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MSGVB Chapter 57

The Wind Blowing Over the Treetop + 59 Points

Translator: Hua

Thank you @Jessica C for the kofi !! 

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Chapter 57: The Wind Blowing Over the Treetop + 59 Points


Jing Xun followed Shen Yijin down the stairs and walked to the first floor.

The manager followed suit step by step and couldn’t help touching the cold sweat on his forehead.

…Looking at the clothes and appearance of these two people, he seemed to have disturbed President Shen’s good times just now!

…Gosh, what had he done? !

He should have let people control Tang Shao ye first, and look for President Shen when he finished his business…

The manager was frightened by his own brain hole that he stumbled. In the lead, Shen Yijin and Jing Xun had already arrived at the first floor.

The downtown nightclub had a lot of guests, so they paid a lot of attention to security and had strengthened it again and again.

This time, Tang Li made a scene and was taken away by the security guards and placed in a small room. He didn’t cause any disturbance, so it was not a major incident.

But because this was a friend brought by President Shen himself, he still needed to let him know. Afterward, the manager braced himself and knocked on the door.

Shen Yijin got downstairs, pushed open the door of the small private room, and saw Tang Li sitting motionless on the ground, looking disheveled, his hands were also injured.

Xiao Tang squatted beside his brother, wiping the blood from the back of his hand with a tissue.

Shen Yijin’s expression sank. He asked Tang Li: “What’s going on? Senior, you got into a fight with someone?”

Tang Li, who was sitting there in a daze, didn’t speak. Xiao Tang also bowed his head with a bewildered expression on his face.

Therefore, the manager standing at the side had to explain: “No, no one has a fight with Tang shao ye.

Are you kidding? President Shen had asked him to look after Tang shao ye before he went upstairs. If he got beaten under his eyes, then he really didn’t need to work here anymore.

The manager said: “The injury on his hand… was caused by Tang shao ye himself. He was smashing the wall.”

Shen Yijin: “…..”

“You go out first.” He said, sending all unrelated people outside the door. Shen Yijin squatted down in front of Tang Li.

 “What happened?”

Tang Li with a hollow expression didn’t seem to hear it, or didn’t want to make a sound at all.

So Xiao Tang can only answer: “It seems to be….brother Jin.”

In fact, Xiao Tang didn’t know what happened.

Just now, he and his brother were playing on the dance floor below. It was fun at first, but somehow, his brother’s complexion suddenly changed, then he rushed in a certain direction.

There were many people on the dance floor, and Xiao Tang’s reaction was half a beat slow. When he pushed aside the crowd to catch up with him, his brother had already disappeared.

After searching for a long time, he couldn’t find him. It wasn’t until he overheard someone say there was a fight going on that he rushed over to see if he could find his brother.

But when he arrived, he didn’t see any fight, he only saw his brother smashing the wall with his fist.

Fortunately, Xiao Tang and other security guards finally managed to control his brother.

When he was under control, his brother didn’t say anything, he only called……brother Zheheng’s name.

Later, they were placed here alone. His brother calmed down and sober up. He just began sitting in a daze without saying a word.

“Jin Zheheng?” Shen Yijin repeated the name.

When Tang Li heard that name, he finally had a reaction.

The out-of-focus pupils gathered again. After a while, Tang Li saw Shen Yijin and Jing Xun who were looking at him and were dressed differently: “Why are you guys… this is still a bar, so thrilling?”

Jing Xun standing in the distance: “…?”

After saying that, as if realizing that he was actually sitting on the ground, Tang Li tried to get up.

After being helped to sit on the sofa again, he looked at the injury on his hand and said, “it’s nothing ah.”

He comforted Xiao Tang: “Don’t worry, your brother is fine.”

Xiao Tang was very frightened just now. Seeing his brother sober up, he put away his worried face, and said fiercely, “What’s the matter? You’ve never been like this before! And did you really see Brother Zheheng? Didn’t he go on vacation?”

“No.” Tang Li rubbed his temple with one hand, and covered his face roughly, “Did I say I saw him?”

Xiao Tang: “……”

Tang Li: “That should be a mistake, I don’t remember.”


Tang Li wasn’t completely sober yet, and it was inconvenient to continue staying in the bar. He said he didn’t want to play anymore, so he got up to leave, but was stopped by Shen Yijin.

“Should I arrange a room for you?”

“No.” Tang Li said. 

