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MSGVB Chapter 58

Prelude to the Birth of a National CP + Face Slapping + Reversal

Translator: Hua

Editor: Bamboozled?

Chapter 58: Prelude to the Birth of a National CP + Face Slapping + Reversal


Later, Jing Xun confirmed the time with the teacher, and the agreed time was officially changed to 9:30 in the morning.

There was no time. Plus, Shen Yijin had already changed his clothes, so Jing Xun made up his mind, in this case, it’s better to go by bicycle.

“Can you sir?” Jing Xun asked.

“En.” Shen Yijin came to Jing Xun and asked him, “Does Xiao Xun want me to take you to school?”

“Yes.” Jing Xun said bluntly.

Sir, who was in disguise, looked very refreshing. He felt a lot more friendly. Jing Xun couldn’t help but step forward and gave him a bear hug.

Not only did he want to go to school with Shen Yijin now, he also regretted how he hadn’t met Shen Yijin earlier.

… He was suddenly a little curious about what sir was like when he was in school.

He heard from Tang Li that Shen Yijin was really popular on campus with his excellent appearance and grades.

But because he was so cold, he was still alone in the end.

This….he couldn’t help but sigh. If they had known each other a long time ago or were classmates, and went to school together, maybe sir’s illness would be relieved sooner, and he wouldn’t be so cold and indifferent?

Fortunately, it wasn’t too late to go to school together.

Jing Xun’s heart became soft again when he thought of this.

He wanted to bind the other person and thaw the ice around him.

Simply laid on Shen Yijin’s heart, rubbed his cheeks on the other party’s soft shirt, Jing Xun nodded slightly, and said, “I like sir taking me to school.”

“Jing Xun…”

Shen Yijin’s voice became hoarse, and his arms around the youth tightened subconsciously, but at this moment, Jing Xun suddenly raised his head, supported his pointed chin and asked him, “By the way, sir, shouldn’t you make another appointment to see a psychiatrist?”

“I got it.”

Shen Yijin responded: “I will go.”

As he said, he lowered his head and kissed the youth on the forehead.

Shen Yijin’s voice was low, like a nice melody: “The task now is to send Xiao Xun to school first.”

Jing Xun: “……”

Although he really wanted to be sent to school, it still felt weird when the other party said so…

After arriving at school, Shen Yijin, who had completely changed his outfit, was not so noticeable as expected.

But what ought to be eye-catching was still eye-catching.

What ought to cause a sensation would still cause a real sensation.

What should be publicized would still be publicized.


Jing Xun completely ignored the fact that sir’s height, appearance, and his polite and calm temperament determined that no matter what kind of clothes he wore or where he appeared, he must absolutely become the focus of attention.

In addition, wearing a suit could give others a sense of distance, making people afraid to look directly.

But once dressed in regular clothes and appeared on the school campus, people who didn’t know sir’s identity would default him as a student when they saw him… Would that scene not cause a stir?

Especially after getting off the bicycle and locking it, Shen Yijin took his hand very naturally and walked around the campus towards the teaching building. 


Recently, they had a habit of holding hands.

He didn’t know when he and Shen Yijin subconsciously began to hold hands.

When in the company, when there is no one, Including last night, when it was dark.

Sometimes before he noticed it, their fingers were already interlocking.

But in school…

Jing Xun: “……”

He had been living in school for a long time. As a good student who only knew how to study and do research, Jing Xun subconsciously felt that he shouldn’t hold hands in school.

But there were often couples on college campuses holding hands in and out together, so it should be nothing…

That’s right. He wasn’t single anymore, he had to get used to it.

There was a strange uncontrollable blush on his ears. Jing Xun subconsciously tightened his fingers while closely following Shen Yijin.

When passing by the milk tea shop at the entrance of the cafeteria, his eyes suddenly lit up: “Sir, do you drink milk tea?”

Recently, the milk tea he liked to drink was oolong tea with sea salt-flavored milk foam, with less ice and 30% sugar.

On a stuffy summer day, a cup of ice-cold milk tea, refreshing and rich in salty milk flavor, felt absolutely amazing.

