to fall in ‘pi pi pa pa’ sound.


Taking advantage of the lull, everyone had nothing to do for a while. Lu Ji let the two boxes of spring mineral water that everyone brought with them were given to the villagers who worked in the dyeing workshop.


Everyone was laughing and talking as they drank the water. Zhou Chenxi had just made a joke and everyone used it as a topic of conversation.It made people cannot help but laugh.


Zhou Chenxi wasn’t embarrassed either.Anyway, he was embarrassed a lot most of the time.This time, he didn’t gain any ridicule.Instead, it was a kind reminder.Zhou Chenxi was touched, followed the group as they ‘giggled’ and chatted.


Luo Xinghe looked at him disdainfully and thought, ‘Sure enough, you’re just an unlucky guy who can do such foolish things.’


Luckily, his own performance today was not bad.


When Luo Xinghe examined himself, not only did he do a lot of work just now,he also worked well with Ren Qian. There were a few interesting moments in between. Probably his and Ren Qian’s CP3[CP = Couple, in the term of the actors /actress or characters that you ship] would be a hit after the show broadcast.



In their previous life, he and Ren Qian had a CP name, “Qian He”, which was given to them by their fans. They cut a lot of videos in the middle and wrote a lot of small paragraphs, which dominated the hot search for a long time.


The Film Emperor was also very cooperative.He has been proactive in interacting with him and sending out candies (sweet moments). After all, he has a favorable impression toward Luo Xinghe. Later, Luo Xinghe and Lu Ji’s CP fans came out. The two sides even had a fight over “Luo Xinghe is whom?” They fought several times over him.


No matter how the CP fans fought, the ultimate beneficiary of this was Luo Xinghe. If his popularity index goes up, the brands will keep coming back to him for endorsements. From the endorsements alone would make his hand weak and tired from signing the contracts.


After this program, he is going to continue to ask his agent to buy him a wave of hot search. First to stir up the CP with the Film Emperor Ren.


The author has something to say:


Luo: The scheme’s cracking sound was echoed.




  • 1
    [Moments (social networking function of smartphone app WeChat]
  • 2
    [The original sentence is this:“你别想不开啊!”, it could also mean ‘Don’t be depressed over it!’ But I can’t find more suitable phrases in English for this for now. This sentence is often used in the situation, for example, when someone experienced something painful such as lost his dream or lovers, his friends would say this, afraid that the one who experienced the bad things would do something crazy ex.suicide, lost his mind, etc]
  • 3
    [CP = Couple, in the term of the actors /actress or characters that you ship]
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