He didn’t pat Shen Yijin’s shoulder like he usually did with his brother. He just said: “You guys go on and have fun. I’ll go back first.”

He hurt his hand and drank too much, he probably couldn’t go home looking like this. But Tang Li was not without any foothold in Dragon City, so Shen Yijin didn’t worry about him.

He wanted to leave, so he had a car prepared to take them back.

Saying goodbye to the Tang brothers temporarily, and walking them all the way to the car, the rain outside had stopped unexpectedly.

The streets washed by the rainstorm had a faint humid atmosphere. The acacia leaves on both sides of the road had been knocked down a lot. In addition to the humid water vapor, there was also a faint fragrance of grass and trees in the air.

The remaining raindrops on the roof fell steadily, making the night a lot cooler.

Unlike the forced cooling of the air conditioner in the bar, the coolness of the breeze blowing outside couldn’t be replaced by any artificial cold air blast.

Jing Xun couldn’t help taking a deep breath of fresh air.

Shen Yijin took his hand and said, “Shall we go home too?”

“En.” Jing Xun said, “Go back home.”

The two did not get into the car immediately. Instead, they held hands and walked on the pavement of the asphalt road.

The gentle breeze came, the wind passed through the treetops, and the acacia trees on both sides of the road were rustling. The neon street lights exuded a warm glow, pulling the shadows of the two people on the ground.


The people around Shen Bohan unanimously agreed that tonight was really lively.

When Lin Li posted those snapshots on group chat, the whole group began to explode.

He did not post the photos in the group where everyone usually played together, but in a small group created separately.

This small group contained only core figures with only five or six people. The people in this group usually hang out with him and Shen Bohan, excluding those little followers and XX celebrities around them. Everyone in this small group were real second and third generations of real wealthy families.

These people had a common characteristic, that is, they all knew Shen Yijin.

They also knew the rules, and knew how to eat the melons1gossip of the Shen family Da shao ye.

After all, Shen Yijin was different from them.

They were all dependent on their families for their livelihoods, but Shen Yijin had already grasped 80% of the Shen family’s industry.

They were still muddling through life, none of them had any capability. However, the several companies founded by Shen Yijin were already in their infancy and were about to become listed companies.

Furthermore, the patriarchs and the clan elders of their respective families were trying to get on good terms with Shen Yijin.

Therefore, If Shen Yijin wanted to keep a low profile, no one of the rich second and third generations who knew him dared to spread his news outside. Shen Yijin didn’t play with them, and none of them would actively provoke him.

This seemed to have become an unwritten rule in their circle.

Shen Yijin seldom participated in private gatherings of their younger generation, and never came out to play. Those who could meet and talk about business with him were the adults in their family. Owing to that fact, many second and third generations subconsciously classified the Shen family’s Da shao ye as the same generation of their own fathers and grandfathers.

Although many of them were actually older than Shen Yijin.

At present, they finally got to eat Shen Yijin’s melon…. Although the small group had exploded, everyone still abided by the old rule, and no one dared to publicize the news.

This was why Lin Li only posted photos here.

As for the reason why he must post it, because this matter was too explosive! He couldn’t help it!


The group was full of melon eating remarks, most importantly, there were a lot of melons.

[F*ck, so Tang Li is also back? I haven’t seen him for a few years. ]

[Acting so crazy when he returned home? I heard that he cut off economic relations with his family a few years ago, and now he is doing design work abroad by himself…could it be that he was driven crazy by poverty? ]

[What an uncultured swine. It’s not just a simple design work. He is a first-class architect! He has won international award… There are a lot of people kneeling to give him money, okay? ]

[Lin Li: F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, look at what I found! Sure enough, it’s right that I didn’t leave early! @Er Shao ]

During the heated discussion in the group, Lin Li posted a few more photos.

They were still blurry snapshots, and the background was still inside the bar.

But with careful observation, they could recognize Shen Yijin and Yan Jingxun, as well as the two brothers of the Tang family, all four of whom were walking toward the door in unison, looking like they were about to leave.