Jing Xun drank this milk tea in that shop once and was immediately hooked. Now he just happened to pass by and couldn’t help but want to give Shen Yijin a taste.

At the same time, at the foot of the school building, the other students who saw the two of them get off their bicycles and then walk into the milk tea shop hand in hand were all surprised!

“! ! !”

“Look, look, I told you, the two of them are a couple!”

“Alas, wuwu, Why do they have to abuse the single dogs so much in school? Do single university students deserve to be abused…”

The exam week had not completely passed at this point in time. Although Jing Xun finished the exam and was on break, there were still many other students in other grades who were still experiencing cruel exam preparation, and the school was as lively as ever.

During the depressing test preparation period, on the school forum, someone secretly posted pictures of Jing Xun and Shen Yijin on the Internet, and attached the caption: [Has the handsome little brother digested internally1Digest internally is an internet term meaning dating people from the same group or circle. It could be a small group like A dating B from the same class or it could be a big group like C dating D from the same city. these days? ]


There were several photos in total. The first two were Jing Xun sitting on the rear seat being taken by Shen Yijin.

The last few pictures were the whole process of the two getting off the bicycle and walking into the milk tea shop holding hands.

This group of photos was taken from a long distance and deliberately zoomed in. The pixel of this student’s phone was obviously good. Although it wasn’t clear, the faces of these two people could still be seen. They had tall and lean figures, walking with ten fingers interlocked.

[?? This is our school?]

[Of course it’s from our school, hahaha, the little brother in the back seat is quite famous, he’s from the mathematics department right? I still remember the video of him abusing those rich second generations. ]

[F*ck, I was just wondering why he looked familiar, it turned out to be him!]

[Say, why it’s him again! Can you stop posting his pictures!]

[Look, some people are jealous. Good-looking people could easily cause a bloody storm.]

[Who is the one that took him by bike!! So the little brother has found a new boyfriend? No! My heart is broken again!!!]

[Upstairs2On Chinese social media, the person who posted is called the original poster. The first person who replied or commented on the post is called first floor, second floor, third floor as follows. The person who comments before you is called upstairs and the one who comments after you is called downstairs. , same! I want to know which department the one in front is from. Damn, he’s too handsome ah!!!]

[People upstairs, hold your horses. They are obviously a pair. Just look at it.]

[I also want to know which department it is! I didn’t mean to break up the little brother cp, but I just want to know who the one in front is qaq]

[+1, it would be if he’s from our department hahaha. That senior was cold-faced throughout the whole process, so cool. If he was from our department, with the thought of him as my senior, I would feel instantly at ease…]

[Hey, that little brother in the back row was the former student council president of the mathematics department? By coincidence, I just ate his melons next door… I heard that this cheater was covered by the school. He was only given a failing grade but no punishment.]



Yan Zhengbo, who had just gotten into trouble yesterday, was scolded and cursed at by his dad when he returned home.

“Dad… it has nothing to do with me, it’s Yan Jingxun! It was he who revealed our family’s flaws in front of President Shen. Cousin also heard it.”

Yan Zhengbo almost burst into tears in front of his father: “I also lost face at that time! That Yan Jingxun was so ignorant this matter was. He even instigated President Shen to send a lawyer to file a lawsuit against our family, saying that he wanted to pursue alimony”

“Tailin has already told me about these things.” Yan Guangzhuo interrupted him harshly, “I’ll ask you first, did you provoke Xiao Xun?”


He had no idea what his father was trying to say, so Yan Zhengbo didn’t dare to speak for a while.

He never thought that, after criticizing him severely, Yan Guangzhuo unexpectedly changed his tune: “Alas, this Xiao Xun is really…Forget it, leave this matter alone. It’s good that he has a good relationship with President Shen now.”

“Dad…?” Yan Zhengbo suddenly had a bad premonition: “Are you going to find Yan Jingxun in person…”

“Otherwise, what should we do! Isn’t this our family business!” Yan Guangzhuo’s tone became stern again, “If you were even a little promising, you could also have won an architect’s award. If that happened, would our family have to be so humble? Useless thing! You can’t even pass a Level 2 certificate! I’m telling you now, you should behave yourself during this period and don’t provoke your brother again!”