[What’s wrong with this? It’s normal for Shen Yijin to know Tang Li…]

[I didn’t see any wow factor either…Are they leaving now? F*ck, I still want to go to the scene and witness the excitement with my own eyes! ]

[Lin Li: No, your eyes… It’s about time you go to the ophthalmology department for a check up. Look at Yan Jingxun’s clothes ah! And look at the first wave of photos I posted above, the clothes are different! That is obviously not his own clothes! ]

[! ! ! ]

[Lin Li: And Shen Yijin’s coat was also missing, what does this imply? ]


[By the way, is it really okay for us to discuss this in front of Er Shao…]

[Er Shao is still sick, how can he read WeChat? Besides, Er Shao has already dumped Yan Jingxun…]

[That’s to say, it’s so weird ah. I’ve never heard that person has any friends… Nie Yandong, you know, a while ago, I heard he was crazy enough to send someone to his bed. As a result, he didn’t succeed and almost offended him. ]

[? True or false, why is it offensive to send a person? ]

[It’s true. President Nie told me personally, that person has a bad temper! ]


[Lin Li:…Things are getting more explosive. I just went to ask the manager here. He said Yan Jingxun did stay in the room with Da shao ye for a while. He also left behind his suit and tie. And you know what, there are hickeys on his neck! Many, many hickeys! ]

[…Hickey? Yan Jingxun is quite skillful ah. ]

[So is this for real? Then how did they get together…]

[Actually speaking with conscience, Yan Jingxun is really good-looking… Maybe there is some good quality about him that we don’t know. ]

[Mainly because our Er Shao’s vision is above average, but not at that level… Damn, If I knew I would have gone for it.]

[Forget it. Did you forget how crazy Yan Jingxun loved Er Shao a while ago? He won’t fall for someone like you. ]

[@Er Shao, quickly wake up, the Yan Jingxun who loves you so much is already in someone else’s bed! ]


The reason why Lin Li sent those photos was because he wanted to avenge Shen Bohan’s usual arrogance.

Although their small group was Er Shao’s followers, Shen Bohan sometimes didn’t even give him a minimum of respect in front of others… Which one of them wasn’t a spoiled young master of their own family? Even if the Lin family couldn’t compare to the Shen family, even if he did get some benefits by sticking around Shen Bohan, but who could stand it for a long time.

He deliberately sent the photos just to anger Er Shao.

Although Er Shao once disliked Yan Jingxun…..his ex-boyfriend turned around and fell in love with his elder brother, and that man was Shen Yijin!

That’s very shocking!

He really wanted to know what Er Shao looked like right now, will he regret it…

But Lin Li still knew how far to go and when to stop.

Seeing that some of the comments in the group began to be radical, he quickly typed:

[Lin Li: Aiya, you guys are too narrow-minded. How can Er Shao care about that…With Yan Jingxun’s behavior, even if he follows Da shao ye, he won’t last long. Let’s just keep eating melons by ourselves and let Er Shao rest. ]


Er Shao was of course awake at the moment.

There were no lights in the private hospital’s premium ward.

Shen Bohan, who picked up the phone again, withstood the renewed high fever. He had been peering at the screen with his sore and sometimes tearful eyes.

He watched the chat above stubbornly, never letting go of each one.

He knew what Lin Li’s small mind was thinking by deliberately posting the photos in the group, but he didn’t want to care about him at the moment.

What they said was correct.

Yan Jingxun was good-looking.

Yan Jingxun also had a lot of good points.

It’s just him. It’s him, Shen Bohan, who didn’t know how to cherish him.

So he had to clearly read every ridicule and insinuating words, because these people used to mock Yan Jingxun in such a sarcastic manner.

This was even less than what Yan Jingxun had suffered.

That’s why he had to see it.

This was what he should endure.


“Ah choo!” After strolling on the sidewalk for about twenty minutes, Jing Xun suddenly sneezed.

Shen Yijin stopped immediately and turned around to look at him: “What? Does Xiao Xun feel cold?”

“No.” Jing Xun rubbed his nose, then touched his inexplicably hot ears… He always felt that someone was talking about him behind his back?

Shen Yijin asked again, “Are you tired then?  If you’re tired, we’ll get in the car.”

The driver had been following them and stopped not far away.

Jing Xun said that he wasn’t tired.

It was still early, and it wasn’t bad to take a walk.

Most importantly, after all the trouble, sir finally stopped rejecting the rain. He guessed that Shen Yijin never walked like this in the night after the rain…

He felt that Shen Yijin was also in a good mood, so Jing Xun wasn’t willing to go back like this.

“Let’s keep walking, sir,” he said.


Shen Yijin naturally had no objection.

The two continued to walk forward. A feeling of verdant youthful years2[青葱岁月] A period between 16-20 year old. stirred up in Jing Xun’s heart, they were like two teenagers walking side by side. 

Not to mention Shen Yijin, even Jing Xun, who had been at school all year round, had never experienced this feeling because of his illness.

Breathing the fresh air, Jing Xun couldn’t help shaking their intertwined hands and held it high.

His body swaggered, sometimes bouncing around, just like a child.

Shen Yijin saw his happiness, and couldn’t help feeling happy as well.

He wouldn’t be able to jump along with him, but the whole time he interlocked his fingers with the young man, he occasionally raised his arms high to cooperate, and followed the young man’s pace wholeheartedly.

The uncle and aunt who had been following behind them while walking their dog couldn’t understand… Are young people nowadays so jubilant and childish?

What a waste for them to grow so tall.

Then they walked for a while, and the brand-new shiny Rolls Royce, which had been driving slowly from behind, unknowingly pulled the brake and stopped on the side of the road. The two young men got into the car one after another.

The youth who got in the car first had gentle and warm eyes, like a piece of jade. He had a beautiful face with a reserved countenance. He was politely saying thank you to the driver who helped him open the door without showing any childishness just now.

As for the young man who got in the car later, he first raised his hand to protect the head of the youth, then his slender body turned slightly and looked back before boarding the car.

Looking back, the tall young man had a cold expression and deep eyebrows. His appearance was calm, solemn and unwavering, which also didn’t match childish behavior just now.

Uncle and Aunt: “…..”

Young people these days….had such a strong personality.


The next day.

Before going to work, Jing Xun suddenly received a call from his roommate.

Tang Jingyuan was concerned and asked: “Xun Xun, have you…checked your grades? Why did you fail the exam?”

Jing Xun: “?”

Since he started taking exams in primary school, Jing Xun rarely missed the perfect score, but he never thought he would fail. 

After thanking Tang Jingyuan for reminding him, he used his mobile phone to access the school website.

The results of all the students could be found on the school’s public website, so Jing Xun went online to check…..

Sure enough, he failed one exam and scored 59 points.


He had an impression of this exam. The exam questions were not difficult. He answered very smoothly. It was possible to not score full marks, but failing was very unlikely.

Moreover, Jing Xun searched through his memories again, and there was no wrong answer or forgetting to write name on the test paper..

So how come?

Jing Xun thought about it again. The teacher of this course was typically strict and demanding high attendance rates.

But the problem was that he had not skipped class.

Previously, the original owner had taken a few days off because of his part-time job, and some points might be deducted.

But it wasn’t right to get 59 points…..

Jing Xun was stunned, and Shen Yijin, who learned of the situation, said, “Would you like to call this teacher and ask?”

Jing Xun thought it was a good idea.

The original owner used to be the president of the student council, and he had the phone numbers of the teachers in the department.

It didn’t take much effort to turn over the teacher’s phone number. Jing Xun looked at the time and made sure that it was appropriate before calling. As a result, the reply he got was: “Oh, I have an impression of your test paper.”

The other party said: “There is no process for each big question, on the contrary, the results are all correct. Student Yan, are you sure you answered the questions by yourself?”

Jing Xun: “……”

Jing Xun remembered that when he was taking this exam, the project he took part in with Professor Huo happened to have a meeting in half an hour.

Although he reported to Professor Huo in advance before joining the group, his final exams in those two weeks might delay some of the project time. But it was a very important group meeting. Jing Xun didn’t want to delay other group members’ time because of himself, nor did he want to be late or absent.

So in order to rush to the meeting, he used his brain to calculate all the questions directly.

Not only did he not write the process for big questions, he also didn’t use draft paper for the proceeding multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions…

Is that the reason he got the first failing grade in his life?

However, he clearly remembered that, on the test paper and answer sheet, there was no annotation that he must write the calculation process….

In the past, Jing Xun’s academic route was different from others. Especially after entering the genius class at the age of fifteen, he would rarely be arranged to take a formal exam.

But in spite of this, he had done things like writing answers directly many times.

Basically, he wouldn’t write the process unless it was specifically indicated that he must do so on the test paper.

There were times when he was in a hurry like during exams, and sometimes he felt that certain steps didn’t have to be written at all, so he thought of the result in one step.


But Jing Xun could also understand the teacher’s thoughts. He wouldn’t panic. At worst, he would take a make-up test next semester.

He just felt that the failure itself was quite intriguing… It can be counted as a consistent experience.