For this reason, Yan Zhengbo was frustrated for half a night until near midnight, when the people he found sent him some information about Yan Jingxun.

…Before that, he had never thought that one day he would care so much about his cheap brother.

He never thought that in a place where their family didn’t know, this brother of his was surprisingly…living better than he’d imagined.

He first followed the second young master of the Shen family, and then followed the eldest young master of the Shen family…

Was this really the work of that younger brother who entered his house and only dared to shrink in the corner of the sofa? ?


He abruptly recalled that Yan Jingxun had a very glib tongue yesterday, and showed no mercy to his own family. Yan Zhengbo was also not sure. Perhaps people did change.

Now Yan Jingxun was no longer that cowardly boy from three years ago.


Yan Zhengbo continued to read the information. As a result, his attention was drawn by the last “failed final exam” and “suspected of cheating by the teacher”.

Seeing this line of small characters, Yan Zhengbo immediately called his assistant to confirm: “Are you sure Yan Jingxun is suspected of cheating, so the school gave him 59 points?”

“Yes.” His assistant said, “The person I hired to gather Yan Jingxun’s information is from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Science and Technology. When the paper was marked, it seemed that his classmate happened to be in the office, so he overheard it by accident. Because Yan Jingxun was the former president of the student council, and there is no clear evidence that he cheated, the teacher decided to give him 59 points…”

“Hahaha, I see.” Yan Zhengbo laughed and began to calculate in his mind.

Although his father warned him not to trouble Yan Jingxun, he couldn’t stand it. Yan Jingxun overturned the car3Metaphor for failure, unexpected mistake, or when someone makes a fool of himself. by himself. 

As everyone knew, there was nothing wrong with failing exams, and he often failed his college exams.

But cheating was naturally different!

Even if the school intended to tolerate him, and his father didn’t care about cheating… But President Shen will definitely care about it.

He heard that Shen Yijin was a doctoral degree graduate who skipped 5 grades in succession before returning to his home country.

Besides, yesterday he fully understood Shen Yijin’s solemn attitude and his lack of oil and salt4Stubborn personality.

Shen Yijin, such a person, can he accept people around him cheating on exams?

Yan Zhengbo immediately asked his assistant to arrange a few people to publicize Yan Jingxun’s cheating on major social media platforms and forums related to the University of Science and Technology. They must blow this matter up and let everyone know!

“This is not good, right?” His assistant was a little hesitant, “…Didn’t President Yan say that you are not allowed to find the young master…You’re not allowed to find trouble for Yan Jingxun…”

“You are my assistant, not my dad’s!” Yan Zhengbo’s tone immediately became gloomy: “Who owns the company in the future, you should know in your heart. Do what you’re told to do, don’t spout so much nonsense!”

As expected, the assistant was intimidated, and said he would act accordingly.

Hanging up the call, Yan Zhengbo was in a good mood again.

When he thought of that night, and the fact that his father had already planned to use Yan Jingxun to hug Shen Yijin’s thigh, he was so depressed that he couldn’t sleep at all!

How can that Yan Jingxun be worthy!

What he can’t obtain, Yan Jingxun also is not allowed to obtain!

As for whether stirring up Yan Jingxun and Shen Yijin relationship would affect their business?

Yan Zhengbo couldn’t think of that much.

His dad had been weird lately, and he often talked about Yan Jingxun. If he was allowed to take this opportunity and was acknowledged to enter the Yan’s house, he would be the one in trouble!


After buying two cups of milk tea, Jing Xun and Shen Yijin walked all the way into the teaching building where the teacher’s office was located. When they were about to enter the office, Shen Yijin said, “Go in, I’ll wait for you here.”


Leaving his own cup of milk tea with Shen Yijin for safekeeping, Jing Xun said, “Then sir, wait a moment, I should be out soon.”

“En.” Shen Yijin raised his hand to tidy up the young man’s hair that was slightly messed up by the wind: “I’ll be at the entrance of the corridor. If there’s anything, Xiao Xun can find me by opening the door.”

Jing Xun smiled: “Okay.”

Although he didn’t think anything would happen, he could feel the concern behind sir’s careful advice.

Jing Xun also appreciated it.

Even before entering the door, he gave a small hug to Shen Yijin once again: “Sir……”

“What?” Shen Yijin allowed him to hug him, and then took a short pause, seemingly interpreting Jing Xun’s emotional hug as something else. He said, “Should I accompany you inside?”

“No, no, no.” Jing Xun shook his head rashly, his face flushed heavier.

“Sir… look after my milk tea.” After shaking his head, he happened to see the milk tea in Shen Yijin’s hand. Jing Xun said quickly, “I will continue drinking later.”

“Okay.” said Shen Yijin, smiling.

The smile wasn’t very obvious, but it was a miracle to appear on his face.

Then Jing Xun knocked on the office door under the other party’s watchful eye.

At 9:30 in the morning, Jing Xun, who came to the office at the appointed time, was not very surprised to see the instructor of their department and principal.

A moment ago, while they were at home, Jing Xun, who was still debating with the teacher, didn’t know he had become the center of another scandal.

After a whole night of fermentation and malicious top posts, the fact that he scored 59 points for cheating in an exam had already been on the headlines of various campus media.

He only learned about this when he received a call from Tang Jingyuan as he was leaving the house.

Tang Jingyuan was a little hesitant on the phone when he first called. In fact, he also read the school’s forum before realizing that Jing Xun had scored 59 points.

When checking the results, Tang Jingyuan didn’t expect Jing Xun to fail, so he didn’t pay much attention. It wasn’t until he saw those comments saying Yan Jingxun was given 59 points because of cheating did he realize that Xun Xun actually failed a course!

However, Tang Jingyuan, who knew Jing Xun’s real strength and was sure Jing Xun would not cheat, did not take those malicious attacks online to heart at that time.

He knew that Jing Xun didn’t usually browse social media, so he didn’t deliberately warn him that he was being called out on the internet for cheating. He did this in order not to affect Xun Xun’s mood.

At that time, he naively thought that he should let Jing Xun settle the 59 points problem first.

Now, he called again because he replied to a post on the Internet, objectively helping Jing Xun to say a few words, but he was immediately beaten by the water army. He was chased and scolded by many floors5He was scold by many comments.

At this time, seeing the onlookers clashing with black powder on the internet, Tang Jingyuan suddenly felt that something was wrong.

“I just replied that there was no evidence that you cheated in the exam, and I was scolded and cursed at. I wonder if someone is trying to mess with you?”

Tang Jingyuan reminded Jing Xun: “In short, you have to be careful for a while. After you explain clearly, you’d better let the teacher prove that you’re cheating, lest everyone talk nonsense on the Internet. “

“Okay, I see. I’m sorry Yuan Yuan, I’m dragging you down.”

“What do you mean by dragging me down?!” Tang Jingyuan: “Look, rest assured, Xun Xun. I can still bite!”

Jing Xun couldn’t help but smile. He sincerely thanked Tang Jingyuan on the phone. Then he browsed the forum and found out that he was “famous” again.

In those posts that cited him as cheating, the words were generally very fierce. Basically, they insisted that he cheated, but he was lucky to not get caught by the teacher.

Although the school hadn’t announced the reason for his 59 points, the poster with the ID named “Anonymous Identity” broke the news that he was deemed plagiarized by the teacher because he was the first to hand in the test papers. There was no calculation and problem-solving process in all of the test papers.

Obviously, these conditions were a real hammer for cheating and stealing test papers in the eyes of these Internet spammers.

But Jing Xun also thought that things were a bit weird.

When he called and discussed with the teacher just now, the other party obviously felt that cheating was shameless, he didn’t want to talk to him anymore, and asked him to make up the exam directly.

Although it was irritating to be identified as a cheater, based on the conversation between them, it could be inferred that the teacher did not intend to announce the matter to the public. Giving a failing grade was just to “give a warning”.