Jing Xun said helplessly: “I answered the question myself, teacher, I can guarantee that.”

“You still want to lie to me, don’t think I don’t know what’s going on. Yan Jingxun, you are the first to submit the paper.”

Jing Xun: “……”

“Although the questions this time are not difficult, you have no process and no calculations for the last two big questions, so how can you answer them directly?” The teacher on the other end continued: “This time I gave you 59 points to give you some face. Don’t say anything. Come and take a make-up exam next semester. “


Failing a subject was such a novel experience.

But being firmly accused of cheating on an exam, and he didn’t even have a chance to prove his innocence…That would be too embarrassing.

Jing Xun didn’t mind making up for the exam, but he had a bottom line.

He replied: “Then teacher, do you have evidence of me cheating? You said I was the first to hand in the test paper, so who did I copy?”

There came a more severe rebuke: “Who knows who you copied, maybe you got my test questions ahead of time! To be honest, Yan Jingxun, teacher is very disappointed in you!”

Jing Xun said: “That’s just your own assumption. You didn’t catch me cheating on the spot, and there was no evidence that I cheated afterward, but you treated my results as cheating. In my opinion, this is very irresponsible.”

“You…!” This teacher was over fifty years old and had been in school for all his lifetime. He was notoriously serious and strict in the department, how could he stand that.

“So you have to give me a chance to prove myself.” Jing Xun on the other end of the phone rushed to speak out before the other party completely exploded.


Hearing what he said, the other side paused for a while, then sneered and said, “How can you prove yourself?”

“How about you give me another exam teacher? Test me on the spot.”

“Then you come to my office.” The teacher’s voice still sounded stern: “Can you come over before half past nine?”

Jing Xun glanced at the time and said that there was no problem.

In fact, he thought it would be easier to explain the solutions of those problems to the other party directly over the phone.

But this seemed more suspicious, it’s better to go over and settle it face to face.


Jing Xun, who hung up the phone, ran all the way from the living room to the bedroom to find Shen Yijin: “I’ll take the morning off. I won’t go to the company.”

Shen Yijin was probably getting changed in the cloakroom.

Hearing this, he said, “Okay.”

Jing Xun didn’t enter the room, but stood at the door of the bedroom, listening to Shen Yijin’s voice from afar: “I’ll go to school with Xiao Xun.”


Jing Xun subconsciously refused: “No need, I just go to the teacher’s office.”

He briefly recapped the conversation he just had on the phone with Shen Yijin.

No matter what, the teacher was still willing to let him prove himself, this matter should be solved easily.

Jing Xun said: “Sir, go to the company first, and I will go to find you at noon.”

Shen Yijin: “Xiao Xun doesn’t like me accompanying you to school?”

“That’s not it.” Jing Xun said, “But isn’t sir busy?”

Shen Yijin said: “I’m not busy this morning.”


Jing Xun had to agree: “Okay then.”

It’s not that he didn’t like Shen Yijin accompanying him to school.

Just the thought of sir in a western suit and leather shoes with a strong aura appearing with him at school, and in teacher’s office on top of that…..

He felt that they could easily create quite a stir.

He had no intention of discriminating against sir, but to tell the truth, Mr. Villain’s temperament really didn’t match the school ah.


Jing Xun couldn’t say this out loud.

He scratched his hair, but it’s okay if sir wanted to go together.

He quickly stopped dwelling on it and returned to the corridor, making his way to the foyer, intending to set off together once Shen Yijin was done.

Before taking two steps forward, he heard Shen Yijin calling him.

“Xiao Xun.”

Jing Xun turned his head subconsciously, and saw Shen Yijin, who had changed into casual clothes, standing on the marble tiles shimmered by the sun.

He wore a casual small V-neck loose T-shirt, with a pair of black jeans.

The short hair that had just been washed in the morning was clean and refreshing. After natural air-drying, it slightly droopy. There was no need for deliberate styling, the scattered hair looked just like a youthful hairstyle.


Jing Xun: !

Jing Xun widened his mouth slightly.

Sir is too handsome!

The baggy top and skinny jeans perfectly embodied his good figure with shoulder width and long legs. In addition, the scattered hair in front of his forehead more or less covered up some of the indifference in his eyes, so Shen Yijin was a bit unlike the usual Mr. villain.

Some people would believe it, if he said he was a student on the campus.

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    [青葱岁月] A period between 16-20 year old.
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