And it looked like the teacher was equally unaware of what was going on online.

So this matter should have nothing to do with the school. It was likely that someone else was pushing the matter from behind.

After all, among fierce remarks, the school was also shot while lying down6Did nothing but got blamed.

[I hope the school can give us an explanation, just because he is the former student council president, the school has to shelter a cheater? It’s too unfair!]

[Yeah! Why is there no punishment for cheating? And stealing the test questions? What about those who were punished before?]

“It’s really exasperating to see such news in the morning.”

[Please, there’s no concrete evidence that Yan Jingxun cheated, okay? The school did not announce any punishment, because there is no evidence to prove that Yan Jingxun cheated…]

[Just because there’s no evidence, does that mean he didn’t cheat?]

[Although it’s a failed grade, it’s obviously strange to score 59 points. It’s hard for the average person to score 59 points, right? This is solid evidence ah!]

[You are distorting the truth. What if the teacher also misunderstood Yan Jingxun?]


[Since the score is 59 points, there must be a problem. I know the teacher of that subject. He teaches us a general course. He is frank and honest. Since he thinks there is a problem, there must be a problem.]

[The one who keeps speaking for the cheater, are you the water army hired by him? You said there is no problem, then you explain to me how he answered those questions?]

[The whitewashing posture is so retarded. Hahaha, I’m laughing to death. No wonder there is an answer sheet without any calculator process ,but also the first to hand in the paper, this IQ is not surprising.]


When Jing Xun turned over those remarks, Shen Yijin had automatically fished out his mobile phone and began to make calls.

He made three phone calls in a row, which really startled some people.

So by the time Jing Xun arrived at the office, even the school’s third-in-command, Principal Gao, had arrived in person.

Presently, outside the office, Shen Yijin, who didn’t follow in, took out his mobile phone: “Check who spread the rumors.”

In the office, Principal Gao, who took the initiative to solve the matter, said: “We have just learned about the situation regarding Student Yan. This is a mistake.”

Then, in the presence of Jing Xun, he turned back and explained to the teacher who gave him 59 points:  “Now, Teacher Li, you also know what the situation is. As for student Yan, he participated in an R&D project with Professor Huo. The time might have clashed with our exam, so he handed the paper in advance without writing the process.

Of course, I can assure you that even if there’s no writing process and calculation process, those questions must be done by student Yan himself! …….Teacher Li, you may not know, but Professor Huo personally acknowledged student Yan’s mathematics skills, otherwise he would not be allowed to participate in the postgraduate project. Besides, the successful completion of the project is due to student Yan. “

The principal cleared his throat: “So at this point, I can assure you that with the strength of student Yan, it is absolutely impossible to cheat.”

This matter should have been discussed before Jing Xun arrived. Teacher Li’s attitude had softened, but perhaps the shock and reversal were too great, so he was still standing without speaking.

Principal Gao said: “Of course, so are you, Student Yan. If there is a time conflict, you should take the initiative to communicate with the teachers in the department. How can you put up with it alone… Anyway, there is indeed no indication that you must write the process on the test paper….. “

“Ahem, as for being identified as cheating because you didn’t write the process… This is mainly because in the past our school did have exam questions leaked, and someone wrote the answer directly. It happened in Teacher Li’s class, so this time he also misunderstood and wronged you. But the misunderstanding has now been cleared up. The school will correct student Yan’s grades. Here, I will apologize to student Yan on behalf of Teacher Li. You’ve been wronged.”

Jing Xun expressed that if he looked at it from the teacher’s standpoint, he also understood the other party’s suspicion.

However, suspicion was one thing, but directly judged as cheating and given a failing grade without obtaining evidence was still somewhat unfair to the students.

After all, being identified as a cheater was an insult to the student’s character.

And if he didn’t make the call in the morning, insisting on proving himself, he would always be a cheater in the eyes of the other people.

This was a kind of baseless damage to those who didn’t cheat.

“Student Yan is right.” Principal Gao said: “As long as there’s one in ten thousand chances that the student did not cheat, we should not directly judge him for cheating. Teacher Li, you’ve been teaching all your life. You should know that not all students are on the same level, and our school should allow people like Student Yan to exist.”

In fact, by this moment, Teacher Li had already realized his mistake.

Just now, he had received a call from Professor Huo of the computer science department. The other party explained the matter to him in person. Not only did he talk about the strength of student Yan Jingxun, but Professor Huo also used his own reputation to guarantee that he would never cheat……

After Professor Huo’s sincere praise, Teacher Li suddenly realized that maybe some students can complete all the exam questions with mental arithmetic.

Then Principal Gao showed him the monitoring video of the exam at that time.

It could be clearly seen that student Yan was thinking. He read each question first, then thought about it, and wrote down the answer.

Although the process was incredibly fast, there was still a big difference between the calculated answer and the memorized answer.

Full marks may not be given for not writing the answer process.

But firmly deemed as cheating without any proof….was too much.

Teacher Li could no longer make excuses for himself, and immediately said: “This matter is indeed my own assumption. I should have looked into the situation first. Student Yan, can you accept Teacher’s apology?”

Since the misunderstanding was explained, the results would be changed back, and an apology was received, Jing Xun didn’t want to pursue anything.

He didn’t have to take a test in person to prove himself, so he felt relaxed.

If there is a misunderstanding, just solve it.

Originally, this matter wasn’t a big deal if it had not been leaked and spread on the Internet.


Jing Xun said: “For the public opinion on the internet, I have to ask Teacher to step in and help explain.”

“Of course.” Obviously, Principal Gao also knew what happened on the Internet. He said quite formally: “Although it isn’t the news spread by our school, we are also responsible. I have arranged for someone to write the announcement, and I’ll present the evidence later. This incident has indeed damaged student Yan’s reputation. Here, Teacher once again apologizes to you on behalf of our school.”


9:34 in the morning.

An official statement from the University of Science and Technology directly appeared on the social networking platforms of various university students.

The first sentence of the statement directly stated that Jing Xun’s cheating was a false rumor, followed by a detailed explanation of his situation in the examination process and the reason why he was mistaken for cheating.

Attached to it was a public apology letter and explanation from Teacher Li, as well as a surveillance video of Jing Xun’s answering the questions.

In order to be more persuasive, the school specially posted Jing Xun’s other exam scores and test papers, as well as disclosing Jing Xun’s group scores when he participated in the computer science department project, as well as the various benefits brought to the school by the two small programs he wrote during that period.

[…Is there any class representative who can explain what this announcement and evidence means?]

[It means that this student Yan did not cheat at all. The answer was calculated and written by himself. The teacher made a mistake in his judgment.]

[? Has the school started white-washing the plagiarist?]

[Can the person upstairs stop being so ignorant? Please look at the evidence and speak again!]

[Oh my f*cking… I watched the surveillance video of that exam three times. The senior obviously thought about every question, okay? He didn’t look up for half an hour while answering the questions! I was so distressed. And they still said he cheated…]

[It’s true, wuwuwu, How come the appearance of the little brother quietly thinking about the questions looked so inexplicably heartbreaking.]

[Ahhhhh, he’s too well-behaved and obviously very attentive ah….this is actually more brain-burning. I think it’s very damaging to the body…no wonder this little brother is so thin.]

[Some people don’t need to use draft paper. This kind of genius has existed since ancient times, and he wasn’t the first. It is too much to conclude that others are copying.]

[Am I the only one who pays attention to the fact that Yan Jingxun also wrote two additional small programs when he participated in the project of the computer science department? Did the school apply for intellectual property rights for him? … Such a person, do you guys think he can cheat? Cheating on a math exam?]

[What the f*ck, what kind of brain is this!]

[What? I saw this post after I finished the exam, what happened?]

[I f*cking laughed to death when the post next door said Yan Jingxun plagiarized. Those who raised questions were directly stamped as white-washing. Those who said that Yan Jingxun had a low IQ and cheated, don’t you feel ashamed?]

[Ahhhhhhhhhh, I was right! Knowing that he was invited by Professor Huo to participate in the project, I thought it’s possible that this brother was just too lazy to write the calculation process…  I didn’t expect it to be true! Hahaha, fortunately, I withstood it and insisted on my own belief!]

[The mouths on the first two pages are really poisonous. If I state any opinion, I became a water army. I hope that those of you who have no brains can apologize to student Yan.]

[Hahahaha the best reversal of the year, I’m laughing to death.]

[I apologize to student Yan Jingxun. When I saw the original poster’s description, my first reaction was that he had cheated. I didn’t think about it and directly spouted nonsense. I’m too stupid, too stupid, and too poisonous. I’ll never join the hate bandwagon again, I’m sorry.]


When Jing Xun came out of the office, Shen Yijin was still waiting outside.

With a tall and straight figure and extremely handsome face, Shen Yijin standing in the bright corridor looked dignified.

Jing Xun trotted and flew over. He was caught by Shen Yijin’s outstretched arms.

The grim facial features relaxed slightly. Shen Yijin’s dark and pale peach blossom eyes rippled into a smile: “How was it?”

“There’s no need for me to take a test.”

If it weren’t for the phone calls made by Shen Yijin, the matter would not have been resolved so easily. Perhaps he would have to explain to Teacher Li for a long, long time.

Although he was not allowed to say thank you, Jing Xun couldn’t help it, “Thank you, sir.”

“What are you thanking me for?” Shen Yijin took him into his arms with a little helplessness, and said seriously, “It’s because Xiao Xun himself is outstanding.”

——There was no need to explain at all. Just by showing a few pieces of evidence, and a slight display of the youth’s strength, he could prove his innocence.

This was Jing Xun’s own strength.

Professor Huo, who called Teacher Li as a guarantor, did it out of his own free will.

After hearing about the situation, Professor Huo took the initiative to call immediately.

Principal Gao also came forward to mediate because he knew Jing Xun’s strength. Therefore, he immediately asked someone to extract the monitoring video as evidence.

The evidence was revealed, including the two small programs he had written casually, but it was only a millionth of what Jing Xun had done.

If they were to know about his daily contribution to Yiwei…

His long eyelashes gently fluttered. Shen Yijin picked up the milk tea placed on the windowsill, which he had been carefully watching, and handed the straw to the youth’s mouth: “Want a drink?”

Jing Xun went into the office for only a few minutes, so the milk-foamed oolong milk tea still retained its original freshness.

Since it was brought to his lips, Jing Xun took a sip from Shen Yijin’s hand.

The faint oolong tea mixed with the rich creamy aroma bursted in his mouth. Jing Xun let out a contented sigh.

With bright eyes open, he looked at Shen Yijin: “Sir, where are we going now? Back to the company?”

“Not going back to the company yet.”

He reached out to wipe the young man’s lips. His fingers paused at the youth’s pale cheeks for a moment, Shen Yijin said, “We still have things to deal with.”


Jing Xun immediately realized something, and asked curiously: “Sir, you know who’s trying to blacken me?”

At this time, they didn’t pay much attention to other things they weren’t aware of. After the cheating posts on the Internet had been reversed, the earlier morning post “Handsome Brother Internal Digestion” suddenly started to explode.

It not only broke through 50,000 comments directly in the forum instantly, it was also wildly reposted on the online platforms of major campuses.

For a while, the country’s hottest social platforms all had this topic, and the photos of the two of them were about to be on the hot search.

Hua: Please welcome my editor Bamboozled? ! ! (*^▽^*)

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    Digest internally is an internet term meaning dating people from the same group or circle. It could be a small group like A dating B from the same class or it could be a big group like C dating D from the same city.
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    On Chinese social media, the person who posted is called the original poster. The first person who replied or commented on the post is called first floor, second floor, third floor as follows. The person who comments before you is called upstairs and the one who comments after you is called downstairs.
  • 3
    Metaphor for failure, unexpected mistake, or when someone makes a fool of himself.
  • 4
    Stubborn personality
  • 5
    He was scold by many comments.
  • 6
    Did nothing but got blamed.
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